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Subject: alt.supermodels frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Summary: This posting describes the newsgroup alt.supermodels, including where to find more information. It should be read by anyone who wishes to post to the alt.supermodels newsgroup. It contains supermodel listings/biographic information, fashion magazine information, and mailing addresses for Modeling Agencies.
Archive-Name: supermodels-faq Last-Modified: 2003/10/27 URL: <http://www2.gol.com/users/graham/faq.html> copyright: (c) 1994-2003 Graham Watt Maintainer: Graham Watt graham at GOL dot com Version: 3.01 This is the Frequently Asked Questions file for alt.supermodels. It tries to address the standard questions, so the regular readers won't have to see them again. The information is mostly drawn from postings to this group, but a lot has been contributed directly by individual readers and by my own fashion magazine purchasing habit. Some of these entries may be hopelessly out of date and for that I do apologize. However, if you see something that is really bad and you are a fan of that model, just send me a copy of the entry and your corrections. This FAQ still needs hard data; addresses (fashion houses, magazines, catalogs, fan clubs, etc), birthdates, measurements, earning power, names of the new models, and whatever else can help us all follow them. I have noticed from posts that the FAQ does not address older models from even the early 70's and 80's. Any fans out there with information should send it to me so I can include it. I recently acquired Arthur Elgort's Model Manual and Michael Gross's book Model:The ugly business of beautiful women and will attempt to cross check using those books. I also have been in contact with Paxti Pastor (ceo) of the <http://WWW.SUPERMODEL.COM> site and there are some interesting things afoot there. ##################### Contents: Lists of models and data. Common questions and answers. Addresses. Sources of additional movie appearance information. Where to get the latest version of this and other FAQs. How to contribute if you don't have usenet posting access. History of alt.supermodels and this FAQ. Credits. Disclaimer & copyrights. ##################### Lists of models and data. #A# #Alexander, Karen# Born: '65? Began modelling: at age 16, '76? Height: 5' 9-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 33-23.5-33 Size: 6 Shoe: 10 Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Dark brown Agency: IMG First Black model to appear in SI swimsuit issue in 1987. Is married and has a daughter Ella. #Alexis, Kim# Pregnant cover girl on spring issue of Shape magazine Son, 8lb 13oz, Noah Fernand Married to former NHL star Ron Duguay. She has two sons from a previous marriage and he has two daughters. #Alt, Carol# Hair color: brown Born: Dec 1 1960 in New York City Semi-Retired. Modeled for Cover Girl Cosmetics. Played in a couple of B movies; some starring roles. Currently starring in the syndicated TV show "Thunder in Paradise" Was recently on runways with other more seasoned veterans. #Amadei, Magali# Hair: Jet Black She's on the cover of August(94) Glamour (may or june as well) and has a feature in September (94) Mirabella. #Andurand, Muriel# Age: 17 (?) Agency: ELITE Height: 1.82m Measurements: 93-64-91 cm #Anika# Age: 22 (?) Height: 1.79m Bust-waist-hips: 88-61-90 cm Allemande(German) Venue a Paris pour les shows Dior et Lagerfeld. Elle travaille immediatement pour Glamour, Elle Allemange, et le Figaro Madame avec Lothar et Nick Knight. (hey this one is easy to translate) Debut in Paris with the Dior and Lagerfeld shows. She worked immediately for Glamour, German Elle and Figaro Madame with Lothar and NK. #Ariffin, Nora# Models for Cover Girl Cosmetics. #Auermann, Nadja# Nationality: German Hair: Platinum Blonde Height: 1.71 meters (1.08 is all leg) Age: 23 (as of sept 94) Born: 1971 in West Berlin to Banker parents Agency: ELITE Following history paraphrased from _THE FACE_ article on her: June 1989 - sitting in a cafe and asked to model for a travel catalogue. (she bombed) Nov 1990 - Signed with 1st agency, Karins. Mar 1991 - switches to ELITE, Benetton shoot for French Vouge with Paulo Roversi. Apr 1991 - Ellen Von Unwerth meets her, and options her for future work. Oct 1991 - British Vogue publishes Nadja's first fashion story, Von Unwerth's "She's An Enigma" Nov 1991 - Cover of French Glamour. Jan 1992 - Shoots Gaultier, Dolce & Gabanna, and Prada campaigns with photographer Steven Meisel. spring 92 - shoots "grunge" look with Kristen McMenamy (close friend of hers) jun 1992 - Appears in George Michael's "Too Funky" video. jun/jul 92 - 1st French Vogue cover. Italian, then british vogue all follow. autumn/winter 92 - Waif ManiaYSL campaign with photographer Helmut Newton Dec 92 - meets boyfriend Alexander Bougault (paris real estate agent) apr 93 - Appears on US Vogue and Harper's Bazaar covers sep 93 - second YSL campaign with H.N. (waif days are numbered) oct 93 - bleaches her hair for the pret-a-porter collections. oct/nov 93 - American Vogue and Harper's Bazaar immediately go nuts for her and end the year with two special portfolios of her. jan/feb 94 - Harper' and UK Vogue (mario sorrenti and nick Knight photogaphers) Mar 94 - 2nd season of catwalk as bleach blonde. Appears in EVERYONE's shows. becomes Robin Derrick's (UK Vogue art dir.) "The One". may 94 - 26 page shoot for Neiman Marcus in Harper's Bazaar with photographer Richard Avedeon jun/jul 94 - US Vogue uses her twice both months aug 94 - dominates british fashion tabloid coverage of Paris Coture shows sep 94 - appears on BOTH American Vogue and Harper's Bazaar covers in the same month, and British Vouge for a hat-trick #Avalon# Ethnicity: English, French, and German Nationality: American Age: 21 (Harper's Bazaar may 94) Hair color: Reddish Brown Skin: freckled Eyes: Blue Has ears that stick out at the bottom. #B# #Banks, Tyra# Age: 20 (?) Agency: Img Appeared in "Inferno", a British sexploitation film. Has recurring role as "Jackie" on NBC's Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model (april 1994 SI calendar) "With a promising academic career on hold - she has already been accepted by five colleges, ranging from New York University in the East to the University of Southern California in her native Los Angeles - Tyra juggles assignments for Ralph Lauren, Yves St. Laurent, Chanel, abd Oscar de la Renta, as well as an ocasional video appearance for Michael Jackson." [Jule Campbell, SI] director John Singleton is boyfriend. #Barguilla, Helena# she has been in some Gaultier ads... most of her work is runway and print. #Barrymore, Drew# Born: 22 Feb 1975 in Culver City, California, USA Agency: ELITE As a child, she starred in several films, including "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial", and "Firestarter". She recovered from a drug addiction, and restarted her career with "Poison Ivy". Which was partially intended to show she had grown up. Replaced Anne Smith as Guess? Jeans' model. Has tattoos on her ankle and hand, and a butterfly near her navel. Bardot-like pout. Her idea of a good time "Fat, adult, prime-time, white-trash TV." (said laughing) Has also been in a TV movie and recently in "Bad Girls" with a cast of other famous women. Was married, now divorced after 1 month with Jeremy Thomas. #Bayle, Anna# runway model from the late 70's early 80's "She had a polished runway walk." Demised by the waifs in the 90's. #Bellucci, Monica# Height: 5'9-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 35-24-35 Dress size: 6-8 Hair color: Dark Brown Eye color: Dark Brown Shoe size: 9-1/2 Born: 1969? Agency: ELITE Nationality: Italian Cast as a vampire in the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola. She was discovered by Coppola's son Roman on the cover of an Italian magazine called Zoom. #Bercu, Michaela# Height: 6' Bust-waist-hips: 34b-25-36 Dress size: 6-8 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 10.5 - 11 Agency: ELITE Appeared as a vampire in Coppola's Dracula. Cover of Feb 93 Shape. #Bergin, Michael# Male Model Discovered in a public walk-in model search in New York City. Models underwear for Calvin Klein (among other work). #Bishop, Lelani# Age: 18 (june 94, german elle) Can be seen the the "Sportmax" brassiere ads, also in the "Supermodels in the Rainforest" calendar for 1995. #Boderanko, Larissa# recent Guess ad campaign. Interview in Rolling Stone, photographed by Dewey Nicks Nationality: Russian #Bolivar, Chantal# Age: 19 (?) Agency: ELITE Height: 1.76m Bust-waist-hips: 85-64-93 cm #Brown, Ethan# Male Model model for Tommy Hilridge's underwear designs. (Nationwide campaign) #Brinkley, Christie# Born: Febuary 2, 1954 Agency: Ford Mostly retired. Married to Billy Joel. Recently (april 1994) was involved with a heliocopter crash. Currently estranged from Billy Joel, has a daughter from that marriage, and appeared in a VR episode of "Mad About You". Linked romantically with Millionaire Realator who was also in Heli-crash Now classed as Ultramodel (she's 40) Now married to Rick Taubmao, the guy in the heli-crash. #Brosh, Nina# ethnicity: 1/2 russian, 1/2 chinese shows up in issue 316 (dec 94) of French PHOTO #Bruni, Carla# Born: 68? in Turin, Italy Began modelling: at age 19 Agency: Women Model Management Height: 1.76 m Bust-waist-hips: 85-58-90 cm Her boyfriend is Swiss actor Vincent Perez (4 years older) although she was rumored to be the cause of the marriage breakup between Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Bruni countered the allegations by asking why she would have anything to do with a shrivelled up old fossil like Mick Jagger. As a result, Jagger and Hall's marriage appears to remain intact. A story on Bruni appears in the Jan 93 issue of American Vogue. #C# #Campbell, Naomi# Height: 5'9-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 34-23-32 Dress size: 6-8 Hair color: Dark Brown Eye color: Dark Brown Shoe size: 9 Agency: Ford Born: May 22 1970 in London, England Is one of the top five supermodels in the modelling industry. Appears in a steamy video with Michael Jackson and is reportedly pursuing a singing career on her own. Appears as singer in movie "Cool as Ice". Engaged to Adam Clayton, U2's bass guitarist. Has a peirced belly button (ELLE june 1994 Picture p128) Shows her breasts quite frequently now in print. Naomi wrote a novel called `Swan`, written by an ex-editor at Reed Books. They handed her an outline so she could talk about it. Subject: <New York> magazine piece on Naomi Campbell. Campbell In Soup NAOMI NO-SHOW: Organizers of this Friday's benefit for the not-for-profit AIDS service group Houseing Works aresn't feelin too charitable about Naomi Campbell these days. The bratty supermodel is notably absent from the list of African-American models hosting the organization's SOul '95 benefit at Industria Superstudio--an all-star line-up that includes Iman, Veronica Webb, Beverly Peele, Karen Alexander, and Roshumba. Sources say organizers purposely scratched Naomi from the list after she snubbed last year's event. "As a host, all she had to do was show up, and she didn't," one insider said. "we read in the paper the next morning that she went to another party instead." [photo of Campbell by Terry O'Neill/Sygma, caption: Naomi Campbell, not the life of this party] --<New York>, June 19, 1995 #Carangi, Gia# supermodel in the 70's. Excerpts from _MODEL: The ugly business of beautiful women. by Michael Gross bisexual drug abuser who had a short but highly visably career. Died of AIDS in 1986 a Philadelphia teenager whose wild ways and sultry looks made her a favorite of photographers from Francesco Scavullo to Chris von Wangenheim, who specialized in pictures that captured the madness of the disco era. "The latest topic of conversation in modeling is the resurgence of drugs-- particularly Heroin--among a clique of models who, in macabre homage, reportably call themselves Gia's Girls, in honor of Gia Carangi, the bisexual addict who had a brief career in modeling and then died of AIDS." For more information about her please read the following book: Stephen Fried's "Thing of Beauty-The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia". #Carter, Lynda# Now retired, but was one of Maybeline's biggest models a few years ago. (Moisture Whip Lipstick) Best known for playing Wonder Woman on TV. Still does TV ads for a contact lens manufacturer. #Casey-Jane# new model Nationality: English Hair: Dark, short Agency: Storm #Cates, Phoebe# A teen model before becoming an actress. Several major film credits. Married to actor Kevin Kline. Lives on the upper west side of Manhattan. Favorite pin-up in the Phillipines. Basically Retired. #Chandra# Nationality: American Height: 1.73m Bust-waist-hips: 85-60-85 cm Practique la danse et le ski nautique. Arrive chez City en octobre, elle demarre sa carriere avec ELLE France