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Subject: British Comedy: The Young Ones FAQ (1/2) v1.43

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Young Ones FAQ (1/2) v1.43 Created and maintained by Andrew Wong ( BritCom@audiophile.com ) Last updated 13 September 1997 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1. What is THE YOUNG ONES ? 2. How did it start? 3. What were the episodes ? 1. Demolition 2. Oil 3. Boring 4. Bomb 5. Interesting (the gang hold a party) 6. Flood 7. Bambi (the gang go to the launderette, and University Challenge) 8. Cash 9. Nasty 10. Time 11. Sick 12. Summer Holiday 4. Who were the regular cast and crew ? 5. What have they done since ? 1. Adrian Edmondson 2. Rik Mayall 3. Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall 4. Nigel Planer 5. Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall and Nigel Planer 6. Christopher Ryan 7. Alexei Sayle 8. Ben Elton 9. Lise Mayer 6. Merchandise 1. Videos 2. Books 1. Batchelor Boys:The Young Ones Book (Updated!) 2. Neil's Book Of The Dead 3. Singles 1. Cliff Richard and The Young Ones:Living Doll 2. Neil: Hole in my shoe 3. Neil: My White Bicycle 4. Album - Neil: Neil's Heavy Concept Album 7. Other articles on the Internet 8. Contributors and thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is The Young Ones? The Young Ones is a British-made television sitcom made in 1982 and 1984, about four totally mis-matched students sharing a house together in the early 1980s. But like all classic television programmes, it transcended its' roots to become the classic British comedy series of the early 1980s, helping to launch the then-alternative comedy scene into mainstream TV culture. Like Monty Python in the 1960s and The Goodies in the 1970s, it occasionally went into surreal sketches and characters that retained a vague, at best link to the main narrative. Almost every significant "alternative" British comedian of the late 1980s and 1990s were featured in The Young Ones, either on screen or behind the scenes. People such as Chris Barrie, Robbie Coltrane, Ben Elton, Dawn French, Stephen Fry, Hale & Pace, Lenny Henry, Hugh Laurie, Norman Lovett, Griff Rhys Jones, Tony Robinson, Jennifer Saunders, Mel Smith, and two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson got their first starts on television through The Young Ones. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ How did it start? During the late 1970s to early 1980s, the British "youth" culture was (yet again) in a vague alternative rebellion. Punk had hit the music culture, with bands like The Sex Pistols spitting on stage, and saying naughty swear words on live television, shocking mainstream conservative Britain. The comedy scene was no exception. Alternative comedians were now coming to the fore, with their brand of "toilet" humour mixed in with a bit of left-wing political satire and a few swear words. During this time, Rik Mayall (Rick), Adrian Edmondson, (Vyvyan) and Ben Elton had all graduated with a drama degree from Manchester University, and headed for The Comedy Store in London. This was the "centre" of the alternative-comedy scene. Ben Elton established himself as a stand-up comedian and became the main compere at the Comedy Store. Mayall and Edmondson had set up a double-act called Twentieth Century Coyote, and then later created the manic "Dangerous Brothers" - a clear template for Rik and Vyvyan. Nigel Planer (Neil) and Peter Richardson (later in The Comic Strip) were also a double-act entitled The Outer Limits. The original plan for The Young Ones would have throw these two double-acts together. However, for some reason Peter Richardson either rejected the idea, or was not considered. Apparently, (according to someone who spoke to Adrian Edmondson), Ben Elton wanted to replace him, but the production team felt he was a better writer than actor. At this time, Christopher Ryan (a stage actor, not a comedian) was in a play called CAN'T PAY, WON'T PAY. Andy De La Tour (an alternative comedian) recommended him for the role, Paul Jackson (the producer) saw him at the play, and the rest is history... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- What were the episodes? There were two series of six episodes each, making a grand total of twelve episodes. First, I will quote the backsleeve of the relevant episode from the BBC video, followed by any comments I may have. The scripts for each episode may be available illegally from the British Comedy Library at http://www.audiophile.com/BritCom/index.html --------------------------------------------------------- Season 1 (1982) DEMOLITION "Fascist oiks at the Town Hall want to demolish the house. Why bother with Vyv around to do the business for them ?" This was the pilot episode, and it shows. All the essential elements that made The Young Ones what it is is there in one form or another, but some elements of the characters are expanded upon here and others contracted. Mike is more of a self-styled ladykiller, Neil keeps trying to commit suicide, Rick's poetry and love of Cliff Richard is more fanatical, and Vyvyan makes his entrance through a wall. The band playing in the living room is NINE BELOW ZERO. OIL "As Rick, Vyv, Neil, and Mike move into their new house, the talking statue at the front door begins an odyssey of zaniness that is to culminate in a worker's revolution and a fully-fledged benefit concert in the front room." Moving into an new house, Vyvyan finds oil in the basement. This was made six months after Demolition, yet transmitted the week after it. Infamous moments from this one include Buddy Holly singing about insects, the two hard-working executives taking a holiday in front of a 20-watt bulb, Neil having six pairs of arms and Radical Posture / Alexei Sayle singing about Dr. Marten boots. BORING "Is life really that boring for the four students ? A terrorist siege in their own house; a visitation from Hell; a fairy tale world that flourishes while they are asleep. And yet they are so B-O-R-E-D that Neil is driven to dig himself in a grave and Vyv chops his finger off." It's an average boring normal day in Studentville - or is it? This features a walk down Abbey Road (in London) to the Kebab and Calculator (in Bristol), the three bears, a red dwarf from Hell called Footoomch (sp?), Vyvyan's mother, and Madness singing House Of Fun. Anyone who was in Studentville will know days like this :-) BOMB "A potentially explosive situation erupts when a bomb falls on the house .... But worse ! The TV licence man calls." The lads find an atomic bomb and try to auction it to the highest seller. This involves Neil painting himself white to deflect a nuclear blast, the Dicky and Dino show, and Dexys' Midnight Runners singing "Jackie Wilson said" in the toilet. Footage of a plane dropping the bomb precedes the credits. "Haven't you really got anything better to do" fact: - Notice that when the gang switches on the TV to find out what's going on, the picture of the test card is actually stuck onto the TV, and the camera swings around to hide this fact after the TV has outlived its' usefulness... INTERESTING "It's party-time ! Where else could you mingle with the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, a giant sandwich and a singing tomato? Pretty amazing stuff eh ? Just ignore Neil's boring hippy friend chilling-out in the fridge ... " This one features Jennifer Saunders with toy mice in her handbag, Neil on the moon, Rick's sociology professor Jim Morrison, Cinderella and Santa Claus. The song is "You're My Kind Of Climate" by RIP, RIG AND PANIC, featuring a young Neneh Cherry. If you've ever held a party as a stoodent, you may well sympathise with this one.. FLOOD "While London floods, Rick tries to elevate proceedings with a game of hide-and-seek. Meanwhile his sociology file is set on fire by Vyv, Mike's room is occupied by a pride of lions, and landlord Alexei Sayle turns into an axe-wielding homicidal maniac." It starts with the guys being bored, and Neil repeatedly bashing himself in the face with a frying pan. The guys also try to eat Neil when he returns from the supermarket empty-handed. Vyv hides in the wardrobe and ends up in Narnia. No band or music. -------------------------------------- Season 2 (1984) BAMBI "Who produced the world's stickiest bogey and the world's stupidest bottom-burp ? Who's smashing the oiks on University Challenge and who's swotting away for teacher like a total spasmo?" The lads compete on a game show (representing