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Subject: [alt.usenet.manifestoes] Manifesto Mini-FAQ (v1.3)

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=============================== A Manifesto Mini-FAQ (12/16/96) 11. "What is this group all about?" The purpose of alt.usenet.manifestoes is to present and discuss manifestoes on USENET. Manifestoes can be for individuals, organizations, groups, companies, governments, nations or political parties. Often they are from individuals, especially those who are frequent posters on USENET. 15. "Why?" Because it is interesting. It can be amusing. It appears to be worthwhile. Posterity matters. Some have found it useful. Why not? Manifestoes are an important part of any undertaking. A manifesto answers the question, "Why?" Every group, individual, company, organization, project or government should have a mission statement; without stated goals, success can be elusive. In the long-run, alt.usenet.manifestoes and its archive can serve to be the official repository for the manifestoes of a wide range of organizations. It is sometimes difficult to find a mainstream outlet for the presentation of views or goals; alt.usenet.manifestoes is a viable outlet. In the tragic extreme, consider that FC (the Unabomber's organization) considered "Industrial Society and Its Future" (the Unabomber manifesto) to be so important that a bombing campaign was started in order to ensure the manifesto's publication. 19. "What is a manifesto?" 1. man.i. fes.to \. man-*-' fes-(.)to-\ n pl.: manifestos or manifestoes [It, denunciation, manifest, fr. manifestare to manifest, fr. L] a public declaration of intentions, motives, or views A manifesto is your mission statement, your purpose: Why you do what you do, exactly what it is that you believe and intend to accomplish. Some well-known manifestoes include the Communist Manifesto, Richard Stallman's GNU Manifesto, and Kibo's HappyNet Manifesto (all of which have been posted to alt.usenet.manifestoes in the past and are available from the archive). 02. "Where do these manifestoes come from?" People and organizations write them and make them available, sometimes in other newsgroups, WWW pages or FTP archives. They are submitted to alt.usenet.manifestoes for approval (see below). Sometimes the moderation team stumbles across them and posts them (we always try to get permission first). All are welcome to submit a manifesto for themselves or for an organization. 06. "How can I submit a manifesto?" For most newsreading software, you can just post to alt.usenet.manifestoes normally, and your news software will forward your article to the proper place for approval. If that method doesn't work, simply send the manifesto by e-mail to manifesto@emf.net instead. If you wish for a manifesto to be presented anonymously, please indicate by including the line: [Moderator: Please post this anonymously.] Alternately, you may send mail to manifesto-request@emf.net indicating that you wish to submit anonymously BEFORE you submit the manifesto. You should receive a reply to indicate that your manifesto was received. You'll be notified of its approval, usually within 48 hours. Currently the moderation is not automated, so please be patient before resubmitting your articles; all submissions will receive a reply eventually. Please indicate as much as possible about the authorship of the manifesto (who wrote it, when, where it may be available [including URL if applicable], how authorative the manifesto is or if it is an organization's official manifesto) and its copyright status. If you are writing a new manifesto, please consider including a statement declaring that the manifesto is in the public domain or, if copyrighted, that it may be freely distributed without alteration. 10. "What gets approved?" Everything that is on charter, not 100% commercial, not cross-posted, and not full of obscure acronyms. Discussion of previous manifestoes is welcome. The newsgroup is not limited to serious manifestoes. Anonymous contributions are also welcome. We do wish to encourage discussion, so please feel free to comment on any manifestoes, including those in the archive. 