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Subject: alt.tv.vr5 Survival Guide

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alt.tv.vr5 SURVIVAL GUIDE Welcome to alt.tv.vr5, an unmoderated newsgroup devoted to the discussion of Fox's science fiction/drama TV series "VR.5." Please read this Survival Guide before posting. News For 2006 - - - - - FAQ News 1.) I have completely gutted and cleaned up the FAQ. 2.) All of the websites listed have been checked and the ones no longer around are cancelled. 3.) Email addresses have been checked and/or updated. 4.) All cast and crew bios are updated. ****STATUS OF VR.5** + VR.5 no longer airs on any broadcaster in the world and there are currently no commercial reproductions of the series to be had except on eBay (http://www.ebay.com/). + Many new fans now enjoy the series through illegal downloads using bit torrent technology. + The Virtual Storm organization that nearly brought back the series as a movie is defunct. The group did eventually lobby the cable network Sci Fi (http://www.scifi.com/) to air the full thirteen episodes with success. Members of Virtual Storm more or less migrated to a general sci-fi forum called Milliways in the 1990s. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/milliways-L/). + There are some new as well as old fans that are setting up websites or maintaining the old ones through thick and thin. + One new project is the VR.5 Wikipedia encyclopedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VR.5). VR.5 fans everywhere should help to make the article the most definitive VR.5 resource out there. ***CAST AND CREW NEWS *** * Lori Singer (Sydney Bloom) returned to TV and film after a long absence. In 2005, she starred in the 8 minute short Little Victim. In 2006, she will appear in I.R.A: King of Nothing.* * Michael Easton (Duncan) has starred in several TV series since leaving VR.5. He has been a regular on a few soaps such as Port Charles and One Life to Live. He headed up two TV series in Canada called Two in 1996 and Total Recall: 2070 in 1999. In 2006 he appears in a movie called They're Just My Friends.* * Tracey Needham (Sam) has starred in a few TV series since leaving VR.5. Her last series role was in The Division (2001) airing on the Lifetime Network. Her character's name: Inspector Candace (C. D.) DeLorenzo finished off the series in 2004. She was also a series regular on JAG (1995) and Total Security (1997). In 2005 and 2006, she has made guest appearances on several series.* * Anthony Stewart Head (Oliver) has been mainly doing film work in Britain. His latest movie is Imagine Me & You in 2005. His best known work after VR.5 has been Buffy: The Vampire Slayer where he played Giles from 1997 to 2001.* * David McCallum (Dr. Bloom) has been a regular on the very successful NCIS since 2003. He was a favorite for his role in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in 1964.* * Louise Fletcher (Mrs. Bloom) has appeared in numerous film roles since VR.5. She has had three movies coming out in 2005: Fat Rose and Squeaky, Aurora Borealis and Dancing in Twilight. She played Kai Winn in Deep Space 9 through to 1999.* * Will Patton (Dr. Morgan) is one of the busiest of the VR.5 actors with extensive film roles since VR.5. His last TV series was The Agency in 2001 which ended 2003. He is in two movies in 2006: The Dog Days of Summer and Road House 2: Last Call.* * Markie Post (Alex) has guested on several TV series in recent years. Her last film role was Till Dad Do Us Part in 2001. She was in "There's Something About Mary" (1998) playing Mrs. Jensen.* * Jeannine Renshaw, creator of VR.5, is co-producer of Charmed in 2006. She worked on the Canadian series Tracker in 2001. Previous to that she was story editor on the series Level 9 for the UPN Network.* * Thania St. John, executive producer of VR.5, was executive producer of Huff for the Showtime Network in 2005. * John Sacret Young, producer of VR.5, is a producer of The West Wing in 2006. In 2004, he wrote and directed Deceit (2004). He co-created and served as executive producer of the landmark television series "China Beach. In 2005, he wrote a memoir called Remain: Non-Viewable.* * John Frizzell, composer of VR.5, is composer for four films in 2006: Black Irish, Stay Alive, First Born and The Woods.