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Subject: Skating Book FAQ / Bibliography, part 1 of 2

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*** Copyright 1994-1996 by George Robbins - see detailed note at end *** This document is posted periodically to the rec.sport.skating.roller usenet newsgroup, and can also be accessed via the world wide web (www) using the following URL: http://www.netaxs.com/people/grr/Roller This is the skating book FAQ - it is intended as a resource for individuals wishing to find books about different forms of skating and related arts. The general format is that of "mini-reviews" giving the title/author, publisher/order/ISBN information and a brief commentary on the book itself. If you're wondering about videos and magazines, I don't deal in these, but for the ice skating folks, the Skaters Edge Sourcebook by Alice Berman, reviewed below, has an extensive listing of book, videos and magazines. There are also a couple of good web sites: Magazines: http://www.nettally.com/jbmittan/pubs.htm Videos: http://haskell.cs.yale.edu/sjl/skate-images/kevin/videos.html The Rainbo Sport Shop Catalog (773-275-5500) is probably the best single source for ice related books and videos, their catalog has a two page spread for each, including cover pictures and brief descriptions. There are two fundamental problems with books on skating - first, skating is best learned by skating under the supervision of an instructor, not by reading about it - second, there are only a few skate books "in print" or to be found at your local bookstore. The first of these problems is essentially intractable - the best writer can only convey a crude sketch of the dynamic motions of skating and is trapped between a simple explanation to convey the "spirit" of a move and a lot of technical verbiage to attempt to describe the correct execution. This is really an area where videos could be most effective - some do exist - but not neccessarily formatted as replacements for or adjuncts to books. The second problem is one that may require more effort on the readers part. Typically bookstores will only have one or two of the in-line skating books and maybe an ice skating book for sale - if that! The first line of attack is to visit the public/university libraries in your area and see what is available. Small town/county libraries usually have a few random selections from the older books, while a city or university library may have a broader selection. Some of the new book super-strores, such as Borders now carry a pretty extensive line of the in-line books and several of the more popular ice-skating books. Rainbo Sports (312-275-5500) has a fairly extensive selection of ice skating books, including some that don't seem to be in general print and some of the Platoro press books. You may also want to keep an eye on used book or book remainder stores in your area - while skating books aren't common compared to golf or running, you'll find them from time to time. This particular list focuses mainly on "how to skate" books and some "about skating" books. I've intentionally omitted a few such books where they are clearly inferior to the ones listed or just too dated to be of practical use, and not old enough to be historical curiosities. I've omitted many of the coffee table picture books - while some are actually quite interesting to page through, they really don't have all that much to offer the skater. I've also omitted Juvenile books - there are quite a few of both the how-to and biographies, but they're largly interchangable. I've recently broken down and added a section of "adult" skating biographical books. It's not really clear that there are really that many books in this category, and I refuse to add the half-dozen Tonya & Nancy instant publishing books! Finally, items truly specific to a specific type of skating - rule books, magazines, pamphlets and videos are found in the various FAQ's. I'm open to adding additional entries to this list, *if* you can provide