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(This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM. See the bottom for more information, including instructions on how to obtain updates.) === alt.alien.visitors Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ was last updated: 15th November 1994 This is part 5 of 7 It currently takes up 150k (around 85 printed pages) in all Line width is about 75 char. 11.22: Inner-Peace Prosperity Network (IPPN) -------------------------------------------- 12628 Black Saddle Lane Germntown, Maryland 20874-5001 Patrick O'Connell 301-972-1980 IPPN believes that extraterrestrials have already landed and established underground bases, mainly in the western and southwestern United States. "Trends & Predictions Analystn, is a compilation of UFO-related theories, news, and current events; newsletter (printed twice a year) also details available books, papers, and tapes for sale by IPPN. Membership rates: $ 4.00/ year (U.S. & Canada) $ 5 .00/ year (Foreign) $12.vO /3 years (IJ.S. & Canada) $15.00 / 3 years (Foreign) Membership includes the newsletter. IPPN also sells Name Lists of people who subscribe to New Age periodicals. IPPN gears the selling of these lists to those interested in selling New Age- related products. As of September 1990, the charge for these lists are: 1000 Narnes $20.00 2000 Names $40.00 3000 Narnes $60.00 IPPN also sells back-issues of "The New Atlantean Journaln, a defunct periodical dealing with New Age-related subjects, including UFOs. 11.23: Intercontinental UF Galactic Spacecraft-Research and Analytic Network (ICUFON) ------------------------------------------------------------ 35-40 75th Street Suite 4G Jackson Heights, New York 11372 Colman S. VonKeviczky (Director) 718-72-7948 A non-profit organization whose goal is to persuade the United Nations (and the world's governments) to establish an official World Authority for UFO Affairs (the WASA Project), to seek and establish contact with extraterrestrial galactic powers; maintains that the world's governments have known about UFOUs for several decades and that they are conducting covert warfare in an attempt to try to stop any invasion from outer space. ICUFON wants to open full dialogue with any and all extraterrestrial forces. ICUFON maintains an Archives Department which contains UFO cases, photographs, movie films, declassified military and governmental documentation from all over the world. 11.24: INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR UFO RESEARCH (ICUR) --------------------------------------------------------- Formed in 1979 as a UFOlogical 'United Nations'. The membership consists of representative organisations for various countries. Commonly called ICUR. Members include BUFORA (UK); Center for UFO Studies (USA); CISU (Italy); MUFON (USA); SUFOI (Denmark); Project UNICAT (USA) Project URD (Sweden); VUFORS (Australia). ICUR's objectives are to promote data exchange between groups and to help establish common standards and terminology. Officers are Chairman: Robert Digby (BUFORA, UK); Vice-Chairman: Walter Andrus (MUFON, USA); Secretary : Stephen Gamble (BUFORA, UK) and Treasurer : John Spencer (BUFORA, UK). Contact address is : P.O. Box 314, Penn, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP10 8DH, Great Britain. 11.25: Internationa1 Fortean Organization (INFO) ------------------------------------------------ P.O. Box 367 Arlington, VA 22210-0367 Raymond Manners (President & Journal Editor) Publication is INFO Journal Founded in 1965 by Ronald Willis A non-profit corporation established for the educational and scientific study of Fortean phenomena. INFO investigates the strange and unreasonable events that happen in this world, including UFOs, lost civilizations, physical anomalies, Atlantis, Bigfoot, vanished civilizations, etc. Today, INFO continues the work of Charles Fort to collect, record, and publish reports of strange occurrences. Their findings are published in the INFO Journal. INFO holds an annual convention, called FortFest, in the Washington D.C. area. Annual membership fee includes the "INFO Journal" is $12.00 in the U.S. and $16.00 for foreign countries. INFO maintains files on all of its investigations, cases, etc. Slides, books, and tapes are for sale and back issues of "INFO Journal" are also available. The INFO Research Service performs funded research for the media while the INFO Research Library is open to scholars. 