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Archive-name: tv/christy-faq Posting-frequency: monthly last-modified: 1999/07/14 URL: http://members.xoom.com/christy_show/    added: .gifs for all available Christy video/book titles as well as
some of the commercially available stills (#7, 8, 14, 27 - website only); added URL for John Schneider's website (#12); new URL for Christy Home Page (#26); new URL for Stewart Finlay-McLennan Home Page (#25); updated Kellie Martin links (#20); updated SFM's contact information (#24)      ALT.TV.CHRISTY FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) This FAQ was created in order to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on alt.tv.christy  Please read the FAQ before posting to the group.  This document will be posted monthly on alt.tv.christy and the alt.tv.christy FAQ website.  http://members.xoom.com/cuttergap/faq.html You can also receive a copy by e-mailing Caroline Kent at caro@earthlink.net.  Any questions, comments, or ideas should also be sent to the above-mentioned address.  Copyright © 1999 by Caroline Kent.  All rights reserved. 1.  What is alt.tv.christy? 2.  Who is Christy? 3.  Is Christy a real person? 4.  Does Cutter Gap really exist? 5.  Did Leonora marry the doctor and live happily ever after? 6.  So the book isn't a true story, right? 7.  Is the book still in print? 8.  Is the author still living? 9.  My eight-year-old daughter loved the series and wants to      read the book.  Is there a children's version of   "Christy?" 10.  I've only recently heard about the television show.  When      did the series air? 11.  I loved the show and was disappointed when it was canceled      by CBS.  Where can I write to show my support and voice my desire      for future episodes? 12.  Will there ever be a sequel to the last-run episode,      "The Road Home?" 13.  I missed the first run episodes of "Christy".  Is the show      currently in syndication? 14.  I don't get Paxnet in my area.  How can I get a      copy of the episodes? 15.  Help!  I missed last Sunday's episode.  How can I find out      what happened? 16.  Where was "Christy" filmed? 17.  Can I visit the set? 18.  Why wasn't Christy filmed at the original mission site? 19.  I'm a big fan of Kellie Martin's.   Where can I write to her? 20.  Where can I find pictures of Kellie? 21.  Is there a Christy Mailing List? 22.  Is there a Kellie Martin mailing list? 23.  Who is SFM? 24.  I'm a big fan of Stewart Finlay-McLennan.  Where can I write      to him? 25.  Is there a Stewart Finlay-McLennan website? 26.  Is there any information about "Christy" available on the WWW? 27.  Where can I get a picture of the cast? 28.  Where can I find copies of the episode scripts? 1.  WHAT IS ALT.TV.CHRISTY? Alt.tv.christy is an Internet Usenet group created for the fans of the television show "Christy."  It is place where members can post their opinions about the show, storylines, characters, and actors, their hopes and dreams for future episodes as well as plans and ideas for supporting and bringing back "Christy" to network television. 2.  WHO IS CHRISTY? Christy is Christy Rudd Huddleston, the heroine of Catherine Marshall's best selling novel "Christy," which was published in 1967.  In the winter of 1912, nineteen-year-old Christy left her Asheville home to teach at a mission school in Cutter Gap, Tennessee.  The book tells the story of the many hardships that Christy encountered during her first year in Cutter Gap and how she survived them through determination, courage, and faith in God. 3.  IS CHRISTY A REAL PERSON? The character of Christy was inspired by Catherine Marshall's mother, Leonora Whitaker Wood who taught at a Presbyterian mission school in Del Rio, Tennessee from 1910-1912. 4. DOES CUTTER GAP REALLY EXIST? Cutter Gap in reality is Morgan Gap, which is located in Cocke County Tennessee.  El Pano is really Del Rio, Tennessee a mountain community also located in Cocke County. 5. DID LEONORA MARRY THE DOCTOR AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER? In real life, Leonora Whitaker married the Rev. John Wood, who was the minister at the mission. 6.  SO THE BOOK ISN'T A TRUE STORY? The book is faction- part fact and part fiction.  