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Subject: AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 3 of 4

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(last posted 1999/02/24) Here's the third of four sections of the AMC FAQ. You might want to save it to a file for reference, since it's only posted once every couple of months. The AMC FAQ is also available through anonymous ftp from rtfm.mit.edu under /pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/ or send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with any or all of: send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/general send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/actors send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/characters send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/ratsa-newsgroup If you know any of the unknown answers below, or have any additional questions & answers to add, please email me (gibbsm@ll.mit.edu). Thanks! (part 3 of 4) questions about the characters: Q: Who are all of Tad Martin's mothers? Q: Who is Eric Kane? Q: What was Joe Martin's first wife's name, ........ Q: What is the parentage of Charlie Brent? Q: What is the parentage of Joey Martin? Q: Didn't Ruth have an affair with David Thornton? Q: How many times has Erica been married, and name her husbands? Q: Who is Bobby Martin, who were his parents, and where is he now? Q: How many times has Brooke been raped? Q: How old is Kendall? Q: Aren't Terrence & Taylor siblings? Q: How did Laura Cudahy die? Q: Who did Mona Kane kill? Q: How many "twins/look-alikes" have come to PV? Q: Are there any family trees available? Q: What about a history of AMC which was posted the summer of 1993? Q: Who are all of Tad Martin's mothers? A: Opal Gardner Purdy Courtland (biological), Ruth Martin (adoptive), and Nola Orsini (who mistook him for her lost son). Q: Who is Eric Kane? A: Erica's father, and Mona's first husband. He used to be a movie director, then was a clown (Barney) after presumably dying in a car accident, and then a board member of Enchantment. After selling his stock to Adam Chandler, he left town and broke Erica's heart all over again. Eric remarried Goldie Kane and they had a daughter, Silver. Erica never met them, and when Connie Wilkes showed up and pretended she was Silver. She also had no idea that Noelle (Jeremy's mystery girl) was really her sister, either. That is when she was kidnapped by Goldie and Dr. Lazar in some inheritance scheme. Q: What was Joe Martin's first wife's name, and how many children did they have? A: Joe's first wife was Helen. They had 3 children: Jeff, Tara, and Bobby. Source: AMC Family Tree published in January/February 1993 Episodes Magazine. Q: What is the parentage of Charlie Brent? A: Short answer: Charlie's parents are Tara Martin and Philip Brent. He thought his father was Chuck Tyler, but later found out that Phil was his biological father. His real name is Philip Charles Brent. Long answer: Charlie (born Philip Charles Tyler) is the biological son of Tara Martin and Philip Brent. Tara and Phil were childhood sweethearts, who made love on the night before Philip went off to fight in Vietnam. Phil was declared missing in action, and Tara found out she was pregnant. In desperation, she turned to Philip's best friend, Chuck Tyler, who was also in love with Tara, and the two were married. When Philip Charles was born, everyone assumed that he was Chuck's son (although Chuck knew better). Eventually, Philip returned, having been a prisoner of war. It was finally revealed that "Little Phil" was his son. Little Phil, who had grown up thinking Chuck was his father, refused to be known by that name any more, and took the name of Charlie Tyler. Eventually, he was reconciled with Phil, and took the last name of Brent, but kept the name Charlie. Q: What is the parentage of Joey Martin? A: Joey is the product of Ruth and Joseph Martin. However, Ruth *was* raped by Ray Gardener, confusing some RATSers into thinking that Joey is Ray's son, but he is not. Q: Didn't Ruth have an affair with David Thornton? A: Ruth & David never did have sex, though they did kiss. They went to a cabin to consummate their affair, but Ruth reconsidered at the last minute. Q: How many times has Erica been married, and name her husbands? A: Jeff Martin, Phil Brent, Tom Cudahy, Adam Chandler, Travis Montgomery, Travis Montgomery, Adam Chandler, Dimitri Marick, Dimitri Marick All in all 9 "legal" marriages. There were also two marriages to Mike Roy before Travis, but neither were legal. Erica also had relationships with Jason Maxwell (killed by Mona in self-defense), Nick Davis (Philip's father), Mark Dalton (who is her half-brother, tho they didn't know it until Mona told them... _before_ they had a chance to go too far), Brandon Kingsley (whose daughter, Pamela, had an affair with Mark Dalton), Kent Bogard (killed accidentally by Erica), Jeremy Hunter (sent by Mike to look after her), Matt Connolly (I hear that he had the hots for her, but not vice-versa), Steve Andrews/"Dave", Jackson Montgomery, and Charlie Brent (Philip's son). Q: Who is Bobby Martin, who were his parents, and where is he now? A: Bobby is the son of Joe