11.26: INTRUDERS FOUNDATION ---------------------------- Organisation formed by abduction researcher Budd Hopkins to provide support and a forum for abductees to discuss their experiences. Contact address : PO Box 30233, New York, New York, 10011, USA. Phone and fax: +1 212-645-5278 11.27: Island Skywatch ---------------------- 164-22 77th Road Flushing, New York 11366 : Bill Knell (Director) 718-591-1854 (24-Hour Hotline) . The New York UFO Report : Island Publication is Skywatch Journal 1989 by Bill Knell A tax-exempt organization whose goal is the scientific and objective study of the UFO phenomenon. Membership ($25.00 per year) includes one year subscription to the "New York UFO Report" and the Island Skywatch Journal, one copy of "Hidden Truth: The UFO Story" (a two-hour video history about UFOs written by Bill Knell), the opportunity to attend free local meetings, free training as a UFO investigator, and the opportunity to investigate Island Skywatch cases.They offer a wide variety of books, audiotapes, video tapes, for sale. Bill Knell has cable TV UFO show "UFOs Over Long Island" on the Brookhaven Cable TV system every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. (channel 35).UFO Abductee Support Group offered as well. 11.28: J. ALLEN HYNEK CENTER FOR UFO STUDIES (CUFOS) ----------------------------------------------------- 2457 West Peterson Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60659 Contacts Mark Rodeghier (President) George Eberhart (Librarian & Archivist) 312-271-3611 Publications are : The Journal of UFO Studies and International UFO Reporter (IUR) Founded in 1973 by Dr. J. Allen Hynek A non-profit organization whose goal is to promote serious research into the UFO phenomena through the expertise of an international group of scientists, academians, and volunteers. This organization has a worldwide network of field investigators that interview witnesses, examine physical evidence and gather any other relevant information. The major purpose of CUFOS is to act as a clearinghouse - aplace where UFO experiences can be reported and researched. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was considered one of the world's pre- eminent authorities on the UFO phenomenon, first became involved with UFOs as Scientific Consultant to the U.S. Air Force from 1948 to 1968, and was Scientific Director of CUFOS until his death in 1986. He coined the phrase "close encounters of the third kind" and acted as technical advisor to director Steven Spielberg on the movie of the same name. CUFOS maintains the world's largest repository of data about UFO phenomena, second only to the US Government! This material includes more than 50,000 cases of UFO sightings and a library of more than 5,000 books and magazines, which cover all aspects of the UFO phenomena. CUFOS promotes various activities, projects, publications, symposiums, conferences, seminars and field trips to various UFO-related locations and sells journals, books, audiocassette tapes, and other publications. The "International UFO Reporter (IUR)", published bi-monthly, reports on current sightings, news and articles on current UFO topics. CUFOS also publishes the annual "Journal of UFO Studies" which presents a collection of scholarly papers on the UFO phenomenon. A $25.00 contribution entitles a member to become an ASSOCIATE of CUFOS and to receive the "International UFO Reporter" for one year. The Center publishes the International UFO Reporter 11.29: The Massachusetts Center for the study of Aerial Phenomena ------------------------------------------------------------------ 43 Harrison Street Reading, Massachusetts 01867 Contact Jim Melesciuc 617-944 0686 A loose-knit organization comprised of researchers who wish to remain unaffiliated with any specific UFO group and concentrate efforts in individual fields of interest; many members do belong to other UFO groups, such as CAUS, MUFON, CUFOS, etc. 11.30: Multi-national Investigations Cooperative on Aerial Phenomena (MICAP) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Based in Denver, Colorado. Director is Micheal Corbin. They can be reached at +1 303-431-8796. P.O. Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0928 MICAP is an international membership group dedicated to the scientific exploration of the UFO phenomenon. Membership is $30.00 per year and includes a subscription to CONTINUUM. For application, call 303-431-8797, or write to MICAP at Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172. 