In the prologue of "Christy" Catherine Marshall writes: "And suddenly, I understood how the story should be written - through mother's eyes, as I had seen it all along.  Only from the beginning, my imagination had taken hold of the true incidents and had begun shaping them so that now, after so many years, I myself scarcely knew where truth stopped and fiction began.  Therefore, though so much of the story really happened, I would set it down in the form of fiction." 7.  IS THE BOOK STILL IN PRINT? Yes.  "Christy" is available in paperback at your local bookstore.  If you prefer an audio version, you can order the three-tape set, which is narrated by Kellie Martin from Audio Renaissance by sending your check or money order for $19.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling to:                Audio Renaissance                5858 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 205                Los Angeles, CA 90036 The number is 1-800-452-5589 or you can e-mail them at AudioRen@aol.com.  The cost of the audiotape is $19.95. If you have RealAudio installed on your computer, you can listen to Kellie Martin read the first chapter of  "Christy" on Adam Meath's Christy - The Home Page - http://members.xoom.com/christy_show/ The audio version is available from www.amazon.com as well for $15.96 plus shipping. 8. IS THE AUTHOR STILL LIVING? Catherine Marshall passed away March 18, 1983.  Her mother, Leonora Whitaker Woods, died six years later.  The two women are buried side by side in Fort Lincoln Cemetary near Washington, D.C. 9.  MY EIGHT-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER LOVED THE SERIES AND WANTS TO READ THE BOOK.  IS THERE A CHILDREN'S VERSION OF "CHRISTY?" Yes, there is a hardcover version of "Christy" available for children. You can find it in the "Inspirational" section of your local bookstore.  It is also available at www.amazon.com for $10.99 plus shipping. C. Archer has written an adaptation of the series for young adults containing expanded adventures. Twelve volumes have been published so far. The titles are: 1.  The Bridge to Cutter Gap 2.   Silent Superstitions 3.   The Angry Intruder 4.   Midnight Rescue 5.  The Proposal 6.  Christy's Choice 7.  The Princess Club 8.  Family Secrets 9.  Mountain Madness 10. Stage Fright 11.Goodbye, Sweet Prince 12. Brotherly Love The paperback books retail for $4.99 ($3.99 at www.amazon.com) and are published by Word Publishing. You should be able to find them in most quality book stores. 10.  I'VE ONLY RECENTLY HEARD ABOUT THE TELEVISION SHOW.  WHEN DID THE SERIES AIR? "Christy" debuted Easter Sunday, April 3, 1994 on CBS and was the highest-rated series for an Easter Sunday in six years.  Twenty episodes of "Christy" which starred Kellie Martin, Tyne Daly and Tess Harper, were filmed.  Four of those segments were originally telecast as two-hour specials.  Six episodes aired in the spring of 1994.  A Thanksgiving special was broadcast on November 24, 1995 and the remaining episodes ran during the spring and summer of 1995.  The episodes are as follows: First Season: 1. Christy (PILOT)   CBS Air Date:  April 3, 1994 Nineteen- year-old Christy Huddleston leaves her home in Asheville to teach in the poverty-stricken community of Cutter Gap.   2.  Lost and Found CBS Air Date:  April 7, 1994 Rob Allen enters a writing contest and Little Burl is injured when he falls through a crevice in the rocks. 3.   Both Your Houses CBS Air Date:   April 14, 1994 Opal's baby girl dies.  Tom McHone seeks refuge at the mission after being shot and accused of telling the authorities about the moonshining operation. 4.   A Closer Walk CBS Air Date:  April 21, 1994 Christy is introduced to Aunt Polly and David rubs Ault Allen the wrong way. 5.   Judgement Day CBS Air Date:  April 28, 1994 Dr. Ferrand, mission director, pays a visit to Cutter Gap.  Christy receives a large number of donations from Ashville, including equipment to hook up a phone line to El Pano. 6.   Eye of The Storm CBS Air Date:  May 5, 1994 Dr. MacNeill tries an experimental procedure on Becky O'Teale in hopes of curing her trachoma, Miss Alice disproves of Christy's friendship with Neil. 7.   