Martin and his first wife, Helen. He was sent to the attic to get some skis, and hasn't been heard from since. He was on in 1970 only and apparently written out because the writers had nothing for him storywise. In an AOL (America On Line) interview in January 1995, Felicia Minei Behr, exec producer for AMC, said: Bobby was a character talked about in the first few weeks of January 1970, the character only appeared for one show, I think. During that show Doctor Martin, his father, told him to go up in the attic and wax his skies and he would be up in a minute. He was never seen again. Agnes [Nixon] decided it was one too many Martins to deal with and never referred to him except for one letter from camp. He has become the missing link of the Joe Martin clan and a source of amusement for all of us as well as many fans. At one point in time (years after Bobby disappeared to the attic) Opal Gardner Purdy (Cortlandt?) was locked in the Martin's attic. She was frightened by a skeleton. Was it something from Joe Martin's med school days, or was it the remains of Bobby? Well - it was wearing a ski cap that said "Bobby" on it! Yet aother sly reference to Bobby was made by Jake (Joey Martin) on 10/31/97. A skeleton was out at Myrtle's as a Halloween decoration. Allie Doyle asked Jake if that was one of his patients and he said "he's just another one of my older brothers." Q: How many times has Brooke been raped? A: Brooke was raped by Eddie Dorrance (1980). Tom's friend, Gil Barrett, tried unsuccessfully to rape Brooke (1983). Brooke was stalked by a weirdo named Harold, to the tune of "Every Breath You Take" (ca. 1985). Q: How old is Kendall? A: As of 1993, she is 23. The actress is about 16, though. When Kendall first appeared on the show, she was depicted as a teenage runaway. Once it was revealed that she was Erica's daughter, there was a large outcry from the fans, due to major continuity errors. If Kendall was, say 16, and Erica was 16, or 15, or 14 when she was raped (TPTB keep changing this one too, but I think they've finally settled on 14), then Erica would only have been 30. Since the show has been on for over 20 years, and Erica was a teen when the show started, the math is just too much to overlook. So, TPTB "aged" Kendall overnight, and suddenly there were many references to the fact that she was 23, old enough to drink, etc. They started dressing her older and changed her makeup. It is hard to suspend disbelief enough to make a 15-year-old girl be 23, but it is easier than believing that 44/45-year-old Susan Lucci is 30. Update: On April 14, 1995, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays Kendall, turned 18. Susan Lucci will be 47 on December 23, 1995. Q: Aren't Terrence & Taylor siblings? A: No, they aren't. Lucas Barnes is Terrence's natural father, but he is only Taylor's _step_father. Thus Terrence & Taylor are not related by blood, though technically they are step- siblings. Q: How did Laura Cudahy die? A: Laura was killed by Josh Waleski, an off-duty cop who had been partying at McKay's. He ran her down with his car as she dashed across Maple Street from Barbara Montgomery's house to Laura's friend's house across the street. Josh's blood-alcohol level was above the legal limit. Barbara (who was in love with Tom at the time) had been babysitting Laura, and Laura had fibbed to Barbara that she was allowed to cross the street alone. Q: Who did Mona Kane kill? A: Jason Maxwell, a boyfriend of Erica's who was trying to promote Erica as a model, and who assaulted her. Erica was still married to Jeff Martin and Jeff was standing trial for the murder. Mona had completely blocked the killing out of her mind - she did it in self-defense, and it turned out to be an accident. Q: How many "twins/look-alikes" have come to PV? A: 7 sets (see section 2 of the FAQ for details on the actors/actresses): Kitty Shea/Kelly Cole (twins) Adam Chandler/Stuart Chandler (twins) Jenny Gardner/Sheila Thomas (unrelated) Cindy Chandler/Karen Parker (sisters) Natalie Dillon/Janet Green (sisters) Tad Martin/Ted Orsini (unrelated) Will Cortlandt/Justin Carrier (unrelated) Q: Are there any family trees available? A: There's one in a 1993 Episodes magazine of many of the PV families. There's also some pretty good ones available at http://www.amcpages.com/ftrees/index.html. Is anyone up to making one up in ascii to add to this FAQ? Q: What about a history of AMC which was posted the summer of 1993? A: The history of AMC came from a magazine (Daytime Digest), and thus to include it in the FAQ may be an infringement of copyright. Ordering information is: Everything You Wanted To Know About All My Children (Daytime Digest, Vol. 11, No. 3, Sept. 1993) Address: The Sterling/McFadden Partnership 355 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017 Cost: $2.95 plus .50 postage and handling ==================================================================== Copyright 1995-1999 Margaret Gibbs. Use and copying of this information are permitted as long as (1) no fees or compensation are charged for use, copies or access to this information, and (2) this copyright notice is included intact. ====================================================================