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Subject: FAQ: The nz.* Usenet Hierarchy.

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The nz.* Usenet Hierarchy FAQ ----------------------------- Maintained by Simon Lyall (simon@darkmere.gen.nz). FAQ version number 139 Created - May 5 2007 ------------------------------------ Subject: 0.0 Table of Contents. 0.0 Table of Contents. 0.1 Recent Changes to this FAQ. 1.0 What is the nz.* hierarchy? 1.1 History of the nz.* hierarchy. 1.2 What nz.* groups are there? 1.3 Recent Traffic Statistics. 2.0 Recent Votes. - nz.test - nz.org.nzcs - nz.org.net-society - nz.org.isocnz - nz.org.ipenz - nz.soc.queer - nz.net.* - nz.reg.* - nz.soc.religion - nz.politics.announce - nz.reg.canterbury.general - nz.soc.maori - nz.tech 3.0 Bogus groups 4.0 Creating a new nz.* group 5.0 Sample Configuration Files 7.0 Netiquette in the nz.* hierarchy 8.0 Other Frequently Asked Questions - posting to nz.test - nz.wanted vs nz.forsale - Getting nz.* groups overseas - IBM - What is usenet.net.nz? 9.0 Credits for this FAQ. ------------------------------------ Subject: 0.1 Recent Changes to this FAQ. In Oct 2004 - Fixed error with FAQ not being posted - Updated with nz.biz.misc. removal In Feb 2003 - Updated for nz.soc.maori vote and addition - Updated with nz.org.isocnz removal - root@usenet.net.nz's pgp key no longer available via finger - Fixed version number - Fixed errors in Table of Contents - Updated for nz.tech vote and addition In Dec 2001 - Updated where to get access to nz.* groups - Fixed up error with newsgroups stats. - Added nz.reg.christchurch.general to bogus groups - Updated wording on binary posts In June 1998 - Removed nz.archives In May 1998 - Added nz.politics.announce stuff In Apr 1998 - Fixed nz.soc.queer charter In Mar 1998 - removed reference to other hierarchies (most of them don't exist anymore). - updated for removal of nz.biz.misc.discuss and creation of nz.soc.religion In Feb 1998 - New section of stats, updated each month. - New Netiquette section. ------------------------------------ Subject: 1.0 What is the nz.* hierarchy? The nz.* hierarchy is a group of Usenet Newsgroups that are primarily distributed within and to do with New Zealand, a country in the South Pacific near Australia. While the groups are mainly for New Zealanders at home they are also exported and can be read by people in other countries if their site gets a feed of them. This FAQ attempts to document various issues surrounding to nz.* groups including voting procedures and charters of various groups. This FAQ is also available from: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/nz-news-hierarchy ------------------------------------ Subject: 1.1 History of the nz.* hierarchy. Mark Davies posted the following message (slightly edited) outlining the history of the current newsgroups up till March 95. ~From: mark@comp.vuw.ac.nz (Mark Davies) ~Newsgroups: nz.org.net-society,nz.netstatus,nz.general ~Subject: Re: CFV process for creating NZ.* groups ~Date: 27 Mar 1995 23:06:30 GMT ~Message-ID: <3l7gdm$jh1@st-james.comp.vuw.ac.nz> OK, Here is the creation story for all NZ newsgroups: nz.general nz.netstatus The original two. Created with no discussion (there was noone to discuss with) when we first started getting news in the country. They will be 10 years old later this year (happy birthday to you ...) nz.arts nz.comp nz.rec nz.soc nz.soc.green nz.wanted nz.archives Created after a usenet BOF at a Uniforum NZ conference attended by many of the then news administrators. We got flamed about creating these without consulting the masses so introduced a voting scheme of two week period, 20+ votes required, simple majority (I think, something like that anyway). nz.alex The vote was rigged and the newgroup was ignored (you had to be there) nz.molbio voted for and passed under the above voting scheme. The group was eventually removed due to lack of traffic. nz.politics nz.org.net-society voted for and passed under revised voting schemes allowing for the growth in the net population. nz.test A technical group created after discussion when a need was identified. ------------------------------------ Subject: 1.2 What nz.* groups are there? The following is a list of the currently recognized nz.* newsgroups. These groups should be covered by all sites that claim to carry the nz.* hierarchy. nz.arts ======= Discussion of television, exhibitions and books etc. Traffic is fairly light and as with several of the smaller groups much of the traffic that would normally be expected to take place in this group goes on in nz.general instead. nz.comp ======= Anything computer related. e.g. why modems need telepermits, Good computer companies. For-sale and Jobs posts should go to nz.wanted nz.general ========== The cesspool of the nz.