Amazing Grace CBS Air Date:  May 5, 1994 Christy meets Hattie McHabe, Theodore S. Harland arrives to record the folklore of the cove, and Miss Alice's daughter, Margaret, returns from "the dead." Second Season: 8.  The Sweetest Gift CBS Air Date:  November 24, 1994 Cutter Gap prepares for Thanksgiving by holding a turkey hunting contest.  Christy's father arrives for a visit and suffers a stroke. 9. To Have and To Hold CBS Air Date:   April 15, 1995 David proposes to Christy and Ida prepares to marry her penpal, Clarence Sweetwater. 10.  The Hunt CBS Air Date:  April 22, 1995 David's childhood friend, songbird Sissel Jorgensen, arrives for a visit.  Sam Houston and his dog, Singer Lee, search for the great white buck. 11.   A Man's Reach CBS Air Date:      April 29, 1995 Rob Allen is offered a college scholorship. Zady Spencer feels left out when Christy begins spending so much time with Rob, tutoring him for his entrance exam. 12.   Ghost Story CBS Air Date: June 14, 1995 Christy and her students set out to disprove a superstition and take a field trip into a cave. Ruby Mae discovers that she is related to a famous heroine. 13.   Echoes CBS Air Date: June 21, 1995 Christy and Miss Alice journey back to Freedom, Kentucky, the site of her first mission. Neil discovers that David proposed to Christy. 14.  The Lie CBS Air Date: June 28, 1995 Dan Scott tries to make friends with the Spencers, John Spencer becomes enamoured of Christy and Bessie Colburn spreads a malicious rumor. 15.  Green Apples CBS Air Date: July 5, 1995 Dr. MacNeill puts the mission under quarantine after an outbreak of scarlet fever. 16.  The Hostage CBS Air Date: July 12, 1995 Christy is taken hostage by a man who blames Dr. MacNeill for the death of his wife. 17.  Babe In The Woods CBS Air Date: July 19, 1995 Christy finds an abandoned baby in the woods and reconsiders David's marriage proposal in order to adopt it. 18.  Second Sight CBS Air Date: July 26, 1995 A visiting mission benefactor seeks to acquire land for his lumber business. 19.  The Road Home CBS Air Date: August 2, 1995 Series Finale.  Margaret returns to the cove and Christy is torn between her feelings for David and Neil. 11.  I LOVED THE SHOW AND WAS DISAPPOINTED WHEN IT WAS CANCELED BY CBS. WHERE CAN I WRITE TO SHOW MY SUPPORT AND VOICE MY DESIRE FOR FUTURE EPISODES? Below are the addresses and phone numbers of all four major networks as well as The Family Channel and MTM Entertainment, Inc. CBS                  marketing@cbs.com                           (212) 975-4321 - New York                           (213) 852-2345 - California PROGRAMMING:      Although CBS does take into account all of your comments regarding show cancellations, scheduling and programming the method your concerns/comments will have the most influence is if sent through email (audsvcs@cbs.com) snail mail or phone to:          Ray Faiola     CBS Audience Services     524 W. 57th     New York, NY 10019     Phone: (212) 975-3166 They are open between 10-11:30 am and 2-3:30 pm EST           Send your suggestions/story ideas to:           Maxine Bates Story Coordinator      CBS Law Department      CBS TELEVISION CITY      7800 Beverly Blvd.      Los Angeles, CA  90036            Mr. Peter Lund      President, CBS Broadcast Group      51 West 52nd Street      New York, NY 10019      Mr. Les Moonves      President, CBS Entertainment Group      7800 Beverly Blvd.      Los Angeles, CA 90036      (213) 852-2600          Ms. P.K. Candaux      CBS Television City      7800 Beverly Blvd.      Los Angeles, CA 90036 Other Networks:                FOX                 http://www.foxnetwork.com                          foxnet@delphi.com      Fox Television      40 W. 57th Street      New York, NY  10019      Fox Broadcasting Company      P. O. Box 900      Beverly Hills,  CA 90213 NBC                  http://www.nbc.com                 (818) 840-4444                          NBC Television Network      3000 W. Alameda Ave      Burbank, CA  91523      30 Rockefeller Plaza      New York, NY 10020 ABC                  http://www.abctelevision.com                           abcaudr@ccabc.com      ABC Television Network      2040 Avenue of the Stars      Century City, CA  90067      77 West 66th St.      