et travaille avec Marc Hispard, Steven Mesisel, Jacques Olivar et Arthur Elogrt. Translation: Took dancing lessons and water skiing. Arrived in City(Paris?) in October. ??????, has worked with MH, SM,JO and AE (photographers) #Christensen, Helena# Born: Born Dec 25 1968 in Copenhagen, Denmark Ethnicity/Nationality: Mixed. Father- Danish Mother- South American (Venezuelan I think) Height: 1.77m Bust-waist-hips: 90-60-90 cm Agency: MARILYN GAULTIER 62 Boulevard Sebatopol Paris France 75003 Agent: Veronique (send fan mail via this person) Appears in print ads for Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace, & Kenar. Involved with Michael Hutchence of INXS. Was in Chris Issac's "Wicked Game" mini-movie. Appeared in "Inferno", a British sexploitation film. Currently in ads for Royal Copenhagen/Georg Jensen Jewelry. A MPEG movie of her appearance in "Inferno" exists (wrongly labeled as Linda Evangilista by the creator) This footage has appeared on FT (Fashion Television) at least 3 times now. #Connelly, Jennifer# Born: Dec 12 1970 in New York, USA Connelly did some modelling around '87. She's now a serious actress with several film credits including "The Rocketeer", "Career Opportunities", and "Hotspot" (which contains the only known topless photo of her). #Crawford, Cindy Ann# Height: 5'9-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 34B-24-35 Dress size: 8 Hair color: Light Brown Eye color: Dark Brown Shoe size: 9-1/2 Born: 20 Feb 1966 in De Kalb, Illinois, USA Agency: ELITE Schooling: Northwestern, Chemical Engineering (1 sem) Modeling Break: ELITE "Look of the year contest", 1982 Probably the single most widely recognized supermodel. Cindy was the spokesperson for Pepsi for a while, has her own exercise video, and her own show on MTV. She's also done at least three calendars, and of the profit, half (I believe) goes toward fighting leukemia. Had a three year $3 million contract with Revlon. Also appeared in print ads for JH Collectables and Capezio Bags. She appeared in a series of lingerie posters for Hennes & Mauritz in Europe. The Norway police tore many of them down because they feared drivers were being too distracted. She has said she feels too old for runway modeling, and wishes to cut back to part time modelling. Cindy is not doing any calendar for 1994. She is said to be busy doing and promoting her exercise/work-out video. The same company who made the last 4 calendars has brought out the Cindy Crawford 1994 European Edition Calendar which has various pics taken from her last four calendars. Also, there is another calendar produced by an English firm which is of fairly poor quality (its only 12 month while the European Edition is 16 months). [ Addresses for the two companies, CULTRE SHOCK and DAY DREAM CALENDARS, are in the addresses section of this FAQ. ] She was married to actor Richard Gere in Dec '91 at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, by Rev. Wes McPherson. They using wedding bands twisted from chewing gum wrappers. Cindy said, during an interview, they plan on having a child soon. Cindy is frequently rumored to be bisexual, and having an affair with Christy Turlington. In '91, they were photographed while kissing behind the Roxy nightclub in New York. The rumors have intensified since Cindy appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair shaving k.d. lang, a confirmed lesbian. Appeared topless in the July 1988 Playboy. Quote: "I don't mind if someone thinks a picture of me decorates their wall nicely. It's weird when you think what people might be doing to it. But if just the way I look can make someone feel good, that's a pretty easy way for me to bring them some pleasure. I just don't want to hear about graphics details, you know." US April 1993. MTV House of Style (5 years on the air) Top grossing model of 1994 with over 6 million dollars earned. Has broken off with Richard Gere. Still does runway and print work, major contracts for Revlon and other companies. When first starting out Cindy was called "Baby Gia" after now dead Gia Carangi, the main difference being that Cindy was wholesome and Gia died from her lifestyle. The resemblence between them in the early years is uncanny. #D# #Davis, Geena# Height: at least 6 ft tall Weight: average build, athletic with average body fat ratio Hair color: Has changed from red to blond to dirty blond, lots of dye. Modeled lingerie before becoming famous as an actress. First appearance: "Buffalo Bill" tv show, "Tootsie" in lingerie Was married to actor Jeff Goldblum. Has appeared in several movies. Now married to Finnish movie director Renny Harlin. #Dee Dee# Height: 5'11" Bust-waist-hips: 35-25-36 Dress size: 8-9 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 10 Agency: ELITE #Deneuve, Catherine# Now semi-retired, but modeled before becoming famous as an actress. Has reappeared recently in ads for Yves Saint Laurent #Dickinson, Janice# Born: Brooklyn, NY, USA Raised: Hollywood, FL, USA Ethnicity: Polish, Scot, Irish Age: 40 Skin: Olive Hair: raven black Agency/Representation: Keswick/Hamilton Supermodel survivor of the late 70's. Has had covers on every major fashion magazine. Used to make $30k a day. Now has two children, Nathan(7) and Savannah (fathered by Slyvester Stallone during a 2 year affair) now married to real-estate tycoon Albert Gerston as of Feb 14, 1995. Started "Models Anonymous", the unofficial support group for [her words] "anguished beauties". Is experiencing a comeback as more designers are returning to the models with memorable personalities and very recognizable faces. J.D's lips were very controversial when she first worked. Modeling for Versace and recently appeared in the German edition of Playboy. Is a "Fashion Reporter" for _American Journal_. "I was huge," brags Dickinson. "I did covers in more countries than you can count, I had the biggest lips and the exotic look that broke the mold for models like Christeeee and Cindeeee and Naomiiii," she sings. (excerpted from Marie Claire USA iss. #2) #Douglas, Dana# Ethnicity: Italian & Irish Nationality: American Age: 17 (Harper's Bazaar May 94 "The New All-Americans") Hair: Black? Dark Brown? Eyes: Dark Brown (she's squinting...) Skin: light italian colors. possibly a mole on her left cheek #Douglas, Meghan# Height: 5'10" Bust-waist-hips: 33-24.5-35 Dress size: 6-8 Hair color: Lt. Brown Eye color: Blue-Green Shoe size: 7.5-8 Agency: ELITE Meghan is a gorgeous young lady, and also, very happily married. Her hubby is Liam Dalton, who runs a stock investment firm in NY where they both live. Although Meghan can be found modeling in Paris and Milan, she is almost always in the Chanel and Oldham shows in NY. Her most recent move has been to dye her hair red, therefore confirming her nickname, the "Catwalk Chameleon", which she earned from her many varied looks (ala Linda Evangelista). She has been Blonde and streaked prior to her tred, but her red did for her what Nadja Auermans platinum did for her. From what I know, she's had an interesting past -- her father was a diplomat so she lived in India, Beirut, Greece, Berlin, and started modeling after she didn't get into her first-choice college. She'd been offered a contract after entering the Elite Look of the Year contest. She married Liam in 1994. #Dubosfertus, Nadege# Usually just Nadege. She is married to photographer Tiziano Magni who has one son named Rocco. She was married in '92 in an Azzedine Alaia mini dress with push-up bodice. Nadege appears regularly in American Vogue and on the runways. She can be seen in ads for Chanel. #E# #Elliott, Gail# Height: 5'10" Bust-waist-hips: 34-23-35 Dress size: 6-8 Hair color: Brunette Eye color: Brown Shoe size: 9.5 Agency: ELITE Another "older" model, but is still going strong especially on runway and in print ads. Can be seen in ads for Ports International and Jaeger. Close friends with Victoria's Secret model Frederique van der Wal. #Erwin, Elaine# Model, Calvin Klein girl before K. Moss. Married to musician John Coogar Mellancamp. Not very active in recent years. #Evangelista, Linda# Born: May 10, 1965 in Saint Catherines, Canada Height: 5'9-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 34.5-25-35 Dress size: 8 Hair color: ???? Short (color changes daily?) Original Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye color: Blue-Green Shoe size: 8.5 Agency: ELITE Nationality: Canadian. Linda is one of the top five supermodels of the world. She recently joked that she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. She appears in ads for Barney's New York (with Kyle MacLachlan), and in ads for Kenar. She is also reported to be one of the hardest working models of the moment which could partly account for her great success. Married to Gerald Marie, president of the ELITE agency in France, but getting a divorce. Going with Kyle MacLaughlin(Twin Peaks, The Hidden, Roswell, Dune) who goes to all her show appearances. Tested to take over Estee Lauder campaign from Paulina Porizkova. Has replaced Stephanie Seymour in Versace campaigns. April/May 1994-walked in 30 min Karl Lagerfield Chole show 8 times, 40 seconds each and took home a check for a cool $10,000. Her career took off in the 80's due to a haircut by infamous Garren from NYC (of allure magazine.) Since this time her hair color and style varies almost for every runway and print job she does proving that she's working hard to stay fresh and popular among the designers. Recent mentions of her smoking habit in the alt.supermodels newsgroup: +We spotted a picture of Linda in a German mag in 1993 "sporting" cigarette +burns down her back! She was wearing a backless dress and showing them +off. She was there with Kyle at the time. >Sure! There are many pictures of Linda smoking! I have seen a lot! >I read an interview as well as a special edition of a European MAX >talking about Supermodels back in the time when we called them >"Top Models" (kinda miss that time back in '90) and in the Linda >description there was something saying "She smokes 20 MARLBOROs >a day!" (that is a full packet). I thought most of you out there >knew that!!!! In that same magazine there was a small picture of >her lighting up a cigarette. |If she still smokes, she probably doesn't smoke as much. She's had lung |trouble, and she had to have surgery for a collapsed lung in (I think) |1991. #Everhart, Angie# Hair color: red Eyes: Brown Nationality: USA Agency: Next Has done Sports Illustrated calenders, Levi's 501 television ad, Hennes & Mauritz ads, MAX magazine, J-Crew, etc. Had a bit part in "The Last Action Hero", a recent Schwarzenegger vehicle. Lived in Paris, but has moved to New York. Speaks French. She promised her grandmother she would never pose nude. Accomplished equestrian (she rides horses, possibly implying that she does dressage). Possibly still living in Paris (dec 93 Shape magazine Has appeared in many Sports Illustrated calendars, both wall and desk variety. Has a tattoo of Angie on her thigh. Called "most beautiful redhead" on french tv's Dechauanne's Coucou C'est Nous (autumn 93) Angie Everhart and Sly Stallone are officially engaged. #F# #Fabio# Skin: tanned, free of chest hair ;) Hair color: BLACK (bleached blonde and very long) A male model. There is some debate whether he is handsome, or an ugly "refugee from a bad metal band". Earned his fame as a model for romantic novel covers (Harlequin, etc) Has a calendar out. Now has his own line of Fabio romance novels and is appearing in the "I can't believe its not butter" tv ads. Was butt of a joke on The Late Show with David Letterman where one of his calendars was placed on a busy NYC sidewalk with no people paying attention to it. #Falaise, Lucie de la# Born: 73? Began modelling: Dec 92? One of the new crop of models labelled the "gamines". She appeared on the cover of Vogue Dec. 92. She is 19 and is model/muse exclusively for Yves Saint Laurent. Appears in made-for-HBO movie "Women & Men 2: In Love There Are No Rules". Yves St. Laurent chose her for the traditional final presentation of a bridal gown at the unveiling of his spring '93 collection. #Farrell, Terry# Born: November 19, 1963 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Bust-Waist-Hips: 34-25-36 Appeared on Vouge and Mademoiselle covers Also was the Kool cigarettes girl, and appeared in a 1991 Virgina Slims ad featuring her dressed as Neopoleon Appeared in "Portfolio" (1983) a movie about modeling with Carol Alt, Kelly Emberg, and Paulina Porizkova Rumored to have modeled before becoming an actress. Plays "Jadzia Dax" on Star Trek, Deep Space Nine. There exists a Terry Farrell FAQ, maintained by Jeffery Koga. He posts it to alt.supermodels from time to time and maintains a www site with a very exhaustive FAQ and image library. last known link: <http://trill.pc.cc.cmu.edu:80/~jkoga/tf_gallery.html> #Fedoruk, Cathy# Height: 5'9-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 34B-25-35 Dress size: 8 