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Subject: COMP.AI.VISION/www.vislist.com FAQ

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Archive-Name: comp-ai-vision-FAQ URL: http://www.vislist.com
There are three mechanisms for receiving the Vision List: 1) Via the web at http://www.vislist.com 2) Via the newsgroup COMP.AI.VISION . If you don't know how to determine if this newsgroup is available to you, please ask your local systems administrator. 2) If you do not have access to either of the above, please send email to moderator@vislist.com with "add email subscriber" in the subject line, and I will add your email address to the master List. The INTERNET host site for the Vision List is VISLIST.COM . To submit an article: send email to submission@vislist.com To contact the moderator: send email to moderator@vislist.com To access the Vision List Archives: anonymous ftp to ftp.vislist.com or web access to http://www.vislist.com As the moderator, I am interested in stimulating exchanges on research and other topics of significance to the vision community. Here is some information which describes the List and related services. * PLEASE check to see if you have access to the Vision List via the * COMP.AI.VISION newsgroup. If you do, please access the List via the * newsgroup feed and let me know so that I can remove you from the master * List. This greatly reduces required net bandwidth and makes things easier. REQUESTS If you have problems sending messages to the list, questions about technical details of the list distribution, or the like, send mail to moderator@vislist.com and you will receive a personal response. PLEASE DO NOT send your request to be added to/deleted from the list to submission@vislist.com. If you do, it may be automatically redistributed as an article and appear in thousands of mailboxes around the world. Always send these requests to the moderator address. SUBMISSIONS & RELEASE FORMAT To submit an article to Vision-List, simply send it to: submission@vislist.com Submissions to the list are currently being delivered in a single batch mailing about once a week and more often as needed. Caution: the list moderator does not always edit the incoming messages before they are redistributed. During those weeks, everything operates automatically, with the attendant advantages and pitfalls. (If you fall into one of those pits, please send email to moderator@vislist.com and I'll do my best to fix things up.) The following details may help you in formatting and choosing appropriate titles for your list submissions. Within a single release of Vision-List, the format consists of an initial identifying header, a list of topics covered in that release, and then each message separated by dashed lines (please avoid the use of dashed lines starting in column 1 in your submissions: they play havoc with most autodigesters in the networld). Most of the header information is automatically removed from each submission at release time. When the software is working correctly, only "Date:", "From:", and "Subject:" appear. ARCHIVES & SERVICES Backissues of the Vision List Digest, public domain software and imagery, Rosenfeld's Computer Vision biblios, and other resources are available via anonymous FTP. To access the Vision List archives from a web browser, go to http://www.vislist.com . To access the Vision List archives from anonymous FTP: 1) FTP to ftp.vislist.com 2) Login name is 'anonymous' (all lower case) 3) Once you're logged on, change directory (cd) to VISION-LIST-ARCHIVE * Current information about the Vision List Archive may be found in VISION-LIST-ARCHIVE/VISION-LIST-INFO * A file listing all the Vision List Archive files may be found in VISION-LIST-ARCHIVE/ARCHIVE-FILE-LISTINGS * Backissues of the Vision List Digest may be found in VISION-LIST-ARCHIVE/BACKISSUES * Azriel Rosenfeld's Computer Vision bibliographies from 1984-present may be found in VISION-LIST-ARCHIVE/ROSENFELD-BIBLIOGRAPHIES. Other reference material may be found in REFS-AND-BIBLIOGRAPHIES. * Public domain software (shareware) may be found in VISION-LIST-ARCHIVE/SHAREWARE * Imagery may be found in VISION-LIST-ARCHIVE/IMAGERY * Announcements for relevant meetings, workshops, conferences may be found in VISION-LIST-ARCHIVE/ANNOUNCEMENTS ** ** ** ** ** ** The Vislist is intended to embrace discussion on a wide range of vision topics, including physiological theory, computer vision, machine vision and image processing algorithms, vision techniques to support robot navigation and spatial representation, artificial intelligence and neural network techniques applied to vision, industrial applications, robotic eyes, implemented systems, ideas, profound thoughts; anything related to vision and its automation is fair game. For those wishing to contribute to the archives with shareware, imagery, or other good stuff of general interest to the community, please contact me at moderator@vislist.com . I hope you enjoy the Vision-List! Philip Kahn, Founder/Moderator Vision List Digest (a.k.a. COMP.AI.VISION) moderator@vislist.com