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Subject: Obsolete Hierarchies, v7.05

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Subject: Obsolete Newsgroup Hierarchies Date: 2005 October 14 Last revision: 2004 November 20 Posted to: news.groups.questions,news.admin.hierarchies,news.answers, news.lists.misc Version: 7.05
The following is a list of obsolete newsgroup hierarchies. This list is a supplement to the Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies. Beginning with version 7 of Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies, obsolete hierarchies are posted separately in this document. Additions, changes and corrections should be sent to <mailto:changes@pfx.ca>. Many thanks to those who have made contributions to date. _____________________________________________________________ OTHER VERSIONS NEWS: The Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies is posted periodically to <news:news.answers>, <news:news.admin.hierarchies>, <news:news.groups.questions> and <news:news.groups.misc>. WEB: The official HTML version of the Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies is available on the World Wide Web at <http://www.magma.ca/~leisen/mlnh/>. Copies are also kept at: <http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/hierarchy-list> <http://www.cs.ruu.nl/wais/html/na-dir/usenet/hierarchy-list.html> E-MAIL: Due to the large volume of spam received, unfortunately the Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies is no longer available by e-mail. =========================================================== OBSOLETE HIERARCHIES The following hierarchies are now obsolete: air. Stanford University internal alive. international alternative newsgroups bhm. Birmingham, Alabama, USA bologna. Bologna, Italia cityscp. Cityscape Internet Services, UK (ISP) ct. c't (German computer magazine) fub. Freie Universitt Berlin, Deutschland gay-net. German gay and lesbian groups hl. Hansestadt Luebeck, Deutschland i2000. gerarchia di newsgroup in italiano ieee. IEEE standards il. Illinois, USA (now illinois.*) il. Israel (now israel.*) metropolis. Metropolis, Nederland (ISP) mistral. Brighton, England (ISP) nbn. North Bay Network, California, USA nil. Private Rechner in Berlin, Deutschland nl-alt. Usenet alternative nieuwsgroepen, Nederland pubnet. Public Access Systems network stardivision. Sun Microsystems software suite (now staroffice.*) t-netz. German language newsgroups (now Z-Netz.*) tlg. The Little Garden, California, USA tub. Technische Universitt Berlin, Deutschland uberlin. Gemeinsame Themen der Berliner Universitten vol. Telecom Italia Video On Line (ISP) wgtn. Wellington, New Zealand wv. West Virginia, USA zer. German language newsgroups (now Z-Netz.*) zipnews. Zippo's News Services -- (c)2005 Lewis S. Eisen. Reproduction in whole or in part is permitted so long as original author is duly credited. If you keep a copy of this list on your site, and wish me to list that URL in this FAQ, just let me know. -- Lewis S. Eisen Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Computer Training and Consulting