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 9.5 Agency: ELITE Nationality: Canadian Appears in ads for Ellese. #Fernando, Perin# Nationality: Sri Lankan did shows for Dior, Yves St. laurent in New York and Paris, Armani in Milan, Anuska Hemple, and Paul Castello in London. looks like Yasmeen Ghauri, ie exotic. #Flavin, Jennifer# Agency: IMG Not a "super" model. Was Sylvester Stallone's girlfriend and it was rumored that designer's had been putting her in their shows as a favor to "Rocky". Her nose has been likened to Bob Hope's. Nonetheless, she can be seen occasionally in mags with Stallone, but was on a cover of Cosmopolitan in Spring 92. #Ford, Patricia# from: Hawaii There is a french web site with many pictures of her. No runway work as far as I can tell, however, she has been mentioned a lot in the newsgroup, so that is why she is in the FAQ. Poses for: Playboy and various calendars and swimwear catalogs 95 calendar: T&M Enterprises (415).598.2873 P.O. Box 31514 San Francisco, CA 94131 #Fournier, Charlene# Ethnicity: Native American (Mohawk, Algonquin, and Cree) and French-Canadian Age: 18 (as of May 94 Harper's Bazaar) Nationality: American Hair: Black Skin: light brown (nutmeg?) Eyes: Black? (squinting in photo so I can't tell...) This girl is in all the magazines and does lots of runway shows. #Francis, John# Nationality: American Born: January 12, 1965 Raised: Chicago One of the top 5 male models. Tall, slightly receeding hairline (like Bruce Willis') #G# #Gayheart, Rebecca# Hair: RED Models for department store calendars, Bergner's, Famous Barr, and Khol's. Now appearing weekly on NBC's Earth2. Also appeared in a Sir Mix-a-lot music video. (Staggeringly popular girl) WWWpage <http://www.mca.com/tv/earth2/cast/gayheart.html> #Ghauri, Yasmeen# Nationality: Montreal, Canada Agency: Karins/Next One of the top supermodels. Appears in ads for Valentino, Escada, and Gianni Versace. German/Pakistani heritage: her father was an Indian Muslim who migrated to Pakistan during the partition in 1947. Her mother was German. She grew up in Montreal. Quite often she is fond of wearing Shalwar/Kameez. Appears in 95' Victoria's Secret catalogs. Extensive coverage given to her on FT as she is a local girl done good. Currently appearing in every VS catalog albeit through re-used photographs. Gisele A model who is popular on the runways. She also appears in recent ads for Saks Fifth Avenue and has a small appearance in George Michael's Too Funky video. #Goff, Trish(a)# Age: she was 18 as of February 19, when an ET feature on hot models for 1995 was broadcast. layouts in Harper's Bazaar and W, and she's been in ads for Cento X Cento and Versus, so you might have seen her there as well as other places. appears in VOGUE, June'95? as well as in almost every major magazine now. Seems to be working all the big designers' shows. she's from Pittsburgh, PA. Can't tell you much else but she's rising so fast that more info should be coming in. I see her in many magazines and she is apparently the new fresh face. #Goodacre, Jill# Height: 5'8" Bust-waist-hips: 35-24-34 Dress size: 8 Hair color: Light Brown Eye color: Green Shoe size: 9 Agency: ELITE Born: 29 March 1964 in Lubbock, Texas, USA (raised in Boulder, Colorado) Often appears in Victoria's Secret Catalogue. Married to singer/actor Harry Connick, Jr. Recently appeared on premiere issue of "Vie" a new health/fitness magazine. Mostly retired. #Griffin, Debbie# Age: 25 Born/Raised: in Oregon, USA Nationality: American Height: 1.8m Bust-waist-hips: 90-67-90 cm Likes to dance and ski. She has done photo shoots for Marie Claire and Vogue. Cover for Marie Claire. Living in Los Angeles. Appeared in "Diet coke commercial with the Elephant". #Gurmitt# Nationality: Singaporean Appeared in Gianfranco Ferre and Christian Dior shows. Mainly a runway model. (possibly appears in Vanity Fair years 93' & 94') #H# #Hall, Bridget# Born: December 12, 1977 in Dallas, Texas? Height: 5'10" Weight: 119 lbs (skinny, but not a waif) Agency: Ford April W cover and fashion pictorial her mother attends her shoots. Covers of Cosmopolitan, Mirabella, and Elle in May, 1994. 2 Pages in Mirabella, 5+ in Elle, pictorial in May Mademoiselle (6 pages), May 94 Harper's Bazaar (14.5 full page shots) As of May 1994 Cosmo - was returning to high school, possibly signing a contract with Ralph Lauren. Has a rather bland expression during runway shoots, but it is consistent and changing makeup does allow her some flexibility. She is rapidly gaining exposure. Her look is getting better and her work in the Ralph Lauren campaign looks good in 95'. Recommended that model-wanna'be's stay in school before modeling. No word if she is actually going to finish high school. #Hallyday, Estelle# Height: 5'9" Bust-waist-hips: 36-26-37 Dress size: 8-10 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 8.5 Agency: ELITE She is becoming an "older" model and is not quite as popular as she was a few years ago. She appeared in some Revlon print ads and has a major part in George Michael's Too Funky video. She is married to French pop singer David Hallyday. #Hammer, Brit# Height: 5'6-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 32-23-33 Dress size: 6 Hair color: Brown Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 8 Agency: ELITE Graduated MaCalester College. She was the Clinique model for 5 yrs. Recently did a L'Oreal calendar. Primarily an actress. Lives in NYC and is married with 2 children. #Harry, Angela# Ethnicity: 1/2 Korean 1/2 Anglo (looks latin) Age: late 20's early 30's L'eggs pantyhose model success in Japan. Shiela Metzner layout. Auditioned for the Tia Carre role in Rising Sun. FACE (magazine) has a profile on her. #Hartman, Patricia# Nationality: German 10 years in the business? Modeled for some of the new L'Oreal advertisements... she has done a lot of runway and print work for Valentino, Ferre, Montana and countless others... #Heigl, Katherine# Ethnicity: German and Irish Nationality: American Agency: ELITE Age: 15 (as of may 94 Harper's Bazaar) Hair: light brown (chesnut?) Skin: pale basic caucasian "white" light pink #Helfer, Tricia# Height: 5'10 Agency: Ford The winner of 1992 Ford Supermodel of the Year contest. Is from Alberta, Canada and is on the cover of the Feb 93' issue of Flare magazine (Canadian). #Herzigova, Eva# Height: 5'9 Bust-waist-hips: 37 23 36 Hair color: bleached blonde Eye color: blue Born: 10 March, 1973 in Litniov, Czechoslovakia Agency: Metropolitan Nationality: Czechoslovakian Earning power: $8,000-$12,000 per day Eva gained her most exposure appearing in Guess? ads in early '92. She can be seen in the photographer Ellen von Unwerth's film called Inferno. She has an interesting beauty routine of bleaching her hair with vodka and lemon juice. Cover of July ELLE (94 US) Appears in various sport magazine swimsuit issues. Nice lingerie work in Marie Claire #2 (usa) #Hicks, Michelle# Michele started modeling at age 15 and got very involved in the NYC club scene. She was involved with the opening of several clubs (all before her 21st birthday) and was called one of the "downtown diva's" by W in late 1992 (included picture). Her modeling career "took off" when Steven Misel took a liking to her in early 1993. She has been "on the up" ever since. Aside from her killer looks and flawless body, Michele's real reason for success is her winning personality. She is an extremely inteligent individual and can make just about anyone feel comfortable in her presence. She quite the presence on the runway curcuit (NY and Paris), has been interviewed on House of Style and FTV, and frequently shows up in Vogue (particularly Dolce & Gabana ads). She was born in New Jersey and will turn 23 on June 4th. She is 5'8'' has perfectly straight brown hair and electric blue eyes. Michele recently threw a party (after the New York tent show) in her new gimongus loft in NYC at which Helena Christensen was an early guest. #Hume, Kirsty# Nationality: Scotland Hair: Blonde, straight, mid back length (Flaxen) Eyes: Blue Skin: fair Paris Agent: Cyril Brule Agency: ELITE Cover of July 94 Harper's Bazaar, inside article "Inventing Kristy". Condensation of article follows: 6 months ago, living in Miami, trying out for Catalog "cattle calls". 12 months ago, in London and Paris doing the same. 3 years ago, a a "little modeling school" in Scotland (cured of slouch) Front runner for Chanel's contract Fall 94. Has worked for Jil Sander at several big shows in Paris. Attended Dundee School of Art. Drinks Earl Grey Tea and chain smokes Marlbaros. "...etheral, almost refrigerator cool." "a young Jean Shrimpton. Long, skinny legs, a mouth that's slight too large. Uneven teeth. She is NOT "a figure of seduction, a silicone-implant Barbie, or a waif." "Dewiness and poise" First appeared in the supermodel herd at April's Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, and Ralph Lauren shows. Current model for TSE knitwear. Legs are described as "coltish". Plans to rent a New York Apartment. Used to run track, but is scared of too much adrenaline. #Hunter, Rachel# Born: 67? Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Agency: FORD Nationality: New Zealand Appears in ads for Cover Girl and Keystone beer. Married to singer Rod Stewart. Daughter, Renee, was born in June 1992. Just had another child (son), was pregnant in SI 1994 Swimsuit issue A photo of her pregnant can be found on page 203 of the Aug95 Cosmopolitan be forewarned that Rod's butt is fairly visable as well. #Hurley, Elizabeth# new Estee Lauder model. Actress. In the news with bad-boy boyfriend Hugh Grant. More actress than Model, but if she's working for Estee Lauder, she ranks an entry here. (acted in _Passenger 57_, _Young Indiana Jones_ and others) #Hutter, Belinda# Born: 1977? said to be 17 Austrian Recently appeared on Austrian TV #Hutton, Lauren# Veteran model, was retired, now models 6 months of the year. Can be easily identified if smiling by a large gap between her front teeth, still a force to be reckoned with in the modeling industry. Modeling for Ralph Lauren for the past few years. Was one of the first models to land a major contract. #I# #Iman# Height: 5'9" (175 cm) (some say 6ft) Nationality: Somalia Agency: ELITE Had a part as a shapeshifter in "Star Trek: the Undiscovered Country", and a relatively large role in "No Way Out". Appeared in the Michael Jackson video "Remember the Time". Married to singer David Bowie. Recently has produced her own line of cosmetics designed to fill a void in the makeup industry and provide colors for all those gorgeous Black, Latino, and other darker complexion women of the world. The makeup is available through J.C. Penny stores across America. #Ireland, Kathy# Born: 1962 in Glendale, California She has played numerous small roles on the large and small screen, including an episode of the sitcom "Grand" and the movies "Mom and Dad Save the Universe", "Necessary Roughness", "National Lampoons Loaded Weapon 1", and "Danger Island". She had the title role in "Alien from L.A.", which was featured on a recent episode of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000". Some people find her voice irritating. Her main "thing" is modeling swimsuits for Sports Illustrated, since '84. Recently married a emergency room doctor. One of her hobbies is homebrewing beer. Has apparently had trouble with an over zealous fan recently. (March, October 1994 SI Calendar) "Demure? Smoky? A little flirtatious? The are the qualities that have made Kathy Ireland a 10-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. But you might be suprised to learn that Kathy is a Sunday school teacher, as well as a gifted athlete who recently declared on national TV that she intends to take up boxing; that she enjoys fishing at dawn with her dad; or that she is an incurable practical joker." [Jule Campbell, SI] Appears on ESPN's body shaping occasionally. Was in an "action pack" TV movie "bandit" or something. She lives in Santa Barbara CA with her husband and son. web page for her at <http://www.indep.k12.mo.us/student/~bress/ki.html> #Irwin, Elaine# Height: 5'10" Bust-waist-hips: 34B-24-34 Dress size: 6-8 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 8 Agency: Ford Married to John (Cougar) Mellencamp. Salon Selective model Now modeling for Pantene shampoo, now mother of a boy. #J# #Janina# Ethnicity: African-American Nationality: American Age: 20 Hair: black Skin: very light brown broad smile and nose (great smile) #Janssen, Famke# Height: 5'11" Bust-waist-hips: 36-24-36 Dress size: 8-10 Hair color: Brown Eye color: Hazel Shoe size: 11 Agency: ELITE Appeared in a Star Trek The Next Generation episode, "The Perfect Mate", as Kamala, an empathic mesomorph. Appeared in TV movie "Model by Day" on FOX, guest appearance on FOX "Melrose Place" #Johnson, Beverly# Agency: Wilhelmina First African-American model on Vogue cover, (in 1974). Supermodel. 