* hierarchy, Everything tends to be discussed here with other groups only picking up the scraps. Examples: speed cameras, Shortland Street, Current affairs. If at all possible, you should use a more specialized nz.* group in order to make sure your post stands out from the clutter. nz.net.announce =============== This is a moderated group for posting important announcements on Internet links and services in New Zealand. The group is moderated to prevent chat and to reduce the number of unwanted posts. All discussion on posts to this group should take place elsewhere, usually nz.net.admin. The guidelines for posting to the group are regularly posted and the moderators' address is nna@usenet.net.nz. nz.net.admin ============ This group provides a forum for the discussion of issues surrounding the Internet in New Zealand. Queries as to the status of various services should be posted to this group as well as follow-ups on posts to nz.net.announce. Discussion of newsgroups reorganizations with the nz.* hierarchy should also take place here. nz.politics.announce ==================== nz.politics.announce is a moderated forum for the posting of official press releases, election results and announcements by Government bodies and other entities involved in the political process and government of New Zealand. Since the group is not intended as a discussion medium followups must be directed to another newsgroup (usually nz.politics) or to the poster. Articles will be crossposted only at the moderators' discretion and normal official announcements should not be crossposted to nz.politics The following (or their spokespersons) may post Official Information, statements, announcements and releases to the group: * Ministers of the Crown. * Members of Parliament. * Registered political parties. * Candidates in General and by-elections. * The Electoral Commission. * The Chief Electoral Officer. * The Registrar of Electors. * The Clerk of the Writs. * The Representation Commission. In addition the following may be posted * Administrative posts and Information about the Newsgroup * FAQs related to politics in New Zealand. * Announcements of online political resources, mailing lists, newsgroups and web sites. Posts must be in plain text and have a legitimate from address that will reach the author. Anonymous post are not accepted. Posts which contain substantially the same text may not be posted more than once every two weeks and the moderators may place a limit on a particular entity's posts provided this is not less than 10 posts and/or 30 kilobytes per day. nz.politics =========== All forms of political discussion relating to New Zealand. nz.rec ====== Sports, games, and other outdoor and indoor activities. nz.reg.* ======== Any posts which deal with things of interest to or about the area or region are welcome and on-topic in this group. This includes discussions of local activities and events, local non-commercial buy/sell/wanted posts, local issues and personalities and anything else that relates to the area covered by the group. The following things are not welcome: Binaries Chain letters, including "Make Money Fast" articles Known hoaxes (like the "Good Times Virus") Articles posted as separate copies to several newsgroups (spam) Articles excessively cross-posted (see below for details) Articles containing significantly more quoted than new content Duplicate/rapidly reposted messages Commercial messages of any kind. Also crossposts to any non-regional nz.* group are by definition off-topic unless a follow-up to only one group is set. If you are posting something in nz.general or nz.wanted then there is no need to post it in say nz.reg.auckland.general Crossposts to other regional groups may be appropriate if the post deals with something that crosses some regional boundaries. An example may be a post talking about using the Waikato River to supply water to Auckland. This may be appropriate for both nz.reg.auckland.general and nz.reg.hamilton.general. If it is cross-posted to more than four regional groups then it should be in nz.general/nz.politics/nz.wanted etc., as appropriate. Cross-posts to every regional group will be regarded as spamming and abusive behavior. Crossposts to other groups such as misc.transport.urban may be appropriate but in any case cross posts to more than four groups are considered unwelcome. An exception may me made to the