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Subject: alt.alien.visitors FAQ Part 6 of 7

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(This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM. See the bottom for more information, including instructions on how to obtain updates.) === alt.alien.visitors Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ was last updated: 15th November 1994 This is part 6 of 7 It currently takes up 150k (around 85 printed pages) in all Line width is about 75 char. 11.42: Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained (PASU) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Oakhill Avenue Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 Stan Gordon (Director) 412-838-7768 PASU Data Exchange Founded in 1981 A volunteer, non-profit scientific research unit conducts investigations of strange or unusual occurrences, with emphasis on UFOs and UFO-related activity. PASU members donate their time and equipment. PASU is a statewide clearinghouse for reports of UFO sightings and is comprised of individuals with training or experience in the fields of science, engineering, technology or medicine who act as field investigators. Monthly meetings are held to share information. PASU has on file thousands of cases from Pennsylvania that include UFO sightings, creature reports, unusual animal killings, unexplained photographs and other anomalies. PASU attempts to send field investigators directly to the scene of an occurrence to gather information and interview witnesses. The "PASU Data Exchange" newsletter contains information regarding investigations conducted into unusual incidents that have occurred in Penn. 11.43: PNET ------------ Based in Melbourne, Australia. Bulletin board system, echos some Paranet material. Sysop : Brian Evans, contact Brian by Internet mail for information: bevans@tanus.cec.edu.au 11.44: The Portland UFO Group (PUFOG) ------------------------------------- P.O. Box 998 Wilsonville, OR 97070 Jennifer Brown - Jacobs (Director) 503-538-0836 PUFOG Newsletter Founded in 1989 500 Members A non-profit UFO organization whose monthly seminars are open to the general public; maintain no membership and are unaffiliated with any other UFO organization. PUFOG is an information group that conducts seminars on the 3rd Sunday of each month at Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, OR. These seminars present knowledgeable speakers on UFOs and related subjects. Those who attend their seminars pay an admission fee and receive the PUFOG newsletter. 11.45: Roundtown UFO Society ----------------------------- Roundtown UFO Society, PO Box 52, Circleville, Ohio 43113 Multi-national 11.46: Royal Priest Research ---------------------------- P.O. Box 10546 Sedona, Arizona 86336 Lyssa Royal 602-282-320S Publication is: The Prism Founded in 1975, an independent research group with no members. Lyssa Royal mixes generally- accepted research techniques skills with less provable methods, such as channeling. Thus far, their research has produced two books, "The Prism of Lyra - An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage" (130 pages) and "Visitors From Within" (171 pages). Lyssa Royal organizes and conducts weekly sessions, private consultations, and special events. She offers tapes of her numerous channeling sessions which discuss various topics and extraterrestrial beings both physical and nonphysical. Each tape is 90 minutes and $12.00; complete set (9 tapes) is $75.00. "The Prism" is periodic newsletter which details news, list of recent channeling tapes, books, etc. 11.47: The Search for EXtraterrestrial Intelligence --------------------------------------------------- NASA HEADQUARTERS, WASHINGTON, D.C. Office of Space Science and Applications Michael Braukus (Phone: 202/358-1547) Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif. Michael Mewhinney (Phone: 415/604-9000) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Mary Hardin (Phone: 818/354-5011) 11.48: Sirian Rainbow Lodge --------------------------- P.O. Box 2108 St. Petersburg, Florida 33731 Liah GoldenHawk (Co Founder) L. Baird (Bookkeeper) 813-822-8154 Pulbication is Solar Trek; founded in 1990. Primarily an extraterrestrial outpost program, provides information from the alien point of view. The Sirian Rainbow Lodge is the StarSystem Sirian Outpost; interested in sharing all types of positive ET Alien knowledge. ET & UFO Network where Contactees and others may share eexperiences, contacts and opinions. Focuses on believing and possibilities, rather than proving any theories; focuses mainly on occupants of UFOs and alien knowledge. The Lodge is led by the Bennu who is an alien of the Nordic type from StarSystem Sirius. To raise money, the Lodge sells books and booklets by the Bennu and "Solar Trek", the ET Alien Quarterly Journal. 