11.31: Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON) ---------------------------------------- 103 Oldtowne Road Seguin, Texas 78155099 Contact: Walter H. Andrus, Jr Founded in May 31, 1969 with a membership of 2500 Originally based in Illinois it was called the Mid-west UFO Network, changing its name around 1972 to Mutual to represent its growing role as a national and international group. MUFON has local groups in each State within the USA and has representatives in many countries outside the USA. Current membership number is around 4000. MUFON publishes 12 issues per year of the A4 MUFON UFO Journal : MUFON Field Investigator's Manual. The annual membership fee is 25 US Dollars or 30 Dollars for overseas members. MUFON runs a bulletin board service, contact the office for details. MUFON is non-profit, international, scientific organization devoted to studying and researching the UFO phenomenon. MUFON sponsors and conducts worldwide conferences, seminars and symposiums. MUFON members believe that a concentrated scientific study by dedicated investigators and researchers will provide the ultimate answer to the UFO enigma. State Director oversees the activities of Field Investigators through State Section Directors. An International Co-ordinator and seven Continental Co-ordinators work with Foreign Representatives in each country to investigate UFO activity. MUFON is the "parent organization" for numerous, smaller UFO research groups across the United States and around the world. Since 1970 has sponsored an Annual International UFO Symposium where scientists, engineers, university professors, and authors lecture on their particular specialization to solving the UFO enigma. The copyrighted symposium proceedings are published annually for worldwide distribution. Back issues of symposium proceedings are available. Anyone interested is invited to join MUFON by submitting a membership application and dues for approval. Other MUFON Branches: New Zealand Director for MUFON, murrayb@kiwi.gen.nz (Murray Bott) PO Box 27117, Mt Roskill, Auckland 1030, New Zealand Phone: 64-9-6315825 11.32: Mutual UFO Network of North Carolina, Inc. (MUFON-NC) ------------------------------------------------------------ 602 Battleground Road Lincolnton, North Carolina 28092 George D. Fawcett (State Director) 704-735-5725 Founded in February 1, 1990; non-profit corporation whose goal is to investigate and research the UFO enigma. MUFON-NC accepts reports of sightings, visitations, etc. and will investigate those cases with the most merit. MUFON-NC holds quarterly meetings in North Carolina on the first Sunday of February, May, August and November on a rotating basis in different cities; meetings generally run from lpm until 6pm. To join: $10 self-addressed, stamped envelope with 45 cents postage to the above address; you get forms for both MUFON and MUFON- NC. Granville Angell (Treasurer) Robert H. Hair Route 2, Box 252D Vale, 314 Wilson Street North Carolina 28168 Eden, North Carolina 27288 704-462-2303 919-627-4184 11.33: National Investigations Committeee on UFOs (NICUFO) --------------------------------------------------------- 14617 Victory Blvd Suite 4 P.O. Box 5 Van Nuys, California 91411 Dr. Frank E. Stranges, PhD. (President) 818-989-5942 Publishes the UFO Journal : Inter-Space-Link-Confidential NL Founded in July 1967 A non-profit organization whose aim is to conduct research into, and provide education about, the fields of UFOs, Space, and Science phenomena. Members are available to provide lectures throughout the world. Monthly meetings, as well as two UFO seminars per year, are held at NICUFO headquarters in Van Nuys, California. One of the world's largest collections of UFO slides, books and tapes. For more information materials write: I.E.C. Book Department, P.O. Box 73, VVan Nuys, California 91408. Anyone interested in becoming a State Director should contact NICUFO. Annual membership fees are $25.00 ($30.00 foreign) and includes a subscription to the UFO Journal magazine, which is a quarterly publication. Also available is the Inter-Space-Link- Confidential-Newsletter for $60.00 per year. Based upon their experience, members may serve in one of the following positions: Consultant, State or Provincial Director, State Section Director, Foreign Representative, Field Investigator, Research Specialist, Amateur Radio Operator, Astronomer, Field Investigator Trainee, Translator, UFO News Clipping Service, Contributing Subscriber or Associate Member (under 18 years of age). MUFON trains its Field Investigators and provides them with the "MUFON Field Investigator's Manual". Amateur Radio Networks are used to receive and disseminate UFO sighting reports and current UFO information. The time and frequencies of these broadcasts are published in the "MUFON UFO Journal." 