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Subject: Welcome to Usenet!

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Welcome to Usenet! The newsgroup news.announce.newusers contains a lot of introductory information about Usenet. All new users should read and fully understand all the documents in news.announce.newusers before trying to post messages to Usenet or create new Usenet groups. This may take a while, but it will help you find your way around Usenet much more easily. This short message is repeated three times a week to ensure that it is always available on your news system. All other documents in news.announce.newusers are repeated every two weeks and should stay around for at least a month. If you find news.announce.newusers empty (or cannot figure out how to read documents in it), please contact the help desk, customer support or news administrator on the computer system or service that you're using and ask them for help. Please do not send me e-mail asking for help reading news on your computer system or service. Please do not try to post or send any messages to news.announce.newusers. This is the list of the documents that news.announce.newusers should contain: What is Usenet? What is Usenet? A second opinion. Rules for posting to Usenet Hints on writing style for Usenet A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette How to find the right place to post (FAQ) Introduction to news.announce A Guide to Social Newsgroups and Mailing Lists Introduction to the *.answers newsgroups FAQs about FAQs Anonymous FTP: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It Copyright Myths FAQ: 10 big myths about copyright explained Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet How to Get Information about Networks How to become a Usenet site Usenet Software: History and Sources Guidelines on Usenet Newsgroup Names How to Create a New Usenet Newsgroup If you don't see any of these documents in the newsgroup, you can ask for them by sending mail to <mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu> with the following in the body of the message. Note the address carefully; please do NOT send these requests to me. setdir usenet-by-group/news.announce.newusers send What_is_Usenet? send What_is_Usenet?__A_second_opinion. send Rules_for_posting_to_Usenet send Hints_on_writing_style_for_Usenet send A_Primer_on_How_to_Work_With_the_Usenet_Community send Emily_Postnews_Answers_Your_Questions_on_Netiquette send How_to_find_the_right_place_to_post_(FAQ) send Introduction_to_news.announce send A_Guide_to_Social_Newsgroups_and_Mailing_Lists send Introduction_to_the_*.answers_newsgroups send FAQs_about_FAQs send Anonymous_FTP:_Frequently_Asked_Questions_(FAQ)_List send Advertising_on_Usenet:_How_To_Do_It,_How_Not_To_Do_It send Copyright_Myths_FAQ:_10_big_myths_about_copyright_explained send Answers_to_Frequently_Asked_Questions_about_Usenet send FAQ:_How_to_find_people_s_E-mail_addresses send How_to_Get_Information_about_Networks send How_to_become_a_Usenet_site send Usenet_Software:_History_and_Sources send Guidelines_on_Usenet_Newsgroup_Names send How_to_Create_a_New_Usenet_Newsgroup quit You can also find these documents on the World Wide Web; see http://www.netannounce.org/news.announce.newusers/ --