the same kind of information in the entries below. I'm also willing to correct or improve the mini-reviews, though they are, at best, no more than informal impressions. I'd also consider adding additional sections or related subject if they are relevant to skating. Specifically, I would like to extend the listings with some books on physical conditioning/training useful to skaters and books on dance (technique or as a mode of expression - not dance as an fine ART). Note for bibliophobes - "Trade Paperback" simply means a book bound with a soft cover sold to the retail trade vs. primarily to libraries. Many of the books are/were also available in hardcover library editions, a few also were also published in standard small-format paperback editions. I don't claim to be authoritative on any branch of skating, since I've only skated seriously for a few years now, so suggestions for improvement of this list are always welcome. Send e-mail to grr@tharsis.com The books are listed by category and copyright date - I used to try to list them in good-ok-bad order, but aside from being only a personal opinion, this got painful as more books were added and I included some entries for books that I'd never seen. The rating system is pretty obvious - 3 plusses means it's a book you should seek out, 2 means it's useful, 1 means it's not useless. a minus means it's not particularly useful, although it may still have historic or entertainment value. A qustion mark indicates a book that should be good, but I haven't personally read it or gotten a solid recommendation. Contents: Introduction (above) In-Line Skating Books: +++ In-line Skating: the Ultimate How-to Guide; Albert Fried-Cassorla; 1995 + The Complete Guide and Resource to In-line Skating; Stephen C. Joyner; 1993 +++ Inline Skating; Mark Powell & John Svenson; 1993 ++ Get Rolling: The Beginner's Guide to Inline Skating; Liz Miller; 1992 ++ The Complete Blader; Joel Rappelfeld; 1992 Blazing Bladers; Bill Gutman; 1992 Wheel Excitement; Neil Feineman with Team RollerBlade(R); 1991 +++ The Complete Handbook of Speed Skating; Dianne Holum; 1984 In-Line Skating Area Guides: The Ultimate Skating Guide to the SF Bay Area; Tod Ray; 1995 Skating unrinked: ...San Francisco Bay area; Richard Katz; 1994 Let's skate Minnesota: where to roll indoors and outdoors; B Shotwell; 1992 Roller Hockey: +++ In-line Roller Hockey: the Official Guide and Playbook; Steve Joyner; 1995 Official Rules of In-line Hockey; NIHA; 1995 - Roller Hockey - Of Sticks and Skates...; Hollander and Clark; 1975 Conventional Roller Skating Books + Dancing on Skates; Richard Arnold; 1985 +++ Competitive Figure Skating - A Parents Guide; Robert Ogilvie; 1985 Roller Skating - Fundamentals and Techniques; Sharon Kay Stoll, PhD; 1983 + Outdoor Skating; Frank Simcoe; 1980 Anybody's Rollerskating Book; Tom Cuthbertson; 1980 Roller-Skating from Start to Finish; Jack Trap; 1980 Jammin' - Bill Butler's Guide to Roller Disco; Butler and Schoen; 1979 - Roller Disco Dancing; Kelley Kollmar & Melody Mason; 1979 ++ The Complete Book of Roller Skating; Ann-Victoria Phillips; 1979 The Complete Book of Roller Skating; Editors of Consumer Guide; 1979 +++ Roller Skating Guide; Hal Straus & Marilou Sturges; 1979 Roller skating: the Sport of a Lifetime; CA Waugh and JLB Larsen; 1979 Roller Fever; Linda Konner; 1979 Keep on rollin': Complete Guide to...; Sharon Boorstin; 1978 ++ Winning Roller Skating; Randy Dayney with Joel Cohen; 1976 ++ Better Roller Skating; Richard Arnold; 1976 History of Roller Skating; James Turner; 1975 Roller skating: Elementary Techniques for...; Edward R. O'Neill; 1960 Roller Skating Through the Years: the Story of...; Morris Traub, ed; 1944 The Art of Plain Skating; Perry S. Rawson; ca 1941 The Art of Skate Dancing; Perry S. Rawson; ca 1942 Skate Dance Diagrams; Perry S. Rawson; ca 1943 Skate Dance Shortcuts; Perry S. Rawson; ca 1946 Roller Derby: Five Strides on the Banked Track...Roller Derby; Frank Deford; 1971 Ice Skating Books: ? Yes! You Can Do the Triple