crosspost limit for FAQs, CFVs and other administrative posts. nz.soc ====== Social issues, traffic is very light. nz.soc.green ============ All sorts of 'green' issues relating to the environment, many posts are articles forwarded from other publications or electronic forums. nz.soc.maori ============ Any posts which deal with things of interest to or about Maori are welcome and on-topic in this group. This includes discussions of local/national hui and events, international enquiries, translations from and into Maori and English, promotion of Maori language, news and views, Maori initiatives, and anything else that relates to the area covered by the group." nz.soc.queer ============ nz.soc.queer is a forum for the discussion of issues relating to the New Zealand queer community. It is a discussion group to cater for people who feel themselves to be excluded from the "straight" community because of sexuality or gender orientation issues. This includes, but is not limited to: gay men, lesbians, bisexual men and women, transgendered people, people in multiple-partnered relationships, friends of any of the above, and those who are curious or unsure. This is NOT a valid forum for discussion of the "correctness" or otherwise, of any of the previously mentioned orientations/preferences. Other newsgroups exist where this discussion can occur. This is NOT a valid forum for hate posts against the previously mentioned orientations/preferences. nz.soc.religion =============== Any posts discussing religion generally, specific religions, faiths, plus philosophy and ethics as it relates to religious backgrounds are all on-topic for this group. The following things are not welcome: Binaries Chain letters, including "Make Money Fast" articles Known hoaxes (like the "Good Times Virus") Articles posted as separate copies to several newsgroups (spam) Articles excessively cross-posted Articles containing significantly more quoted than new content Duplicate/rapidly reposted messages Commercial messages of any kind. nz.tech ======= This is an unmoderated newsgroup. Examples of on-topic discussions could include: Design & Creation Implementation & Installation Set-up & Configuration Use & Abuse Maintenance & Repair Upgrading & Re-fitting Decommissioning & Disposal of technologies including, but not limited to: Infrastructure (Railways, electric lines, fibre-optic cables, etc.) Buildings (Houses, sky-scrapers, shopping-malls, space-stations, etc.) Vehicles (Planes, trains, automobiles, submarines, rockets, etc.) Home Appliances (Fridge-freezers, hair-dryers, dust-busters, etc.) Business Machines (Photo-copiers, chainsaws, assembly-lines, etc.) Leisure Equipment (Model railways, zambonis, fish-finders, etc.) Entertainment Systems (Video games, audio-visual equipment, etc.) In short, anything to which an electronics or engineering specialty applies (practical applications of the physical sciences) is likely to be an on-topic area. The following topics may be tangentially relevant in nz.tech, but should be taken elsewhere if they become central to a discussion: Computers and related software and equipment (On-topic in nz.comp.*) Artistic design (Fashion, advertising, cake-icing, landscaping, etc.) (On-topic in nz.arts.*) "Lifestyle" activities (Cooking, gardening, travel, etc.) The normal use of Leisure equipment (On-topic in nz.rec.*) What is not acceptable: - HTML posting - Binaries (post a URL instead) - Crossposting to more than 2 other newsgroups - Commercial advertisements - Auction advertisements - Flaming and ad-hominem attacks - Spam and chain letters nz.test ======= For test posts. See Section 8.0 for more information. nz.wanted ========= The place to post non-commercial For-Sale, Wanted, Looking for people and personals. See Section 8.0 for more information. ------------------------------------ Subject: 1.3 Recent Traffic Statistics. April 2007 nz.* Hierarchy Postings Statistics Newsgroup Articles Kilobytes ================================================================== nz.arts 0 nz.biz.misc 0 nz.comp 0 nz.general 0 nz.net.announce 0 nz.net.admin 0 nz.politics.announce 0 nz.politics 0 nz.rec 0 nz.soc 0 nz.soc.green 0 nz.soc.maori 0 nz.soc.religion 0 nz.soc.queer 0 nz.reg.bay-of-plenty.general 0 nz.reg.auckland.general 0 nz.reg.dunedin.general 0 nz.reg.canterbury.general 0 nz.reg.hawkes-bay.general 0 nz.reg.northland.general 0 nz.reg.manawatu.general 0 nz.reg.hamilton.general 0 nz.reg.nelson.general 0 nz.reg.gisborne.general 0 nz.reg.taranaki.general 0 nz.reg.west-coast.general 0 nz.reg.southland.general 0 nz.reg.wellington.general 0 nz.tech 0 nz.test 