New York, NY 10023      The Family Channel  (714) 759-7685 - California                                           (804) 459-6000 - Virginia                                           fami00a@prodigy.com                                           http://www.famfun.com      The Family Channel      2877 Guardian Lane      Virginia Beach, VA 23452 MTM  Entertainment, Inc. (818) 755-2400      MTM Entertainment, Inc.      12700 Ventura Blvd.      Studio City, CA 90604 12.  WILL THERE EVER BE A SEQUEL TO THE LAST-RUN EPISODE, "THE ROAD HOME?" Supposedly, John Schneider has obtained the rights to the story and is planning to produce and star in three new Christy movies which will air on Paxnet during the upcoming Christmas holidays.  If you'd like to show your support for the series and let Paxnet know how much you'd enjoy seeing more Christy movies in the future,  you can write the network at: PAX TV 601 Clearwater Park Road West Palm Beach, FL 33401 www.pax.net Phone - (561) 682-4335 Fax - (561)659-4252 Tim Johnson, Sr. VP, Programming Paxson Communications 10880 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1200 Los Angeles, CA 90024 You can also register your support for the show at Sonja's new website - "Christy" The Series Fans Unite!  http://members.xoom.com/ChristyFans/christyfan.html She has a guestbook specifically set up where fans can voice their support for Paxnet,  comment on the importance of family programming, and request new episodes of "Christy." To keep abreast of the latest John Schneider happenings and news about the new Christy movies, visit the The Official John Schneider Website. http://www.johnschneider.com/front.html For those of you who who can't wait for the new movies,  there's "Choices of the Heart," a story that I've written that (hopefully!) provides a satisfying conclusion to the Christy-Neil-David cliffhanger that was presented in the last run episode of the series, "The Road Home."  If you'd like to read more about "Choices of The Heart," you'll find more information along with a posting of the first chapter on Christy - The Home Page http://members.xoom.com/christy_show/ or Caro's Christy Pics. http://members.xoom.com/cuttergap/chapter1.html Jill Kirkley has also written two sequels of her own to the last-run episode, entitled, "Somewhere Between Dances" and "A Time To Dance."   You can also find a copy of both on Christy - The Home Page http://members.xoom.com/christy_show/ Several members of the Christy mailing list have created conclusions of their own to "The Road Home." New stories are posted periodically to the group and mailing list.  If you're interested in reading any of the various fanfic, Siobhan Gormley's has them archived on her alt.tv.christy round robin website. http://members.tripod.com/~RoundRobin/ 13.  I MISSED THE FIRST RUN EPISODES OF "CHRISTY".  IS THE SHOW CURRENTLY IN SYNDICATION? Christy is currently airing on  Paxnet, a new Christian-oriented cable channel, on Sunday's at 5 p.m. EST.  Please check with your local cable company for channel info and availability in your area. 14.  I DON'T GET PAXNET IN MY AREA.  HOW CAN I GET A COPY OF THE EPISODES? MTM Entertainment, Inc. has now released the entire series on video cassette.  You can find them at your local Christian bookstore or through "Focus on the Family."   You can send a $20.00 ($26 in Canada) check or money order made payable to "Focus on the Family" to:                Focus on the Family                Colorado Springs, CO 80995 You can place an order using your credit card by calling 1-800-232-6459 Mon-Fri 6:00 am to 7:30 pm MST, Sat 7:30 am-4:00 pm MST. You can FAX your order and credit card information by  calling (719) 531-3424. You can e-mail your order and credit card information to backtalk@aol.net for those of you on America Online. Or for those of you on the Internet, you can e-mail  cordpt@fotf.org. Amazon.com (www.amazon.com) also offers several of the "Christy" videos (Christy Family Classics) at the price of $16.99.  You can also order the entire series from GospelDirect for $17.95 per tape plus shipping.  Or you can order the entire series for $116.95.  You can place your order via GospelDirect's website http://www.gospelcom.net/gci/mc/welcome.html or by calling 1-800-467-7353. 1.  