11.34: The National Sighting Research Center (NSRC) --------------------------------------------------- P.O. Box 76 Emerson, New Jersey 07630 Bob Sylvester (Co Director) Publishes the National Sighting Yearbook since 1988. A non-profit organization composed of 6 part-time research specialists with expertise in microcomputer-based data base management systems (DBMS), statistical analysis, micro telecommunications, and trend analysis. The NSRC acts as an information- gathering organization which compiles massive amounts of data and disseminates it in the form of computerized reports, including information in statistical and graphical form. The goals of NSRC are to provide the professional UFO investigator or researcher with a computerized, highly graphical database summary of all reported sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena within the United States and a clearinghouse for UFO sighting report data; periodically release other publications, in-depth reports requested by other researchers and organizations. 11.35: Nevada Aerial Research Group (NARG) ------------------------------------------ P.O. Box 81407 Las Vegas, Nevada 8918G-1407 Val Valerian Publishes the Leading Edge : NARG AMual Journal A worldwide, New Age organization with researchers and investigators 12 countries and 37 states. The primary goals of NARG are to provide information on developments in our civilization which affect all of this planet, to investigate all processes that impede evolution, and promote an increase in the awareness level of the mass human consciousness. The NARG investigates, radionics, psycotronics, mind control, alien interaction, gravitational and crystalline technologies, overt and covert intelligence operations, systems above and below the surface of the planet, conspiracies, advances in physics, planetary power structures, foreign technology, brain machines, implant technology, human abductions and animal mutilations. Leading Edge is only available from Arcturus Book Service, PO Box 831383, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083-0023, 404-297-4624. Published 6 times a year.This is the source of the MATRIX materials. 11.36: North American Circle ----------------------------- PO Box 61144, Durham, NC 27715-1144 11.37: North American Institute for Crop Circle Research (NAICCR) ------------------------------------------------------------------ NAICCR was formed in 1990 after requests for information about North American crop circles had reached epidemic proportions. UFOROM associates, who had been regularly investigating reports and discoveries of UGMs (Unusual Ground Markings), including traces very similar to crop circles, responded to inquiries by formalising a sister group devoted to research into UGMs. NAICCR associates investigate UGMs rationally, and prepare reports on their findings. NAICCR distributes a list of known North American UGMs, based on information provided to NAICCR by co-operative researchers throughout the continent. A comparable list of British UGMs has never been available in this manner. NAICCR also publishes an annual report of North American UGM activity, with analyses and commentary. NAICCR will continue to function in the future at about the present level of activity, though it would be preferred if UGM cases would once again be studied as special cases of UFO cases, as was the case before tthat category of UGMs was raised to a separate category because of British research. NAICCR may perhaps merge back with UFOROM, if this is the case, since UFOROM had been investigating UGMs as a matter of course. NAICCR NAICCR Box 1918 [or] 649 Silverstone Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3C 3R2 R3T 2V8, Canada. 11.38: Northamptonshire UFO Research Centre (NUFORC) ---------------------------------------------------- This is a local group covering the county of Northamptonshire within England. Common name is NUFORC. Formed in 1986. Number of members about 20. Chief officers are Stephen Gamble (Chairman); Susan Pollock (Secretary) and Elsie Oakensen (Treasurer). Contact address : 30 Stonebridge Court, Lings, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England. 11.39: NORTHERN UFO NETWORK (NUFON) ----------------------------------- Formed in 1973, the Northern UFO Network or NUFON was a loose federation of local UFO groups throughout northern England. At the peak about 20 groups were members. A small newsletter called Northern UFO News was published by the group. Although the federation of groups no longer exists, Northern UFO News is still published by Jenny Randles. 