0 nz.wanted 0 Total for all groups: 0 Note: Each group's total counts all articles posted to that group, but crossposted articles are only counted once towards the overall total ------------------------------------ Subject: 2.0 Recent Votes. nz.org.net-society ================== This group was proposed by Simon Lyall <simon@darkmere.gen.nz> in late 1994 to cover non-technical Net issues and also to provide a forum for the newly created Network Society. The number of votes required for it to pass was set at at least 50 total and of these two thirds had to be yes. The group easily gained this and passed by 106 to 6. nz.org.isocnz ============= Don Neal <dneal@waikato.ac.nz> proposed this group in early 1995 to cover the New Zealand chapter of the Internet Society that was being setup at the time. It's vote was conducted under the same rules as the previous nz.org.net-society vote. It failed to be created when despite the large majority in favor ( 37:2 ) the minimum number of total votes (50) was not reached. Another vote was held a few months later and the groups was created after the vote passed 45:0 nz.biz.misc & nz.biz.misc.discuss ================================= These were created under a 2:1 & majority of 20 rule. Both just passed by 22:2. nz.org.ipenz ============ This vote caused some problems. The proponent <Peter@nzeipenz.co.nz> posted a non-standard CFV after very little discussion and mostly negative feedback. There were several problems with the voting address with several people claiming that their votes did not get through. When the result was published there were also several votes from overseas addresses and one on behalf of someone else. General dissatisfaction has meant that the group has not been created. nz.soc.queer ============ Mark Proffit <proffitt@iprolink.co.nz> proposed this group in late 1995 after strong success of a similar mailing list. The vote was under a 2/3 and 25 rules and passed by 53 to 2. nz.net.announce & nz.net.admin ============================== Simon Lyall <simon@darkmere.gen.nz> proposed these to replace nz.netstatus which many felt was becoming to cluttered with chatter which made it difficult to find important posts. After much discussion a two part vote was held. The first part was to split nz.netstatus into the two new groups and passed 58 to 5 while the second part was to moderate nz.net.announce and this passed 46 to 13. Both votes were under a 2/3rds yes and 25 difference rule. nz.reg.* ======== The groups were proposed by David Farrar <david@home.net.nz> during late 1997 in order to give a place for local discussion and to replace several ad-hoc and poorly distributed local hierarchies. All groups passed under a a 2/3rds yes and 25 difference rule. nz.soc.religion =============== Proposed by Patrick Dunford <patrick_dunford@xtra.co.nz> and David Farrar <david@home.net.nz> in early to hold the large amount of religious discussion that was dominating nz.general. It passed under the 2/3rds yes and 25 difference rule. nz.politics.announce ==================== This group passed 42:4 in early 1998. nz.reg.canterbury.general ========================= Following complaints regarding religion spam nz.reg.christchurch.general was renamed to nz.reg.canterbury.general in April 1999. The vote was proposed by Duncan McCormack and Luke Pickering and passed 57 to 18. nz.soc.maori ============ Was propose by Karaitiana Taiuru in late 2002 and passed 35 to 3. nz.tech ======= Dane Hawker proposed the group in late 2002 (originally as nz.audio-visual) since non-computer technology was off topic for nz.comp. It was voted on in Feburary 2003 and passes 39:0 ------------------------------------ Subject: 3.0 Bogus Groups The following groups may be present at some sites or may occasionally appear in the "Newsgroups:" header. However none of them are currently regarded as legitimate nz.* groups and should be ignored/removed. If you are aware of an ISP that carries these groups please ask them to remove them. nz.archives =========== Removed in mid 98 due to lack of on-topic traffic nz.biz.misc =========== Removed in mid 2004 due to lack of on-topic traffic nz.biz.misc.discuss =================== Removed in early 98 due to lack of on-topic traffic nz.forsale ========== This group is not widely propagated and does not appear on the some of the official lists of groups. Most of the traffic in the group is international advertisers crossposting to *.forsale, use nz.wanted instead. nz.gen.kiwi.3tt =============== This group exists in the imagination of Neville D <ncd@3tt.kiwi.gen.nz> who has in the past put forward a belief that sites should have a corresponding newsgroup. This idea has not been well supported among the New Zealand Usenet community and Neville is regularly flamed when he crossposts his messages to this group. nz.molbio ========= This group was originally created to deal with the subject of 'Molecular Biology' but it seems nobody was much interested in that subject so after a couple of years and almost no posts it was removed in early 1995. nz.netstatus ============ Replaced with nz.net.