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REC.ARTS.STARTREK.* NEWSGROUPS: An introduction. There are several newsgroups devoted to the discussion of various aspects of Star Trek. * * * The newsgroup charters from the December '91 CFV which split the old rec.arts.startrek newsgroup are: === rec.arts.startrek.current (unmoderated) Discussion of Star Trek television programs, movies and books aired or released for the first time within the past four months, information about future programs, movies and books, and speculation of same, if based on information still current (such as speculation of cliffhanger resolutions). rec.arts.startrek.fandom (unmoderated) Discussions of conventions, television stations airing Star Trek, news and policies from Paramount, and other fan-related issues. rec.arts.startrek.tech (unmoderated) Discussions of Star Trek's depiction of future technology, including warp drives, phasers, photon torpedoes, transporters, communicators, turbolifts, android technology, medical advances, Geordi's visor, violations of 20th century physical laws, etc. rec.arts.startrek.misc (unmoderated) General discussion of Star Trek; topics which are not appropriate for a more specific group in the rec.arts.startrek.* hierarchy. === There is also: alt.startrek.creative - a forum for original creative works set in the Star Trek universe. In addition, there are two moderated newsgroups in the rec.arts.startrek.* hierarchy: rec.arts.startrek.info - A location where Star Trek-related news (press releases, convention reports, episode synopses, etc.) may be found. rec.arts.startrek.reviews - A location where many of the 'Regular Reviewers' submit their reviews of recent episodes, books, etc. Because the two above newsgroups are moderated, you cannot post directly to them; articles are submitted to the moderators who then decide whether or not to post. More details are available in those groups. * * * To make reading of these newsgroups easier for all persons involved, it is strongly recommended that posters consider whether or not articles are pertinent to the newsgroup(s) listed in the 'Newsgroups:' line. (Most newsreading software arranges for the article header lines to be altered either during article composition, or before you post.) Also, it is strongly advised that, when the items being discussed drift from the original topic (as they almost invariably do on Usenet), that you consider applying a more appropriate subject and (possibly) moving the discussion thread to a more appropriate newsgroup. This is usually best accomplished by: 1) Changing the 'Subject:' line. A common variant is to place the old subject in parentheses prefixed by a 'was': e.g. Subject: William Shatner's hair (was re: Patrick Stewart) 2) Cross-posting[*] between the newsgroup in which the thread currently resides and the more appropriate newsgroup. 3) Setting the 'Followup-to:' line to the more appropriate newsgroup, noting that this has been done in the article text. [*] Cross-posting involves listing multiple newsgroups on the 'Newsgroups:' line, separated by commas without any spaces between them. (e.g. 'Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.tech,rec.arts.startrek.misc') * * * While there is no actual law stating that these topics *must* be adhered to, it is considered polite and courteous to keep discussion in the appropriate venue. Doing otherwise may invite polite requests to move the topic, or, as the case more often is, not-so-polite demands that the discussion be terminated. [NOTE: I am only the person who has volunteered to set up a cron job to post this notice every 2 weeks. I have no more authority over rec.arts.startrek.* than anyone else, as, except as noted above, it is an unmoderated hierarchy. Please do not ask me to post articles for you; I am not a posting service. Also, if you are encountering difficulties reaching these newsgroups, ask your local support staff; they know your system better than I do.] -- Capt. Gym Z. Quirk -- quirk @ swcp.com | "I'll get a life when someone (Known to some as Taki Kogoma) | demonstrates that it would be Retired 'Secret Master of | superior to what I have now." rec.arts.startrek' | -- Gym Quirk