11.40: Omega Communications ---------------------------- P.O. Box 2051 Cheshire, Connecticut 06410 John W. White, M.A.T. (President) Sponsors public events (seminars, lectures, symposiums, etc) to promote discussion about the UFO experience. Since 1987, Omega Communications has produced an annual symposium, "The UFO Experience" where numerous researchers and contactees are invited to talk. These proceedings are published in audio and video format available for sale. Audio and videotapes of previous conferences are available. Audio tapes are $9.00 each while videotapes are $29.95 each . Each tape is approximately 90 minutes in length. Video tapes are available only in VHS format. 11.41: ParaNet (Paranormal Network) Information Service ------------------------------------------------------- ParaNet Information Service P.O. Box 172 Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172 Voice Phone - 303-431-8796 Data BBS Phone - 303-431-8797 Publication is The Continuum : Founded in 1986 History ParaNet started on January 1, 1986 in a bulletin-board system called "The Other Side" It was one of the first BBS that gathered together various information for the pourpous of research on the paranormal. Jim Speiser was the Director of ParaNet 1986-88 at the time and wanted to bring together the three factions of paranormal debate (the skeptics, the believers, and the undecided) for public discussion of paranormal. He created ParaNet as neutral ground for the exchange of information on the paranormal.In 1988 Speiser turned over the directorship to Michael Corbin. Current Status ParaNet's basic goles are reflected in its motto: "Answering Questions, Questioning Answers". ParaNet offers investigator's raw material, in the form of sighting reports, which comes from data supplied by the public. The network concept provides the investigators and its users with immediate, one-on-one contact, and instant access to a global communications medium. ParNet also keeps it users informed major, fast-breaking stories involving the paranormal. ParaNet can be accessed in six countries on three continents. The People of ParaNet ParaNet provides access to experts through their electronic system. Its research branch is headed by Robert B. Klinn, a veteran investigator who worked for the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek. ParaNet also provides a conference on the UFO abduction experience hosted by Dr. David Jacobs, a UFO historian and author. Many different groups and researchers of the paranormal use Parenet for information exchange and discussion of ideas. Among some of them are the Bay Area Skeptics, the South Shore Skeptics, Marge Christenson, T. Scott Crain, Dan Drasin, Stan Gordon, Barry Greenwood, Budd Hopkins, Linda Howe, Phil Imbrogno, Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. Donald Johnson, Philip Klass, Bruce Maccabee, Maj. James McGaha, Dr. Mark Rodeghier, Robert Schaeffer, Tracy Torme, and Dr. David Webb, Don Ecker, Vicki Cooper and and many others. The Future of ParaNet In the future ParaNet plans to expan their network to even more cournties, increasing public education and scientific-oriented research and investigation unequaled in the field. Their focus will be directed at bringing various credible existing organizations from around the world into a better orgonized research effort. ParaNet will also turn its attention to more investigative reporting. Paranet plans to acomplish this unser their new organization known as MICAP (Multi-national Investigations Cooperative on Aerial Phenomena). (see MICAP) MICAP will be a separate non-profit research/educational vehicle with investigative ability. Publications: CONTINUUM is a publication put out quarterly by ParaNet It costs $18.00 per year. It is a very informative and diverse publication. Internet Mailings: To get the current postings from ParaNet send a mail message to: infopara-request@scicom.alphacdc.com with the word "Subscribe" in the subject line. Information about ParaNet and MICAP can be obtained by phoning 303-431-8796, or by writing to them at P.O. Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172. To access ParaNet via computer and modem, call 303-431-8797 and you will be guided through the registration process and be given choices of which level of membership you wish to acquire. ParaNet's files are available on floppy disks or hard copy. Their catalog is available for $10.00 and contains a full listing of all available files, books, and videos. Contact Michael Corbin at: ParaNet Information Service P.O. 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