Jumps; Billy Ng; 1996 ++ Ice Skating - Steps to Success; K. Kuenzle-Watson & Dr S. DeArmond; 1995 +++ Skaters Edge Sourcebook; Alice Berman; 1995 +++ Figure Skating: Sharpen your Skills; Patricia Hagen [ed]; 1994 The 1994 Official USFSA Rulebook; USFSA; 1993 Figure Skating: A Celebration; Beverley Smith; 1994 Ice Time: A Portrait of Figure Skating; Debbi Wilkes w/Greg Cable; 1994 Figure Skating Performance: A Psychological Study; Peter P. Moormann; 1994 + Figure Skating History: The Evolution of Dance on Ice; Copley-Graves; 1992 + The Complete Manual of Ice Dance patterns; Jeff Lerner; 1992 Choreography & Style for Ice Skaters; Ricky Harris; 1991 ++ Laura Stamm's Power Skating; Laura Stamm; 1989 +++ Figure Skating - Championship Techniques; John Misha Petkevich; 1988 +++ Competitive Figure Skating - A Parents Guide; Robert Ogilvie; 1985 The Complete Handbook of Speed Skating; Dianne Holum; 1984 ? The Skaters Handbook; John Misha Petkevich; 1984 How to Succeed at Skating; Monika Maier; 1982 +++ Figure Skating; Carlo Fassi with Greg Smith; 1980 +++ Ice Dancing Illustrated; Lorna Dyer w/Harry Brandt; 1980 Creative Ice Skating; Frances Dorsey and Wendy Williams; 1980 Skating: Elegance on Ice; Howard Bass; 1980 - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ice Skating; Mark Heller; 1979 Figure Skating; Dianne Deleeuw with Steve Lehrman; 1978 - Enjoying skating; the Diagram Group; 1978 ? Singles Figure Skating (for Beginners and Champions); Dr. Josef Dedic; 1974 +++ Basic Ice Skating Skills; Robert Ogilvie; 1968 - Instant Skating; Dick Button; 1964 - The Fun of Figure Skating; Meribel Vinson Owen; 1960 - Skating For Beginners; Barbara Ann Scott and Michael Kirby; 1953 - Skate with Me; Barbara Ann Scott; 1950 - Advanced Figure Skating; Maribel Y. Vinson; 1940 - Primer of Figure Skating; Meribel Y. Vinson; 1938 - The Art of Skating; Irving Brokaw; 1910, 1928 Skateology; Sidney Broadbent; ? Platoro Press Books: Figure Skating History: The Evolution of Dance on Ice; Lynn C. Graves Ice Skating Fundamentals; Marilyn Grace House Get the Edge: Sport Psychology for Figure Skaters How Sport Psychology Can Make You a Champion Symphony on Ice: The Protopopovs; A. Shelukhin Key to Rythmic Ice Dancing; Muriel Kay Origins of Ice Dance Music; Muriel Kay Complete Manual of Ice Dance Patterns; Jeff Lerner Secrets of Soviet Skaters: Off-Ice Training Methods; T Moskvina (upcoming) Figure Skating: The Pages of History; R. Chubrik (upcoming) Patterns of Russian Ice Dance; Y. Tchaikovskaya (upcoming) Biographical Works of Interest: Full Circle: an autobiography; Dan Jansen w/Jack McCallum; 1994 Torvill and Dean: Fire on Ice; J Torvill & C Dean w/Neil Wilson; 1994 Kurt: Forcing the Edge; Kurt Browning w/Neil Stevens; 1991 Thumbs Up! The Elizabeth Manley Story; E. Manley w/Elva Oglanby; 1990 Orser: A Skaters Life; Brian Orser w/Steve Milton; 1988 Queen of Ice, Queen of Shadows...Sonja Henie; Raymond Strait; 1985 Scott Hamilton: A behind the scenes...; Michael Steere; 1985 Skating for Gold: Intimate Story of Scott Hamilton; Michael Steere; 1984 Torville and Dean; Jayne Torvill w/John Hennessy; 1983 + John Curry; Keith Money; 1978 Natalie Dunn: World Roller Skating Champion; Gloria D. Miklowitz; 1979 On Thin Ice; Henry Jelinek Jr. and Ann Pinchot; 1965 Dick Button on Skates; Dick Button; 1955 Skate with Me; Barbara Ann Scott; 1950 Wings on My Feet; Sonja Henie; 1940 Related Subject Areas: ++ How to play the piano, despite years of lessons...; Cannel & Marx; 1976 +++ How To Dance Forever - Surviving Against the Odds; Daniel Nagrin; 1988 The Magic of Dance; Margot Fonteyn; 1979 Dance With the Music; Elizabeth Sawyer; 1985 The Pointe Book - Success through Technique; Janice Barringer; 1990 The Dancers Body Book; Allegra Kent with J & C Cammer; 1984 The Complete Guide to Disco Dancing; Karen Lustgarten; 1978 The Official Guide to Disco Steps; Jack Villari and Kathleen Villari; 1978 Night Dancin'; Vita Miezitis and Bill Bernstein; 1980 A Social History of the Bicycle; Robert A. Smith; 1972 + Mental Toughness Training For Sports: Achieving...; James E. Loehr; 1986 Inline Books: In-line Skating: the Ultimate How-to Guide Albert Fried-Cassorla Prima Publishers; Rocklin CA - 1995 Trade Paperback, 225 pages, $16.95 ISBN 1-55958-648-6 [ also available direct from Prima Publishing - 916-632-440 ] 1. An Introduction to In)line Skating 2. A History of Skating 3. Getting Started: How to Choose your Equipment 4. Skating Safer 5. Maintenance 6. First Moves 7. Advanced Moves 8. Join or Start a Skating Club 9. Fitness, Health and Cross Training 10. In-line Hockey 11. Speed Skating and Racing 12. Skating Dancing and Figure Skating 13. Ramps and Ramp Plans 14. Skateflections A. Natational Associations and Organizations B. In-line Media C. Manufacturers and Vendors D. Annual Events This is another comprehensive and well balanced book on in-line skating, maybe not the best yet, but well up there. Topics not covered in other general coverage books include hockey, street tricks and ramp plans. The illustrations are current, taken mostly from the Philly and NYC outdoor scenes and some from last year's Taco Bell competition. The downsides are minor - the section on dance/figure skating reflects a narrow definition - artistic dance on in-lines - that ignores the visible and popular Philly and NYC Central Park disco/aerobics style of dance, there's no mention of the indoor in-line scene and despite otherwise profuse illustration, black skaters seem to rate only one token photograph. The Complete Guide and Resource to In-line Skating Stephen Christopher Joyner Betterway Books, Cincinnati OH - 1993 Trade Paperback, 176 pages, $12.95 ISBN 1-55870-289-X 1. The Origins of In-line Skating 2. Benefits of In-Line Skating 3. General Health 4. Fitness 5. Equipment 6. Strength and Flexibility 7. Safety 8. In-Line Skating Techniques 9. Injuries and Discomfort 10. Types of In-Line Skating 11. The Future 12. Appendixes: Glossary, Resoures and Bibliography As a resource guide, this is a useful book, the appendices list Magazines, Manufacturers, Retailers, Organizations, Roller Hockey Leagues, IISA certified instructors and also a rather eclectic bibliography. The rest of the text is OK and has a few interesting features, but several of the other in-line books would actually be more useful, especially for the beginning skater. Some Specific irritations are only the briefest mention of roller hockey where I would expect at least an informal presentation of rules, equipment and game play, and a strong anti-quad bias, for example: a history of skating which leaps from Plimpton's error (a steerable truck quad skate) to Scott Olson's Rollerblade as if no-one enjoyed skating in the interim. Inline Skating Mark Powell & John Svenson Human Kinetics Publishing, 1993 Trade Paperback, 134 PP, $12.95 ISBN 0-87322-399-3 1. Introduction to In-line Skating 2. Skating Equipment 3. Before You Start 4. Posture 5. Stroke, Glide...Stroke, Glide 6. Stopping 7. Turns 8. Putting it all Together 9. In-line Racing 10. Tricks and Dance 11. Roller Hockey Of the recent rash of in-line skating "how to" books, this is probably best and most balanced one. It has good coverage of equipment and basic skating skills, mention of dance and fun skating, and doesn't suffer from any fitness obsession. Blazing Bladers Bill Gutman A Tom Doherty Associates Book - 1992 Trade Paperback, 100 pages, $6.99 ISBN 0-812-51939-6 1. A Brief History of In-line Skating 2. The Lure of In-line Skating 3. Getting Ready to Skate 4. The Basics of In-line Skating 5. Advanced Skating 6. Racing 7. Roller Hockey One of the two easier to find books, this provides a reasonable overview of the sport, but suffers somewhat from "generic how-to" sports publishing. The author tends to recite what "experts" have told him without much conviction and some of the photographs don't fit well with the text. Still has a good section on "street tricks". The Complete Blader Joel Rappelfeld St. Martin's Press, NY NY - 1992 Trade Paperback, $8.95 ISBN 0-312-06936-7 