Christy Premier Episode (Christy Family Classics) 2.  The Sweetest Gift (Christy Family Classics, vol. 2) 3.  A Closer Walk/Both Your Houses (Christy Family Classics, vol. 3) 4.  Lost and Found and Judgement Day (Christy Family Classics, vol. 4) 5.  Eye of the Storm/Amazing Grace (Christy Family Classics, vol. 5) 6.  To Have and to Hold/The Hunt (Christy Family Classics, vol. 6) 7.   A Man's Reach/Secret Story (Christy Family Classics  Vol 7) 8.  Echoes/The Lie (Christy Family Classics, vol. 8) 9.  Green Apples/The Hostage (Christy Family Classics, vol. 9) 10. Babe in the Woods/Second Sight (Christy Family Classics, vol. 10) 11. The Road Home/The Miracle of Christy (Christy Family Classics, vol. 11) TimeLife Video  has now released the entire series of "Christy"  on video. For only $4.99 (plus shipping and handling) you can purchase the pilot.  If you decide not to keep the pilot you can return it with no questions asked.  If you do decide to keep it, you'll receive new episodes each month for $19.99 plus $3.49 shipping and handling. You can cancel at any time and you're not under any obligation to purchase any of  the videos.  If you join, you'll receive a free complimentary gift -  a Christy Daily Journal - which is a blank hardback book filled with inspirational quotes.  (Note: If you don't want to subscribe to the TimeLife Video series you can still obtain a copy of the Christy Daily Journal from Amazon.com www.amazon.com  Amazon offers it for $5.59). The address is: TimeLife Video 1450 E. Parham Road Richmond, Va.  23286-4257 http://www.timelifecs.com 1-800-245-8181 I, myself, subscribed to the series and have been impressed with the quality and packaging of the episodes. Here's a list of the entire "Christy" series,  as packaged by TimeLife.  I've included a description of the front/back cover of each tape that I've received so far. 1. Premiere Movie (Front Cover - closeup shot of Christy.  Back Cover - school/church) 2.  Lost & Found/Both Your Houses (Front Cover - full-length shot of Christy standing in front of lake holding parasol.  Back Cover - another view of the Lake) 3.  A Closer Walk/Judgement Day (Front Cover - closeup shot of Christy smiling holding student's slates. Back Cover - headshot of David Grantland) 4. Eye of The Storm/Amazing Grace (Front Cover - full-length shot of Christy sitting in swing. Back Cover  headshot of Miss Alice) 5. The Sweetest Gift (Front Picture - full-length shot of David, Neil, Christy and Miss Alice standing in front of Thanksgiving feast - Back Cover - half-length shot of Neil, Julia, William and Christy ) 6.  To Have and To Hold/A Man's Reach (Front Cover - close-up of Christy holding parasol - Back Cover -  headshot of David) 7.  The Hunt/Ghost Story (Front Cover -  close-up of Christy. Back Cover - headshot of Miss Alice) 8.  Echoes/The Li e (Front Cover -  full-length shot of Miss Alice, Christy, & Daniel Scott.  Back Cover - headshot of Miss Alice, Christy, Coby, & Jessie) 9. The Hostage/Green Apples (Front Cover - full-length shot of Christy, kneeling in field.  Back Cover - headshot of Daniel Scott)   10. Babe In The Woods/Second Sight (Front Cover - full-length shot of Christy.  Back Cover - view of the mountains from the schoolyard with swing and teeter-totter in foreground) 11.  The Road Home (Front Picture - half-length shot of Christy, Miss Alice, Neil, David, and Daniel Scott.  Back Cover - small, singular shot of Neil) 15.  HELP!  I MISSED LAST SUNDAY'S EPISODE.  HOW CAN I FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED? I've written a review of each episode which you can also find on Adam Meath's  Christy -The Home Page http://members.xoom.com/christy_show/ 16. WHERE WAS "CHRISTY" FILMED? "Christy" was filmed in Townsend, Tennessee on a 400-acre farm owned by Ed Abbott. The original Del Rio location was too difficult to reach and the area around Townsend was comparable. 17.  CAN I VISIT THE SET? The area where "Christy" was filmed is on private property and is closed to the public. Several members of the group recently had the pleasure of attending ChristyFest '99, a gathering of Christy fans from the Internet group  alt.tv.christy and the Christy mailing list in Townsend on the weekend of June 25th-28th.  