14. "Why is this newsgroup moderated?" To keep it on charter. To keep the posts coming regularly. The intention is to keep a.u.m. high-interest, low-traffic and high-quality. One advantage of moderation: alt.usenet.manifestoes is the only alt newsgroup GUARANTEED to be immune to spam (for example, make money fast advertisements posted to many non-relevant newsgroups). 18. "Does the moderator edit the manifestoes?" He is often very tempted. 01. "But you don't edit them really, right?" No, manifestoes are not edited. Okay, that's not true; the moderator has in the past reformatted e-text, such as the Communist Manifesto, to fit within 70 columns. No contributed manifestoes are altered. 05. "Do you write the manifestoes yourself?" The moderation team, including the author of this faq, does not write the manifestoes that appear. Look at the "From:" line or the signature to find out who the author is. If a manifesto is anonymous, it will be marked as such. 09. "So why does your name appear on each post?" Because I'm the moderator, my name automatically appears under the "Originator:" and "Approved:" header lines. But that doesn't mean that I have anything to do with the manifesto. In fact, I disclaim all opinions expressed by the authors of the manifestoes. 13. "Do you turn down manifestoes that you don't agree with?" Even though I personally do not agree with the politics or opinions expressed in many of the manifestoes, I do not turn away any manifesto that meets the charter, no matter how offensive, puerile, self-serving, indecent, unintelligible, racist or idiotic the manifesto may be. Nor do I take credit for the reasonable, intelligent, interesting and insightful manifestoes. I am simply the manager of a forum -- a common carrier. I have, however, rejected many duplicate postings, MAKE.MONEY.FAST articles, and advertisements for phone sex numbers and web sites, since they are off-charter. 17. "Isn't that censorship?" No more than any moderation is censorship. All newspaper and magazine editors practice one form of censorship: they reject inappropriate articles. Since the only thing this newsgroup is about is manifestoes, the only things that appear here are manifestoes. I abhor censorship of ideas, yet my duty [cue stirring music] as moderator is to eliminate off-topic postings. If an article is rejected, it is because it is off-charter (perhaps because it is commercial). Even so, rejectees may still have a voice by posting to one of the other 34,000 newsgroups on USENET. I wish them luck with their illegal pyramid schemes or whatever. I would welcome the publication of a MAKE.MONEY.FAST manifesto. 21. "Is there an archive?" Yes -- if you have access to the World Wide Web, point your browser to http://www.emf.net/~estephen/manifesto.html and enjoy. There is currently no ftp archive, but please let me know if you want one. With sufficient demand, I can mirror the WWW archive at emf's FTP site. Only two people have asked for an FTP archive. 04. "What articles have appeared so far?" Here's a list: Article 1: (05/16/95) Welcome to Alt Usenet Manifestoes Article 2: (05/17/95) The Origin Story Article 3: (05/19/95) Kibo's HappyNet Manifesto Article 4: (05/31/95) The Manifesto of David Guntner Article 5: (05/31/95) [Manifesto of Ellis L. Keyes] Life is a Party Article 6: (05/31/95) Electronic Rights & Responsibilities V0.13 Article 7: (05/31/95) cyberfeminist manifesto Article 8: (05/31/95) the PERKYGOTH manifesto Article 9: (05/31/95) Manifesto of Negativity Article 10: (06/02/95) self-explanatory - rone Article 12: (06/06/95) The LAMA M A N I F E S T O Article 13: (06/06/95) A word from the moderator Article 14: (06/06/95) Manifesto of the Communist Party Article 15: (06/06/95) The PC Manifesto Article 16: (06/07/95) The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto - Timothy May Article 17: (06/07/95) Carbonist Manifesto Article 18: does not exist. Article 19: (06/09/95) The BOB(c)MANIFESTO