11.49: SKYNET -------------- 257 Sycamore Glen Pasadena, California 91105 Ann Druffel (Project Co Ordinator) 213-256-8655 Publication is Skynet Guides; Founded in1965; 50 - 100 members. Established to serve as a tracking system for UFO reports in the Los Angeles, California area. Its original purpose was to receive UFO reports at the time that witnesses were viewing the objects, thus centering their efforts on real-time viewing, photographing, monitoring, rather than relying on after-the-fact analysis. Upon joining, members agree to contact other SKYNET members whenever an unusual sighting is occurring for members to view, photograph and monitor the object in real-time while not having to wait for an after-the-fact presentation. This contacting of other SKYnet members that a sighting is occurring is the only obligation of members. All calls from the public receive an in-depth phone interview by an assigned SKYNET official and if warranted, further field investigations are conducted. 11.50: SOCIE'TE' BELGE d'ETUDE des PHENOMENES SPATIAUX (SOBEPS) --------------------------------------------------------------- Commonly called SOBEPS and the leading group in Belgium. Senior Officers : President : Michel Bougard, Secretary : Lucien Clerebaut. Contact address 74 Avenue Paul Janson, B-1070, Bruxelles, Belgium. 11.51: Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) ----------------------------------------------- Office of the Secretary P.O. Box 3818, University Station Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-0818 Laurence W. Fredrick (Secretary) 804-924-4905 : 804-924-3104 Publishes the Journal of Scientific Exploration and The Explorer . Established in 1982. A tax-exempt group that investigates various anomalies, including UFOs. Although its president Professor Peter Sturrock of Stanford University, all contact with SSE should be made through Laurence W. Fredrick. The goal of the SSE is to gain further understanding of anomalous phenomena (including UFOs) and to share this knowledge with the public. The Society considers anomalous phenomena to be incidents that appear to contradict existing scientific knowledge; regarded by the scientific community as being outside their established fields of inquiry. They use the "Journal of Scientific Exploration" as an avenue to discuss anomalous phenomena and present research results to the scientific and scholarly community; its members are drawn from practitioners of science who have acquired a first-hand knowledge and understanding of the scientific process. The Society holds annual international meetings and periodically scheduled regional meetings. To promote co-operation, and to accommodate other levels of activity and interest, the Society has created the categories of "Corresponding Member" and "Associate". "Associates" receive the "Journal of Scientific Exploration" (two issues a year) and "The Explorer" (two issues a year). An Associate may submit letters and other items for publication in the Newsletter, may submit articles for publication in the Journal (each article must be sponsored by a "Full Member"), and may attend Society meetings by arrangement with a "Full Member". A person wishing to become an "Associate" may do so by completing an Application Form and sending it with a check for the annual dues to the Secretary. "Full Membership" is reserved for those associated with major universities, government entities or corporate research institutions who have an established reputation in a traditional branch of science. "Emeritus Membership" provides the privileges of Full Membership to similarly qua]ified retirees at a lower annual rate. "Student Membership" is limited to graduate students enrolled in academic institutions. "Corresponding Membership" is open to members of designated organizations. A "Corresponding Member" receives, and is entitled to submit articles to the "Journa] of Scientific Exploration". 