* * Rhino Records (http://www.rhino.com/) issued video/DVD releases of the VR.5 series. It is no longer in stock. Some people who have ordered the movies say that they do not have the music in some scenes because they have not acquired the rights. For people who love the music from Sarah McLachlan or Dee Carstensen, the best bet for the full 13 episodes uncut lies in trading with people who originally recorded the series or finding someone with a bit torrent copy.* * The Sci-Fi Network ran VR.5 in 1999.* * The Space Channel in Canada repeatedly ran VR.5 for the year 2000. KEEPING VR.5 ALIVE [Some definitions: Samoset Productions created and produced VR.5; Rysher Entertainment distributed VR.5; Fox broadcast VR.5 on U.S. TV.] + Fox Broadcasting Co. (http://www.fox.com/) cancelled VR.5 on 22 May 1995 because of low ratings, internal friction between members of the cast and crew, disagreements between VR.5's production companies and Fox, high production costs, and cost overruns. Each episode had cost up to $1.5 million to produce, and the dismal ratings picture couldn't justify the expense. + Nine days later, fans organized themselves into an Internet-based group called Virtual Storm, dedicated to keeping VR.5 alive. After six months of intense lobbying by phone and mail, Virtual Storm's members had succeeded in persuading VR.5 producers at Samoset Productions to begin working on a two-hour, made-for-TV VR.5 movie for Fox. European backers supported the idea and had the money in place for Rysher Entertainment to go ahead with it, and Fox had approved the movie and given Samoset/Rysher the go-ahead. It looked as if the movie was all set to be produced. VR.5 writer Jeannine Renshaw even confirmed it at an America Online conference. But for reasons that remain unclear, Fox reportedly pulled out at the request of Bob Greenblatt, Fox's vice president for programming. This effectively put the movie in limbo. ***Rysher, VR.5 Executive Producer John Sacret Young, and a few members of the cast/crew are still eager to do the movie. But without Fox's support, it's dead.*** Writers at Samoset had completed at least two drafts of the movie's storyline by the time Fox withdrew its support. VR.5 MERCHANDISE + Virtual Storm sent a formal proposal to Rysher to obtain the rights to produce VR.5-themed T-shirts, mugs, keychains, acoustic modems and other related items. Rysher rejected the proposal. We can only speculate that they believe the rights to VR.5 could be valuable in the future. + In a letter related to the merchandising situation, Paul Eagleton, vice president of domestic television marketing at Rysher, expressed his support for Virtual Storm's efforts. E-MAIL ADDRESS CHANGES [The following people, who have contributed much to the online VR.5 community.] + Jonathan Gan. + John Dobbin. + Augie De Blieck Jr. + David Shaler. + Lisa Cunningham. + Michele Santiago. VR.5 FAQ * Jonathan Gan began writing and organizing the FAQ in September 1995. Augie De Blieck Jr. took over the project. The FAQ is available at: (http://www.nic.com/~augie/vr5/index.htm) A more complete list of contributors to VR.5 can be found there. sources say... - - - - - No one has stepped forward, non-anonymously, to either confirm or deny any of the following. + John Dobbin says the VR.5 movie's storyline "was to feature stronger roles of Anthony Head and Michael Easton. resources VR.5 FAQ. The main FAQ is your definitive guide to VR.5, with character biographies, episode summaries, reviews, resources, trivia, and answers to your most niggling plot questions about the show. Everything you need to know about the series can be found here: (http://www.nic.com/~augie/vr5/index.htm) ----- Help us in our quest to convince Fox and that they should produce and broadcast a two-hour VR.5 movie. [1] Sign the VR.5 Movie Petition. A new VR.5 movie petition has be submitted to (http://www.petitiononline.com/) in 2006. "The VR.5 movie petition: Bring Back the VR.5. In 1995, the FOX network aired the TV series VR.5. On online organization called Virtual Storm succeeded in getting FOX to consider making a movie only to have the project unexpectedly dashed. The organization did succeed in getting the full thirteen episodes aired on cable channels around the world, including the Sci Fi Channel and Space, the Imagination Channel. At present, there are no broadcasts available anywhere of VR.5. The series is unavailable on