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Subject: AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 1 of 4

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(last posted 1999/02/24) Here's the first of four sections of the AMC FAQ. You might want to save it to a file for reference, since it's only posted once every couple of months. The AMC FAQ is also available through anonymous ftp from rtfm.mit.edu under /pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/ or send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with any or all of: send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/general send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/actors send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/characters send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/ratsa-newsgroup If you know any of the unknown answers below, or have any additional questions & answers to add, please email me (gibbsm@ll.mit.edu). Thanks! general questions about AMC and Pine Valley: Q: Why is it called "All My Children?" Q: Where is Pine Valley? Q: What are the street names of Pine Valley? Q: What are the restaurant and store names of PV? Q: What are some of the house names, and who has lived in them? Q: Where can I get the AMC theme music? Q: What is the mailing address for AMC? Q: Where can I buy t-shirts, etc. with AMC themes? Q: Books about AMC? Q: AMC Videos? Q: Album featuring actors from AMC? Q: When did AMC start, and when did they change over from B&W to color? Q: Whose hand opened the book in the original opening? Q: When did the AMC theme song change? Q: Why is it called "All My Children?" A: Some people think the "My" refers to Kate Martin or Phoebe Tyler Wallingford. But what does the creator of the show have to say about it?... Oprah asked Agnes Nixon that question when she had a bunch of them on a special commemorating the 20th Anniversary special back in January of 1990...Agnes Nixon replied: "All My Children refers to the Brotherhood of Man (MY is God). You are All MY Children". The Great and the Least, The Rich and the Poor, The Weak and the Strong, In Sickness and in Health, In Joy and Sorrow, In Tragedy and Triumph, You are All My Children Agnes Nixon wrote this at the beginning of the first episode but unfortunately it never aired. Extra tidbit: Agnes originally wrote AMC for Proctor and Gamble for CBS but it was turned down and Agnes tossed it into her drawer at home. She went on to write for Another World for Proctor and Gamble. Then she was approached for a soap for ABC and wrote One Life to Live. Then after OLTL success, she again was approached for another soap. She said to her husband Bob, how can I possibly come up with another soap, and her husband said what about "All My Children" and Agnes took it out of the drawer and the rest is history {:-) Q: Where is Pine Valley? A: Agnes Nixon, AMC creator, said in Episodes that PV was modeled on her home town on the Main Line in the Philadelphia suburbs. However, the outside shot they occasionally show before a scene is Palmer Square in Princeton, NJ, according to Randi Schweriner (schwerin@phoenix.Princeton.EDU). Also, the exterior of Cortlandt Manor is really a mansion called Waveny in New Canaan, CT. WildWind is actually Lyndhurst, on Rt. 9, in Tarrytown, NY. It was the home of Jay Gould, the Railroad robber baron, and is open to the public. According to Ruth Warrick in her book ``The Confessions of Phoebe Tyler'' (Berkeley Press, 1982): "A careful viewer might be able to place the geographical location (of Pine Valley) a bit more specifically. It is the suburb of `Center City,' which somewhat resembles Philadelphia. And it is about ninety miles from New York City -- close enough for illicit or clandestine adventures, but distant enough to avoid Fun City's distinctive flavor. In fact, Pine Valley occupies roughly the same map position as Bryn Mawr, the affluent Philadelphia Main Line community which is the home of a famous institution of learning. Which is not surprising, since Bryn Mawr is also the home of a certain soft-spoken woman who has become something of an institution in her own right. She is Agnes Nixon, creator of One Life to Live and All My Children, and she is