22 years experience. Book-> "True Beauty:Secrets of Radiant Beauty for Women of Every Age and Color" publisher:Warner Books Johnson believes that a woman's true beauty goals should be self-esteem, self-motivation, and well-being. #Jovovich, Milla# Nationality: Russian Ethnicity: Russian and Yugoslavian Hair color: red Age: 18 (as of june/july 94 Bikini) Agency: Next Models for Almay, and in Seventeen, Harpers & Queen. Was in "Return to the Blue Lagoon", "Dazed and Confused"(sneeze an you will miss her in this), "Kuffs", and "Chaplin". Her debut CD is called, The Divine Comedy. Was with SBK records, now on EMI. cd single: Gentleman Who Fell. She wrote the entire album when she was 16 in her high school biology class. Getting her US passport in a few months. She has been a model since she was 11 years old. Hasn't modeled in two years. Dating the bass player for "Jamiroquai" (Stewart) Introduced by a make-up artist via fax machines. Check out the June/July (94)issue of Bikini for a HUGE 12x24 inch b/w of her close to naked with her Mandolin and a sheer cut off top. She smokes Marijuana and has said so on MTV on Alternative Nation and various other shows hosted by VJ Kennedy. Apparently there is a Milla mailing-list supported through (not ) majordomo@world.std.com <mailto:majordomo@world.std.com> subscribe reaching-from-nowhere (confirmed ) #K# #Katchutka (sp?)# a Sengaleese supermodel who did the runways in Europe and quit modelling and came out with her own line of clothes who was arrested on drug charges in Sengal last year. Anyone know of her status? #Kiara# Ethnicity: Ugandan Nationality: naturalized American (2 months as of May 94 Harper's Bazaar) Age: 18 Agency: Ford Hair: Black, short, but not "afro curled" Eyes: Black Skin: 70% shade of dark brown (someone help me here) #Kirsebom, Vendela# Height: 5'8" (173 cm) Nationality: Swedish Born: Jan. 12, 1967 in Stockholm Agency: Ford Nearly exclusive model for Elizabeth Arden. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. (cover, sept, poster 1994 SI Calendar) "Our cover model. All fire an ice in front of the camera, Vendela is the consummate professional:punctual, prepared, organized, focused on her work, yet always managing to remain spontaneous. With a generous heart and strong sense of family values, Vendela finds fulfillment in working with underprivileged children, or simply returning to her native Sweden to visit her family." [Jule Campbell, SI] Appeared in an America Online forum room and answered questions. Log of this appearance is available to me, but have not yet added it here. #Kristanna# Ethnicity: Norwegian and German Nationality: American Age: 14 Hair: light brown/ dark blonde Skin: general tan, (vendela's color) Mole on the right side of her face, near edge of lips. #Kumlin, Kristina# Agency: ELITE #L# #Lanza, Susan (Suzanne?)# Models for Victoria's Secret Catalogue, but wants to be an actress. Hasn't posed for any new pictures in quite a while judging by the image recycling that VS has done with her work. #Lebesco, Maiwenn# Nationality: France Hair: Black Eyes: slate blue Skin: Pale. small mole under right nostril Has very full lips, normal thighs (not waif.) 9 page lingerine spread in Mirabella (may 94). Mainly an actress. #LeBon, Yasmin# Height: 5'9" Bust-waist-hips: 34-24-35 Dress size: 6-8 Hair color: Brown Eye color: Dark Brown Shoe size: 9 Agency: ELITE married Duran Duran lead singer Simon LeBon Dec 27, 1985. she was a top model doing lots of editorials plus covers (UK VOGUE, Italian VOGUE, US ELLE, French ELLE, and first issue UK ELLE) and adverts for Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Missoni, Byblos, etc BEFORE marrying into Duran Duran. Would have had a bigger career had she not decided to quit and have kids FIVE times (two miscarriages). She has a daughter Amber Rose. Yasmin had her third child in October 94 - Tallulah. #Lindburg, Lauren# Models for Cover Girl Cosmetics. #M# #MacDowell, Andie# Agency: ELITE (now semi-retired) Born: Feb 12 1958 in Gaffney, South Carolina, USA Was L'Oreal's exclusive model for several years ending around '89 . One of the Largest exclusive contracts of the time, 1/2 million dollars for 12 days of work a year. Continued modeling until about '90. She's mostly acting now. Her movie credits include St. Elmo's Fire; Tarzan (picture only, the voice was dubbed in by Glen Close); Sex, Lies and Videotape; Object of Beauty; and Greencard. Married and living in the 9 Mile Valley, just outside Frenchtown, Montana. Recently in Groundhog Day, Shortcuts, and Four Weddings and a Funeral. (Many movie credits) Married to ex-model Paul Qualley with two kids, Justin (7), and Rainey(girl 5). Has six horses, four cats, two dogs, one rabbit. Her husband built their current house by hand, with no plans. "Paul and I still walk around *Nekkid* in front of our children." "When I was a kid, I used to walk around nekkid in my house all the time. My mother would have a nervous fit. Butt-nekkid." #MacPherson, Elle# Height: 6' (1.83m) Born: 29 March 1964 in Sydney Austrailia Weight: 128 (58 kg) Bust-waist-hips: 34c-?-? Nationality: Australian Agency: Women Model Management Models for Sports Illustrated. Has had at least one appearance on the David Letterman Show. Appears in Woody Allen film "Alice". Was Engaged to Eric Miller, a 32 year old billionaire. Now with Tim Jefferies. Showed up on John Stewart show on MTV, told two rather rude Australian jokes...An mpeg of her nude scene exists. Was married to Gilles Bensimon, French Photographer, American ELLE creative director. Appears in "Sirens", some full frontal nudity Current BF (Tim Jefferies) was married to English porn star Koo Stark. A picture of them on vacation is in the Aug95 Cosmopolitan magazine. #Malle, Jade# Ethnicity: French and Belgian Nationality: American Age: 20 Hair: very dark red Skin: freckled Eyes: brown rosy cheeks #Marpessa# Primarly a runway model. Retired. (Allure Magazine) #Marshall, Esme# Big in the early '80's. #Mason, Claudia# Nationality: USA (New York City) Another of the "gamines". Very popular on European runways. Can be spotted in American and British Vogue as well as British Elle. Feb 94 cover of Mademoiselle. #Mazza, Valeria (Vala-REE-ah)# This Argentinian beauty is the new Versace "red jeans" girl and the new Guess? jeans girl. The Schiffer look-alike did a half-dozen New York shows for the Fall 95 Fashions. She's single and lives in Paris and New York. #McGrotha, Rosemary# Height: 5'9 Bust-waist-hips: Dcup I Donna Karan's model/muse. She appears in almost all of the Karan ads. She was in a popular ad where she portrayed a woman who was President of the United States and still wasn't afraid to show a little cleavage and a little leg. #McMenamy, Kristen# Born in: 1966 in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA (or Buffalo, NY USA?) Hair: long red, later very short black Bust-waist-hips: 31-20-30, later 34b-25-35 Kristen was a fairly normal model, basically just another beautiful face. However, without any trademark, her career was a disaster. About a year ago, she cut and dyed her hair, and shaved off her eyebrows. Since then she's been doing much better. She has been described as an antimodel, and is typical of the grunge models. Her Sprite Ad has gotten attention from a group wanting to stop the glorification of the Waif image. Had a child this past year who has also appeared in some of her photo shoots. Still working hard. #Moffat, Peggy# supermodel of the past. #Moore, Demi# Did some modeling in Europe before becoming famous as an actress. #Moss, Kate# Height: 5'7" Measurements: 33-23-35 Weight: 116lb ? (She claims to never weigh herself.) Born: 16 Jan 74 in Addiscomb, Croydon, Surrey, England Citizenship: French, for TAX reasons Earning power: $10000 / day US Agency: Women Model Management UK Agency: Storm Model Agency, 1st Floor, 5 Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TD (tel. +44 1713 767 464) Favourite Food: Fresh sardines. One of the more controversial supermodels, primarily because of her unusually low weight during the early part of her career. (she typified the "waif" models). Some people feel she is unattractively thin, and fear idolizing her may cause anorexia in impressionable teenage girls. However, she also has a large number of fans, and receives a large number of modeling jobs. Her contract with Calvin Klein is supposedly worth over 1 million. Her unusual appearance (and possibly her willingness to appear nude, "It's just work") have, in a very short time, made her almost as widely recognized as Cindy Crawford. She is a little too short and thin to model clothes designed for the "standard" model's build. This makes her less versatile and may limit her career's lifespan. She appeared in an '89 British sexploitation film "The Inferno". She chain smokes Marlboros. She has broken with her photographer boyfriend, Mario Sorrenti, and is currently involved in a 'long term' relationship with actor, Johnny Depp. Kate has recently (May 1995) published a hardback picture book called 'Kate' which is made up of pictures chosen by herself. This book is published in the UK by Pavilion Books Limited. The book reference number is ISBN 1 85793 685X and is available in the UK from May 95 and is supposedly available in the US in August 95. There exists at least two picture series' of JPG images of Kate, called KATENR##.JPG and also KMOSS###.JPG, both done by Neil Rodgers with the 'almost' famous 'GAP ON!' logo. Most of these images and many others are available from WWW site <http://marlowe.wimsey.com/~jamacht/Kate/Pictures/> Kate's favourite designers are John Galliano, Helmut Lang, Martin Margiela and Vivienne Westwood. Kate has recently purchased a house in the Sheperds Bush area of London (May 95) alt.fan.kate-moss and alt.binaries.kate-moss (sp) either exist or are being created by her fans to make it easier to find info on her. #Mulder, Karen# Born: 1968? 25/26 years old? Height: 5'10" Bust-waist-hips: 34.5-24-34.5 Dress size: 6 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 8 Agency: ELITE Nationality: Dutch One of the most popular blonde models of the moment. Appeared in the requisite Guess? ads in 1991 (I think). She is married to Rene Bosne, and lives in a chateau in Bordeaux. - exudes class and elegance, seldom seen in anything but head to toe Chanel: suit, shoes, hosiery, bag, jewellery: and that is when shes not working - has modelled collections for Valentino, YSL, Lanvin, Gianni Versace, Chanel & Giorgio Armani - had campaigns for Guess?, Calvin Klein & an entire issue of Italian Vogue #Munro, Carol# Retired. #N# #Nelson, Stan# Male model. #O# #Ogilvie, Lana# Nationality: Canadian Agency: COMPANY will soon appear in the upcoming Cover Girl ads for their new line of cosmetics for darker skinned models. #Oritz, Julia# Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, English, and German Age: 21 Hair: Black, Very dark Brown Eyes: Brown Skin: light brown, natural, minor freckles on face #Otis, Carr'e# Born: Sep 28 1968 in San Francisco, California, USA Former boyfriend was Mickey Rourke. Carrie has five tattoos - a rose on her right ankle, a Japanese peace sign above the rose, a Tibetan symbol on her left ankle, a large angle on her back and a Native American Thunderbird on her wrist. About two years ago she accidentally shot herself under her left arm when a firearm she was carrying went off in her purse. Carrie appeared in the infamous movie Wild Orchid where she was reported to be having real sex on screen with then boyfriend Mickey Rourke. She can be seen in some equally infamous Calvin Klein jeans ads that came out in '92. The story line for the ads was her travelling with a band, appearing naked from the waist down and riding a motorcycle. #P# #Pantaeva, Irina (E-REEN-ah)# The hit of the Fall 95' fashion season and the favorite of photographers at the Calvin Klein, Richard Tyler, Isaac Mizrahi, and Todd Oldham shows. Her first job: Yves Saint Laurent's spring 94' show. She is 21, born near Lake Baikal, Siberia. Her father is a composer, her mother directs a theater. Her bio says she speaks "English, Eskimo, Russian, and Japanese" and is married to a Russian Photographer. Ford Models' Katie Ford says Irina is "destined to become the first Asian supermodels." There is a feature article on her and her husband in New Yorker Magazine this fall 1995. #Patitz, Tatjana# Height: 5'11" Bust-waist-hips: 36-24-36 Dress size: 8 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 9.5 Agency: ELITE Nationality: German Born: Mar 25, 1966 in Hamburg, Germany Going out with Nick Kamen, the English pop star. In the movie "The Rising Sun" prominently as the murdered girlfriend. Her only speaking parts are in the beginning as her character makes a scene about her boyfriend's karaoke singing. Still around; mostly runway shots in magazines, some editorial #Peele, Beverly# Height: 6'0" (183 cm) Bust-waist-hips: 34A 23 34 Hair color: black Eye color: brown Born: 76? Agency: ELITE Nationality: American Earning power: $10,000 per day Beverly is one of the most popular black models today besides Naomi Campbell. She appears in all of the major runway shows and has been photographed numerous times for American Vogue, and has been photographed for ads by Steven Meisel and Bruce Weber. She earns up to $1 million a year. Had a baby recently at 18 years old. #Perez, Josie# Ethnicity: Mexican Nationality: American Age: 23 May Harper's Bazaar) Hair: Black Skin: very pale latino coloring Eyes: Brown Looks sort of like Alyssa Milano, but more color and cheekbones. #Pestova, Daniela# Height: 5'11 Bust-waist-hips: 34B 23 35 Hair color: blond Eye color: blue Born: 70?, under Libra Agency: Next Nationality: Czechoslovakian Earning power: $2 million per year, $12,000 per day Trademarks: Changing Looks, Punctuality Daniela has a contract with L'Oreal and appears in various L'Oreal cosmetics print ads. On the cover of Cosmopolitan's February 1993 issue. Has earned the nickname "The Chameleon" for changing her look. #Porizkova, Paulina# Height: 1.79m Born: Apr 9 1965 Prostejov, Czechoslovakia Weight: 59kg Agency: ELITE 1980 Elite Model. 