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Subject: Welcome to talk.bizarre! (Monthly Posting)

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The lure of agape is not the prime focus of talk.bizarre, to put it faintly. It's more a process of pounding at a pullulating cliche made flesh with every instrument ready to hand and some dug out of the wrecking yard across the street and in desperation, with a sense of it-can't-hurt-now- can-it, the whiffle bat from the attic and when it breaks into a thousand ozone-degraded splinters, throwing up one's hands and shutting the subject in a sealed container and hoping a few more weeks irradiation will lend some faint, fading trace of colour to it and the, uh, crystals sparkling inanely around the pile. Whew, that was fun. Actually, it has nothing to do with any of that. I'm just killing time until this Pat tape runs out. By the Holy Claws of Klortho the Magnificent, this IS a fine morning! talk.bizarre Steering Committee tbsc@volcano.tbsc.org