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Subject: [ADMIN] Welcome to rec.arts.comics.reviews!

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Archive-name: usenet/rec-arts-comics-reviews/welcome Posting-Frequency: twice monthly Last-modified: 2006/10/27 Version: 1.1.1 URL: http://wiki.killfile.org/projects/usenet/faqs/racr/
rec.arts.comics.reviews (RACR) is a newsgroup for posting reviews of comic books and comic-related materials, including conventions and software. It can also be used for "comic journalism" and other such topics that would be of interest in the same way as reviews of individual books. RACR is a robo-moderated forum, controlled by a moderation 'bot that automatically approves messages from a set whitelist of posters. HOW TO POST =========== (This section assumes that you already know how to post to Usenet newsgroups in general.) As RACR is a robomoderated forum, all messages must pass through the moderation bot before they hit the network. Users are generally "whitelisted" for the group - ie, individual users are given the right to post by the moderator. If you would like to post regular reviews or columns to RACR, please contact Tim Skirvin (tskirvin@killfile.org). The robot moderator's posting criteria are simple: followups must be set to an appropriate newsgroup, and a subject tag must be set accordingly. Methods of determination: o The message can be crossposted to *at most* five groups, and all groups must be on the following list: rec.arts.comics.* rec.toys.transformers.moderated If you would like to crosspost to another group, please contact the moderator. o Followups (with the 'Followup-To' header) must be set to *at most* one newsgroup. If followups are not set, then the 'bot will default to rec.arts.comics.misc. o The poster must be pre-approved by the moderator. ORIGINAL CHARTER ================ The following charter was set down in 1997, when the group was created. It is not any longer fully accurate, but is presented here for historical reasons. The purpose of this newsgroup is to review items, materials, and events normally addressed and discussed within the rec.arts.comics.* hierarchy. Examples include, but are not limited to: - Comic books, strips, political cartoons, and their compilations - Movie/TV/prose adaptations of comic-book characters and stories - Biographies or histories of characters, pros, and the industry - rec.arts.comics.creative "issues" or "titles" - Industry-related publications and magazines - Subscription companies and services - Archival/collecting materials - Cataloguing software - Comics conventions The following policies will apply: - Advertisements, large binaries, SPAM, general announcements, and discussion/followup posts are not permitted in this group. They will be rejected. If a post begins with "Re: " then it is treated as a followup and will be returned. - Posts to the group should begin with a Subject keyword such as REVIEW:, PREVIEW:, or COLUMN:, which will be chosen by the moderator. The moderator may add additional keywords as they become necessary. The moderator may add an appropriate keyword to the subject line if none is provided. - Posts to the group may be crossposted to other discussion groups or to other appropriate *.reviews groups. Followups should be set to three or fewer appropriate discussion groups. - Hierarchy-wide pre-approved FAQ posts, such as the rec.arts.comics general FAQ, will be posted if approved by the .info group. Other FAQ posts (such as the charter of the group, or a guide to review style) will be approved at moderator's discretion. The full history of the group is available at: ftp://ftp.isc.org/pub/usenet/news.announce.newgroups/rec/rec.arts.comics.reviews CURRENT MODERATION INFORMATION ============================== RACR is run by 'The Phantom ModBot', a Verimod moderation bot written by Tim Skirvin back in 2005 and operated on killfile.org. All posts that go through the moderation 'bot are signed with pgpmoose. If a post does not have a cryptographically sound X-Auth header, then the post was not approved by The Phantom ModBot, and will be shortly cancelled by another bot. Tim Skirvin took over moderation duties for RACR from Peter Juul in November 2005. Current contact information: Moderator: tskirvin@killfile.org (Tim Skirvin) Contact Address: racr+contact@killfile.org Article Submission Address: racr+submit@killfile.org Archives are available through groups.google.com. Tim has also written a public web interface to the group, available at: http://news.killfile.org/