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Subject: alt.illuminati FAQ index (v. 2.0)

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alt.illuminati FAQ
---------------------------------------------------------------------- alt.illuminati Frequently Asked Questions compiled by Trevor W. McKeown version 2.0 Last modified: 19 March, 2004 <http://anti-masonry.info/alt.illuminati_FAQ.html> The Illuminati has played a central role in what was once termed the plot theory of history but now is simply called conspiracy theory. The difficulty--if not impossibility--in documenting actual causality between incidents, trends, events, personages and groups has not prevented an exponential growth in theories, speculations, opinions and accusations. The alt.illuminati FAQ is intended to provide what documented facts are available and provide an overview of the many theories. Version history: 1992/10/26 Peter Trei posted "Bavarian Illuminati" FAQ Ver 1.1 - three articles from the "Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia," 1992/11/ Peter Trei posted "Bavarian Illuminati" FAQ Ver 1.1 - three articles from "Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia," - remarks on credibility of Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea - additional German references from Roald A. Zellweger [1992/10/27] 1993/04/16 alt.illuminati newsgroup created by Gregg Bloom - From: gbloom@flute.calpoly.edu Fri Apr 16 01:00:55 1993 "Reason for creation: The impending war. We shall be victorious!" 1994/01/ Peter Trei posted "Bavarian Illuminati" FAQ Ver 1.2 - no obvious changes. 1994/09/08 Thomas Moll posted what he called the first attempt at an alt.illuminati FAQ - Question and answer format, focused on 'Illuminatus! Trilogy' 1995/04/19 Enchanter! posted "alt.illuminati FAQ v1.1" - excerpts from Milton William Cooper's "Behold a Pale Horse"; - Peter Trei's notes on Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea; - Trevor W. McKeown's "FAQ: The Illuminati"; - Quotes from Larry Abraham, 'Call it Conspiracy'; - Review of 'En Route to Global Occupation,' by Gary H. Kah; - Three articles from "Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia," - www.geocities.com/Area51/4243/alt_illuminati_faq.txt 1996/02/18 Trevor W. McKeown, posted "A Bavarian Illuminati Primer" - freemasonry.bcy.ca/texts/Illuminati.html 2003/12/01 Frater E.K.O. <os93_156@hotmail.com> posted "Bavarian Illuminati FAQ, Ver 1.2" - Peter Trei's FAQ Ver 1.2, without Peter Trei's remarks on the Illuminatus! Trilogy. 2004/03/19 alt.illuminati FAQ v. 2.0 - http://anti-masonry.info/alt.illuminati_FAQ.html Contents: I ALT.ILLUMINATI 1. What's the history of this newsgroup? 2. Where's the newsgroup charter? 3. Where did this FAQ come from? II ILLUMINATI 1. What was the Bavarian Illuminati? 2. What is the Illuminati? 3. What was the Alumbrados? III HISTORY 1. What is the link between the Illuminati and Freemasonry? 2. What are some reliable histories and literature about the Illuminati? 3. How does this tie in with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? IV SYMBOLS 1. What does the eye in the pyramid mean? 2. What does the pentagram mean? V PEOPLE 1. Who was Adam Weishaupt? 2. Who was Baron Adolph von Knigge? 3. Who was the Abbe Buerrel? 4. Who was John Robison? 5. Who was Thomas Jefferson? 6. Who was Benjamin Disraeli? 7. Who was Cecil Rhodes? 8. Who was Lady Queenburough? 9. Who was Nesta Webster? 10. Who are Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea? VI FICTION 1. What is the Illuminatus! Trilogy? 2. Fnord? 3. Was the Illuminatus! Trilogy made into a play? 4. Isn't there a card game? 5. Are there newsgroups devoted to the Illuminati games? 6. What movies mention the Illuminati? 7. Do the Illuminati get mentioned in popular fiction? VII CONTEMPORARY CLAIMANTS 1. Does the Illuminati still exist? VIII THEORIES 1. Who are the lizard people? 2. Did the Illuminati kill American President Abraham Lincoln? 3. Is the Illuminati intentionally causing widespread illness and disease? 4. Who put the face on Mars? 5. Who caused the French Revolution? 6. Who killed JFK? 7. Who caused the [enter conflict] war? 8. Are the illuminati satanists? 9. Is the communist menace a pawn of the Illuminati? 10. Does the Illuminati cause unemployment? 11. Is the Illuminati the New World Order? 12. Does the Illuminati cause pollution? 13. Are the Knights Templar the original Illuminati? 14. Does the Illuminati want to bring about the End Times? 15. Doesn't the Illuminati hide at the highest levels of Freemasonry? 16. Is the Skull and Bones fraternity an Illuminati front? 17. Is the CIA an Illuminati front? 18. Does the Illuminati control the Vatican? 19. If they don't exist, why do we keep hearing about the Illuminati? The alt.illuminati FAQ is maintained at anti-masonry.info/alt.illuminati_FAQ.html. If your favorite theory is not included in this list, it's obviously a conspiracy. Fnord.