*, see Section 2.0 nz.org.ipenz ============ Several problems with the vote, see Section 2.0. nz.org.nzcs =========== Failed vote, see Section 2.0. nz.org.net-society ================== Removed in late 97 due to lack of on-topic traffic nz.reg.christchurch.general =========================== Replaced with nz.reg.canterbury.general, See Section 2.0 nz.org.isocnz ============= Following the renaming of the Internet Society of New Zealand to InternetNZ this group and other forums being available for non-members to discuss it's activities this group became inactive. It was removed in early 2003 with the approval of InternetNZ. ------------------------------------ Subject: 4.0 Creating a new nz.* group The procedures for creating a new nz.* group are similar to that of creating a 'Big Eight' (ie news.*,comp.*,soc.*..) group except they are on a smaller scale and less formal. Below is a recommended procedure for creating a new group. NOTE: This is only a recommendation, their are *no* formal rules, however a group that passes using these procedures has a good chance of being accepted by administrators. I would be very happy to help you if you have any questions. (Borrowed from the Introduction to rec.arts.comics Newsgroups FAQ) Any proposed split or new group will have to be well justified: A. Is the group easily and clearly defined? Given any post, would it go in the new group or an existing one? B. Is current group traffic too high? Will the split reduce it? C. Will the split save time? There's no point in splitting if most people will read both the old group and the new group. D. Is there sufficient traffic already about the topic? Usenet is not "Field of Dreams". E. Will the topic exist for years to come? Newsgroups don't die so easily. F. Will at least a 2/3rds super-majority of voters want to create it? 1) Decide what you want exactly. ================================ This means you should think about what sort of group you are after, answer to yourself questions like: * Does it need to be moderated? * Would a mailing list be a better idea? * Does the traffic justify it? * Would an International group serve the topic better? * Where should it roughly go? 2) Post a Request for Discussion (RFD) ======================================= This should be crossposted to at least nz.net.announce, nz.net.admin and nz.general to insure that everybody will see it. Try an include as much information about the group as you can including a possible charter. If you want ideas on what to write take a look at news.announce.newsgroups and read the various RFDs and CFVs that are posted there. Note: nz.net.announce is moderated so there may be a delay of a couple of days before your RFD is sent, the moderators of the group may also contact you about the RFD to check some points. Don't forget to set your follow-ups to nz.net.admin since all discussion should take place there With a bit of luck you will get half a dozen people following up your RFD with "good idea, go for it" type messages and no critism whatsoever. However in the real world (or real Usenet in this case) you are likely to get several people questioning points you raise, pointing out silly spelling mistakes and generally trying to pick holes in your proposal. The thing to remember is to take account of what these people say. If they suggest another name consider the possibility. If they say that your charter is not clear enough on some point then try to make it clearer. Remember some people are naturally suspicious and will make the strangest assumptions from they see written in your RFD. The most important thing to remember is that the RFD has to stand by itself without any other explanations needed. At this point you might also like to consider finding some one to count the vote if you proposal goes that far. Ideally the person should be neutral on the topic(or at least seen to be), known to a few people other than yourself (a academic staff member is a good choice if you are at university) and familiar with the basic processes of Usenet and group votes. To assist in deciding what to put in your RFD you might like to check out the documents at: http://www.uvv.org/ 3) 2nd RFD ========== If your proposal is pretty much accepted by everybody then you can skip this step and go straight onto the CFV. However usually you will have a few changes as a result of feedback from your first RFD. These should be incorporated in a 2ndRFD which is posted in much the same way as the first. Once again take account of any feedback and if need be you might even want to do a 3rd RFD if there are lots of changes in your proposal. 