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Subject: alt.comedy.british FAQ (4/4) Buyer's Guide

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alt.comedy.british FAQ ====================== Part 4: Buyer's Guide --------------------- Version 2.01 Compiled by James Kew, j.kew@ic.ac.uk. Copyright 1994, 1995 James Kew. Reproduction in unaltered form for non-profit use is encouraged. Any other reproduction is prohibited without permission. Vendor details are for information only. I have no connection with any companies listed in this FAQ. Do not bend, fold, spindle or mutilate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contents -------- 1. Where can I buy copies of my favourite comedy? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Where can I buy copies of my favourite comedy? ------------------------------------------------- A word about video: The PAL format used in the UK and elsewhere is incompatible with the American NTSC format; British videotapes won't play in American machines. A few multiformat machines are available in the domestic market; there are also a number of services for format conversion, but neither are cheap. Many BBC comedies are distributed under licence on NTSC video by CBS/Fox or, more recently, by BBC/Lionheart TV, a BBC Enterprises subsidiary. Call them for more info and a useful catalogue: Lionheart Television 630 Fifth Avenue Suite 2220 New York, NY 10111 Tel: 212-705-9300 The following mail-order vendors sell NTSC tapes: Critics' Choice Video Telephone 1-708-775-3355 (information, Mon-Fri 0700-2100, Sat 0900-1700 CT), 1-800-367-7765 (orders, 24h; Spanish-speaker available during hours above), 1-800-727-2900 (TDD, hours as above) or fax 1-708-775-3355. Critics' Choice Video, P.O. Box 749, Itasca, IL 60143-0749. Fusion Video Telephone toll-free 1-800-959-0061 or write Fusion Video, 17311 Fusion Way, Country Club Hills, IL 60478-9906. Ask for their catalogue "The British Video Collection". Laughinghouse Video Telephone 714-956-9032 (1030-1800 pacific time) or write P.O. Box 8572, Anaheim, CA 92812-0572. Email contact Michael Walsh (MrWally@ix.netcom.com). Laughinghouse can import PAL-format videos and provide a "free" NTSC copy. Their 500 page/6000 title British TV and film catalogue costs $10, and includes a $5 discount coupon for use on your first order. It's also available in a PC version (Windows 3.1, supports 16 colours, 256 preferred) at the same price. Also available: import music, multimedia titles, and books (as yet no catalogue). Signals Telephone toll-free, any time, 1-800-669-9696, or write Signals, WGBH Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 64428, St. Paul, MN 55164-0428. They accept major credit cards over the phone and take checks with mailed orders. They have a few different catalogues; request the video catalogue. The Video Catalog Telephone toll-free any time 1-800-733-2232 or write P.O. Box 64267 St. Paul, MN 55164-0267. They also offer a custom order service, "Video Trackers". Call 1-800-71VIDEO (1-800-718-4336), toll-free between 0700-0000 CT; if the title you want is currently available, they'll find it for you. Video Collectables Telephone toll-free 1-800-268-3891 (USA), 1-800-387-5758 (Canada) or write Video Collectables, 350 Newkirk Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4C 3G7. They'll mail you a free catalogue. You could also try calling your local PBS station, they may have tapes of the show you want for sale. BBC Video handle UK (PAL) releases of BBC shows on video; contact them for information on current and upcoming releases: BBC Video BBC Enterprises Ltd 80 Wood Lane London W12 0TT Tel: 0181 576 2236 (Consumer Inquiry Line) The BBC World Service Shop no longer does mail-order; a new service, BBC Direct, operates a mail-order service but at present only for UK customers: BBC Direct Limited First Avenue Globe Park Marlow Bucks SL7 1YA Tel: 0800 258259 Fax: 0800 654653 The BBC Shop in Newcastle, UK, is recommended by several readers for fast and helpful service, and will happily ship overseas. Videos are of course in PAL format. The BBC Shop PO Box 1QX Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 1QX UK Tel: +44 191 222-0381 DSL sell BBC videos and BBC Radio and Audio Collection tapes; postage is free in the UK, overseas orders are accepted: DSL PO Box 357 London SW19 8BT U.K. Fast Forward carry 16,000 titles; a catalogue is available for #2.99. Fast Forward Units 9/10, Sutherland Court Tolpits Lane Watford Herts WD1 8SP England Tel: +44 1923 897080 Fax: +44 1923 896263 John Fitton has been recommended as a good source for UK-released PAL videos; they also carry a lot of SF merchandise. Credit cards are accepted: John Fitton (Books & Magazines) 1 Orchard Way Hensall, Nr. Goole North Humberside DN14 0RT Tel: +44 1977 661048 Fax: +44 1977) 662501 PastelBlue sell cassettes, CDs, videos and computer games by email; send a messages containing the line "HELP" to search@postel.demon.co.uk for more information. They accept overseas orders and credit cards (with an approval procedure). http://www.demon.co.uk/pastel/ British comedy books can often be ordered through your local bookstore; ask them about it. The following bookstores have been recommended by readers of this FAQ: Cinema Books 4753 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98105 Tel: 206-547-7667 The Good Book Guide specialises in shipping books overseas from the UK, and also carry a range of video (PAL only) and cassette tapes. Subscription to their monthly catalogue costs #22 UK, #26 Europe, and #31 outside Europe; you don't need to be a subscriber to take advantage of their service. The Good Book Guide 24 Seward Street London EC1V 3GB U.K. Tel: +44 171 490 9905 (orders) or +44 171 490 9900 (customer service) Fax: +44 171 490 9908 Other UK bookstores you could try are: Blackwell's Extra 50 Broad Street Oxford OX1 3BQ U.K. Tel: +44 1865 792792 Fax: +44 1865 261355 Dillons Direct PO Box 1992 Epping Essex CM16 6YB Tel: 0345 125704 (UK, local rate), +44 171 439 9921 (overseas orders) Fax: 01992 524552 (UK), +44 171 494 1313 (overseas) YOUR INPUT IS REQUESTED! If you've had success or a bad experience with a source listed here, or if you're discovered a great source that's not listed here, let me know! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ James Kew, j.kew@ic.ac.uk, May 1995 _____________________________________________________________________________ James Kew Vauxhall, London "You know, I'm longing to hear about your tadpoles. Hang on a minute while I slip into a gossamer trenchcoat." -- E.L. Wisty's Tadpole Expert fantasy