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The "soc.culture.thai Frequently Asked Questions" periodic postings are divided into 6 parts plus an index. Requests for inclusion, correction or update can be made by posting a public message or follow-up to this FAQ. The current release of these FAQs can be fetched by anonymous FTP from rtfm.mit.edu (or its mirror sites) under directories: /pub/usenet/news.answers/thai /pub/usenet/soc.answers/thai /pub/usenet/soc.culture.thai The current copy of the FAQs can be viewed by appropriate tools at the URLs http://www.nectec.or.th/soc.culture.thai/index.html ftp://ftp.nectec.or.th/soc.culture.thai TABLE OF CONTENTS TECHNICAL FAQ Networking and Software * Networking N.1) Network map N.2) Domestic host count N.3) NSFnet network statistics N.4) Network resources N.5) Commercial network access (revised) * Thai software S.1) Microsoft Windows 3.1 Thai Edition * Business B.1) Domestic computer market ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TECHNICAL INFOTMATION This part describes technical aspects of Thailand particularly Information Technology and Science and Technology Development activities. ------------------------------ Subject: N.1) Network map Domestic IP network topology NIDA TU-----TU | KKU Rangsit `\ MOPH| SUT / STOU BOT TIAC `\ | | | /' RU /' CAT `\_____\_`\ | | | /'_/'__/'__/' UUNET/Alternet-------------N E C T E C---------KMITNB | | | |`\`\`------MUA AIT----' | | `\ `\`-----KMITT | | `\ PSU `\ UUNET---------Chula | SU `\ `---KU---StJohn /' | `\ KMITL PSU Chiangmai | `\ Pattani AU `Mahidol Legends ======= AIT Asian Institute of Technology {Pathumthani} AU Assumption Univiersity, formerly known as Assumption Business Administration College -- ABAC BOT Note Printing Works, Bank of Thailand CAT Communications Authority of Thailand Chiangmai Chiangmai University {Chiangmai} Chula Chulalongkorn University KKU Khon Kaen University {Khon Kaen} KMITL King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang Campus KMITNB King Mongkut Institute of Technology, North Bangkok Campus {Nonthaburi} KMITT King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Thonburi Campus KU Kasetsart University, Bangkhen Campus Mahidol Mahidol University, Phayathai Campus MOPH Ministry of Public Health MUA Ministry of University Affairs NECTEC National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (MoSTE) NIDA National Institute for Development Administration PSU Prince of Songkhla University, Haad Yai Campus {Songkhla} PSU Pattani Prince of Songkhla University, Pattani Campus {Pattani} RU Ramkhamhaeng University, Huamark Campus StJohn St. John College STOU Sokhothai Thammathirat Open University {Nonthaburi} SU Silapakorn University SUT Suranaree University of Technology {Nakornratchasima} TIAC Technical Information Access Center, NSTDA, MoSTE TU Thammasat University, Thaprachan Campus TU Rangsit Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus {Pathumthani} ------------------------------ Subject: N.2) Domestic host count As of July 25, Thailand has: Found 0 hosts within th Found 0 hosts within or.th Found 35 hosts within nectec.or.th Found 1 gateway host within nectec.or.th Found 12 hosts within links.nectec.or.th Found 1 duplicate host within links.nectec.or.th Found 0 hosts within go.th Found 1 host within moph.go.th Found 1 host within mua.go.th Found 1 host within ac.th Found 3 hosts within ru.ac.th Found 3 hosts within nida.ac.th Found 9 hosts within kmitl.ac.th Found 0 hosts within arch.kmitl.ac.th Found 0 hosts within grad.kmitl.ac.th Found 5 hosts within sci.kmitl.ac.th Found 1 host within rector.kmitl.ac.th Found 1 host within erc.kmitl.ac.th Found 19 hosts within crsc.kmitl.ac.th Found 1 gateway host within crsc.kmitl.ac.th Found 31 hosts within lcad.crsc.kmitl.ac.th Found 62 hosts within mclab.crsc.kmitl.ac.th Found 58 hosts within ce.kmitl.ac.th Found 2 gateway hosts within ce.kmitl.ac.th Found 0 hosts within inded.kmitl.ac.th Found 0 hosts within lib.kmitl.ac.th Found 44 hosts within net.kmitl.ac.th Found 13 gateway hosts within net.kmitl.ac.th Found 0 hosts within it.kmitl.ac.th Found 0 hosts within agri.kmitl.ac.th