4) 1st Call For Votes (CFV) =========================== Once you have arranged everything with your vote-taker you should issue the first Call for Votes or CFV. Like the RFD(s) this should be cross-posted to nz.general,nz.net.announce and nz.net.admin (and other groups as necessary) with follow-ups directed to nz.net.admin. In addition the "Reply-To:" header should have the address of the vote-taker so people can send in their votes just be replying to the message. Take a look in news.announce.newgroups for examples of CFVs and how to structure them. 5) 2nd CFV ========== This should be sent out about a week after the first CFV and be pretty much identical. It is merely to ensure that people who missed the first CFV have a chance to vote. 6) Important points for the vote-taker ====================================== * All votes should be acknowledged by Email, this is so that the voter knows that his/her vote has got through and been counted by the vote-taker. If a vote is not acknowledged within a day or two by the vote-taker the voter *must* assume that the vote has failed to get through and should re-vote. This should be spelled out in the CFV. * The vote-taker must not tell anyone (including the proponent) about the number or nature of the votes received while the vote is taking place. If this is done so the vote is immediately null and void. Obviously is some circumstances it may be necessary to discuss the vote with other people (such as ones system administrator if possible forged votes are being administrated) but in all these cases no indication of the overall result should be given. * Only one vote per person and one vote per account. Anonymous votes should not be accepted, nor proxies or votes from 'system' accounts (such as root or postmaster) unless a name is attached. Also votes where the acknowledgement bounces should be treated with suspicion. * It should be stated before-hand if votes from outside *.nz will be accepted. 7) The Result ============= After voting has closed the the vote-taker is satisfied as to the legality of the votes received (and discarded any illegal ones) he/she should determine the result. Please note: The exact number of votes needed to create and nz.* group is currently still under debate. These numbers given below are around those that have been suggested. In any case the exact numbers for needed for a particular vote to succeed should be listed in the CFV. The vote should be counted as having passed if the number of YES votes is at least twice the number of NO votes *and* there are at least 25 more YES than NO votes. After the result has been determined the vote-taker should post it to all the groups the the CFV was posted to (with appropriate follow ups) and list the names of all the voters and which way they voted. If there are no major disputes the group(s) voted in favor of should be created. To make sure you vote has the best chance of being created after a successful vote has occurred you should get Mark Davies <mark@comp.vuw.ac.nz> and root@usenet.net.nz to both send out messages to create the group. ------------------------------------ Subject: 5.0 Sample Configuration Files This section is for news administrators to enable them to carry the correct nz.* groups. It contains a checkgroups file and for those sites that run INN control.ctl and moderators file entries are included as well as the PGP key used to issue control messages for nz.* groups. The checkgroups entry for nz.