DVD. This petition is a new plea (originally started in 1995) to get VR.5 released on DVD in its original form, to get a movie made of VR.5 and to get VR.5 back on television somewhere...anywhere in the world." In 1995, a VR.5 movie petition was started. Up until a few years ago, it had nearly 1000 people who had signed on. Countries represented were Portugal, Canada, the United Kingdom (including Scotland), the United States, Germany, Norway, Ireland, South Africa, Estonia, Belgium, France and Australia. [2] Write short letters to Fox Broadcasting expressing your support for a two-hour VR.5 movie. Also, please mention that you're a member of Virtual Storm, the Internet-based fan group dedicated to promoting VR.5. Send your letters to: President, Fox Entertainment Group Fox Broadcasting Company 10201 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035 Phone: 310-369-3553 (http://www.fox.com) quick q&a - - - - - + What episodes were broadcast, and in what order? + I forgot what happened in episode [something]. + I missed some episodes. Where can I get copies of them? + I live in the U.S., and didn't get to see the missing episodes. Here are all the episodes that were produced, in order: Title ----------------------------------- 1. Pilot 2. Dr. Strangechild 3. Sisters (*) 4. Love and Death 5. 5D 6. Escape 7. Facing the Fire 8. Simon's Choice 9. Send Me An Angel (*) 10. Control Freak 11. The Many Faces of Alex 12. Parallel Lives (*) 13. Reunion (*) = "Sisters," "Send Me An Angel," and "Parallel Lives" were not broadcast in the U.S. They're called the "missing episodes," and were broadcast in countries like Canada, Norway, and the U.K. Descriptions of all 13 episodes are included in the main VR.5 FAQ. Sky TV in the U.K. broadcast VR.5 out of order: Title ----------------------------------- 1. Pilot 2. Dr. Strangechild 4. Love and Death 5. 5D 6. Escape 7. Facing the Fire 8. Simon's Choice 10. Control Freak 11. The Many Faces of Alex 9. Send Me An Angel (*) 13. Reunion 12. Parallel Lives (*) They left out "Sisters" to make room for an "X-Files" documentary. VR.5 Quotes ++++++++++ Sydney Bloom: I want to know how virtual reality works. Dr. Frank Morgan: Are we communicating right now? Sydney Bloom: I guess. Dr. Frank Morgan: But you can't see me and I can't see you, is that right? Sydney Bloom: Yeah. Dr. Frank Morgan: We're both having an experience that requires each of our minds to fill in the blank. Isn't that correct? Sydney Bloom: Yeah. Dr. Frank Morgan: Well, that's it. You just had a virtual experience. ++++++++++ Sydney Bloom: Virtual Reality is real. ++++++++++ The Ten Levels of Virtual Reality VR.1: Computer screen. Flat two-dimensional projection. VR.2: Interactive (e.g., video games). User-controlled manipulation of items on a screen. VR.3: Flight simulator. The user manipulates items and objects on a screen and the simulator responds physically to those actions. This level controls the space and place containing the individual, but not the individual's senses. VR.4: Cyberspace. User is transplanted into an electronically created world. Does not involve user being in controlled environment. Equipment that can neutralize the user's sensory input necessary to alter reality (e.g., helmet, gloves, bodysuit). VR.5: Level at which Sydney initially operates. It provides a window to the subconscious mind. User is taken into the virtual world, accessed at the subconscious level. Experiences, for all intents and purposes, are real for the user. Results in little or no conscious recall of virtual experiences for participants unwillingly brought into virtual plane, yet subconscious behavior is altered, affecting real-world behavior. VR.6: This level, much like VR.5, brings the user and participant into the virtual plane. Access is at the conscious level, with both user and participant having full recall of virtual experiences. VR.7: Telepathy. Communication/experience via the mind, rather than via hardware. A cyberlink formed between the minds of two people without the need for a computer, monitor or mouse/keyboard. VR.8: The level Dr. Bloom reached. The ability to transplant or implant a single or multiple personality and life experience within the mind of the participant. Total mind manipulation. VR.9: The ability to manipulate the real world via the mind. Telekinetic abilities. The virtual becomes real, and reality