Article 20: (06/09/95) A Psychopunk's Manifesto - T.C.Hughes Article 21: (06/13/95) NZMRA Manifesto - Peter Zohrab Article 22: (06/13/95) The Cancer of $cientology - henry Article 23: (06/14/95) The GNU Manifesto - Richard Stallman Article 24: (06/14/95) TRAV: The FAQ Article 25: (06/15/95) A Manifesto for Cyberspace Article 26: (06/16/95) Tele-Manifesto du jour Article 27: (06/21/95) Re: Tele-Manifesto du jour Article 28: (06/21/95) The ParaMetaExistentialist Manifesto Article 29: (06/26/95) --GAIA: THE QUIET REVOLUTION-- Article 30: (06/27/95) Re: The ParaMetaExistentialist Manifesto Article 31: (06/28/95) Manifesto of Sexual Freedom Article 32: (06/28/95) Commentary on the Manifesto of Sexual Freedom Article 33: (06/28/95) the cyber-existentialist manifesto Article 34: (06/29/95) Re: the cyber-existentialist manifesto Article 35: (06/30/95) Party (Ellis L. Keyes) Article 36: (07/02/95) Panarchy: everyone voting on everything Article 37: (07/05/95) The Neo-Nihilist Manifesto Article 38: (07/05/95) The Cafe BOB(c) Manifesto Article 40: (07/06/95) Virtual Surrealist Manifesto Article 41: (07/12/95) Patarealist Manifesto Article 42: (07/14/95) Re: The Patarealist Manifesto (Tom Breton) Article 43: (07/17/95) Re: The Patarealist Manifesto (The BOB(c)) Article 44: (07/18/95) Re: The Patarealist Manifesto (Wandering) Article 45: (07/18/95) CTTS and You Article 46: (07/18/95) Re: The Patarealist Manifesto (D Donahue) Article 47: (07/18/95) Re: The Patarealist Manifesto (D Donahue) Article 48: (07/20/95) The TSOTIC Manifesto Article 49: (07/21/95) THE IMPERIAL MANIFESTO OF USENET Article 50: (07/25/95) We at Obscure Research Labs Article 51: (07/25/95) THE INFERIOR MANIFESTO OF USENET Article 52: (07/25/95) Manifesto of the Elitism Mailing List Article 53: (07/28/95) unix makes my hack writing work harder Article 54: (08/03/95) Enterzone Statement of Purpose Article 55: (08/03/95) The First Manifesto of Virtuism Article 56: (08/04/95) Excerpts From UNABOM's Manifesto Article 57: (08/04/95) Professor Tyler's Letter To Unabomber Article 58: (08/05/95) Text of Unabomber Manifesto (excerpts) Article 59: (08/05/95) Unabomber and the New Left Article 60: (08/10/95) A More Complete Version of the UNABOMBER Manifesto Article 61: (08/16/95) The Tutorial Manifesto Article 63: (08/19/95) GLF: The Final Solution Article 64: (08/23/95) something like a manifesto (Beverley R. White) Article 65: (08/23/95) To Post (Ellis L. Keyes) Article 66: (08/24/95) FATHERS MANIFESTO Article 67: (08/24/95) Avant-Pop Interactive Article 70: (08/26/95) Re: The GLF: The Final Solution Article 71: (08/26/95) Re: FATHERS MANIFESTO Article 72: (08/29/95) The Post-Human Manifesto Article 73: (08/31/95) Manifesto (Ellis L. Keyes) Article 74: (09/08/95) FATHERS' MANIFESTO Article 75: (09/13/95) FATHERS' MANIFESTO - A rewrite Article 77: (09/20/95) Jack Graham's Hyperfiction Manifesto Article 78: (09/20/95) The McDonalds Manifesto Article 80: (09/20/95) Complete Text of the Unabomber Manifesto [corrected] Article 81: (09/20/95) Manifesto of the Futurist Programmers Article 82: (09/20/95) Concertgoers' Manifesto Article 83: (10/04/95) FC's manifesto: sloppy versions circulating Article 84: (10/04/95) FC: Differences between a.u.m. and CoE version Article 85: (10/04/95) National Socialism Primer Article 86: (10/04/95) Universal Equality Primer Article 87: (10/04/95) Re: National Socialism Primer Article 88: (10/04/95) The Manifesto Of Nothing In Particular Article 90: (10/30/95) Revolution #9 Article 91: (11/01/95) Tax The Rich Article 92: (11/06/95) THE ALT.MEGA-EGO.YONDERBOY MANIFESTO! GRRRRRRR!! Article 93: (11/02/95) Anti-Unabomber Manifesto Article 94: (11/15/95) THE GUARAPO REVOLUTION (MANIFESTO) Article 96: (11/17/95) Church of the Subgenius "manifesto" Article 97: (11/28/95) Industrial Workers of the World: Preamble to Constitution Article 98: (11/29/95) The Wild Ranch Manifesto Article 101: (02/02/96) THE ADRIATIC LINE Article 102: (02/19/96) Freeman's Manifesto Article 103: (02/22/96) HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION!! (Father's