Found 9 hosts within eng.kmitl.ac.th Found 1 gateway host within eng.kmitl.ac.th Found 18 hosts within ait.ac.th Found 19 hosts within cs.ait.ac.th Found 2 hosts within staff_lan.ait.ac.th Found 2 duplicate hosts within staff_lan.ait.ac.th Found 10 hosts within chiangmai.ac.th Found 1 host within kmitnb.ac.th Found 1 duplicate host within chiangmai.ac.th Found 1 host within ritnet.ac.th Found 7 hosts within tu.ac.th Found 13 hosts within chula.ac.th Found 2 extrazone hosts within chula.ac.th Found 2 hosts within netserv.chula.ac.th Found 5 hosts within acc.chula.ac.th Found 5 hosts within cuuc.chula.ac.th Found 5 hosts within csc.chula.ac.th Found 2 hosts within atccu.chula.ac.th Found 1 host within md.chula.ac.th Found 4 hosts within car.chula.ac.th Found 3 hosts within eng.chula.ac.th Found 2 hosts within stou.ac.th Found 7 hosts within mahidol.ac.th Found 1 gateway host within mahidol.ac.th Found 1 host within sut.ac.th Found 19 hosts within au.ac.th Found 40 hosts within s-t.au.ac.th Found 2 hosts within su.ac.th Found 2 extrazone hosts within su.ac.th Found 701 hosts within psu.ac.th Found 1 gateway host within psu.ac.th Found 1 host within kmitt.ac.th Found 5 hosts within ku.ac.th Found 1 gateway host within ku.ac.th Found 58 hosts within cpc.ku.ac.th Found 1 duplicate host within cpc.ku.ac.th Found 7 hosts within rdi.ku.ac.th Found 3 hosts within lib.ku.ac.th Found 59 hosts within cpe.ku.ac.th Found 1 gateway host within cpe.ku.ac.th Found 6 hosts within kku.ac.th Encountered 1267 hosts in 57 zones within th Encountered 5 duplicate hosts in 57 zones within th ------------------------------ Subject: N.3) NSFnet traffic NSF Backbone Service Traffic from/to Thailand. Bytes Bytes Percentages No. In To Out From In Out Nets Backbone Backbone (%all traffic) ===================================================================== 93 Jan 3 110086100 291218500 0.00 0.01 Feb 11 153774900 450993850 0.00 0.01 Mar 12 232535800 637034800 0.00 0.01 Apr 11 157441200 596281150 0.00 0.01 May 13 173862850 724595250 0.00 0.01 Jun 13 258465250 883010950 0.00 0.01 Jul 15 275098400 1433567400 0.00 0.02 Aug 16 378205950 2042966200 0.01 0.03 Sep 16 441728700 2253084200 0.01 0.03 Oct 17 473182400 2694364850 0.00 0.03 Nov 17 596610450 4087475000 0.01 0.04 Dec 18 610994800 4037458900 0.01 0.04 94 Jan 21 972252150 4711328550 0.01 0.05 Feb 25 2244173700 4127016300 0.02 0.04 Mar 25 2232012250 5773924800 0.02 0.04 Apr 24 2154485000 5551750050 0.02 0.04 May 26 2373120400 7000089650 0.02 0.05 Jun 27 2123487700 7154443600 0.01 0.05 Jul 35 1974774300 9330818650 0.01 0.06 Aug 38 1776647350 9168787100 0.01 0.06 Sep 38 1853146900 8993819400 0.01 0.05 Oct 41 2165777250 8961772250 0.01 0.05 Nov 45 2666443400 12063593000 0.01 0.06 Dec 44 2405253950 12819571550 0.01 0.07 95 Jan 45 2560073250 12233445200 0.02 0.08 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: derived from data at nic.merit.edu [Editor's Note: NSFnet backbone statistics provided by Merit will shortly be ceased due to transition in administrative structure of Internet backbone operators. There will be no replacement for this statistics available anywhere. However, statistics for network traffic passing through NECTEC is available for anonymous FTP at: ftp://ftp.nectec.or.th/soc.culture.thai/networking/backbone-* ] ------------------------------ Subject: N.4) Network resources FTP servers ftp.cs.washington.edu /pub/thaisys/BBS Selected files from BBSes in Thailand. .../info Files from NECTEC /pub/info/... .../software Files from NECTEC /pub/pc/... and Kent State's /pub/Thai/Software. .../thainews Decoded daily news from Thai News Agency available at NECTEC /pub/news. Updated regularly. zadar.cca.vu.nl /pub/pics/Thailand GIF and JPEG pictures of Thailand. asia.lcs.mit.edu /pub/thai/gif GIF pictures. chulkn.chula.ac.th /pub/cuword Home of cuword ftp.nectec.or.th /pub/archives/... USENET archives .../comp.sources.misc .../comp.sources.unix .../soc.culture.burma .../soc.culture.cambodia .../soc.culture.laos .../soc.culture.thai /pub/info/... Information -- Text files. .../gna Global Network Academy -- list of courses/ degrees of which class attendance