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alt.books.james-joyce This is the FAQ for alt.books.james-joyce. It is a work in progress and we expect to update it frequently. Right now the FAQ is mostly empty, but it will be filled out as the newsgroup expands. Changes since last update ========================= Comment on the availability of the Kidd edition of Ulysses. Recommended Ulysses Edition. Recommended Joyce Biography. Removed a non-responsive web site. Charter and posting guideline ============================= Charter ------- alt.books.james-joyce is for the review, criticism, commentary and discussions exploring the meaning of James Joyce's novels, plays and poetry, or anything else related to Joyce's life and work. Posting Guidelines ------------------ Questions: Read the FAQ before asking a question. Don't expect us to do your homework for you. Discussion: Lively discussion is encouraged. Flaming is not. An excellent FAQ on flaming can be found in the alt.callahans newsgroup. Announcements should be short and relevant. Commercial announcements are discouraged but announcements of Joyce related events are encouraged. About James Joyce ================= James Joyce was born in Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland on Feb 2, 1882. He attended college, traveled to Rome, Trieste, and Zurich, where he died in 1941. His life is the basis of the character Stephen Dedalus, the protagonist of *"The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man"* and a major character in *"Ulysses."* Joyce wrote finely drawn character studies in his short stories, collected in *"Dubliners,"* and boldly used language, changing the nature of the novel in *"Finnegans Wake,"* a book that neither ends nor begins. He wrote poetry, collected in *"Pomes Penyeach"* and *"Collected Poems,"* and one play, *"Exiles."* He also wrote essays and taught. Other Joyce resources on the net ================================ There are several excellent web sites dedicated to James Joyce. What follows is just a sample. Joyce Sites on the WWWeb `http://www.mcs.net/~jorn/html/jj/jajweb.html' A good place to start looking for Joyce sites. International James Joyce Foundation (IJJF) `http://www.cohums.ohio-state.edu/english/organizations/ijjf/' A Center for study of Joyce, based at Ohio State University. Hypermedia Joyce Studies `http://astro.temple.edu/~callahan/hjs/hjs.html' An online publication dedicated to Joyce studies There are also two mailing lists. Information on how to access the mailing lists can be found at the IJJF site. Daedalus ======== Why did Joyce call Stephen "Dedalus"? In his biography of Joyce, Richard Ellmann wrote To suggest the Christian and pagan elements in his mind, even to the point of absurdity, Joyce called himself Stephen Daedalus (then, to make it a little less improbable, Stephen Dedalus) after Christianity's first martyr and paganism's greatest inventor. Stephen would be a saint of literature, and like Dedalus would invent wings to soar beyond his compatriots, and a labyrinth, a mysterious art based on great cunning. Dubliners ========= Dubliners is a collection of fifteen short stories. The first story was written in 1904 just before he eloped with Nora. The collection was published in 1914, while Joyce was working on A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Exiles ====== A play, set in Dublin in 1912. One of Joyce's lesser known works. Collected Poems =============== Joyce's first published book was *Chamber Music*, a collection of 36 poems, which along with *Pomes Penyeach*, a collection of 12 short poems and the single poem *Ecce Puer* were collected and published in 1936 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man ======================================= A novel in a traditional form. Partially autobiographical fiction. Joyce appears as Stephen Dedalus. Published in 1916 and 1917 after having been serialized in "The Egoist" in 1914. Ulysses ======= Possibly the greatest undertaking in 20th century writing, Ulysses chronicles the events of a single day. It was published by *Shakespeare and Company,* a Paris seller of English language books in 1922. It caused a controversy in the US, requiring a trial in 1933 to be deemed not obscene. Kidd ---- Q: What's up with John Kidd's multimedia Ulysses? A: It gets announced approximately yearly, but never released. Kidd is a notorious perfectionist (ie, afraid of criticism). If it ever comes out it will supposedly be multiple CD-ROMs with video segments and an entirely re-done body of annotations, plus full text of many critical classsics. Q: Which edition of Ulysses should I buy? A: The Gabler edition offers the easiest cross-referencing system. The Modern Library edition is still more popular. The Rose edition is full of Rose's own inventions. The 1922 facsimile suffers from the many original typos. Finnegans Wake ============== Joyce spent 17 years in exile, working on his most complex book, considered by many his masterpiece and by even more as unreadable. It was published in 1939. A Joyce Bibliography ==================== The standard biography of Joyce is Richard Ellmann's *"James Joyce"* An excellent bibliography of books about Joyce can be found at the IJJF web site mentioned in section 2. Acknowledgements ================ This FAQ is maintained by Martin Fouts <james-joyce-faq@usenet.nospam.fogey.com> who has made every effort to ensure its accuracy. Errors in the FAQ and suggestions for improvements have been pointed out by "John Yates" <jwyates@netcom.com> <jorn@mcs.com> "Dominic Cordisco" <dcordis1@nycap.rr.com> cafard@brainlink.com (Chris [Steve] Piuma) Michael Dorfman <michaeld@online.no> All remaining errors are still the responsibility of the maintainer. Skipping joyce (interval expression "$wday==1" is false). 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