Scumbag College) against some upper-class students from Footlights College, Cambridge while The Elephant Man tries to convince Tony Robinson that he is an elephant. Probably the most famous episode, this is especially appreciated after exams! This features Motorhead performing Ace Of Spades with a rare 4-piece line-up, and lots of British stars of the future, including someone who will later fall to pieces in front of 500,000,000 viewers across the world... CASH "Hey man ! It's really weird ! Strange things keep happening. Like plates are disappearing and the tables keep, well, shrinking. Looks like there's a poltergoost in the house...." Our heroes find themselves running out of money, Vyvyan announces his pregnancy and Neil becomes a police officer. The song is Subterranean Homesick Blues performed by (amongst others) Jools Holland, Glen Tilbrook, and Stewart Copeland (of The Police). NASTY "Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, Vyv is now a video head and Neil's wearing a dress because some really selfish negative vibe merchant boarded up his bedroom. Only pop music can save them now." The video revolution catches with the gang as they decide to rent some nasty videos with plenty of sex and violence. Of course, a vampire (naturally from South Africa) tends to ruin things. The band playing in the living room are The Damned with Video Nasty. This episode has a different beginning sequence, presenting the episode as if it were a horror film. TIME "Vyv's being violently and copiously sick because Rick's like scored with a chick and the whole house has like gone through some kind of time warp." Can it be true ?!! Rick found a girlfriend ?!!! This episode also starts with different credits, a Dallas parody featuring a secretary typing with her nipples... The band are Amazulu, performing "Moonlight Romance" SICK "There's bogeys on the blankets and snot on the sheets when Neil and the others come down with the worst colds in the history of civilisation !" Neil has a cold, and even Vyvyan's cure of drilling a nail in his head doesn't quite work, which is a pity since it sparks off a street riot. They're also taken hostage by Brian Damage, an escaped murderer. But their troubles are forgotten as the real horror happens - Neil's parents come to tea!! Also features a good parody of "The Good Life" (aka "Good Neighbors" in the US), Madness singing "Our House" and the return of Vyvyan's mother. SUMMER HOLIDAY "Hey, everybody ! School's out ! Hurray ! Hurray ! Except, like there's nothing to do, man, apart from getting on a big red bus and having a really explosive trip. It should be pretty good fun, actually." In the final episode, the summer holidays beckon. Rick's parents die, and they are all thrown out of the house with no money. Will Rick be forced to sell his body ? What will our intrepid heroes do next ? The music is brought to you by John Otway, singing Body Talk. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who were the regular cast and crew? Rick, the political anarchist studying Sociology (or was it Domestic Science?) who was a poetic genius, adored Cliff Richard and rude words, was played by RIK MAYALL. Vyvyan, the violent medical punk student who liked lager and curries was played by ADRIAN EDMONDSON. He had orange hair and four metal stars glued to his forehead. The back of his jacket says VERY METAL. His little pet was Special Patrol Group (SPG), a Scottish hamster with an attitude.... Neil, the lentil-loving depressed hippie studying Peace Studies and occasionally abused by his friends was played by NIGEL PLANER Mike, the cool "straight" one who has lots and lots of girlfriends (or so we think) and incriminating photos of the Dean, was played by CHRISTOPHER RYAN The writers were: * Ben Elton (also a stand-up comedian) * Lise Mayer (still writing sketches) * Rik Mayall Additional material was by Alexei Sayle. The director was Geoff Posner. The producer was Paul Jackson, who went on to produce Red Dwarf, and was head of programming at Carlton Television... Ed Bye was a production assistant. He later went on to direct GIRLS ON TOP, promoted as the "female Young Ones" and starring French and Saunders. He directed some episodes of Red Dwarf and now directs and produces The Full Wax. He's also married to Ruby Wax. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- What have they done since? Adrian Edmondson * Bottom (with Rik Mayall) * Absolutely Fabulous - a food reviewer * The Comic Strip Presents...Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase as Gregory * If you see God, tell him (1993) He is married to Jennifer Saunders (writer and star of Absolutely Fabulous) and on a Hysteria AIDS benefit concert said "You might remember me .. I used to be very funny. But it's been a long time since The Young Ones, and I've just come to this benefit to boost my sadly flagging career, though I don't know what the f**k this do is all about." He also co-wrote a book entitled How to be a Complete B*stard. His first novel, The Gobbler, is now available in paperback. Please refer to the Adrian Edmondson FAQ for more info. Rik Mayall * Shock Treatment as Ricki, the male nurse * The New Statesman as Alan B'stard, a right-wing Tory MP * Drop Dead Fred - his first Hollywood movie with Phoebe Cates * Rik Mayall Presents.... - a series of six 60-minutes TV films * Blackadder 1: final episode as Mad Gerald * Blackadder 2, Blackadder Goes Forth: Lord Flash-heart and much much more. Refer to the Rik Mayall FAQ for more details. Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall * The Dangerous Brothers - made before The Young Ones were written. * Waiting for Godot: the stage play * Bottom (with Rik playing Richard, and Adrian playing Eddie Hitler) * Blackadder Goes Forth (Private Plane) Nigel Planer * King and Castle as a pacifist martial artist employed by a debt collection agency * Roll over Beethoven: a short-lived ITV sitcom with Liza Goddard. * Trials of Oz: played John Peel (Radio 1 DJ) in a re-enactment of The Trials Of Oz * Brazil (film) as one of the technicians unable to plug the hole in Buttle (or is it Tuttle?)'s ceiling * Yellowbeard (film): bit part * Blackadder The Third (Nob and Nobility) as Lord Smedley * Nicholas Craig Masterclasses as a pretentious actor doing 10-minute acting lessons on BBC2. Brilliant ! * Bonjour La Classe as a French teacher * The Comic Strip Presents...Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase as the psychiatrist * An American Bud Lite commerical as a restaurant reviewer * Shine On Harvey Moon * A constable in one of Granada's Sherlock Holmes adaptations He has also co-written a novel with Robert Llewelyn (Kryten, Red Dwarf) entitled "Therapy - How to Avoid It". Priced at ?10, the ISBN number is 0 340 64905 4. He also contributed a foreword to "Zen and the Magic of Roundabout Maintenance", a book about the Magic Roundabout written by Dougal and Zebedee (well, actually Roger Planer). The ISBN number is 0 14 090379 8, and was priced at ?4.99 Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall and Nigel Planer * Filthy, Rich and Catflap * The Comic Strip Presents... Eat The Rich with Rik as the Union organiser, Nigel as the unemployment office worker, and Ade as an obvnoxious posh guy. * The Comic Strip Presents... Bad News - a spoof British heavy metal band, like Spinal Tap. They had the dubious honour of performing with Weird "Al" Yankovic on his version of Bohemian Rhapsody... * and many other COMIC STRIPS, which deserve an FAQ of their own... Christopher Ryan * Waiting for Godot - the stage play (with Rik and Adrian) * Santa Claus The Motion Picture - one of the elfs * Doctor Who: Trial of a Time Lord (Mindwarp) * One Foot in the Grave - a plumber * Absolutely Fabulous: Edina's first husband with a horrible New-Age American wife * Bottom - as Hedgehog, in Accident, Holy and Parade (with Rik & Ade) * Back To School, Mr. Bean * Only Fools and Horses He's predominately a stage actor, and was in Guys And Dolls and Off The Ledge. Alexei Sayle * Alexei Sayle presents... STUFF * The Alexei Sayle Show * Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade * Dr Who: Revelation of the Daleks * Paris * Gorky Park - as a black marketeer in Moscow * Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special Ben Elton (writer, playwright, actor/comedian) * Co-wrote Blackadder 2, Blackadder 3 and Blackadder Goes Forth. * Released many comedic albums, including Motormouth, and Motorvation. * Written four novels - Stark, Gridlock, This