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Subject: Introduction to REC.HUMOR.FUNNY.RERUNS -- Monthly Posting

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[Note: Any news of importance will be posted in a general message. If you have read these before, there is no need to read them again.] Welcome to rec.humor.funny.reruns, which features selections from the voluminous rec.humor.funny humor archive. Rec.humor.funny.reruns (RHFR) is a "moderated" newsgroup. This means that only one person, the editor/moderator, is allowed to post directly here. Most moderated newsgroups require an article's author to submit an article to the moderator, who then either rejects the article as inappropriate for the newsgroup or accepts the article and posts it. RHFR is different from "normal" moderated newsgroups, in that there are no submissions. All articles which appear in the newsgroup are selected from the archive of articles which previously appeared in another moderated newsgroup, rec.humor.funny (RHF). RHF is a newsgroup which has existed since 1987. Its moderator reads through many jokes submitted via email by people all over the world, and he or she posts only those considered to be the very best of the bunch. Naturally, "best humor" is highly subjective, so many people may find their personal senses of humor to be different from that of a particular moderator. Since RHF's creation, there have been three moderators. The founder and initial moderator was Brad Templeton. Brad wrote and maintains the software which is used to moderate RHF and operate its web site (http://www.netfunny.com/rhf). Brad still serves as "executive moderator". In 1992, Brad passed the job of moderating to Maddi Hausmann, who moderated until 1995, when the current moderator, Jim Griffith, took over. The purpose of RHFR is to offer a moderated source of humor that RHF does not provide. Many of the best humor which circulates the Internet is older humor, and virtually all older humor has appeared in RHF at one time or another. But RHF's charter explicitly prohibits "rerunning" jokes which have already appeared there. RHFR exists to give readers access to these older jokes, many of which were created and initially circulated long before most readers even knew about the Internet. Most RHF postings are categorized with "keywords." Some of these keywords give the editor's opinion of the joke's quality, on a scale that goes (doubt it, maybe, smirk, chuckle, funny, laugh, sidesplit). Of course, your sense of humour may vary. Check dealer for terms and conditions. Other keywords warn readers about potential offensive content in jokes, and can be used in kill files. We try to warn about sexual context, sick jokes, swearing, bathroom humour, the odd pun and the use of stereotypes, particularly racial or sexual ones. Other keywords give general information. Self-explanatory ones include "original" and "true." "Administrivia" is a keyword for postings like this, that aren't jokes, but administrative information. "heard it" means a joke is judged good but moderately well known. RHFR propagates the original keywords assigned when the joke was first posted to RHF, while adding keywords to indicate the joke's date and, for topical jokes, details about the topical event which provoked the joke. Readers should be warned that this is a no-holds-barred newsgroup. Like a letters to the editor column in a paper, we don't judge what a joke says, just how well (funny) it says it. Jokes that we suspect may go way beyond some people's thresholds of offense are actually encrypted with a simple letter- substitution cypher, so that you have to go out of your way to read them. WE WILL NOT EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU. If you dare to read these jokes, ask a neighbour (not the net) how to do it. The articles present in RHFR and the way in which they are presented reflect the current and past policies enforced for RHF, and there has been virtually no effort to unify or otherwise change the articles for appearance in RHFR. Accordingly, details of the articles' presentation style and the newsgroup's acceptance policy are clearly described in the RHF administration articles, all of which appear in rec.humor.funny at the beginning of each month. For detailed information, please read them. Now, a few special administrative notes: Rec.humor.funny newsgroup joke stream & collection Compilation Copyright 1987 ... 2007 by Brad Templeton You can copy and distribute the rec.humor.funny stream/collection in whole or as it is published in electronic form, as long as you don't try to make money off it, or pretend that you are the one who put it together, and as long as RHF and each joke's original author is appropriately identified as the source of the material. For details of what is entailed by a "compilation copyright", please check out the RHF web page (http://www.netfunny.com/rhf) or the RHF administration articles. Since RHFR is merely a repeated broadcast of original RHF material, the RHF compilation copyright applies equally to RHFR. Finally, please note that this newgroup propagates articles which were originally posted at least one year ago. In many cases, they date back to a previous decade. Many of the original authors are no longer active on the Internet, and many (if not most) of them have changed their email addresses. Please keep this in mind when replying to articles you see here. Likewise, many of the original authors have changed personally, and any opinions or attitudes expressed in jokes here may not even be the original author's opinions any more. Because of this, we will honor any request by an original author to remove from publication any of his or her archived articles. The collection of E-mail addresses from postings to rec.humor.funny and subgroups is prohibited. These E-mail addresses may be used only for individually composed replies relevant to the posting in question or by associates with a pre-existing relationship with the poster. The rec.humor.funny.reruns charter follows: Rec.humor.funny.reruns is intended to be an auto-moderated newsgroup in which the contents of the RHF archive are posted. The moderator determines the selection policy to ensure minimum repetition, and he sets the posting rate as he sees fit. Jokes which appeared in RHF but were subsequently identified as being copyrighted will be excluded from rec.humor.funny.reruns. Further, users who have had jokes accepted to RHF in the past may request that their jokes be excluded from RHFR. In addition to the standard daily postings, the moderator will identify a selection of classic seasonal jokes in the archives (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.), and those jokes will appear at the appropriate time every year. Examples of such seasonal humor includes the twelve days of Christmas correspondence joke and the Easter joke about Jesus seeing his shadow. Any submissions to rec.humor.funny.reruns are automatically bounced back to the submittor, with an explanation of the newsgroup's nature and the suggestion that the material be resubmitted to RHF. Followups are automatically directed to rec.humor.d.