One of the highlights of the get-together was a trip to the filmsite where a sermon was given by David Lambert (Orter Ball O'Teale) on the steps of the church/schoolhouse. If you weren't able to attend ChristyFest '99 and would like to read about the events that took place, you can find a short review and pictures of the gathering at  Caro's Christy Pics http://members.xoom.com/cuttergap/ Sonja also has some lovely pictures of ChristyFest '99 posted to her Stewart Finlay-McLennan website. http://welcome.to/SFMcLennan 18. WHY WASN'T CHRISTY FILMED AT THE ORIGINAL MISSION SITE? The site of the original school is difficult to reach and the area around Townsend is comparable. 19.  I'M A BIG FAN OF KELLIE MARTIN'S.  WHERE CAN I WRITE TO HER? You can write to Kellie at the following addresses: Kellie Martin The Gersh Agency 232 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 274-6611 or: Kellie Martin Feren Communications 380 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1059 New York, NY 10168 20.  WHERE CAN I FIND PICTURES OF KELLIE? There are currently five web sites dedicated to Kellie Martin, each containing images available for downloading.  They are as follows: Caught in Kellie's Web http://www.kellie.com That Blue-eyed Girl http://members.aol.com/Despera619/homepage/page1.htm The Best of Kellie Martin http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/1313/k-martin.html The Kellie Martin News Channel http://www.joes.com/home/markrabo/ Look At Kellie Martin! http://www.netwiz.net/~bds4me/index.htm For additonal news and information about Kellie Martin and her career, check out the Kellie Martin usenet group alt.fan.kellie-martin 21.  IS THERE A CHRISTY MAILING LIST? Yes.  Subscribing to the Christy Mailing List is really simple. All you have to do is visit http://listmaster.iinet.net.au , scroll down the list and click 'Christy'. On the subscribing page fill in your e-mail address and click the subscribe button. That's it! Isn't technology grand? Once you've finished the daunting task above, you can post to the list by sending e-mail to christy@gospel.iinet.net.au. How to unsubscribe: If you decide to unsubscribe from the list, all you need to do is visit http://listmaster.iinet.net.au , follow the Christy link, fill in your e-mail address in the appropriate box, and then click the unsubscribe button. How to join the Christy 'digest' list: The Christy "digest" list is a special weekly message that gets forwarded out every Sunday. All the most important conversations are included, along with general news and updates. To join this list send a request to: almeath@opera.iinet.net.au 22.  IS THERE A KELLIE MARTIN MAILING LIST? Yes.  To subscribe to "The Kellie Martin Mailing List,"  visit Caught in Kellie's Web http://www.kellie.com/mailing_list.html and follow the instructions given: Once you've subscribed, you can send messages to the list at the following address: kmml@stargame.org 23.  WHO IS SFM? SFM stands for  "Stewart Finlay-McLennan,"  the actor who portrayed Dr.  Neil MacNeill.  You might also see Stewart affectionately referred to as "The Doctor of Love" on the newsgroup or mailing list! 24.  I'M A BIG FAN OF STEWART FINLAY-MCLENNAN.  WHERE CAN I WRITE TO HIM? You can write to Stewart Finlay-McLennan at: Stewart Finlay-McLennan c/o Stewart Finlay-McLennan Fan Club P.O. Box 183 Burnsville, MS 38833 Stewart also has a new fan club that was established and maintained with his full support! If you'd like to join, you can find instructions on how to do so at The Stewart Finlay-McLennan Fan Club Page http://www2.tsixroads.com/~sonja1/sfmclub.html 25.  IS THERE A STEWART FINLAY-MCLENNAN WEBSITE? Yes.  Sonja has created a wonderful Stewart Finlay-McLennan website specifically dedicated to our favorite "Doctor of Love." http://welcome.to/SFMcLennan 26.  IS THERE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT "CHRISTY" AVAILABLE ON THE WWW? Yes.  