the acknowledged queen of daytime television serials, more commonly known as soap operas or simply soaps." One more clue that Pine Valley is actually in Pennsylvania... after Mona Kane died, her daughter found her suitcase. On the suitcase's tag was the following address: Name: Mona Kane Tyler Street: 20 Adams Street City: Pine Valley, USA State: PA ZIP: 199?? Yet another: When Erica was at the Betty Ford Center (1996), she told her roommate that she was from Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. More trivia: in early 1992: Will and Hayley were in a limo. Will said "Pine Valley, 19010" in sarcastic comparison to Beverly Hills 90210. 19010 is the US Postal code for Bryn Mawr, PA. On March 27, 1995, Kendall said "Pine Vally, 09109". This postal code is not in use in the US. There have been other clues in the show which point to the fact that Pine Valley is in Pennsylvania, but I haven't room for them all. Q: What are the street names of Pine Valley? A: River Road, Old River Road, Main Street, Route 29, Route 10, Maple Street, Front Street, Adams Street, Hillcrest (1219 is the Martin's house), Staunton Drive (where Belinda lives). Others??? Q: What are the restaurant and store names of PV? A: Here's what I came up with (if you can think of more, please let me know): McKay's The Valley Inn Restaurant The Goal Post The Serving Spoon The Hearth (Jesse used to work there) The Chateau Hal's Country & Western Bar Lacey's (the Department Store) Kelly's Foxies (Center City) Erica's Disco (burned down) The Boutique The Glamorama The Health Club The Cluck-Cluck Chicken Shack Panache (Tom's old night club) Nexus (NYC) The Country Club The Steampit (where Jesse sang) Cyclops (run by Billy Clyde Tuggle) Bruno's Pizza (Dixie & Brian used to order from there) a Diner which Jack & Angelique used to frequent The Roadside Diner (new-Laura met Janet there) The Insomniac Cafe (where Julia works) The Hunter Gallery Holidays (Hayley & Mateo's club) Q: What are some of the house names, and who has lived in them? A: Linden House (Erica) Wallingford Mansion The Gatehouse (Wallingford) (Donna, Nico & Cecily, Brooke) Wildwind (Dimitri, Erica, Edmund, Maria, Peggy, Anton) Hunting Lodge at Wildwind (Anton, Kendall, Gloria) The Penthouse (which somehow moved to the ground floor!) - (Trevor & Natalie, Jack & Laurel) Cortlandt Manor (Palmer) Chandler Mansion (Adam, Natalie, Adam) The Boat House (Trevor, Alec) The Carriage House (Stuart, Cindy, Scott) The Martin's house Next door to the Martin's (Harlan Tucker & Ellen Shepard; Devon & Wally; Carrie, Lenora & Curt; Frank & Nancy Grant; Angie & Jesse, now Trevor???) Martin's Mansion (didn't it have another name?) Myrtle's Boardinghouse (too many to mention) Pine Cone Motel (hmmmm, business or "house") The Valley Inn (ditto) Must be some apartments where Terrence, Taylor, Maria, Julia, Charlie all live, and Will used to live. The loft (Dixie & Tad, Opal, Derek & Mimi, Terrence & Livia) The Solar House where Ellen and Mark Dalton used to live? Jeremy & Natalie's dream house Trevor & Natalie's dream house Tom & Skye's house (& then Dixie & Brian, then just Dixie) (does anyone live there now?) Tom & Livia's house in Whitewood Developments The Brooke English Homeless Shelter (Laura, Janet) Pierce's hide-out near Willow Lake Q: Where can I get the AMC theme music? A: The old AMC theme is on an album by the group Flim & The BB's called "This Is A Recording" and it was written by Billy Barber. It's pretty much identical to the long version that sometimes plays over the closing credits of the show. You could also try http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/people/kennyp/sounds.html (The WWW TV Themes Home Page, maintained by Patrick Kenny), which has the 1990-1994 AMC theme. Don't ask me how to play it, though! Q: What is the mailing address for AMC? A: All My Children 320 W. 66th Street New York, NY 10023 Q: Where can I buy t-shirts, etc. with AMC themes? A: Soap Duds, Inc. P.O. Box 843 Hollister, CA 95024-0843 1-800-634-SOAP or (408) 636-8808 Fax: (800) 247-8738 or (408) 636-8738 Email: info@soapduds.com Web site: http://www.hollinet.com/~soapduds/ Q: List of some books about AMC? A: Be aware that many of the books listed below are out of