becomes just one of the operating planes of the user. VR.10: All knowing, all seeing, the ability to transcend normal, natural, and physical laws governing experiences. + I'm new to the Net. Summary of Things to Remember Never forget that the person on the other side is human. Don't blame system admins for their users' behavior. Never assume that a person is speaking for their organization. Be careful what you say about others. Be brief. Your postings reflect upon you; be proud of them. Use descriptive titles Think about your audience. Be careful with humor and sarcasm. Only post a message once. Please rotate material with questionable content. Summarize what you are following up. Use mail, don't post a follow-up. Read all follow-ups and don't repeat what has already been said. Double-check follow-up newsgroups and distributions. Be careful about copyrights and licenses. Cite appropriate references. When summarizing, summarize. Mark or rotate answers or spoilers. Spelling flames considered harmful. Don't overdo signatures. Limit line length and avoid control characters. Please do not use Internet as a resource for homework assignments. + What are the asterisks? If asterisks surround a word, like *this*, read the word as if it's emphasized. + What is a flame? An emotional, often personal attack on another person's article. "I disagree with your statement because of X" is not a flame, whereas "I disagree with your moronic statement and the fact that you would say such a thing proves you're a moronic idiot" is. Flames are strongly discouraged (and rarely appear) in alt.tv.vr5. + What is a lurker? Someone who reads a group, but doesn't post. Doing so is called "lurking." + What is VR.5? Fox says it's "a science fiction/drama series that follows an ordinary telephone lineswoman who tinkers with the technology of virtual reality and is enlisted by a secret organization to aid in assignments that require more than conventional methods of solution." + What is Virtual Storm? A group of fans who like and promote VR.5. For information on what they do, and how to join, please see the VR.5 Mini FAQ. + What is: Syd? Sydney Bloom Sam? Samantha Bloom Dunc? Duncan VR? virtual reality TC? The Committee The Other? the person who is brought into VR PTB? the Powers That Be (like: "Oh, if only the PTB renew VR.5...") OS? Oliver Sampson (usually: "OS/ASH") ASH? Anthony Stewart Head VS, VStorm? Virtual Storm JSY? John Sacret Young, VR.5 executive producer/creator TSJ? Thania St. John, VR.5 co-executive producer Stormers, Virtual Stormers? members of Virtual Storm SaRF? Samoset/Rysher/FOX LS? Lori Singer MOW? Movie of the Week. The abbreviation is used here to refer to the two-hour VR.5 movie that's now in limbo. + Tell me about alt.tv.vr5. alt.tv.vr5 used to receive over 500 posts a week. Now we're down to around 2 posts on a good week. :-) The newsgroup seemed to hit periods of peak traffic -- 120 posts a day in July 1995. alt.tv.vr5 has now been accepted at thousands of Usenet sites worldwide. It's received thousands posts since it was created on 26 March 1995 and re-created on 7 May 1995 (following accepted procedure). There have been participants from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom (including Scotland), Norway, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Argentina, South Africa and Mexico, Singapore, Israel. + Tell me about the alt.tv.vr5 Survival Guide. This Survival Guide is compiled and updated by John Dobbin and posted weekly to alt.tv.vr5, alt.answers, and news.answers. You can also find it: + By e-mail: Send a message to <mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu <mailto:mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu>> containing the command "send usenet/news.answers/tv/vr5-faq/survival-guide" (without quotes). Leave the subject blank. Thanks for visiting, and welcome to the Game! -- John Dobbin john.dobbin@gmail.com Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (With the assistance of Jonathan Gan.) "With all this talk before Congress about installing "V" chips in future TVs so parents can block out violence for their children, it gave me an idea. The VR.5 Chip. No matter what channel you tune to, you get nothing but VR.5. I could live with this, as long as the TV had a Babylon 5 chip installed too." --Stanley, "Spokesman for the Committee," 28th August, 1995