* is as follows, in order to run this by hand you can use the "docheckgroups" program included in the INN distribution. --cut-here-- nz.arts Discussion on the Arts. nz.comp Computing and computers. nz.general General information, announcements, etc nz.net.announce Status of Local & International Networks (Moderated) nz.net.admin Administrative issues to do with the National Network. nz.politics.announce Political and government announcements. (Moderated) nz.politics Politics nz.rec Recreation. nz.reg.auckland.general All about the City of Sails and Region nz.reg.bay-of-plenty.general Plenty to talk about in the BoP nz.reg.canterbury.general Tales from the Garden City & Canterbury nz.reg.dunedin.general NZ's Edinburgh is discussed all right here nz.reg.gisborne.general First to see the sun each day nz.reg.hamilton.general Where it's happening. nz.reg.hawkes-bay.general The sunny wine capital of NZ nz.reg.manawatu.general Palmie North and Wanganui on-topic here nz.reg.nelson.general The top talk of the South Island nz.reg.northland.general Cyberdiscussion of the far North nz.reg.southland.general Net Discussions frrrom the deep south nz.reg.taranaki.general Taranaki - the energy province nz.reg.wellington.general Absolutely positively capital posts nz.reg.west-coast.general There's gold in those postings nz.soc Social issues. nz.soc.green Environmental issues. nz.soc.maori Discussion of Maori related topics and issues. nz.soc.queer Discussion of issues related to the NZ queer community. nz.soc.religion Eternal debates and discussion nz.tech Gadgets, electronics and technology in New Zealand nz.test NZ hierarchy test messages. nz.wanted Requests for sources, information, ... --cut-here-- The following are extracts from files used by the INN news-server. The following should be placed in the "control.ctl" file. This ensures that groups will only be created or removed if signed by root@usenet.net.nz. --cut-here-- ## NZ (New Zealand) # Contact root@usenet.net.nz # PGP fingerprint: 07 DF 48 AA D0 ED AA 88 16 70 C5 91 65 3D 1A 28 newgroup:root@usenet.net.nz:nz.*:verify-nz-hir-control rmgroup:root@usenet.net.nz:nz.*:verify-nz-hir-control checkgroups:root@usenet.net.nz:nz.*:verify-nz-hir-control --cut-here-- The following key (identified as "nz-hir-control" ) should be added to the pgpring that your software uses: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: 2.6.3i mQCNAzNYhVkAAAEEAMtQi97id2CiV5TFAqB0xWP2S+4+dEx7lqvh/yXdAmMKHgUH UFckf6+Nm62JGjzAvInoKdRN59zL1dYoAB/ZHzthWOlOaleGWM729txFlk6JBuoW A/esv+P0BmG/RslIhp7Cyi9oySdFdQvUzd6RFBybJEC+Q0DCvvsII0K45VLFAAUR tA5uei1oaXItY29udHJvbIkAlQMFEDNYhVn7CCNCuOVSxQEBi/ED/3eZE6LDVYgA IlGgKn3jXK/vECvE3URq9XKdsBQovxEJz1AQEvhJuHzjap5JfbUTqqITZMfmqL6Z IOZeCdGGrKw/SqFRM5Knq1Km6uK2D84m2n2zepsvqHb4IDY6j03pZJAd0r2EAMV+ QOVP7HJ8qn7hgFSiZUuu4Afr7v3K2qfb =aND1 -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- You can also place the following entry in your "moderators" file if you wish. It ensures that all posts to moderated nz.* groups are forwarded to the correct moderator at usenet.net.nz. --cut-here-- nz.*:%s@usenet.net.nz --cut-here-- This entry should be placed *before* a default entry at the end of the file. ------------------------------------ Subject: 7.0 Netiquette in the nz.* hierarchy. As well as general Usenet netiquette (see the introductory posts in news.announce.newusers) the nz.* groups have their own particular guidelines for posters. Finding the right group ======================= Check through the list of nz.* groups (see section 1.2) for an idea of what groups there are and where best to post your article. Avoid crossposting if possible and go for the group most specific to your post, you should only post to nz.general if no other group covers the subject of your post. Crossposts & Multiposts ======================= Avoid these if possible, if you crosspost your message to more than a four groups or send the same message several time then it will most likely violate the charter of the group(s) and annoy people. This could result in the articles being deleted, people posting rude messages (flames) to or about you and complaints being made to you Internet Service Provider (ISP). Depending on your ISP this may result in you losing your account. If you *must* crosspost an article you should set the followups to only one or two groups at maximum. Discussions crossposted to more than a couple of groups quickly become off-topic for some of them. Binaries ======== Binaries are forbidden in the nz.* hierarchy. The large number of small sites that get nz.* groups and high costs of phone calls for many are the main reason behind this. A single picture can take up more space than a day's worth of nz.* posts . If you post a binary attachment to your post such as a picture, sound, movie orother file you will be violating this rule. Most ISPs will filter out the post and complaints may be sent to your ISP. If you wish to distribute a binary you should use an alt.binaries.* group or put it on a Web site. Commercial posts. ================= All nz.