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SOC.PENPALS FAQ Last updated December 21, 1999 Maintained by M. Dale Konrad <photo_buff@freudian.com > Copyright 1999,2000 by M. Dale Konrad All Rights Reserved
Welcome! Formed in 1992 soc.penpals has for many people the jumping off point to many wonderful years of searching the UseNet. Please take a moment and read the Soc.Penpals Charter, and Netiquettue On soc.penapls soc.penpals is a place to meet people to correspond with, a UseNet classifieds for penpals to meet. Long winded on going discussions are outside of the scope of the charter and soc.penpals newsgroup. Soc.penpals Charter A full copy of the charter may be viewed at ftp://ftp.uu.net/.vol/9/news.announce.newgroups/soc/soc.penpals Name of Newsgroup: SOC.PENPALS Status: UNMODERATED Charter: This newsgroup is to make it possible for people on the net to make friends and penpals. This will also give people a chance to have correspondents in other places of the world, which is helpful for travel and tourism. Included will be postings of information about people interested in becoming a penpal and also general information/questions about certain geographical locations are also accepted. Rationale: It's true that you can meet people through other newsgroups but you do not always have the guarantee that they will want to have penpals. Having this newsgroup makes it easier to make friends without possibly searching endlessly. As one person said to me during the rfd: "You can't tell much about a person from an opinion or two in a post". In soc.penpals, people would list post some of their interests so others would get an idea about whether they'd like to correspond with them or not. Also, this newsgroup has often been compared to alt.personals. There is one major difference. There would not be any anonymous postings. As one person put it: "...a lot hide behind anonymity to spew abuse and intolerance". Therefore, without the anonymous postings, we may get rid of some of that. ___________________________________________________________________________ __ *** Netiquette on soc.penapls *** Most of the concepts here are the same as in news.announce.newusers. In fact,it is *strongly* recommended that you read the etiquette guidelines innews.announce.newusers (or in any other introductory text on news readers)before you post any articles. * soc.penpals is NOT a discussion group. It is a classifieds for finding penpals * Please do not post personals. There are groups specifically charter for this purpose * Please do not post requests seeking cyber sex. There are groups specifically chartered for this purpose. * Please do not post binaries. There are groups specifically chartered for this purpose. * Try to keep posts short, remember that someone has to pay for all bytes to be transmitted around the world. * Please do not post advertisements. Soc-penpals is a non-commercial newsgroup. * Please be careful when asking giving advice. When asking for advice, please remember this is usenet, and double check with a trusted source before using anything you receive on the net. * Please respond via e-mail. This makes it easier for everyone Who is seeking a penpal or information to find why they came here. * If someone takes the time and energy to respond to a post which you haveposted, *please* response via e-mail. A simple "thank you" goes a long way. * Please read all follow-ups before posting one of your own; in many cases,someone else has already covered the same point. * Please limit the amount of material included from previous postings as much as possible, and try to be concise. Signatures should be excised. Remember that soc.penpals reaches 42,000 readers a month at about 200,000 servers. Many users have to pay for connect time or per byte transfers please make sure you include enough of the original article so as to make your follow-up sensible. * Please avoid cross-postings to other newsgroups unless you are absolutely sure there is relevance to the other group(s). * Please check your Subject line carefully! This is a very busy newsgroup, Subject lines that are vague might not catch the eye of the very people who might have something to offer. * Please remember that this newsgroup has a world-wide readership. First, readers whose primary language is not English might not know what you are saying when posting. Second, please be understanding and patient with spelling or style errors made by people who are obviously posting from a non-English speaking country. (For that matter, spelling and/or grammatical errors should not be pointed out via the newsgroup, but through private e-mail if you feel it is absolutely necessary to show someone the error.) * Before posting an article to soc.penpals, please be sure it is actually relevant, it is not the only newsgroup on Usenet. Many post fit best into talk.bizarre or alt.usenet.kooks. * While this is a NOT a newsgroup for non-adults to participate in, posts from children and teens are often seen in this newsgroup. * Please refrain from name-calling, tantrums or other hysterics-- we get enough of that from our trolls. * A very good article on Netiquette, or network behavior is available here http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1855.html * An excellent article on dealing with flames, and trolls is available here http://ddi.digital.net/~gandalf/trollfaq.html * For a very good news filter download the program from this site www.Nfilter.org * A very good (but long) history of the internet is located here. http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2235.html * An excellant article on spam, spewing, and freedom of speech on the net may be found here www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2635.html