print: "The Wonderful World of TV Soap Operas", printed in 1972 by Dell. Three books whose main title is "Agnes Nixon's All My Children". Each has its own subtitle: Book 1: Tara & Philip, covers 1970-1972, isbn 0-515-04892-5 Book 2: Erica, covers 1972-1974, isbn 0-515-04895-X Book 3: The Lovers, covers 1974-1976, isbn 0-515-04896-8. The author of all three books was Rosemarie Santini, published by Jove Publications, Inc./200 Madison Avenue/New York, NY 10016. The first two have a copyright date of 1980; the last was copyrighted in 1981. "All Her Children" by Dan Wakefield; Doubleday & Co, 1976 a behind the scenes story of the show by an unabashed fan. You have to stumble on it in a used bookshop. Worth finding. "The Confessions of Phoebe Tyler" by Ruth Warrick "The Soap Opera Book" by Manuela Soares, Latham Publishing, 1978 "Soap World" bu Robert LaGuardia published by Arbor House, New York 1983. ISBN: 0-87795-482-8 "Soap Opera Mania - Love, Lust & Lies from Your Favorite Daytime Dramas" by Tom Biracree. "All My Children: The Complete Family Scrapbook" by Gary Warner (email address abcgary@aol.com); Los Angeles: General Publishing Group, 1994, ISBN: 1881649458 : $25.00 (can order by phone 1-800-937-5557) "The Soap Opera Book of Lists," by Gerard J. Waggett (Harper Paperbacks, 1996) "Having It All" by Erica Kane will be on the bookstores bookshelves very soon (June 1997). Apparently one of the AMC staffers ghost wrote the book. List price of the hard cover book is $17.95, Amazon will have it for 30% less. Q: I've heard that ABC has put out some AMC videos - what are they and how can I get them? A: They should be available where most videos are sold. The first one is called "All My Children: Daytime's Greatest Weddings", and it was put out in September 1993. Another video, put out around February 1994, is "AMC: Behind the Scenes", and features Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery) guiding viewers around the many sets. Both videos are put out by "ABC Daytime Home Video", carry a retail price of $14.98, and run about an hour. A third video, "All About Erica" came out in November, 1994. Q: I've also heard that there is an album featuring people from AMC - how can I get that? RCA Victor produced a Christmas album in 1994 titled "A Soap Opera Christmas -- Holiday Songs From Your Favorite Daytime Stars" featuring some of daytime's best singers. The album features Scott Holmes (Tom, "As the World Turns"); Peter Bergman, Scott Reeves and Diana Barton from Y&R; Eva LaRue (Maria) and Tommy Michaels (Timmy) from AMC; Robyn Griggs (Maggie, "Another World"); Brad Maule (Tony, "General Hospital"); Tonya Walker of OLTL, and others. You can also purchase Louis Edmonds' "Nobody Cares About Langley" CD for $13.99 plus $2.50 shipping by writing to: Dark Shadows P.O. Box 480726 Los Angeles, CA 90048 Info source: E! Entertainment Television's PURE SOAP (July, 1994). Q: When did AMC start, and when did they change over from B&W to color? A: It first aired January 5, 1970, and it was a half-hour show for the first six years. I think they went to color in late 1971. The photo album that used to be at the beginning of the show showed a hand turning the cover. A friend told me that the photo album is Kate Martin's and that the hand turning it is hers. This would make sense since the Martins were the centerpiece family of the show. However... Q: Whose hand opened the book in the original opening? In the original, black & white opening, where Rosemary Prinz (Amy - Ruth's sister) is on the first page of the album, an unknown hand opens the book. There is no listing in the ABC AMC archives of the person performing the page turning, thus the hand remains unidentified to this day. Q: When did the AMC theme song change? A: Friday, January 5, 1990, when they aired the 20th Anniversary show, and again on Tuesday, January 3, 1995. ==================================================================== Copyright 1995-1999 Margaret Gibbs. Use and copying of this information are permitted as long as (1) no fees or compensation are charged for use, copies or access to this information, and (2) this copyright notice is included intact. ====================================================================