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Subject: alt.usenet.reposts (AUR) and alt.usenet.reposts.d (AURd) Frequently Asked Questions

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alt.usenet.reposts (AUR) and alt.usenet.reposts.d (AURd) Frequently Asked Questions ------------------------------ Subject: 0. Contents 0. Contents 1. What? 2. How 3. Don't 4. AURd 5. Credits ------------------------------ Subject: 1. What? AUR is alt.usenet.reposts. It is for contributions of previously published newsgroup articles (but not binaries or articles from repost groups) that the contributor sincerely believes other people might, or should, be interested in. It differs (inter alia) from rec.humor.funny and alt.best.of.internet in that AUR is limited to reposts of newsgroup articles; and from alt.humor.best-of-usenet in that AUR is unmoderated, is not limited to humor, and has no blanket prohibition against copier humor (though stale examples thereof are hereby discouraged). Read AURd if you read AUR. (See Subject: 4) ------------------------------ Subject: 2. How Post the body of the article, using the original "Subject:" header. Include a "Followup-To:" header containing "alt.usenet.reposts.d"; if there are additional groups, be sure to put moderated groups last. Within the new article body, at the very top, put the original article's "Newsgroups:", "Subject:", "From:" and "Date:" headers. If you add comments, make them clearly distinguishable from the content of the original article. Don't edit the original article. That said, if you absolutely must do so, make clear exactly what you did to it. ------------------------------ Subject: 3. Don't Discussions of articles go in AURd, not AUR. Don't post non-articles, such as messages from mailing lists or WWW page. Don't post your own article. Don't crosspost AUR articles. Don't use AUR or AURd for advertisements, web site promotion (even if nonprofit), general announcements or appeals (including virus warnings and personals), other spam, tests, or general irrelevancies. On the other hand, if you find the article in one of the taboo categories to be interesting or funny then by all means repost it. If you substantively reply to or follow up an article posted in AUR, be sure your article is going to the original newsgroup, not AUR. Otherwise you look like an idiot. ------------------------------ Subject: 4. AURd AURd (alt.usenet.reposts.d) is for discussion (construed loosely) relating to AUR or AURd. ------------------------------ Subject: 5. Credits A list of people listed in previous versions of this FAQ as having been directly or indirectly associated with AUR may be obtained from the FAQ-keeper. END