1. Equipment 2. Skate Check and Maintenance 3. Body Positions 4. Warm-up Stretches 5. Get Rolling 6. Advnaces Stopping and Slowdowns 7. Advanced Striding 8. Turning and Rolling Backwards 9. Freestyle 10. Street Awareness 11. Hazards and Hills 12. Strengthening and Cross Training 13. Race Training 14. Strains and Pains 15. Fun, Games, and a Cute Story This book is nearly as good as Powell & Svenson, but is more oriented towards fitness/health aspects. There seems to be as much space allocated to stretching and conditioning as skating. One useful section describes construction and use of a slide-board for off season training. Get Rolling: The Beginner's Guide to Inline Skating Liz Miller Pix & Points Publishers, Union City CA - 1992 Trade Paperback, 128 pages, $10.00 ISBN 0-9632196-2-6 [ see below for availability ] Introduction; About the author 1. Is In-Line Skating for You Who skates?; Why do they skate?; What are the physical requirements?; How long does it take to get good? 2. Where to Skate 3. Safety First The mental side of safety; The physical side of safety; The skater's safety rules; Know your equipment 4. Getting Equipped Research; Skates; Protective gear; The fashion element 5. How to Be a Good Beginner Practical concerns; In-line skating body position; How to reach Nirvana on wheels; How to use this book 6. Lesson One Find Your Ready Position; The Forward Fall; The Still Position; Forward Glide; Basic Turning; Hourglass; Marching; Emergency Stops; Practice Laps 7. Lesson Two Linked Turn; One-Footed Glides; Forward Crossover Turns; Heel Brake Stops; Figure Eights; The Tuck; Pickup 8. Lesson Three The Swerve; Circle Stops; Skating Backward; Backward Turns Backward-to-Forward Turns; Backward Laps; Twirling Laps Circle Spread; Straight Spread (Advanced) 9. Lesson Four A Cheap Trick: the Kneel; Jump-Overs; Backward Marching; The Minuet; Mixed Tricks; Marching in Place; Jump Turns 10. Lesson Five Forward-to-Reverse Turns; Backward Crossovers; Turn on a Line; T-Stop 11. Lesson Six Ski-Skating Body Position; Four Linked Turns and a Stop; Dip and Rise; Pointing; Wind Ski-Skating 12. Lesson Seven Twister; Short Radius Turns; The Power Slide (Advanced); Driving Obstacle Course; Mobility Course; Skating With Ski Poles; Slalom Course 13. Getting Fit On In-Line Skates Benefits; Warm up; The Stroke; Checking Your Heartrate; Mother Nature's Influence; After your workout 14. Skate Maintenance Preventive maintenance; Periodic maintenance; Rotate the Wheels; Replace the Wheels; Replace/Remove the Brake; Rocker the Wheels; Lengthen the Wheelbase; Clean the Bearings 15. Resources Organizations; Books; Mail Order; Videos; Skate Manufacturers; Magazines; Products; Your local Yellow Pages; Get Rolling Order Form This book concentrates on in-line skating for beginners - getting the skater from looking at in-lines in the local shop to basic stroking and moves. The author makes an earnest attempt to speak as a beginner - to beginners, there are few assumptions about what the prospective skater may already know, and adequate prepartory and background material is included to address the typical beginners questions and insecurities. The core of the book is organized as sequence of progressive lessons, seven groups, each consisting of a number of individual excercises. The reader gets the sense that if they attempt and practice each step, they will learn to skate with a minimum of pain and confusion. This is not to say that there a lot of fooling around - Lesson 1 gets very quickly to learning to stroke via push and glide. Line drawing illustrate key points and sometimes add a dash of humor. Orginally, this book was hard to find, but it finally seems to have reached general distribution. You can also order it mail-order from Upper Access Books (800-356-9315) or directly from the publisher - Pix & Points Publishing; 32108 Alvarado Blvd. Suite 189; Union City, CA 94587. Upper Access takes credit cards. The publisher requires a check or money order for $10+CA sales Tax+$2 Shipping & Handling. You