Other Eden, Popcorn * Written three plays - Gasping, Silly Cow, Popcorn * Co-hosted Friday Night Live and Saturday Night Live (UK) * Much Ado About Nothing (1993) - as Verges, Michael Keaton's sidekick * Stark (1993) - a BBC-ABC (Australian) co-production, as CD. * The Thin Blue Line (1995,1997) - a sitcom set in a police station starring Rowan Atkinson, with Ben Elton as writer and producer For more info, please refer to the Ben Elton FAQ Lise Mayer * Paramount City (London Underground - U.S.) - producer * No Cure For Cancer - worked with Denis Leary * Montreal Comedy Festival - wrote a sketch with Rowan Atkinson as a Canada tourism salesman * Amassed Hysteria! - co-edited the book with Rachel Swann. She was the girlfriend of Rik Mayall at the time - until he left her when she was pregnant for his current wife (at least according to a feature on him in GQ Magazine). She has also allegedly "dated" with Rowan Atkinson, Harry Enfield and Angus Deayton... though she's collaborated with Angus Deayton on a number of writing duties. -------------------------------------- For more information on the other actors mentioned, try other sections of the British Comedy Library, refer to other World Wide Web sites, or E-mail me (britcom@audiophile.com) -- I may have the press biographies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merchandising Video United Kingdom ============== All 12 episodes are available on two double-tape packs from BBC Video, on PAL VHS Hi-Fi Stereo tapes for ?16.99 per double-tape pack. Each double-pack lasts about 200 minutes long, and is rated 15. They were released by BBC Enterprises in 1992, and the video catalogue numbers are BBCV 4788 and BBCV 4789. There is also a compilation tape, called THE VERY BEST OF THE YOUNG ONES, which has the episodes Bomb, Boring, Bambi, Interesting, and Summer Holiday. On PAL VHS tape, it costs ?12.99, and the video number is BBCV 5361. United States and Canada ======================== CBS FOX have now released all the episodes of The Young Ones onto 4 NTSC videotapes priced at $14.98 (Can$ 16.95 ?) each. Each tape contains three episodes, consisting of : Tape 1 Oil, Boring and Flood No. 5402 Tape 2 Bambi, Nasty and Time No. 8440 Tape 3 Cash, Interesting and Summer Holiday No. 8441 Tape 4 Demolition, Bomb, and Sick No. 8442 These Young Ones tapes should be available from your local video retailer (such as Suncoast,.Best Buy and National Record Mart) - or these outlets: MediaMart at http://www.mediamart.com/sales They seem to be the cheapest at US$12.99 per tape VideoFlicks at http://www.videoflicks.com Located in Toronto, they charge US$13.99 (CAN$ 17.99) per tape A1 Video at http://www.a1video.webway.com They charge US$14.98 per tape VideoFinders 425 E Colorado Street Glendale CA 91205 Tel: +1 800 343-4727 Direct Video Tel: +1 800 461 1651 Videofinders charge $67.42 for the entire set, which includes postage and packing. Don't forget to tell whoever you order from that the British Comedy Library on the Internet sent you here! You may care to note that the tapes have not been issued in order of broadcast release, and the videos have been edited in some areas, presumably for copyright reasons. Cash has been edited, so as not to feature the "Subterranean Homesick Blues" musical segment. What happens is that SPG shouts "Don't tell 'em you're a pacifist!" and there's a crossfade to outside the recruitment office, with new incidental music. Also in Nasty, the sequence of Neil in the darkened bathroom singing "Hello Darkness, my old friend" has also been cut out. If you want the complete Young Ones, without edits, then there are specialist video retailers in North America, who may have an NTSC copy of the Complete Young Ones, and plenty of other British programmes, including: The WVIZ Store BFS 1108 South Park Center BFS Inc. Strongsville, Ohio 44136 350 Newkirk Road North UNITED STATES Ontario L4C 3G7 Tel: (216) 846-8793 CANADA Tel. +1 800 268 3891 Netherlands =========== You can buy two subtitled Young Ones video tapes in the Netherlands: SCV 36129: contains Bambi, Nasty, Time SCV 96064: contains: Cash, Interesting, Summer Holiday The tapes are marketed by Warner Home Video, and can be obtained at Free Record Shops and some video rental shops in the