is not required and the Internet and its facilities can be used to stimulate classroom environment. .../netinfo Forms/procedures related to Internet registration .../royal-speeches Transcriptions of Royal Speeches on various occations. Thai. TIS 620-2533 character set. .../soc.culture.thai-faq Working copy of soc.culture.thai FAQ. .../thai-language Thai word list, Thai word parser, etc. .../thailand-education Information on local education. .../thailand-figures Economic indicators and forecasts. .../thailand-gis+maps GIS data and maps. .../thailand-networking Domestic networking. .../thailand-travel Travel. /pub/mirrors/... Mirror archives of various software and specifications. Update automatically. .../SimTel/msdos Simtel Repository archive. .../X X11R6 source tree. .../XFree86 X server for x86 Unix. .../dharma DharmaNet Electronic File Archive (DEFA). .../faq USENET Frequently Asked Questions .../freebsd the FreeBSD operating system. .../games U Mass Lowell's games archive. .../gnu GNU software. .../intel Intel CPUs and SBCs .../internet-drafts Internet drafts. .../lao/bane_lao Lao archive. .../linux Linux freeware System V Unix. .../lpf Leagues for Programming Freedom archive. .../mac Macintosh archive from Stanford. .../microsoft MS technical specifications. .../motorola Motorola MPUs and SBCs. .../netbsd the NetBSD operating system. .../os2 OS/2 archive. .../rec-travel The rec.travel library .../rfc Internet RFC's. .../win3 Indiana CICA's Win3 archive. /pub/news Daily news from Thai News Agency. Thai. TIS 620-2533 character set. Updated daily. /pub/pc/cu-writer The renowned CU-Writer (a.k.a. CU Word). Developed at Chulalongkorn. Thai. .../lao Lao software -- now only the Lao version of CU Writer 1.5. Developed by the International Relations of Chulalongkorn and the Lao PDR's Ministry of Science and Technology. .../mm-may92 MS Windows multimedia application of the 'middle-class uprising' May 1992 chronicle. Developed at AIT. Thai. .../thai-lib C programming library to facilitate the development of Thai language applications. Developed at KMIT-T. Thai. /soc.culture.thai Shortcut to /pub/info/soc.culture.thai-faq/. .../Index Current soc.culture.thai Index. .../general Current soc.culture.thai General FAQ. .../culture Current soc.culture.thai Culture FAQ. .../language Current soc.culture.thai Language FAQ. .../travel Current soc.culture.thai Travel FAQ. .../technical Current soc.culture.thai Technical FAQ. .../figures Current soc.culture.thai Figures FAQ. .../SCT-FAQ.tar.gz Current distribution of SCT FAQs; plain text and hypertext (HTML) .../Archives Soc.culture.thai archives. .../Posted Old releases of soc.culture.thai FAQs. .../SCTinfo Supplemental information to soc.culture.thai. /thailand-info Shortcut to /pub/info/ Telnet server md1.md.chula.ac.th Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn. Index of Thai Medical Journals. Login as CUML; no password. VAX/VMS microCDS/ISIS package. elsone.car.chula.ac.th Chulalongkorn University library. Login as library with no password. Press L to toggle between Thai and English. rccvax.ait.ac.th Regional Computing Center, AIT. Online library catalogue. Login as LIBRARY; no password. OpenVMS. microCDS/ISIS pkg. Gopher servers A list of of Gopher servers in Thailand is available online at http://www.nectec.or.th/gopher-th.html WWW servers A list of of WWW servers in Thailand is available online at http://www.nectec.or.th/web-th.html www.cs.rochester.edu A variant of consolidated Thailand network resources. Home page at URL: http://www.cs.rochester.edu/users/grads/edyamp/thai.html ------------------------------ Subject: N.5) Commercial network access Information from various Internet Service Providers who have been licensed to operate full commercial Internet services can be obtained by following a link from http://www.thnic.net/ Thailand Network Information Center Prices are regulated by the Communications Authority of Thailand. ------------------------------ Subject: S.1) Microsoft Windows 3.1 Thai Edition From: PANU@vm.acs.unt.edu (Panu Sittiwong) Date: Wed, 19 Jan 94 12:32:26 CST Since my previous post on Windows 3.1 Thai