* groups forbid these being posted. nz.wanted should be used for non-commercial advertising only. Test Messages ============= Don't post test messages to discussion groups, use nz.test instead. Several sites will send you email letting you know that your post has reached them (this may take from seconds to a day or so). If you don't wish to receive email include the word "ignore" in the subject of your tests. General Guidelines ================== * Try to write your posts in clear english, don't forget to use a spell-checking program on your post before you send it. * Don't use HTML, and format each line to 75 characters * Be accommodating to other posters, remember that not everybody may share your beliefs, experiences or lifestyle. * Think before you flame someone or post when angry, remember that all posts are archived and something you post now can come back to haunt you in years time. * Respond via email if what you have to say is mostly if interest to the author of the original post. To that end you should post using your real email address. * Ensure that the newsreader you use generates standard conforming posts but remember that others may use newsreaders that lack useful features such as killfiles and threading. * Read a newsgroups for a week or two before you post anything. This helps you to get an understanding of the culture of the group. Read the charter and FAQ (if it exists) for the group as well. * Avoid sending messages or posting articles that are no more than gratuitous replies to replies. * Read all of a discussion in progress (thread) before posting replies. Avoid posting "Me Too" messages, where content is limited to agreement with previous posts. Content of a follow-up post should exceed quoted content. * If you've posted something and don't see it immediately, don't assume it's failed and re-post it. * If you post to a moderated nz.* group remember that it may take a day or more before the moderator processes your article. * Keep your signature file short, about 2-4 lines. You can use this space to tell a little more about yourself, to add witty sayings to your articles, or to advertise your web site or business. ------------------------------------ Subject: 8.0 Other Frequently Asked Questions Here are a few FAQs relating to Usenet in New Zealand, please let me know if you are aware of any others or have additional info on the ones already listed. How do I post to nz.test? ========================= nz.test may be posted to the same way as another unmoderated nz.* group, however there are several sites ( Waikato, Victoria & Auckland Universities plus others) that automaticly send you a message so that you know that your posting software/newsfeed is working. To prevent these sites from responding to your posts include the word "ignore" in the Subject. If the article leaks overseas you might also get responses from many sites around the world to you post. To prevent this you could try setting the distribution of your article to "nz". Should I used nz.wanted or nz.forsale? ====================================== You should use nz.wanted for all posts including 'For-Sale' notices. nz.forsale is a bogus group is carried on very few sites. Messages of a commercial nature should be avoided in nz.wanted. The nz.biz.misc group was created for these. How do I get nz.* groups outside of New Zealand? ================================================ Google provide a web based interface to most newsgroups via http://groups.google.com/ , The nz.* groups are under: http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&group=nz Most pay Usenet providers carry the nz.* newsgroups, A list of them and a guide to using them is provided by Jeremy Nixon at: http://www.exit109.com/~jeremy/news/providers/ The Open Directory also has another list at: http://dmoz.org/Computers/Usenet/Feed_Services/ Usenet New Zealand will also provide cheap/free read access or feeds of the nz.* hierarchy (and others), contact Simon Lyall <simon@darkmere.gen.nz> for details. What is usenet.net.nz? ====================== The alias usenet.net.nz has been created to help with some admin issues with nz.* groups. So far it is only used for moderated nz.* groups but in the future other services will hopefully be based from it. ------------------------------------ Subject: 9.0 Credits for this FAQ. * Simon Lyall <simon@darkmere.gen.nz> Maintainer and misc text. * Mark Davies <mark@comp.vuw.ac.nz> Providing a history and statistics also helping to get Usenet started in New Zealand in the first place. * Lin Nah <l.nah@auckland.ac.nz> General comments. Other Information from: David Chamberlain <david@leguer.demon.co.uk> Ash Nallawalla <ash@home.melbpc.org.au> Terry Bowden <bowden@vnet.IBM.COM> Alan Brown <alan@manawatu.planet.co.nz>