1986 Paulina Calendar sold 250,000 copies. Has had at least one appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show. Appeared in August 1987 Playboy. She's said during an interview that she unwinds by "playing Nintendo". Modeled almost exclusively for Estee Lauder. Is married to Ric Ocasek. They have a son, Jonathan Raven Ocasek, born 4 (14?) Nov 93. Recently wrote a children's book about the adventures of a Roach in New York. Paulina frequently criticized the shallowness of the modelling industry and has mentioned that she is in the process of working on a book about the industry as she sees it. Rumored to very active with email, possibly under "Ralphie" as her psudeonym (from her book "Ralphie the Roach") Recent appearances on both Leno and Letterman after giving birth to her son. Since her contract with Estee Lauder has expired, she is semi-retired. (did she really quit for good?) Yes. Occasionally she will appear in some editorial shoots; she posed for Steven Meisel nude 8 months pregnant and appeared on Vogue with her new baby sometime last year. Acted in a movie "Anna", playing Christina. The second movie being "*Her* Alibi" with Tom Selleck. She is the person responsible for term 'supermodel' being in existence (and everyone on this group will argue that one). She had a six million a year contract with Estee Lauder in early/mid 80's, and has numerous appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She did a topless shoot in the April '84 issue of GQ, which I have never seen, and can't understand why it hasn't been scanned and posted to the net. She also appears in the somewhat documentary movie "Portfolio". #Q# #Quinones, Brandy# Black Model Hair: dark brown Skin: light beige Appears in Marie Claire #2 (US) in a portfolio shot by D'Ozario. #R# #Reece, Gabrielle# Height: 6'3" (190.5 cm) Age: 24 Eyes: blue Hair: Dark brown with sun bleached highlights Agency: ELITE Model and professional beach volleyball player (Team Nike). Was seeing Jose Canseco. Seems to be concentrating more on her volleyball. On April ELLE cover, appears on MTV Sports in April, 1994 More frequently appearances on MTV Sports. Does lots of fun stuff. "Gabby" is her preferred name. Has a column in ELLE (US) "ELLESPORT" write to her c/o ELLE 1633 Broadway New York, NY 10019 Bio/interview in Bikini #5, plus lingerie photos. Graduated from college with honors in 92 or 93. Now will have a show on ESPN doing things similar to the MTV sports show. #Reno, Hunter# Height: 5'11-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 35-25-35 Dress size: 8-10 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 11 Agency: ELITE Supposeably the neice of Attorney General Janet Reno. She's done some product modeling, possibly other work. #Richardson, Ashley# Height: 6'2" (188 cm) Born: 1965 in Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA (I've also heard Florida) Can be seen in ads for Jordache. (August, December 1994 SI Calendar) "Cool and commanding on the page, Ashley is an incorrigible cutup between takes, keeping the Swimsuit shoot loose and relaxing tensions. As creative as she is funny, Ashley enjoys such off-camera pastimes as painting, interior decorating and cooking. You may also detect the ballerina in Ashely from her fluid poses and her graceful lines, which extend naturally from her warm personallity." [Jule Campbell, SI] #Rose, Ruby# Age: 19 (as of May 94 Harper's Bazaar) Ethnicity: German, Cajun, Cherokee, and Spanish Agency: Ford Hair: black, dark brown Skin: medium spanish coloring Eyes: black? (squinting...) #Rossellini, Isabella# Born: Jun 18 1952 in Rome, Italy Agency: FORD Somewhat Retired. Modeled mostly for Lancome. Also appears in ads for Dolce and Gabbana. Daughter of director Roberto Rossellini and actress Ingrid Bergman. Her relationship with director David Lynch is finished, but she can still be seen in his movies Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart. Engaged to actor Gary Oldman (Sid & Nancy, True Romance) Still appearing in magazine editorial/portfolio, but is working on a new project not involved with a large modeling contract. #S# #Salvail, Eve# Nationality: Canadian Hair: Blonde, usually shaved bald. Skin: pale Eyes: Brown Age: 22 (?) Height: 1.73 m Bust-waist-hips: 83-60-88 cm Will appear in Robert Altman's Pre^t a` Porter, a movie about the fashion world. She has a BIG chinese dragon tatoo on her head which is shows up a lot with her skull-short/shaved head haircut. Also nude at the end of Pret a Porter during the final runway show. This is the French description of her: 21 ans, Canadienne, Nageuse et skieuse de talent. Des son entree chez City en octobre 1992, le show Jean-Paul Caultier lui permet de demarer en fleche. Suivent les parutions dans les GLAMOUR Italie et France, ELLE France, MARIE CLAIR avec grands photographes internationeaux. Debuted in the Gaultier show in 1992. Has had covers on the above magazines. #Schenkenberg, Marcus# Male Model Born: August 4, 1968 Raised: Stockholm Second calendar arrives in stores this Fall (94). Did a large Calvin Klein jeans ad campaign. (NUDE!) Takes in over 1 million dollars a year. The male Supermodel. Appeared on MTV and was basically molested by VJ Kennedy for America's entertainment. (She tried to strip him and basically groped and fondled him as much as she could.) #Schiffer, Claudia# Height: 5'11" 182cm Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Bust-waist-hips: 35-24-36 (95-62-92 cm) Born: Aug 25 1970 12:10 in Rheinberg/Dusseldorf, Germany Weight: 127 58kg Agency: Metropolitan She was discovered dancing in a Dusseldorf disco only 5 years ago. Is one of the top five supermodels in the modelling industry today. Has a four year contract with Revlon worth $6 million, which requires her not to pose nude. Also models in print ads for the clothing company Iceberg, for Chanel and Gianni Versace. Spokesmodel rep for Guess? perfume. Was rumored to be fiancee of Prince Albert of Monaco. A paparazzi got several topless photos while she was on vacation. They were printed in three European newspapers. She sued them. Engaged to David Copperfield, the magician. TV spots for Entertainment Tonight, was "host" for BF D.C.'s recent TV special. Losing popularity, wearing more makeup. Appears in Aug 94 ELLE as "Barbie", Gilles Bensimon photographs. Subject of large argument in alt.supermodels regarding disparaging comments from J-P Gaultier, Jil Sander, Ellen Von Unwerth. Fans and critics took sides and shot up the place. She's still Claudia, but the fickle fashion press seems to be tired of her. Even Ellen Von Unwerth has admitted Claudia is not as much a "model". Claudia is a "look" If she changes it, she is not what "Claudia" is. Outside that, don't underestimate a girl who was at the top of her class, and on the road to becoming an attorney when she was discovered. She speaks several languages, and was raised well by her father, who is a very successful attorney, and her mother. Money is not that new, nor important. Fiance David made $33 million last year. They could both retire at will. She's in business with Elle and Naomi Campbell. They have a restaurant. She is having a documentary filmed about her life, and will probably be doing movies herself soon (it's long been reported; she gets about a dozen movie offers a month). The following is from the Claudia Schiffer-faq: Was discovered in October 87 by Michel Levaton. First shots by Walter Chin. Doesn't like jewelry . (She hasn't even holes in her ears) Doesn't eat breakfast to save time in bed. Lives in a two floor apartment in Monte-Carlo. Has been on more mag. covers around the world then any other (> 400). Is making a movie about her life with Nicholas Rachline ad producer. It has already been bought by 17 TV channels. (Might be finished, it's an old source) Rumors say that she Is currently writing a book about herself. Was rumored to have an affair with the prince of Monaco. Was after that engaged to David Cooperfield, but broke it up. Family: Father: Heinz Schiffer, Business jurist Mother: Gudrun Schiffer Siblings: Stefan, Ann Carolin, Andreas. (Claudia is the oldest) Religion: Catholic Smokes: No Drinks: No Interests: Painting (mostly flowers and small animals. Inspiration from Kakos), Reading. Earns: $30 000 per show. Contracts: Revlon, Fanta. Drivers license:No Agent: Aline Souliers Favorite Music: Phil Collins, Elton John, Prince Drinks: Only mineral water and Fanta Cloths: Chanel Author: Honor‚ de Balzac, Max Frisch. Loves biographies Directors: Luc Besson, Claude Lelouch, Scorsese, Spielberg Sports: Tennis, riding, skiing, dance Color: Coral Red Smell: Jasmine #Schnarre, Monika# Height: 6'1" (185 cm) Born: 1972 in Toronto, Canada In 1987 SI swimsuit issue (page 114). Female lead in "Waxwork II: Lost in Time". Won 1989 Ford Supermodel of the Year contest. She once said she wanted to work at Club MED. she is on the season finale of Beverly Hills 90210. (1994 season?) #Selena# Nationality: American Height: 1.77m Bust-waist-hips: 92-62-92 cm #Seymour, Stephanie# Height: 5'10" [1.78m] Bust-waist-hips: 34B-22-35 [86-56-89 cm] Dress size: 6-8 Hair color: Light Brown Eye color: Blue-Green Shoe size: 10 Agency: IT Born: Aug 1968 in San Diego California, USA Stephanie Seymour has modeled swimsuits for Sports Illustrated, and was also the primary spokesmodel for Victoria's Secret Catalogue. She has done at least two pictorials for Playboy; the first in March 1991, the second in February 1993. Was going with Axl Rose, the rock star, but broke up in early '93. Rumored to be seeing Peter Brant, Publisher: Interview mag, who is married with five kids. She has a son, Dylan Thomas. Lying about her age, probably 30+. Told Cosmo that she was 25, back in 1989 (+5 = 30) Still is everyone's favorite Lingerie model. Shows up in the CD-ROM game "HELL" as "Cynna Stone" explosives expert. Game uses her voice. From her photographs, I have assumed that she has breast implants. With the low amount of body fat she has, her breasts could not be that firm or large without some silicone support. Check Victoria's Secret to decide for yourself. contributed text: (not yet paraphrased) Former supermodel of the 80's, She was the favorite of designer Gianni Versace. Then she dissed her image and changed it to grunge when she began a relationship with rocker Axl Rose. The demise of that relationship, together with the birth of her second son, and the supposed impending marriage this summer to publisher Peter Brant (the father of the child), has turned her career into high gear. Voted this year by Paris's MATCH Magazine as the 2nd most beautiful model in the world (Claudia was 1st), that makes her the world's sexiest mom. Not bad for a model who started her career 10 years ago (age 16, when she was reported to be having an affair with John Casablancas, the CEO of ELITE Modeling). [As you can see, there is some doubt as to her correct age. If someone can dig this up and set this issue to rest, I would appreciate it.] #Shepard, Cybil# Height: 5'9" (175 cm) Former model, actress. Best known for her roles in "The Last Picture Show", "Taxi Driver", and the TV series "Moonlighting". In the 70's, she so defined the image of icy coldness, that the role in Taxi Driver was written with her in mind. Now starring in her own sitcom "Cybil" on CBS. #Shields, Christa Brooke Camille# Born: 31 may 1965, New York, NY Eyes: Willowy-green Hair: Brunette Agency: ELITE THE Calvin Klein's jeans girl. "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins" campaign was one of the raciest of its time with young Brooke enticing advertisement audiences with this shocking statement. Mostly a minor actress, she still does some modeling work. She did a photo shoot to promote the Sydney 2000 Olympic bid while she was in Australia, which