Edition, I have received several info. about the product. So I decide to post it in SCT to everyone. Here is the info. Windows 3.1 Thai Edition The Valuesoft Vision Co. Ltd. 15th Floor, Central Chidlom Tower 22 Soi Somkid, Ploenchit Rd. Bangkok 10330 Tel. 66-2-254-7088 Fax. 66-2-256-0310 I don't know that you can get it in the U.S. I got my copy in Bangkok by trading in my English version of Windows 3.1. The upgrade price is 1250 Bath plus 7% VAT. You will need to bring all the diskettes of the English version for the upgrade. The software comes in 8 diskettes and a Thai manual. I have been using it since last August without any problem and the Thai characters look real nice. From: Randall Jones (rjones@igc.apc.org) Date: 24 Jan 94 12:24 PST I've just ordered the Thai version of Windows 3.1. I ordered the full package, not the upgrade. It cost $190.00. (I haven't received it yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out.) I ordered from THE IDEA in California (Los Angeles, I think). Their phone number is (213) 628-2801. This was the only vendor MicroSoft Help could suggest for the Thai Windows in the U.S. ------------------------------ Subject: B.1) Domestic computer market Data compiled from Prachachart Thurakit, Siam Post and Bangkok Post. October 1993. Market size ========================================================================= 1990 1991 1992 1993 --------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- Value Value Growth Value Growth Value Growth M Baht M Baht % M Baht % M Baht % ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mainframe 1,675.0 2,000.0 19.40 4,624.0 131.20 3,788.0 (18.08) Hardware 2,312.0 1,994.0 SW/Svcs 2,312.0 1,794.0 Minicomputer 2,300.0 2,500.0 8.70 2,883.0 15.32 5,629.4 92.26 Hardware 1,730.0 2,786.6 SW/Svcs 1,153.0 2,842.8 Workstation 70.0 180.0 157.40 504.0 180.00 1,110.1 39.19 Hardware 252.0 385.1 SW/Svcs 252.0 725.0 PC 4,855.3 5,914.3 21.81 8,302.0 40.37 11,472.6 38.19 Hardware 7,728.0 10,236.4 SW/Svcs 564.0 1,236.2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total 8,900.3 10,594.3 19.03 16,313.0 53.98 22,000.1 34.86 Hardware 12,032.0 15,402.1 SW/Svcs 4,281.0 6,598.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: Computer Association of Thailand -- Vendor Group (CATVG) and Association of Thai Computer Industry (ATCI) Random predictions ATCI: 1993 market breakdown Unit Value Sold M Baht Mainframe 35 1,533 Minicomputer 778 2,537.6 Workstation 517 377.41 PC 6,384 Brand (imported) 81000 4,008 No brand (local made) 69000 2,376 486dx 50.8 % 486sx 35.0 % 386dx 7.6 % 386sx 6.7 % Hard disk 120000 1,230 Monitor 70000 552 B&W 18.6 % Color 81.4 % Software and Services 6,598 Software 59.7 % Network 8.1 % Installation/MIS 31.5 % DP/Service Bureau 0.7 % Total market 22,000.11 Mainframe & Info Services 3,788 Minicomputer & Info Services 5,629.4 Workstation 1,110.11 PC 11,472.6 IBM Thailand: 1993 market breakdown - Total market: 22,000 million Baht - Growth over 1992: 35% - 46% of total market is minicomputer x Enjoys 47% growth rate x Average prices: 1992 1.7 million Baht 1993H1 1.4 million Baht 1993H2 2.3 million Baht - PC and peripherals: 11,000 million Baht Datamat: 1993 software and services market - Software and services (S&S) has 30% share from the total market - Anticipated at 54% share by the year 2000 - S&S sales will jump from 6 billion Baht this year to 23 billion by 2000 A.D. - Software alone is 2.6 billion now and 16 billion in the year 2000 - S&S : Hardware ratio is 30:70 - In the year 2000, the ratio will be 40:60 Microsoft Thailand: PC market - Predict more offerings on services, training and after-sales support - Regional market size Singapore 89,000 units Hong Kong 105,000 Thailand 150,000 Taiwan 570,000 Korea 860,000 ============================================================================== Acknowledgements Thanks for contributions from: John. A. Brubaker (staff@emailhost.ait.ac.th) for N.3; Mike Barnes (mbarnes@finally.East.Sun.COM) for N.5; Panu Sittiwong (PANU@vm.acs.unt.edu) for S.1; Randall Jones (rjones@igc.apc.org) for S.1; Trin Tantsetthi (trin@nwg.nectec.or.th) for N.1, N.2, N.3, N.4, N.5 and B.1.