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Subject: Introduction to REC.HUMOR.FUNNY -- Monthly Posting

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Web version: http://www.netfunny.com/rhf/rhfint.html [Note: Any news of importance will be posted in a general message. If you have read these before, there is no need to read them again.] Welcome to rec.humor.funny, USENET's daily on-line humour magazine of the netwaves. Rec.humor.funny (RHF) is a "moderated" newsgroup. This means that only one person, the editor/moderator, is allowed to post directly here. If you want to post here, you send electronic mail to funny@netfunny.com. If the editor decides that you have sent in a new and funny joke that fits the submission guidelines, it gets sent out to the RHF audience. Anything that's not an actual joke submission goes to funny-request@netfunny.com. RHF is read (they say) by >700,000 people on USENET, the web and Fidonet, plus many more on peripheral networks and other systems. It is read in the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Japan, Indonesia, Chile, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Iceland & Eastern and Western Europe and many other places. We hear somebody even forwards it down to the USA's South Pole research station. (Hi folks!) RHF works on a quality, not quantity basis. You'll usually see only 1 to 3 jokes per weekday in this group. These are culled from around 20 to 30 daily submissions. We hope that what you see gives you some amusement to start, or finish your newsreading day. Those submissions come via email, from other Usenet newsgroups like rec.humor, and other sources. RHF specializes in jokes, although anything funny can show up here. In particular, topical jokes on the latest news are particularly popular. RHF is, in fact, one of the ways these jokes spread around the world so fast. Original jokes by netters and computer jokes are also a specialty -- in fact, there are awards given every year for original jokes with cash prizes! If you wish to submit, read the posting after this, which gives the submission guidelines. There is another newsgroup, called rec.humor.funny.reruns, which contains the best of past material from rec.humor.funny. (Rec.humor.funny publishes only new material, so you won't see many old standards and classics in it.) If you haven't read RHF since it started in '87, you will want to read rec.humor.funny.reruns too. You will also want to check out the RHF web pages, which have the archives, searching and more at http://www.netfunny.com/rhf Most RHF postings are categorized with "keywords." Some of these keywords give the editor's opinion of the joke's quality, on a scale that goes (doubt it, maybe, smirk, chuckle, funny, laugh, sidesplit). Of course, your sense of humour may vary. Check dealer for terms and conditions. Other keywords warn readers about potential offensive content in jokes, and can be used in kill files. We try to warn about sexual context, sick jokes, swearing, bathroom humour, the odd pun and the use of stereotypes, particularly racial or sexual ones. Other keywords give general information. Self-explanatory ones include "original" and "true." "Administrivia" is a keyword for postings like this, that aren't jokes, but administrative information. "heard it" means a joke is judged good but moderately well known. Why do we get to judge what's funny and what isn't? Well, it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. Seriously, not everybody will agree with our sense of humour, but then, nobody is forced to read the group. As long as the unmoderated groups rec.humor and talk.bizarre exist, we hold no power to censor or suppress anything anybody wants to say. Most of the selection of RHF is done by Jim Griffith, who works as a volunteer. RHF is sponsored by Brad Templeton, who is also executive editor and founder of the newsgroup. Do not send mail regarding this group to anybody's personal mailbox -- use only the funny-request@netfunny.com address. As you'll read in the 2nd following posting on possibly offensive jokes, this is a no-holds-barred newsgroup. Like a letters to the editor column in a paper, we don't judge what a joke says, just how well (funny) it says it. Jokes that we suspect may go way beyond some people's thresholds of offense are actually encrypted with a simple letter- substitution cypher, so that you have to go out of your way to read them. WE WILL NOT EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU. If you dare to read these jokes, ask a neighbour (not the net) how to do it. We do not maintain any RHF mailing list or keep track of those who do. Do not send drop/add mailing list requests to us, please. If you see an error, or have a comment on an RHF posting, MAIL TO THE POSTER, not to us. Doing a "reply" in your newsreader does this for you. Ask the poster to forward the comment to us if it's a question of attribution etc. This avoids our getting duplicates on these. System Admins: If you can, please extend the expiration date of RHF to something nice and long. At 2-3 msgs/day, you can keep a month of it without consuming significant disk space. This cuts down on back joke requests. (Which we reject due to our We're-not-a-joke-server policy.) The collection of E-mail addresses from postings to rec.humor.funny and subgroups is prohibited. These E-mail addresses may be used only for individually composed replies relevant to the posting in question or by associates with a pre-existing relationship with the poster. Back jokes from RHF are collected into the RHF "TeleJokeBooks." The older books are no longer available, however you can get the best of the first four years in "The Internet Jokebook," published by Peer to Peer Publishing and available from Computer Literacy Bookshops, amazon.com and others stores. There is also a CD-ROM with Science Fiction and the joke archives. Check the web page for details. Now, a few special administrative notes: Rec.humor.funny newsgroup joke stream & collection Compilation Copyright 1987 ... 2000 by Brad Templeton You can copy and distribute the rec.humor.funny stream/collection in whole or as it is published in electronic form, as long as you don't try to make money off it, or pretend that you are the one who put it together. (A "compilation copyright," by the way, is a special form of copyright that covers editing and compiling the work of other people -- i.e. exactly what a moderator or editor does. There is NO claim on the copyright of the individual works. These are either public domain or still owned by their authors or authors' assignees. A compilation copyright means you can't distribute most or all of the compilation, or use it as a significant source for your own compilation.) This newsgroup sometimes contains material some consider offensive, and material that may not be suitable for some minors. As such, all redistributors should make sure that nobody reads the group other than by personally requesting it, and all redistributors must take whatever precautions they feel are necessary with regards to newsgroup access by minors. The warnings and keywords placed on jokes are for the reader's convenience only. The editor makes no assurances that such warnings are complete or correct. It is up to each reader to decide whether to be guided by these keywords and/or warnings. Submitters to RHF grant the editor the right to unlimited electronic distribution of their submission to USENET and other networks, and unless explicitly stated otherwise, rights are also granted for the inclusion of the submitted joke into the printed Jokebooks. The moderator also has the right to make edits which, in the moderator's sole opinion, improve the joke. The moderator will note whenever substantial editing has taken place. (Sorry, but it turns out all this legal schmazola is necessary. we want this group protected if it ever comes under attack again.)