appears in an Australian magazine called "Inside Sport". Engaged to tennis star Andre Agassi and can be seen frequently in magazines with him (Marie Claie #2 US). #Shimizu, Jenny# Born: '72 (22 as may 94 Harper's Bazaar) Height: 5'7" Agency: Women Model Management Ethinicity: Japanese-American Hair: Black (very short) Skin: basic light tan (generic) Eyes: Black? (squinting) One of the most successful asian models. She's worked the runways for Versace, Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, and Jean Paul Gaultier. She's appeared in Neneh Cherry and Terence Trent D'Arby videos and in a Banana Republic ad. She's in the December 94 Allure and will be in the February 95 Elle. She has 4 large tattoos - a woman straddling a wrench from her right shoulder to her elbow, a spark plug on her left forearm, a cross on the back of her neck, and Japanese characters for "And she goes..." on her left shoulder. She's rumored to be Madonna's lover. The March 15, 1992, L.A. Times calls her a "lezbopunk bike-dyke". In it she said, "I'm all for sexual freedom: S&M, bondage, dancing half-naked. I just think it's great". She says she was "always a tomboy". She went to trade school rather than college, and worked as a garage mechanic. She was discovered by L.A. Casting agent Rosanna on her 1971 Triumph motorcycle outside the LA nightclub, "Fuck..." She skateboards, motorcycles, wears Red Wing biker boots, listens to Bjork, and watches Beavis and Butthead ("It rules," she says). In five years, she'd like to own her own garage and race bikes. She says, "I'd like to see runways get more creative. I had dreams of this roller derby type thing, but on skateboards." Recently appeared in A. magazine (Asian Americans) as the Asian Supermodel. (fall 95) Appeared in the Premiere of Comedy Central's "High Octane" where she demonstrated her skills with cars by showing how to fix a loose fanbelt. #Shiraz# Age: 19 (?) Height: 1.79m Bust-waist-hips: 84-61-89 cm Nationality: Israel Elle fait du volley et du handball. Des son arrivee, elle est publiee dans 20 Ans, Elle France, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, et Harpers Bazaar. Ses photos sont signees Marc Hispard, Ellen von Unwerth, Sacha et Patrick Demarchelier. Translation: She plays volleyball and handball. On her arrival, she has published in ......... with the photographers.... #Shrimpton, Jean# Supermodel Icon very popular british model from the 60's. Retired. Now running a bed & breakfast in England. Was the Linda Evangelista of the time, black eyeliner and straight cut bangs made her the archtype for the Mod fashion. #Simonsen, Renee# Cover face from the 1980's. Agency: FORD was engaged to Duran Duran's John Taylor. Now editor of newspaper in Aarhus, Denmark. Went to Israel to pick oranges at a kibbutz after finishing romance with JT of Duran Duran. Appeared in advertisements in Vogue in the 1990's. #Sjoeberg, Emma (Emma Snowball?)# Nationality: Swedish Height: 5'9-1/2" Bust-waist-hips: 35-25-36 Dress size: 8 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Shoe size: 8 Agency: ELITE Appears in George Michael's Too Funky video. Also in movie "Inferno". Appears in J. Crew catalogs. #Smith, Amber# Height: 5'10 [1.79m] Bust-waist-hips: 36c 24 35 in [90-62-92 cm] Hair color: reddish blonde Eye color: hazel Born: 72? under Pisces Agency: Spectrum Earning power: $8,000 per day Nationality: American Amber's ambition is to be America's #1 pin-up girl. She is known for a tattoo of a redhead on her thigh; "It's a tattoo of Amber" she says. (February, July 1994 SI Calendar) "This Rita Hayworth look-alike from Miami comes by her modeling talent naturally, following in her mother's footsteps. Independent, hard-working and very private, Amber takes every assignment seriously and has an instinct for graceful movement before the camera. Away from the modeling scene she jogs, sings and enthusiastically pursues acting, which has already brought her an HBO film role and a number of commercials." [Jule Campbell, SI] #Smith, Anna Nicole "Vickie"# Agency: ELITE Height: 5'11 Bust-waist-hips: 36.0DD 26.0 38.0 Hair color: bleached blonde Born: 28 Nov 67 in Houston, Texas, USA Weight: 140 (I've also heard 155) Playboy playmate for May 1992 (as Vickie Smith), and playmate of the year for '93. Modeled for Guess? She is from Mexia, Texas, and has one 8 yr old son. In Norway, the consumer rights ombud tried to get her adds for H&M underwear banned to protect consumers from any sexual associations. She is flattered that young Norwegian boys sell her posters for $7 each. Recently married 89 yr old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall (june 27 1994). Currently (may 27) being sued by former housekeeper/babysitter (Maria Antonia Cerrato) (employed 1992-93) for "sexual harassment, sexual assault, & false imprisonment"(2 million). Smith is countersuing for Slander. Currently in mourning for her now dead octogenarian husband. Fighting in probate court for some of his money. Wore white to the funeral. #Smithers, Jan# Hair color: brunette Born: Jul 3 1949 in North Hollywood California, USA Did some modeling work, then had a regular part as "Bailey" on "WKRP in Cincinatti" in the early eighties. Now married to James Brolin (of the TV show _Hotel_ among other things) and living in Canada. #Stewart-Whyte, Heather# Nationality: England Height: 1.78m Measurements: 91-61-91 cm Very popular model for the Victoria's Secret lingerie catalogs. She is well spoken in her apperances on Fashion Television and is most recently well known for the VS MiracleBra advertisements. Does lots of runway work and appears in magazines almost as often as Cindy, Linda, Claudia, and Nadja. In the Autumn 95 VS Portfolio, she appears a staggering 32 times. #T# #Taylor, Krissy# Height: 6'0 Hair: blonde Agency: IMG Models, NY Born: '78? Died: summer 1995 from possibly abusing Psuedoephedrine. Niki's younger sister. Not a quite a supermodel. Has appeared in YM, Seventeen, Self, Mademoiselle, Vogue, and Dolly (Aust) Was on House of Style with sister Niki summer 94. Krissy was a popular model in Australia, having done numerous covers for Australian girls' magazines. <http://www.supermodel.com/> used to have her home page. "She's Young, She's Dead, She's Net" Krissy Taylor died tragically last month, but her scantily clad image still lives on the Internet, where her mother, Barbara Taylor, is using photos of her dead daughter to generate some cold, hard cash. Two months before Krissy's death, the elder Taylor put together a Web site called "The Supermodel Home Page," which charges advertisers up to $30,000 a month (apparently no takers yet). Taylor is promising the arrival of "at least six more significant supermodels" to the site, but for now, Krissy remains the only featured mannequin. "Ironically, she was the first model we selected," Barbara Taylor's partner Patxi Pastor says seriously. But while the home page now includes a somber Krissy "memorial," the real attraction for the Internet's largely young, male Web surfers is the sexy pinup style bikini shots of the late 17-year old. Pastor claims the site draws more than a million visitors a week. And despite some criticism, Pastor says she and Taylor won't tone the shots down. "In this business, pictures like that are peices of art. They are sensually, not sexually, explicit. This is similar to people looking at shots of Marilyn Monroe." --"New York" magazine, August 14, 1995 #Taylor, Niki# Height: 5'11.5" Weight: 128 pounds Bust-waist-hips: 34b 24 34 Hair color: brown Eye color: hazel Born: 74? age 19 (june 94 cosmo) Agency: IMG Models, NY Earning power: $15,000 per day Nationality: American Niki is head of her own company called Niki Inc. She has a tattoo of a dolphin on her ankle, a sun on her foot and two on her buttocks. Niki appears in ads for Cover Girl and older L'Oreal ads. She has a fan club. [ address below ] On MTV House of Style (summer 94), Entertainment Tonight, MTV "videos that don't suck" Engaged (june 94 Cosmo) to Arena Football player Matthew Martinez (dating for 7 to 8 months) Her Father is a Florida HWY policeman. "I have to say, since we've been together I've put on 10 pounds, and I love it. Now i've got hips and boobs. ...I'm more of a woman." Has an apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Saving money for a family. Wedding was Dec 1993, Repeat vows in July 23rd,1994 in Idaho. Had twin boys from her pregnancy named Hunter and Jake. Explained her refusal to do topless work by saying "My Boobs are for my Man." #Thorgen, Aya# Nationality: Swedish Versace model a few years back. Possibly in the 95' SI Planner Calendar. #Tiegs, Cheryl# Agency: Ford Height: 5'10" (178 cm) 1970's and 1980's supermodel. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Now has her own eyewear designs (in name only) via Sears. Still shows up in magazines in those print ads. #Trella, Karen# Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model (june 1994 SI calendar) "Hailing from sunny Florida, Karen lights up the page in her first Sports Illustrated appearance, making it a memorable one. When she isn't dancing, water-skiing or skating, chances are you'll find her hard at work in acting classes, preparing for the film career she has her sights set on. Look at her carefully, and don't be suprised if you see her soon at your local theater!" [Jule Campbell, SI] #Turlington, Christy# Born: Jan 2, 1969 in San Francisco, California Height: 5'10" Weight: 118 Agency: Ford Had a major contract with Maybelline for two years at $2 million. Can be seen in print ads for Calvin Klein Eternity perfume, North Beach Leather, and Anne Klein Accessories. Christy has a small tattoo inside her right ankle. She was rumored to be married to Roger Wilson, the screen writer, (Never Legally Married) but is rumored to be having an affair with Cindy Crawford. Is one of the top five supermodels of the world at the moment. Appeared in George Michael's video "Freedom". was dating Christian Slater, the actor. Her mother is El Salvadoran, her father is Anglo. May be supporting PETA, an anti-fur activist group. Currently seeing Jason Patric, the actor. Smokes, Drinks, apparently gaining weight in thighs, see recent Prada ads in Vogue. Hosted "Christy Turlington's Backstage" a one-shot look at the modeling world. Has shown pubic hair in print photographs. Possibly has an apartment at 240 Centre Street in Little Italy on New York's Manhatten Island. Has a major contract with Maybelline cosmetics. #Turner, Janine# Agency: Ford Still on Runways and can be seen in Vogue print ads. Has done print and TV advertisments for Automobiles, currently starring as "Maggie O'Connell" on Northern Exposure, hit TV show Twiggy Hair: Yellow, blonde, generally long Skin: pinkish pale. The original waif model. Incredibly popular in the 60's. Most recent appearance was a cameo in the movie "The Blues Brothers". Was in Broadway show "My one and Only" in the 80's with Tommy Tune. (big comeback with fantastic reviews, ran for 2 years.) Was the Kate Moss of the 60's. A cute-cute model. #U# #V# #Valasquez, Patricia# appears in Victoria's Secret catalogs, Sports Illustrated, SI CD-ROM, and the SI Planner. Imhotep's lover in "The Mummy" w/ Brendan Fraser. #Valetta, Amber# Agency: BOSS Born: '73? in Tulsa One of the waifs. Gets a lot of work in the UK magazines. Was everywhere and then deliberately cut back on exposure to prevent saturation and self-distruction of her career. Interviewed on House of Style and Fashion TV in 1994. #Vanderloo, Mark# Born: April 24, 1968 Raised: Waddenveen, Holland; Nairobi, Kenya Has apartments in Amsterdam and Paris, but works largely in New York, Los Angeles, or Miami. A nice looking guy. #Vanous, Lucky# Born: April 11, 1961 Raised: Lincoln, Nebraska Male model. Married. Was member of the Black Beret Rangers, an antiterrorist company in the military. 11 years ago got first break modeling for GQ. "For the diet-coke commercial, a casting agent I've known for years said, 'Come on, take off your shirt.' It makes me very self-conscious, but I figured I'd try it. And it wasn't a big deal, really. Not until afterward..." This is "Diet-coke break" ad where the women of the office gather at 11:30 to watch him strip off that shirt and guzzle down that diet-coke. [you've ALL seen this ad I am pretty sure.] #Vela, Rosie# ge: 41 (in 1995) Hair: Strawberry Blonde modelling for Maybelline, released a record album called "ZAZU" a few years back. Was modeling for a cigarette company in Japan in 1994. #Verushchka# Popular in late 1960's. Height: 6' 3" Nationality: Russian appears in Antonio's movie "Blow Up", an excellent look into fashion photography. #Visser, Anouschka Tamara# Age: 23. Place of Birth: Delft. Country of origin: The Netherlands. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond, long Worked for Vogue, Weekend, Story and Cosmopolitan. Had some minor parts in Dutch series (like Medisch Centrum West and Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden) and had a small role in a Dutch movie called Diepe Hartstocht, Kleine Dames. #W# #Wal, Frederique Van Der# Height: 5'10" Bust-waist-hips: 36C-24.5-36 Dress size: 8 Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue-Green Shoe size: 8.5 Agency: ELITE Was on October 1993 cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Often models for Victoria's Secret Catalogue. Appears in Japanese perfume and Diamond TV commercials. Dutch, dating the french owner of Manhatten's Jour et Nuit resturant. Can be seen in American Vogue (and everywhere else) in "CACH`E" adverts. Now has her own fragrance, a voluptuous floral. Called Frederique of course. Annoucement for her "appearance" on America Online (AOL). (1995) ===== Elite model Frederique van der Wal will answer questions about her modeling career and how she has combined her savvy for business with her artistic talent to develop outside projects when she visits ABC Online on Tueday March 28 at 7 pm ET. As a student in Holland majoring in economics and languages, Elite model Frederique had no idea that she would soon experience an amazing career turnaround in her life. Although headed for the business world, Frederique was persuaded to enter the Elite "Look Of The Year" contest. She won first place and walked away with a two-year contract with Elite Model Management, and a plane ticket to New York. Once in New York, Frederique began appearing in top magazines, from Vogue and Harper's Bazaar to Glamour, Mademoiselle and Cosmopolitan. Over the years, she has graced the covers of many of them, including Cosmopolitan covers shot by Francesco Sacvullo. Frederique has been the face of many campaigns, including Revlon's "Most Unforgettable Women in the World" shot by Richard Avedon. Her campaigns for Guess? gave her recognizability across the world. She regularly graces the pages of Victoria's Secret catalogue. Frederique's celebrity has not escaped the attentioin of the television medium, either. She has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, CNN, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Extra, Oprah Winfrey, Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous, E! Entertainment, MTV and VH-1. Modelling has given Frederique recognition, notoriety and the tremendous opportunity to combine her savvy for business with her talent to develop outside projects. She has created and designed her own swimwear line. She has launched her own fragrance, "Frederique," and will soon follow with a body moisturizer and shower gel. Her workout video "Frederique Presents Chris Imbo's Peak 10" is in stores across the country. Currently, she is working on an underwear line which will premiere in the latter part of 1995. One very special lady you don't want to miss. Frederique van der Wal Live in the Globe! See you there! Place: ABC Auditorium/Globe Date: Tueday March 28 Time: 7-8 pm ET (c) Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. 1995 ==== quoted without permission, but then I paid for an AOL membership just to sit in on this thing. (check the logs. altsmdlfaq@aol.com <mailto:altsmdlfaq@aol.com> was ME.) #Wale'# Born: August 22, 1967 Raised: Lagos, Nigeria; London Skin: Black. Very dark brown skin. Hair: none. Bald Biceps: BIG. Appearing in Delta of Venus (movie) as the aristocratic African Clairvoyant. Parents are Barristers (lawyers in UK), and studied at Law school until he quit to be a model. Webb, Veronica Agency: FORD Black model for Revlon's new cosmetic line for darker skin. Appears in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever, and has a small appearance in Malcolm X. "discovered" in Soho boutique (Allure Interview) TV contributor on Fox's Front Page and Lifetime's Ooh La La ( another FT, made by the same company in Toronto, Canada) WEBBLESS: After five years on the job, Veronica Webb has given up her column at "Paper" magazine, though publisher David Hershkovits says that Webb will stay on as a contributor. Friends, however, say that Webb has bigger plans--a job on the Clinton re-election campaign. ---"New York" magazine, August 14 1995 #Williams, Rachel# Height: 6'0" (183 cm) Born: Apr 29 1967 in New York City, USA Agency: Ford A popular model who appeared frequently in American Elle magazine in 89-90. She is also in print ads for Nine West Spa Collection shoes. Has appeared nude in various magazines, American Photo most recently.[93] Recently graduated with a bachelor's degree from Columbia University and is out of the closet. See May95 Vanity Fair. Then seen with Boyfriend so the consensus of my friends is that this, plus the Sept95 Playboy cover & photo shoot are all carefully calculated ploys to get back on the hot list and get back to modeling. Also appeared in The FACE this summer showing off her tatoos (2 ankle and one right at the end of her spine) as well as a lot of the rest of her body up close and in color. Appears in a Helmut Newton portfoilo spread in October 95 Vogue. Featured in the ELLE online model gallery on AOL. #Williams, Roshumba# Nationality: American Hair: Black, short, natural - refuses to wear extensions Skin: dark shade black/brown Hosted BET (black entertainment television) Shades: The Dark Side of the Runway. Plans to have her own TV show by end of 1994. #Williams, Stacey# Agency: NEXT Height: 6'0" (183 cm) Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. (may & november 1994 SI calendar) Appeared topless in swimsuit spread in Jan 1994 GQ magazine. "She was discovered near an athletic-shoe store in a shopping mall in Mechanicsburg, PA, where she grew up. Since then Stacey has made great strides in her modeling career and shown that her personality runs deep. She can be innocent, quiet and sensitive one moment, only to turn up as a life-of-the-party jokester the next. Introspective and thoughtful, Stacey is a faithful devotee of yoga and dreams of opening her own studio one day." [jule campbell SI] #X# #Y# #Young, Kara# Height: 5'8" Bust-waist-hips: 34-23-34 Dress size: 6 Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown Shoe size: 8.5 Agency: ELITE #Z# #Zadrick, Shana# Height: 1.76m Bust-waist-hips: 86-61-86 cm A model who is still trying to establish her niche but who is being helped along, much like Linda Evangelista was, by photographer Steven Meisel. She appears in ads for Calvin Klein Escape, was a Guess? girl in 1991, and appears in ads for Kors and Alberta Ferreti. Lives in Florida with husband on horse ranch. Shoots skeet, rides horses, has many pets inculding a tiger. Appears in the John Cougar Mellencamp video "Wild Night". Fashion spread in June 94 Cosmo. Appeared in the Guess ads in 1991 with Karen Mulder. A Internet fan-club is being started by the following person. Ryan Marshall - Co-ordinator of the Shana Zadrick Internet Fan Club comtech@nznet.gen.nz <mailto:comtech@nznet.gen.nz> Send him email for information about creation of an alt.fan.shana-zadrick newsgroup. #Zang, Kristen# ooks like Shauna Zadrick Appeared in September 94, french PHOTO magazine. Hair: Black, Long. ##################### Common questions and answers not handled in the previous section. #What is a supermodel?# This is a major point of discussion in this group. Some factors that may be involved are earning power, name recognition, face recognition, frequency of runway appearances, frequency of magazine covers, appearances in Sports Illustrated, calenders, TV appearances, movies. #Supermodel?# This means that the supermodels have the most attributes going for them instead of just having a really great look, or a really good attitude. When it comes down to it, beauty is subjective. "What makes these models we call 'super'models stand out is their overall excellence. Their good looks, extreme professionalism, their wonderfully friendly personality, and their ability to give the photographer exactly what he wants. #Why are all (or most) supermodels tall and thin?# There are variations, but most models are about the same size, height (~5'9 and above), and weight. Most of the designs are for very thin women (why is another good question). Tall women appear thinner than short ones. Women with small faces are supposed to photograph "better". If you put a head on a woman who is 5'10" - 6', it will look smaller than the same beautiful head on a woman who is 5'2" or so. Designers can sew clothes for the "standard" model. Then they can easily substitute models if they think a particular dress would look better with a different model, or if someone is late for a show. Uniformity lets them "ensemble" well with other models. No one has to stand on box. The standard height may be on the tall side to ease posing with men for whom height is also an issue. #Who's the woman in the Meatloaf video?# Dana Patrick. However, the voice belongs to a woman identified only as "Mrs. Loud". #What's the name of the magazine Alyssa Milano posed nude in?# The complete title is "Bikini". Volume 1, Issue 1. Completely sold out, no back issues. (hint. This magazine is SQUARE in shape.) #Who is the girl in the Aerosmith videos?# Alicia Silverstone was in the Aerosmith vidoes "Cryin'" and "Amazing", and starred in the movie, "The Crush". She was 17. #Who is the girl in the John Cougar Mellancamp video "Wild Night"?# The woman who plays the taxi driver, with the titilating clothing donning is none other than model Shauna Zadrick. #What is that movie "Inferno" that features a lot of models?# It's some short-stories with lightly dressed topmodels. Filmed by fashion model turned photographer Ellen von Unwerth. With among others: Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Shana Zadrick, Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, Emma Sjoeberg, Amber Smith. It has appeared on German Television and other stations in Europe, but not in the US except for in excerpts. #What are better terms for all those models? ie. a taxonomy of model ranking.# (excerpted from pins&needles in Harper's Bazaar by Woody Hochswender) "Remember the good old days when men were men, and models were either just plain models or supermodels? Well, there is now a more elaborate system of model categories to accomodate the glut of new, old, and veteran talent. Lauren Hutton, Rosie Vela, Patti Hansen, Beverly Johnson, and other over 40 stars are now called the Ultramodels. The new Supermodels are Kate, Amber, Nadja, Shalom, and Emma. The former Supermodels ==Christy, Naomi, Linda et al.== are now known as Megamodels. Get all that? The new nomenclature apparently facilitates discussions at agencies, fashion shoots, and editorial meetings. (At meetings of some of my *tre`s gentils* male friends, there is only one catagory that comes up: Hot Young Models.)" ##################### Addresses. Allure Magazine alluremag@aol.com <mailto:alluremag@aol.com> ALLURE-USA Allure Box 53598 Boulder, CO 80322 ## American Photo for subscription: P.O. Box 51033 Boulder, CO USA 80323-1033 for questions or comments: Editor American Photo 1633 Broadway New York, NY USA 10019 ## AMICA - Italia R.C.S Rizzoli Periodici S.P.A. Servizio Abbonneti via A. Rizzoli 20132 Milano ITALY ## Bikini Brought us Alyssa Milano Nude 1st issue Ray Gun Publishing, Inc. 2110 Main Street, Suite 100 Mostly a pop culture magazine. Santa Monica, CA 90405 310-452-6222 for subscriptions ## Cosmopolitan Magazine P.O. Box 7162 Red Oak, Iowa USA 51591 tel (800) 888-2676 ## CULTRE SHOCK 16/18 Wimbledon Stadium Business Centre Riverside Road London SW17 OBA United Kingdom Tel (081) 879 3949 Fax 081 879 0792 ## DAY DREAM CALENDARS, INC. Carpinteria, CA 93013 Canadian Distributor: Bella Flor Enterprises, Inc. Kelowna, British Columbia Tel (604) 860-33771 [ too long? ] ## ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT 111 East 22nd Street, New York, NY USA 10010 212-529-9800 ## ELLE (american) 1-212-767-5800 1633 Broadway [see magazine for regional addresses] New York, NY USA 10019 ## ELLE (french) 90, Ruede Flandre 75947 Paris Cedex 19 ## FORD MODEL MANAGEMENT 344 East 59th Street New York, NY 10022 ## Harper's Bazaar (subscriptions Attn Joan Harris) P.O. Box 7178 1-800-888-3045 (USA) Red Oak, Iowa 51591 ## Mademoiselle Letters to the Editor 350 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017 FAX (212)880-5LTR Voice mail (800)644-MLLE (us only) Email: MlleMag@aol.com <mailto:MlleMag@aol.com> ## Marie Claire (US) 250 West 55th Street New York, NY 10019 FAX: 212-397-4145 ## Metropolitan Agency 5 Union Square West New York 10003 (No phone number yet) ## Model Management 212-529-9495 Men 212-529-9554 New Faces 212-529-9551 T.V. 212-529-4555 Accounting 212-529-9594 London office: +44 71 333 0888 ## Niki Taylor Fan Club 119 Rockland Center Suite 251 Nanuet, NY 10954 ## Northbeach Leather 1335 Columbus Avenue, Dept. 603P San Francisco, CA USA 94133 [ Their $3.00 catalog sometimes has supermodels. ] ## PHOTO (french) subscriptions: 63, avenue des Champs-Elysees 75008 PARIS France tel: fax: 200 Francs/year in France 