Netherlands for about Hfl 30 Sweden ====== Melody Line sells The Young Ones double-video packs, as well as other British comedy videos. They are on the Web at http://www.melodyline.se, and their Email address is melody.line@mailbox.swipnet.se. You can also call them on +46-31-17 39 50; or fax them on +46-31-13 97 95. -------------------------------------- Australia and New Zealand Japan Head of Marketing (Video) Head of Marketing Polygram Video Pony Canyon Video Inc. Unit A 3-3-5 Kudan Kita 122 McEvoy St. Chiyoda-Ku Alexandria Tokyo 102 NSW 2015 JAPAN Tel. 612 318 8666 Tel: 813-3221-3151 Fax: 612-319-4758 Fax: 813-3221-3168 Elsewhere... The BBC Shop P.O. Box 1QX Newcastle Upon Tyne NE99 1QX UNITED KINGDOM Tel. +44 (0) 191 222 0381 BBC Video Enterprises (consumer inquiry line) Tel. +44 (0) 181 576-2236 Otherwise you'll have to buy all 12 episodes on PAL format from the BBC, then find a nice willing person with an NTSC/PAL/SECAM converter (as appropriate). You could get together with others and share the costs. With postage and packing, both tapes would cost ?51.48. If you're interested, let me know... Books BACHELOR BOYS - THE YOUNG ONES BOOK =================================== First published in 1984, it was last re-printed in the UK in 1989, with an Australian re-print in September 1993. Edited by Terence Blacker, the ISBN number is 0 7221 5765 7. It's currently out of print, but you may be able to track it down via out-of-print specialists Skoob, in London on +44 171 404 3063. It was published by Sphere Books, 27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5TZ, UK but they may well have moved on from there. It's a book written by the "gang" and contains tips on how to cheat in exams, how to spot a French exchange student, the joys on hitch- hiking, an interview with David Bowie, and nude shots of the boys!! It also gives the full names of the gang : * Neil Pye * Vyvyan Basterd * Mike TheCoolPerson NEIL'S BOOK OF THE DEAD ======================= Kristen Mirenda says : "A sort of parody of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The book was basically Neil's philosophy of life and a guide to living a Neil-like hippyish alternative-lifestyle. It featured such things as a guide to determining your health through urine color; Neil's reminiscences of his first drug experience; some quasi-pagan rituals; and how to write a job application that will guarantee you don't get hired. Brief mention is made of his roomate Rick but other than that I don't remember any YO references." The US ISBN no. is 0-517-55964-1. Again, this is out of print, and even I don't have a copy! Singles Cliff Richard and The Young Ones : Living Doll ============================================== As part of the Comic Relief fund-raising drive in 1986, this single was released, which hit no.1 in the UK charts in March 1986. It was also performed live at the Comic Relief concert, available on video. It was on WEA Records, catalogue YZ65 for the 7" version. It states on the sleeve "Coming soon: the book, the LP, the chocolates..." :-) A video was made to accompany the single, which deviated quite a bit from the single, and also featured Hank Marvin from The Shadows (Cliff's original backing band....) The video is available from most of the Comic Relief compilation tapes that are invariably released around the next Comic Relief telethon. The song was also performed for the Comic Relief concert, but a few changes were made. It was announced that the total and utter king of rock and roll was in fact John Craven (a newsreader who specialised in reading the news to children from 8 to 15). The B-side to that was (ALL THE LITTLE FLOWERS ARE) HAPPY. A transcription of this is available from the FTP sites Neil - Hole In My Shoe ====================== A cover of the old 1960s classic, it got to no.6 in the UK charts. A 12" of this song was also released, which apparently is roughly the same, but with extra bits (talking and freaky sounds) tagged on at the end. To promote the single, Neil/Nigel performed Hole In My Shoe live on TOP OF THE POPS. It was quite a memorable performance because half way through it he stumbled and knocked down the scenery (some Athenian-style pillars) and this was transmitted live... It has apparently