Rights) Article 104: (02/28/96) Man's Subliminal God Article 106: (02/29/96) The CDA - A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace Article 107: (03/07/96) Manifesto of the Front de Libération du Québec (1970) Article 108: (03/07/96) Anarchy: Now and Forever! Article 109: (03/12/96) Egoist Manifesto #1 Article 110: (05/23/96) Scum Manifesto Article 111: (05/23/96) What I Want From Usenet (Jaffo) Article 112: (08/14/96) Story Weavers' Manifesto Article 114: (08/23/96) Mana manifesto Article 115: (09/05/96) American Nihilist Underground Society Maniphisto Article 116: (12/08/96) LEGALIZE CRACK MANIFESTO Article 117: (12/08/96) QED manifesto Article 118: (12/08/96) The alt.life.itself FAQ Article 119: (12/08/96) charge.html Missing article numbers represent canceled, erroneous or superseded postings, or postings of the mini-faq. To see one of the above articles, turn the article number into a five digit number by prepending zeroes (i.e., Article 17 becomes 00017) and then plug it into the following address, replacing XXXXX: http://www.emf.net/~estephen/manifesto/aumXXXXX.html For example, Article 88 becomes: http://www.emf.net/~estephen/manifesto/aum00088.html 08. "Can I subscribe by e-mail?" No. Sorry. Just read it as a newsgroup, or stop by the Manifesto Archive Home Page. There may be a Usenet-to-mail gateway at your site which can automatically send you all new articles from alt.usenet.manifestoes as they appear. Please ask your local support people. You MAY request any of the above articles be hand-mailed to you by sending email to moderator-request@emf.net. Please do not abuse this resource, as I do not have a lot of free time. 12. "How come propagation is so low?" Almost every alt group has bad propagation. This one is no exception. But it's getting better. For the first month (April, 1995), it was so bad that I didn't even receive the newsgroup at my own site. Thanks to diligent newgrouping (from David Guntner, Andrew Stephen Damick, Partha S. Banerjee, and Alistair James Robert Young), it's now carried at most major sites, including Netcom, uunet, Prodigy and AOL. If you can't receive it at your site, please ask your news administrator. If your news administrator cannot carry alt.usenet.manifestoes, you'll have to use an alternate NNTP server or use the archive instead. 16. "Why is the plural of manifesto 'manifestoes' and not 'manifestos'? Why is the name of this newsgroup plural, anyway?" Dictionaries in the U.S. say either is acceptable. The moderator happens to prefer 'manifestoes.' [Long story about why deleted.] In the debate on alt.config (the place where new alt groups are discussed), Melissa Anne Algeo recommended that the name be plural so that people don't think the purpose of this newsgroup is to come up with some unifying manifesto for all of USENET (which although a worthwhile project, is not the sole goal of this newsgroup). 20. "Who is on the moderation team? Many people have pointed me to existing manifestoes for publication. I'd like to specially thank Thomas Dell (dell@goonsquad.spies.com), John Restrick, the Stanford NetNews Service (SIFT), tribe, the authors of "grep," and everyone who has contributed so far. You may join the moderation team: Send me any manifesto you are aware of that has not been published, and I will be sure to give you credit (if you desire). Please obey any copyright laws by not contributing copyrighted work. 03. "Who is the moderator?" No one important. I've been reading news for a long, long time and try to contribute in my own little way. My only hope is that you find this newsgroup an interesting place. As Andy Damick points out, wanting to moderate is simply one of the signs that you are hopelessly, irreversably addicted to USENET. 07. "What e-mail addresses are relevant?" Contributions: manifesto@emf.net Requests: manifesto-request@emf.net Human Being: estephen@emf.net __________________________________________________________________________ -- Zeigen (E. Stephen Mack) estephen@emf.net Zeigen's Dilemma: http://www.emf.net/~estephen/