11.52: The Societv for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU) ------------------------------------------------------------------ P.O. Box 265 Little Silver, New Jersey 07739 Nancy Warth (Membership Secretary) 201-842-5229 Publication is Pursuit Founded in 1965 by Ivan T. Sanderson A non-profit, tax-exempt organization; collects data on unexplained events, promotes proper investigation of both individua] reports and general subjects, and reports significant data to its members. SITU studies unexplained events that orthodox science does not (or will not) investigate. SITU maintains reference files which include original reports, newspaper and other clipping correspondence, audio tapes, films, photographs, drawings, maps, etc. Copies of these items a available to members only. Membership fees include the magazine "Pursuit", which is published regularly. 11.53: System Ready ------------------- 7154 North University Drive Suite 116 Tarnarac, Florida 33321 Concentrates on building devices which can be used to detect UFOs. Their book, "Detecting UFOs" details these devices. 11.54: Transcendental Communications A Division of LAMAT Research ----------------------------------------------------------------- 444 North Amelia #9C San Dimas, California 91773 Don Grantharn (Director & Systems Operator) 714-599-6769 : 714-599-6270 (Operates at 300/1200/2400 BPS) : 714-599-5045 Transcendental Communications Newsletter A scientific, investigative organization interested in UFOs and related phenomena. Transcendental Communications is the largest UFO-related computer network bulletin board system (BBS) on the west coast. The aim of Transcendental Comrnunications is to get the word out to those interested in current UFO information; a clearinghouse for books, documents, publications, audio ar video tape interviews, seminars, documentaries and UFO films and footage. The main focus of Transcendental Communications is the operation of a BBS through which interested parties can participate in on-line conversation. read various reports, news items or articles, or leave messages for other members. Transcendental Communications publishes the "Transcendental Communications Newsletter" which outlines topics that have been discussed on the BBS and provides current UFO-related articles. FAX number available so that interested parties can send them copies of reports, inforrnation, etc. Basic Member Dues $13.50 System Member $39.50 Full Member $49.50 Newsletter for one year; list of publications, audio and video tapes; six months BBS access 11.55: UFO Contact Center International (UFOCCI) ------------------------------------------------ 3001 South 288th Street #304 Federal Way, Washington 98003 Aileen Bringle (Director) 206-946-2248 The Missing Link June 1981 A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people who have had traumatic, bizarre experiences or sightings of UFOs. A secondary goal of UFOCCI is to promote public awareness of the UFO contactee phenomenon. UFOCCI works with each contactee to help them understand their experiences via hypnosis, group meetings and open seminars. Each year, over the Labor Day weekend, UFOCCI conducts a conference called "Jorpah" (which means 'Cosmic Gathering') in which the past year's activities are summed up and discussed. These gatherings are held at different places throughout the country. The date and time of these conferences are announced in The "Missing Link" newsletter. UFOCCI holds monthly meetings the fourth Saturday of each month. Associate Directors (by State and Canada): Ak Thomas Wilson 845 West 70th Anchorage, Alaska 99518 ph:907-522-3 172 Az Helene CharboMeau P.O. Box 1369 Safford, AZ 85548-1369 ph:602-428-6437 Ray Jordan 3831 North Paradise Road Flagstaff, AZ 86004 ph:602-774-6334 Tom Dongo Box 2571 Sedona, AZ 86336 ph:602-282-562 1 Ca Mark Andrews 811 Victoria Costa Mesa, CA 92627 ph:714-645-7046 Michael & DoMa Farrner 123 Henshaw #402 Chico, CA 95926 ph:916-894-3327 Ron Rodriquez 3948 Berrywood Santa Maria, CA 93455 ph:805-937-8050 Allen Drake 13222 Louvre Street Pacoima, CA 91331 ph:818-896-3572 Robert Shiepe 2865 Corning Street Los Angeles, CA 90034 ph:213-836-8362 Co Jackie Blue P.O. Box 1015 Paonia, CO 81428 ph:303-527-4412 AM Ulrich P.O. Box 117 Paonia, CO 81428 ph:303-527-3257 De Cary Dickey P.O. Box 5535 Wilmington, Delaware 19808 ph:302-994-7509 Il Carolyn Baum-Hawtree 1732 New Lenox Road Joliet, llinois 60433 ph:815-726-1756 Io Jason Hooten 525 Avenue D Fort Madison, Iowa 52627 