285 Francs for other places ## Sports Illustrated Time & Life Bldg Rockefeller Center New York, NY 10020 ## Sterling Specialities Calendar Showcase P.o. Box 6105 Dept CS95 Norata, CA 94948-6105 1-800-365-YEAR (claudia Schiffer calendar, Christy Turlington, Rachel Hunter) ## Storm (modeling agency, Kate Moss is client) First Floor, 5 Jubilee Place London SW3 3TD ENGLAND tel +44.71.376.7464 ## Vanity Fair P.O. Box 51333 Boulder, Colorado USA 80321-1333 ## Victoria's Secret Catalogue North American Office PO BOX 182103 Columbus, OH USA 43272-2497 1-800-888-8200 ## Vogue (american) subscription Box 55980 Boulder, Colorodo 80332 tel (800) 234-2347 editorial and business offices 350 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017 voguemail@aol.com <mailto:voguemail@aol.com> ##################### Sources of additional movie appearance information. A lot of information about model's movie appearances is available from the movie database servers. One of the best is "Cardiff's Movie Database Browser", available through the Web with URL: "<http://www.cm.cf.ac.uk/Movies/moviequery.html>" This Cardiff's site is defunct, but it has become the IMDB website. http://www.imdb.com/ ##################### How to download and view the pictures. Read the FAQ for alt.binaries.pictures.d. If your site doesn't get that group, or expires it quickly, look in news.answers, or ftp it from rtfm.mit.edu. Jim Howard has done an excellent job of explaining this, much better than I could. He describes the necessary steps and programs on a wide variety of systems, and tells you where to find them on the net. Supermodel pictures are usually available in alt.binaries.pictures.supermodels (usually abbreviated a.b.p.s or abps) and alt.binaries.pictures.celebrities (abpc). ## NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Sept. 13, 1995--Next Management, the New York City-based modeling agency, is distributing the first interactive CD-ROM for model selection, supplementing the traditional promotional book, it was announced today by Next co-owners Faith Kates and Joel Wilkenfeld. Next is the first agency to commission a CD-ROM featuring full-motion video. Viewers can employ the interactive medium to its fullest. Each model's entire book, and her complete stats are available at the click of the mouse from anywhere within the application. Clicking on Yasmeen Ghauri hijacking a taxi for example, brings up Yasmeen's book and stats. This, plus an efficient search and sort facility, makes the Next CD-ROM product stylish, entertaining and practical. "This innovation provides clients with the unique ability to review a model's skill in both still photography and full-motion video environments," said Kates. Added Wilkenfeld, "We feel the convenience of this resource is invaluable to our busy clientele and provides them with a more comprehensive overview of each model's strengths and abilities." Formatted for MAC, the interactive resource is being distributed to art directors at ad agencies and magazines, model editors, catalog publishers, photographers and designers. Accompanying the CD-ROM is the traditional promotional book containing the models still photographs and statistics. Derek Penn, president of mindandmedia, inc., a New York based interactive media software firm, designed the story ideas and application architecture in collaboration with the noted photographer/director Thierry Le Goues and art director Doug Lloyd. Shot on location in the streets, prisons, peep-shows and back alleys of New York City, the CD-ROM and book have a distinct high-fashion fantasy esthetic. In business for just six years, and with affiliate offices in Paris, Milan and Canada, and branches in South Beach, Fla. and Los Angeles, Next is now among the largest agencies in the country. In the fall of 1994 they moved into their own building in Soho. Among the women represented by Next are Yasmeen Ghauri, Angie Everhart, Estelle Hallyday, Judit Masco, Tanya Fourie, Stacey Williams, Rebecca Romijn, Milla and Brandi. --30--csm/ny* CONTACT: Jacqueline Becher Public Relations Jackie Becher, 212/371-0415 ##################### Where to get pictures of supermodels on the net. ## this is all probably defunct now. ## ##Use GOOGLE IMAGES to find stuff on the WWW.## Picture files can be obtained over the internet using ftp, fsp, or mail to one of the ftp-by-mail servers. For more info, see Tom Czarnik's "FTP List - FAQ" posting to news.answers. Some FTP servers with supermodel info are: ftp.sunet.fe:/pub/pictures/people/women/ <ftp://ftp.sunet.fe:/pub/pictures/people/women/> louie.udel.edu:/pub/supermodels louie only has small "mug-shot" pictures of supermodel's faces, some copies of the posted lists of where to find pictures of particular supermodels, and archives of this newsgroup. <ftp://nic.funet.fi/pub/pics/gif/pics/people/> 250- Only users from within NORDUnet networks are allowed 250- to retrieve these files without limits. Anyone else 250- wishing to get these pictures must go elsewere, or 250- competete at "pictures" -login: 250- 250- Login: pictures 250- Password: -- the usual password for `anonymous' ftp, 250- that is, your email address <ftp://wuarchive.wustl.edu/graphics/> 250 user support. BIG SITE. (USA) <http://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/index.html> sunSITE Northern Europe (London) (or ftp to src.doc.ic.uk, but the WWW access is nice) galaxy.uci.agh.edu.pl pub/gif University of Krakow, Poland, Europe ftp.uni-stuttgart.de <ftp://ftp.uni-stuttgart.de> WWW LYNX MOSAIC Some gopher and web servers with supermodel info are: Go to <http://www.yahoo.com> and enter "supermodels" and there you find a very up-to-date listing of sites. Bryan Woodworth's graphics page. lots of utilities <http://www.best.com/~bryanw/index.htnml> EMAIL FTP-via-EMail servers take mailed commands, ftp for the requested file, and mail it back to you. mail ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com <mailto:ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com> with no subject line, and two-line body with line one help and line 2 quit mail bitftp@pucc.princeton.edu <mailto:bitftp@pucc.princeton.edu> (body: help or ftplist for a list of anonymous ftp sites) Kate Moss fans should contact Neil Rodgers at <neil@katemoss.demon.co.uk <mailto:neil@katemoss.demon.co.uk>> as he has a mailing-list setup for distributing Kate Moss pictures and is active in creating kate moss newsgroups. He wrote the entry for Kate in this FAQ. ##################### Standard for posting pictures. Again, read Jim Howard's FAQ for alt.binaries.pictures.d He clearly describes the current standards for splitting articles (and why you should), how to title them, helpful programs, etc. In particular, look for xmitBin, an automated splitting-posting program. Pictures should be posted to alt.binaries.pictures.supermodels, not alt.supermodels. Many sites do not get abps because of "moralistic" censorship, worries over copyright suites, low disk space, or low net bandwidth. However, if pictures are posted to alt.supermodels, then it will also become blocked. [ Note to any admins reading this: Please don't cut off entire groups to save bandwidth/space, instead ask your feeder to place an article size limit on your feed. That will accomplish your goal, but not subject you to irrate users screaming "censorship". It will also protect you from idiots posting 5 Meg bible quotes to normal discussion groups (which actually happened about a year ago). ] Auto-decoders (such as Mark Stantz's "aub") are becoming far more common. These programs scan all new articles in a list of newsgroups, find the picture pieces, sort them, assemble them, process them, and drop the finished picture files in a directory. The only problem is they demand that the subject lines follow the standard. If you don't follow the standard, a lot of people will never even see your posting; so why did you bother to post? ##################### Where to get the latest version of this FAQ. Latest version will be posted to alt.supermodels, alt.answers, and news.answers. I am counting upon long term storage at FAQ repositories on various Gopher and WWW sites. Go to <http://www.yahoo.com> and ask that service to find "FAQ" and you should get lots of hits, some will be large repositories of the FAQS. WWW: URL: "<http://www2.gol.com/graham/faq.html>" version 3.0 FAQ site: http:www.cis.ohio-state.edu/Hypertext/Faq/usenet/Top.html ##################### How to contribute if you don't have usenet posting access. www.google.com GROUPS for one. ##################### History and purpose of alt.supermodels and this FAQ. alt.supermodels was created (at louie.udel.edu anyway) on 30 July 92, by a newgroup control message from umalexa9@ccu.umanitoba.ca <mailto:umalexa9@ccu.umanitoba.ca> (Edward W. Alexander). The original purpose was discussion of supermodels. Then someone realized that supermodels are known through their pictures, so it is appropriate to discuss photographs here. That led to posting pictures, so everyone could be talking about the same thing. The end result seems to be FLAME WARS. |From: brinkley@cs.utexas.edu <mailto:brinkley@cs.utexas.edu> (Paul Brinkley) |Subject: Re: Where are all the gifs |Date: Mon Mar 01 11:56:16 EST 1993 | |We just got through a pretty long and hard discussion concerning this. |Apparently alt.supermodels was NOT created with massive picture-posting |in mind. Your post could possibly touch off another flame war. |From: FallenAngel@not.in.heaven.com <mailto:FallenAngel@not.in.heaven.com> (Fallen Angel) |Subject: Who is NOT a supermodel. |Date: 20 Jul 1993 03:19:06 GMT |Summary: This group is not alt.fan.bimbo.chick | |Some people should look at the name of this group before posting. It is |near impossible to create an algorithm that will separate people (mostly |women) into two cases, supermodel and not-supermodel, and have it work |perfectly. We can state, with total certainty, that some people are NOT |supermodels. | |Tanya Roberts is NOT a supermodel. |Dana Plato is NOT a supermodel. |Some-chick-who-had-a-role-in-a-movie is NOT a supermodel. |The Double Mint gum blow-job bimbo is NOT a supermodel. |The Bud girls are NOT supermodels. | |This newsgroup is not alt.fan.chick.hot. Yes, it is unmoderated and there |is no authority who can maintain topicality. Still, I ask for a bit of |common sense and courtesy. Respect the bounds of this group. | |This group was created to discuss (mostly) women who have excelled in a |particular career, modelling. This means a focus on the medium of |photography. This means an association with the fashion industry. This |means runway work. *From: comtech@nznet.gen.nz <mailto:comtech@nznet.gen.nz> (Ryan Marshall) *Playmates and actresses are nice, but they're simply NOT supermodels, *and therefore do not belong in the FAQ. ##################### Credits. Many people contributed directly or indirectly to this FAQ. Several requested to remain anonymous (or didn't say), and aren't listed here. If I've forgotten anyone, then I apologize for my spotty memory, no slight was intended. Thank you: #### SCOTT "DOKE" - Original FAQ maintainer #### Janet Olson for a lot of the relevant data. Victor P. Panlilio for his many useful postings. DSL for many corrections. Mathius Weyans, Amy Carroll, BUCKY, NR (Neil Rodgers), Kim Joo-Hun. Nicole, Thomas Holmstrom, Cedric Mialaret, Oliver Dreer, Telesis, Girish Maraliga, jnamc, normedw, awells586, AOGYU, poshboy, Andrew Wolf, and Oscar Zeta Acosta for their posts to the group. ST2C6, ESC, anonymous from NZ, tmoh, carolina, luca.somazzi, kaisa, qem, image, ewingde9, jgblair, elishiva, CF542, dbono, melkor,ulf schmidt, bleufunk, awells586, jorgen, edward, and others. Special thanks to Neil Rodgers for so aptly slapping me in the face for not posting this file in over a year. **** CONTRIBUTOR EXTRODINAIRE - (CRITIC) **** **** now Anonymous and helpful FORD agency intern (AA) **** **** "By the way the models are amused that you guys have devoted **** **** a newsgroup to them or at least that's what they tell me." **** ##################### Disclaimer and Copyrights. My internet service providers are not in any way related to this document. I take and keep sole responsibility for its content and retain all applicable international publishing rights, whatever they may be after I post it to the Usenet Newsgroups. Please contact me if you plan to mirror/publish or otherwise use this FAQ in your own projects. If you quote a singular model's entry, please put a note that you got it from the FAQ and which version it was. Thank you. I've noticed my own text showing up on specific model's web pages, and it would be nice to have the source listed. With the assistance of many fans and industry contributors I have attempted to keep this posting reasonably accurate. Occasionally the rumor-mill does creep into the text some and I do welcome your corrections for the errors. == end of alt.supermodels FAQ version 3.01 ==