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Subject: New York's Capital District Newsgroups; INFO/FAQ/GUIDE

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Compilation and Portions Copyright 1996, Daniel A. Norton. All Rights Reserved. This is a regularly-scheduled bi-weekly posting that explains the purpose of the usenet newsgroups for the Capital District of New York State and answers frequently asked questions (FAQs). Please follow these guidelines when posting your articles; this will make life easier for all of us. This posting contains the following topics: 1: capdist.* Newsgroups and Posting Guidelines 2: What ISPs Can I Access from the 518 Area Code? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: capdist.* Newsgroups and Posting Guidelines NOTE: Binary files (whether programs, bitmaps or others) are not to be posted to any of the groups listed below. In general, the Capital District newsgroups are for postings of general interest to Capital District residents (but not others) or postings that are about events and activities in the Capital District. These are the current Capital District newsgroups: capdist.announce Announcements and news of and about the Capital District. If this newsgroup is abused by excessive off-topic postings, it should probably be changed to a moderated newsgroup. capdist.seminars This newsgroup is presumably for seminars that are given in the Capital District. Such postings should probably be to capdist.announce. capdist.admin Discussions about the capdist newsgroups themselves. capdist.misc All other discussions that don't fit into any of the other capdist newsgroup categories, but are somehow specific to the Capital District. OTHER RELATED GROUPS: alt.culture.ny-upstate Discussions of and about the area in NY State that is north of NYC and south of the Canadian border. ny.* Newsgroups with discussions of and about NY State. nyc.* Newsgroups with discussions of and about NY City. GENERAL GUIDELINES: Please try to post to the appropriate newsgroup, and try to avoid crossposting whenever possible. This makes it easier for everyone to find the information they are looking for without wading through irrelevant articles. MORE INFORMATION: If you have questions about these guidelines, you can send E-mail to Daniel A. Norton <danorton@chsw.com>. ------------------------------ Subject: What ISPs Can I Access from the 518 Area Code? A comprehensive list of area ISPs and their fees is available on the World Wide Web at: http://members.tripod.com/~floydb/isp_518.html ------------------------------ End of ny-capdist-faq Digest ****************************