ph:319-372-5558 Ma Robert Poutenis Route 9 Box 586 Pownal, Maine 04069 Md Patrick O'Connell 12628 Black Saddle Lane Germantown, Maryland 20874 ph:301-972-1980 Mo Barbara Becker 6219 Enright Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63130 Claudia Sanderson-Jones 606 N.E. 114th Street Kansas City, Missouri 64155 ph:816-734-9000 Ne Kristy Buckles 3701 NW Conifer Court Lincoln 68521 ph:402-489-3 162 Nv Valdemar Valerian P.O. Box 81407 Las Vegas, NV 89180-1407 ph:702-878-4380 Nj Linda Dudar 20 Jackson Avenue Washington 07882 ph:201-689-7144 Maryellen Kelly P.O. Box 1874 Champaign 61820 ph:217-359-9343 Katie Sandberg Route 4 Box 1065-42 West Plains 65775 ph:417-256-0945 Nm Mary Ellen Masters 504 Kiva Avenue Aztec 87410 ph:505-334-9841 Cliff Stone 1421 East Tilden Roswell 88201 505-625-0920 Pennsylvania: Terri Shupenko 731 East 10th Street Erie 16503 Dennis Viglo 326 College Street Youngsville 16371 814-563-4322 Tennessee: Herrnan L. Langley P.O. Box 422 Smyrna 37167 615-459-0165 Brent Raynes 326 Haggard Street Waynesboro 38485 615-722-5976 Tx Anne Bower 815 Peach Spring Houston 77088 713-931-0930 Harv Howard P.O. Box 904 Manchaca 78652 5 12-282-203 1 Judy Stryker 3409 Ruth Road Fort Worth 76118 Sunshine Williams P.O. Box 162485 Austin 78716 Donna Brown P.O. Box 337 Vidor 77670-0337 409-769-5828 Goldie King P.O. Box 4455 Pasadena 77501 713-475-2785 Donna Tietze P.O. Box 260 Friendswood 77546-0260 713-482-8641 Ut Kaye Studstrup 2114 East 6805 South Salt Lake City 84121 Wa Lozanna Elwood 3001 South 288th #304 Federal Way, 98003 ph:206-946-2248 Jarnes C. Van Avery 6226 110th Avenue N.E. Kirkland 98033 ph:206-889-2026 Wisconsin: Linda Houston N7576 Timber Drive, Rib Lake 54470 ph:801 -263-2551 Dr. Robert & Felicia Moore P.O. Box 825 Marshfield 54449 715-387-4639 Wy Sheri Gould 705 South Burritt, Buffalo 82834 307-684-2755 Canada: Shirle Klein Carsh 6973 -129th Street Surrey, B.C. V3W 9A9 604-597-5822 ?? Bill Hamilton III 249 North Brand Blvd Suite 651 Glendale 91203 Ph:818-547-6935 Heidi Duval & Henrietta Raines P.O. Box 12 Crested Butte 81224 11.56: UFO Fllter Center ------------------------ 618 Davis Drive Mount Vernon, Indiana 47620 Neil Gilchrist P.O. Box 764 Nelson, B.C. VlL 5R4 604-825-9292 Francis L. Ridge (Director) : 812-838-3120 / 812-838-9843 Publication is: UFO Intelligence Summary and was founded in 1971 A one-man effort which investigates UFO activity, mainly in the Indiana area. The goals of this group are to conduct a systematic computer study of UFO data from a six-state region: Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee; this study covers sightings beginning before 1947 to the present. 11.57: UFO Information Retrieval Center (UFOIRC) ------------------------------------------------ 3131 West Cochise Drive #158 Phoenix, Arizona 85051-9501 Thomas M. Olsen (President) 602-997-1523 : 602-870-3178 Publication is: Reference for Outstanding UFO Sighting Reports Founded in: 1966 A non-membership organization which collects, analyzes, publishes and disseminates information about UFOs. UFOIRC also compiles statistics, conducts research programs, sponsors photo exhibits, maintains a 200-volume Library, and provides special educational services geared to children and students. UFOIRC publishes books, symposium proceedings, reprints of magazine articles, and a bibliography of currently available information on the UFO phenomenon. 11.58: UFO Investigators League -------------------------------- Box 753 New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903 Timothy Green Beckley Publishes: UFO Spotters Newsletter Started in 1990 A new organization under the auspices of Timothy Green Beckley who is striving to expand his international network of investigators who wish to investigate UFO cases in their areas. Members receive membership card. investigators certificate, field manual, and a subscription to the "UFO Spotters Newsletter". Membership is $20.00 per year. 11.59: THE UFO, PARANORMAL AND CONSPIRACY BBS --------------------------------------------- Internet Contact: elite@igc.apc.org (Elite Enterprises) Modem: 312/604-8161 (24 HOURS) 11.60: UFO REPORTING AND INFORMATION SERVICE (UFORIS) ---------------------------------------------- Information Director : Dale Goudie. Contact address : P.O. Box 832, Mercer Island, WA, 98040, USA. see also Computer UFO Network. Phone (voice) +1 206 721 5035 11.61: UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis ------------------------------------ P.O. Box 31544 St. Louis, Missouri 63131 John Schroeder (President) Helen Hanke (Secretary) 314-352-3058 Publishes the The UFO Enigma. A non-profit organization formed in 1968 to investigate UFOs and to collect and disseminate information germane to the UFO phenomena. They hold meetings at the Farm and Home building, 110 West Lockwood (at Gore), Webster Groves, Missouri at 2:00 p.m. on the second Sunday of the months September through May. This group operates in close cooperation with MUFON, CUFOS, and with numerous organizations around the world in order to coordinate UFO research and information. 