Christy - The Home Page is a comprehensive source for Christy-related information. http://members.xoom.com/christy_show/ Also, check out Connie's Catherine Marshall's Masterpiece: Christy http://members.tripod.com/~Constance_2/index.html This is a web site dedicated to the inspiring novel by Catherine Marshall, and the exciting CBS television series that followed. You can find a comprehensive list of Christy-related websites at Christy The Series Webring Page http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=christyring;list You can also find information about the show and the actors at: Internet Movie Database http://www.msstate.edu/Movies/search.html Also, be sure to visit Christy - The Musical Home Page. http://www.christy-musical.com/ Previously shown at the Smoky Mountain Outdoor Amphitheater in Townsend,Tennessee (the film site of "Christy") the musical told the story of Christy's love for the people, her dedication and her desire to help the folks of Cutter Gap. The musical ended a successful three year run at the amphitheater in 1996.  Hopefully, the musical will find a new home soon! There's a wonderful "Christy" history section  located on Christy - The Musical Home Page. http://www.christy-musical.com/history.htm The page provides information about the original "Christy," Leonora Whitaker Wood,  and the mission in Del Rio, Tn., There's also a fabulous array of photos of  the original site, current views of the CBS "Christy" TV series location sites and a shot of Leonora Whitaker Wood ("Christy") and  "Christy's" husband - Rev. John Ambrose Wood (or Rev. David Grantland) 27.  WHERE CAN I GET A PICTURE OF THE CAST? Write to "Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store, Inc." and ask for a list of all available stills from "Christy."  Be sure to enclose a SASE.  The address is: Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store, Inc. 242 W 14th ST. New York, NY 10011 (212) 989-0869 Here's a list of the Christy-related stills that are available from Jerry's.  All stills are color photos and are $5.00 each.  TV-42867        FPCU    TYNE DALY in black jacket and hat holding on                 hips looking off to side looking angry trees in bg TV-42866        FFFP    RANDALL BATINKOFF squatting on grassy                 hill turning head looking at you TV-42868        FF      TYNE DALY walking leading horse trees and                         plains in bg TV-42869        MS      KELLIE MARTIN in cloak standing looking off                         unbuilt building in bg TV-42873        FFFP    STEWART FINLAY-MCLENNAN kneeling in                         grass looking at you (this is a good one!) TV-42874        FPMS    KELLIE MARTIN in blue dress hand at throat                         holding hat looking toward side grassy plain                         in bg TV-42875        FPCU    KELLIE MARTIN in blouse hand on hip looking                         off other hand at collar trees in bg TV-45556        FFFP    KELLIE MARTIN in white dress outside on swing                         looking up TV-455557       FFFP    KELLIE MARTIN in white dress swinging on                         swing turning head looking at you TV-43679        FPMS    KELLIE MARTIN, TYNE DALY  two others at                         picnic table church in bg smiling at you FF= FULL FIGURE: ENTIRE BODY IS SEEN IN SHOT CU= CLOSE UP: WAIST UP OR CLOSER MS=MEDIUM SHOT: AS SEEN FROM MEDUIM DISTANCE, MAY OR MAY NOT SHOW ENTIRE BODY LS-LONG SHOT: SEEN FROM GREAT DISTANCE WITH SUBJECT SMALL FP-FORMAL PORTRAIT: HEAD SHOT, USUSALLY WITH BLANK BACKGROUND POSED FFFP=FORMAL PUBLICITY PORTRAIT FULL FIGURE BG=BACKGROUND You can also find some great pictures captured from the various episodes on my website - Caro's Christy Pics.  http://members.xoom.com/cuttergap/ There's also a lovely selection of Christy-related photos on Cliff Gidden's Caught in Kellie's Web website. http://www.kellie.com 28.  WHERE CAN I FIND COPIES OF THE EPISODE SCRIPTS? "Christy" scripts are available from: Hollywood Book & Poster Co. P.O. Box 539 Los Angeles, CA 90078 Phone: (323) 465-8764 Fax:       (323) 465-0413 The cost to purchase each of the scripts is $10.00 plus $3.00 s/h. Scripts for the following episodes are available: 1.  The Killing* 2. The Hunt 3.  Second Sight 4.  Hostage 5.  Green Apples 6.  Ghost Story 7.  Sweetest Gift** 8.  The Road Home 9.  The Pilot*** *Early version of "Both Your Houses" **Sold in two parts ***$15.00 Send corrections/additions to the FAQ Maintainer: caro@earthlink.net (Caroline Kent) Last Update July 14 1999