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Subject: [ADMIN] Welcome to news.admin.net-abuse.policy!

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news.admin.net-abuse.policy (NANAP) is a newsgroup for discussion of policy regarding abuse of shared networks, or 'net-abuse'. It is a robo-moderated forum, controlled by a moderation 'bot that automatically approves anything that it thinks is an on-topic post. HOW TO POST =========== (This section assumes that you already know how to post to Usenet newsgroups in general.) As NANAP is a robomoderated forum, all messages must pass through the moderation bot before they hit the network. Things that must be true for the message to be approved: o The message must have a subject tag, or some text inside a pair of square brackets at the beginning of the subject line. This can be anything, but should be something that indicates what the post is going to be about in general. Sample valid subject lines: [ADMIN] Welcome to news.admin.net-abuse.policy! Re: [ADMIN] Is this group still on? [email] About that new spam bill... [AIM] AOL to start selling usernames to spammers! [usenet] Posting binaries to comp.binaries.* Sample Invalid: (ADMIN) Welcome to news.admin.net-abuse.policy! {ADMIN} Is this group still on? Where do I put this tag? [Here?] For reference, the perl to look this is: my $tag = $subject =~ m%^\s*(?:Re:\s*)?\[(.*)\].*%; o The message must not be a binary, or formatted in HTML. It should be formatted in standard, ASCII-formatted text (or whatever Usenet turns into over the years). o The message must have less than 70% quoted text. o The message must not be clearly off-topic or abusive. This is accomplished through basic pattern matching on the headers or body of the message, and is only implemented when there is a problem. If all of these criteria are passed, then the message is approved and an approval notice is sent back to the poster. If the post is not approved, then a rejection notice is sent back to the poster. Note that these notices will not arrive if the return address is faked; as such, use of spamblocked addresses is discouraged. WHAT TO POST ============ Anything regarding actual abuse of a shared public network such as the Internet, Usenet, IRC, AIM, or other similar networks is on-topic in NANAP. This includes spam of all sorts, mailbombings, system security, legal workings as regards to abuse, blocklisting, and anything that would be on-topic anywhere in the news.admin.net-abuse.* hierarchy, What is not on-topic is discussion of abuse *on* the net, except in as much as it relates to abuse *of* the net, such as flamewars and off-topic posts. Specifically, ongoing personal fights and flamewars from other groups will not be allowed in NANAP. ORIGINAL CHARTER ================ The following charter was set down in 1996, when the group was created. Remarkably, it is still essentially correct. News.admin.net-abuse.policy is a moderated forum for discussion of policy and site-management issues related to net abuse. Possible topics include Acceptable Use Policies, what actions should be taken against abusers, discussion of third-party cancel messages, possible actions against abusive sites such as rogue site declarations, discussion of what is and is not net abuse, and so forth. News.admin.net-abuse.policy is a moderated forum. The robomoderator of the group will disallow any and all crossposted messages, message spews, binary messages, and any possible attacks on the group as required. Dave the Resurrector (or a similar program) will be run on the group, forged approvals will be automatically cancelled, and other programs may be used as circumstances require. News.admin.net-abuse.policy is moderated by a robot moderator, run by a team of operators. The robot will automatically approve and post messages that: o Are not crossposted. o Contain only text formatted for <78 columns, excepting quoted material. o Cannot be determined to directly violate the charter of the group by the robot moderator alone (for which the criterion will be published.) Messages not approved by the robot moderator will be sent back to the sender with a copy of the charter, though at most one copy of the information will be sent per week. Changes to the robot moderator can only be enacted by a majority vote of the then-current operators; similarly, operators can be added or removed by a majority vote of the then-current operators. The news.admin.net-abuse.* hierarchy is for discussion of abuse of Usenet and/or the Internet; it is not for discussion of abuse of groups or individuals on such networks, such as flames, personal attacks, or off-topic messages. Binaries are specifically prohibited from all groups in the news.admin.* hierarchy, except as examples of other abuse. All messages removed by unauthorized cancels in the hierarchy will be automatically reposted by Dave the Resurrector or a similar program, at the discretion of the group moderator or, for the unmoderated groups, the operator of the resurrector program. Spams, gateway spews, and other attacks on the system itself will be removed as appropriate, following standard Usenet guidelines. There have been some changes to the effective charter of the group through the years. CURRENT MODERATION INFORMATION ============================== NANAP is run by 'Elemental', a Verimod moderation bot written by Tim Skirvin back in 1996-97 and operated on killfile.org. While venerable, the bot still works years later. All posts that go through the moderation 'bot are signed with pgpmoose. If a post does not have a cryptographically sound X-Auth header, then the post was not approved by Elemental, and will be shortly cancelled by another bot. Tim Skirvin is currently the moderator of NANAP. Moderator: tskirvin@killfile.org (Tim Skirvin) Admin Contact Address: nanap-req@ravenna.com Article Submission Address: nanap-sub@ravenna.com Archives are available through groups.google.com. Tim has also written a public web interface to the group, available at: http://news.killfile.org/