11.62: Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM) -------------------------------------------- UFOROM is a private, non-profit and volunteer organisation which is involved in rational discourse, investigation and research on UFOs and related phenomena. It was formed in 1975. All types of UFO-related phenomena have been studied by UFOROM, including traces, crash-retrievals, abductions and cattle mutilations. In addition, some UFOROM associates also study fortean and psychic phenomena. UFOROM publishes an annual survey of UFO activity in Canada, comparable to the Ferrughelli reports on American cases. Case data is provided by co-operative Canadian researchers across Canada. UFOROM is not open to general public membership. However, independent investigators and researchers throughout North America and particularly in Canada are associated with UFOROM by way of their contributions of case information and data from their own areas. Such contributions are welcomed and readily acknowledged by UFOROM. Although UFOROM does not publish a journal or newsletter for general distribution, associates frequently exchange information on an informal basis. This information is made available through articles and reports published in UFO magazines or books, written or edited by UFOROM associates. UFOROM is associated with an irregular ufozine titled the SWAMP GAS JOURNAL. [See UFO Publications section] It is available in hard copy through zine exchange or for a "cost" of one International Postal Reply Coupon per issue. As an experiment, the most recent issue also has been made available in electronic format via INTERNET by posting a request to: rutkows@ccu.umanitoba.ca UFOROM associates are involved with the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and various other organisations. UFOROM functions independently, but operates with an understanding of complete co-operation and information exchange with interested and serious researchers in their specialised areas of interest. UFOROM is devoted to the rational and objective study of UFOs and related phenomena, as well as other controversial phenomena such as crop circles. All views on these phenomena, including both proponent and contrary standpoints, are considered. In this regard, UFOROM associates tend to engage in dialogue with both "believers" and "debunkers". It is hoped that such attempts to "bridge the gap" between the two sides of the debate will encourage more constructive discourse. Correspondence for UFOROM can be snailmailed to: UFOROM Box 1918 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3R2 11.63: United Aerial Phenomena Agency (UAPA) ------------------------------------- P.O. Box 347032 Cleveland, Ohio 44134-7032 Allan J. Manak (Chairman) Rick R. Hilberg (Vice Chairman) Founded 1966 A non-profit organization dedicated to the investigation and study of UFOs and related subjects. Its two publications are "Flying Saucer Digest" (quarterly) and "Weirdology" (bi- monthly). UAPA sells a wide variety of books, maps, back issues, rare items, etc. A catalog is available for $1.00. 11.64: Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science -------------------------------------------------------------- UNARIUS Academy of Sciences 145 South Magnolia Avenue El Cajon, California 92020-4522 Dr. Ernest L. Norman (Co Founder) Ruth E. Norman (Co Founder) Charles Spaegel (Vice President) 619-447-4170 Publishes the UNARIUS Light Magazine since1954. A non-profit, New Age organization which has pioneered the teaching of Past Life Therapy since 1954. This teaching is given to the student through a curriculum that attunes the truth seeker to the high frequency energy maintained by the authors, who are Advanced Spiritual Beings living on the Inner Planes. UNARIUS receives