become an oft-repeated clip, and is embedded in BBC2's "Boxpops" show. Neil - My White Bicycle ======================= As a result of the success of Hole in My Show, this single was released and an album duly made. The B-side was Cosmic Jam and both tracks can be found on the album. A 12" version was also released. It was released on WEA Records (1984), and the 7" catalogue number is YZ30. Album Encouraged by the success of Hole in My Shoe, an album duly followed, called NEIL'S HEAVY CONCEPT ALBUM, produced by Dave Stewart (not from the Eurythmics, but the one who did IT'S MY PARTY with Barbara Gaskin). Hole In My Shoe is on that album, as is a track entitled Lentil Nightmare. The back cover is like the Sgt Pepper back cover with black words on a red background, and a group photo at the bottom, with three Neils facing forward and another with his back to the camera. The sleeve notes are available, if you so desire. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other items on the Web This is part one of the Young Ones FAQ - part two goes into much greater depth, and is available from the British Comedy Library, along with many other FAQs, scripts from most episodes and a transcript of the B-side to Living Doll. The British Comedy Library is on the Web at http://www.audiophile.com/BritCom/index.html, and contains all the above information plus this FAQ in Web format, with extra graphics! I also maintain the Rik Mayall FAQ, the Adrian Edmondson FAQ and the Ben Elton FAQ. I did have a copy of an interview I did with Christopher Ryan but that seems to have mysteriously disappeared... If you can find it, let me know! If you have any material, please let me know so I can incorporate it here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contributors and thanks This was once a small document before it mutated out of all control, thanks partly to the folk below... * Paul Herzog for transcribing quite a few scripts! (Must be bored...) * Bill Houston and his friend for transcribing NASTY. * James Kew for co-ordinating most of this stuff on ze 'Net... * Alexander Lum for his valiant efforts to produce a FAQ. * Chris McCulloch, for transcribing some more scripts! * Kristen Mirenda (mirenda@panix.com) for transcribing Bambi and CASH, other items and pointing out other factual errors. * Kristin Sabo for giving me some source information. Thanks also go to "Baron Mind", Roderick Begbie, Oliver Bertrand, Paul Burgin, Greg Cawthorn, Paul Claypole, Nick Cole, Mike Coughlin, Jon Drukman, Michelle Fox, Chris Grace, Paul Herzog, Stuart Jackson, Bert Keuken, Paul Lee, "Fingers Malone", Ryan Mooney, Rick Moore, Greg O'Beirne, Russ Perry Jnr., James Poole, Steve Rapport, Mike Richards, Simon Rowell, Annie Sattler, Cameron Shepherdley, Stephen Slater, Michelle Street and Roger Walker. I would like to thank all the above, and anyone else I haven't named for their help and contributions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- That concludes the Young Ones FAQ. All opinions are mine unless otherwise stated, and I take no legal responsibility for any crossed lines that occur as a result of this document... If you're after British books and audio books, may I recommend Bookpages, a British-based Internet bookstore at http://www.bookpages.co.uk/m/a If you want any British videos or other items, sometimes I can endeavour to get them for you, and I can accept most currencies. Let me know... If you have any queries, questions, corrections or comments, please write to me at BritCom@audiophile.com or consult my Web pages at http://www.cyberjunkie.com/andreww/index.html This FAQ is postcard-ware i.e. if you truly like it, then I would appreciate a postcard from you! My address is: 10 Gerllan, Tywyn, Gwynedd, LL36 9DE, UNITED KINGDOM. My name was Andrew Wong, thank you and goodnight ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright @1997 Andrew Wong E-mail: BritCom@audiophile.com Last updated 13 September 1997 Andrew Wong WWW: http://www.audiophile.com/BritCom/index.html -----x----- Internet: BritCom@audiophile.com Rick: "Honestly, I don't know why I Take a candle to the British Comedy bother sometimes..." Library above for FAQs, biogs, Vyv: "I don't know why you bother ever." images, sounds and interviews!