most of its information and instructions through channeling with the Higher Beings (Space Brothers). UNARIUS writes, publishes, and distributes a complete course of study describing the New Sciences of Life. This course material is covered over 100-plus texts of the UNARIUS Academy of Sciences; augmented by over 100 video programs. The course material covers missing piece's of man's prehistory, the enigma surrounding the dilemma of unresolved problems in science, politics and religion, and the future for mankind in the 21st century. Class sessions are held at the UNARIUS Center on Wednesdays & Sundays at 7:00 p.m.; class fee is S10.00. Some courses are also available on TV stations throughout California. All of the materials are directly related to the UNARIUS goal of achieving Higher Awareness. One of this group's main tenets is that there are superior extraterrestrial forces which control the Earth's destiny and which know the fate of mankind. With the teachings provided by UNARIUS, they feel that each person can become cosmically attuned to higher spiritual forces and can become aware of Reality and what is in store for humans. UNARIUS teaches that the Interplanetary Confederation, a coalition of 33 existing planets, is building 33 spacecraft that will form a giant city and will descend to Earth in the year 2001. This "building" or "city" will descend on land purchased for this purpose in the southern California area and will be a gathering spot for people to come and learn about Cosmic Awareness. In addition to students, interested parties can join UNARIUS for $50.00 per year. 11.65: Victorian U.F.O. Research Society Inc. (VUFORS) ------------------------------------------------------- AVUFORS is the largest UFO society in the Southern hemishpere and has been in existence since the 1950s. (membership approx. 400) Regular discussion nights are held and the Society publishes a quarterly magazine called The Australian U.F.O. Bulletin which details UFO related information from Australia and abroad. Membership: Overseas (non Australian) $US20 (Personal cheques cannot be accepted unless an additional $US5 is included to cover bank charges - We request you remit bank cheques or International Postal Orders) Membership entitles you to receive a copy of "The Australian UFO Bulletin", our quarterly magazine to members. The bulletin contains information from within Australia and overseas. Total number of members is currently around 400. History: The "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (Victorian Branch)" was formed on the 17th of February, 1957 as a branch of the "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society" and later that year was reorganised as the "Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society" with Mr. Peter E. Norris L.L.B. as President. In 1968 the name was again altered - this time to the "Victorian U.F.O. Research Society". The current executive has been in place since 1978. The Society has held a dispassionate attitude on U.F.O.s, claiming it is a scientific problem deserving closer attention. Membership of this Society - which maintains the largest membership of any U.F.O. organisation in the Southern Hemisphere - is open to all who are genuinely interested in the subject. Significant cases studied: - The Frederick Valentich disappearance (1978). Frederick Valentich was a twenty year old member of the Royal Australian Air Force who disappeared on a solo private flight across Bass Strait after radioing that an object was hovering on top of his Cessna 182. - The Knowles Family Encounter. The case of a family on a car trip across the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia who were buzzed by a UFO that at one stage lifted the Knowles car into the air only to drop it to the road seconds later. Postal Address: Internet contact: P.O. Box 43 email: TCook@cmutual.com.au Moorabbin phone: +61-3-6076849 Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3189 fax : +61-3-6076198 === DISTRIBUTION: How to obtain this document This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM, involved in the redistribution of valuable information to a wider USENET audience (see below). The most recent version of this document can be obtained via the author's instructions above. The following directions apply to retrieve the possibly less-current USENET FAQ version. 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