may also want to check out the new "Get Rolling" Web page: http://www.zoom.com/personal/getroll/grhome.html - for ordering information or news about the author's newsletter and about skating. Wheel Excitement Neil Feineman with Team RollerBlade(R) Hearst Books, NY NY - 1991 Trade Paperback, $9.00 ISBN 0-688-10814-8 1. In-line, In-life 2. Gearing Up 3. Getting Started 4. Getting Physical 5. Cross Training 6. Racing 7. Extreme and Artistic Skating 8. Roller Hockey 9. The Best Trails At one point, this was the only book on in-line skating and it still serves as a decent introduction to and overview of the sport. Lots of pictures of California kids having a good time. The actual text is a little thin and the Powell and Svenson or Rappefeld books have more information about skating, while the Miller book provides a better "learn to skate" vehicle. The Complete Handbook of Speed Skating Dianne Holum Enslow Publishers; Hillside NJ - 1984 Trade Paperback?, 256 Pages, ~$30.00 ISBN 0-89490-051-X [ may be available from mail-order in-line shops ] See Ice Skating section for details... Roller Hockey: In-line Roller Hockey: the Official Guide and Playbook Steve Joyner Contemprary Books; Chicago - 1995 Trade Paperback ISBN 0-8092-3440-8 1. Introduction 2. Equipment 3. Rules 4. Foot Care and First Aid 5. Fitness 6. Skills and Drills 7. The NIHA Glossary A. In-Line Roller Hockey Leages B. Organizations and Associations C. Manufacturers D. For More Information E. Bibliography When Joyner wrote his "complete" in-line skating resource guide, I noted that it was a bit weak on roller hockey content, and it looks like he's redressed that fault in some detail here. I've only had a chance to page though this book briefly at the local bookstore, but its seems quite complete and detailed, in both the equipment, skating and game play areas. Official Rules of In-line Hockey (2-nd Edition) NIHA Triumph Books; Chicago - 1995 Paperback; 177 pages; $8.95 ISBN 1-57243-061-1 [ Also available direct from Triumph - 312-939-3330 ] Section One - Rules and Regulations of In-line Hockey 1. The Rink 2. Equipment 3. The Game 4. The Team 5. Penalties A. Age Guidelines B. Rink Diagrams C. Referee Signals Section Two - Guide to In-line Hockey 1. Equipment Guide 2. Skills and Drills 3. Glossary This book contains two sections - the first is the official NIHA rules for in-line hockey, the second is a guide to play. Roller Hockey - Of Sticks and Skates and City Streets Zander Hollander and Steve Clark Hawthorn Books - NY, 1975 Hardcover, 156 pages; $6.95 ISBN 0-8015-6440-9 (Hardcover) 0-8015-6441-7 (Paperback) [ out of print ] 1. The Game 2. History 3. Equipment 4. Skating 5. Shooting 6. Passing and Stickhandling 7. Playing Goalie 8. Playing Forward 9. Playing Defenseman 10. Hockey in Sneakers 11. Starting a League 12. The Rules This particular book describes the city recreational roller hockey league scene of some 20 years ago. Unfortunately, while the game may not really have changed that much, it seems that the spirit and the desire to be playing a "hockey game" vs. a "roller game" has, and the relatively basic content of this book doesn't justify much effort in searching for it, order the Joyner and NIHA books instead. In-Line Skating Area Guides: The Ultimate Skating Guide to the SF Bay Area Tod Ray ? - 1995 Paperback, 225 pages w/maps & photos, $17.95 [ contact info below ] [ tray1usg@SIRIUS.COM (Todd Ray) ] This book contains info on 55 routes to in-line skate all over the area in addition to listings of shops, rinks, teams, clubs, activities, and "other skate ideas" in seven counties around the Bay Area; Appendices include sections on publications related to inline skating, organizations, stretching and strengthening for skating, and downhill skating techniques (225 pages, 50 maps, 100 photos, $17.95). In addition to the detailed routes, information on aggressive/extreme, hockey, speed, downhill, and recreational skating is provided for each of seven counties around the bay area. I can be reached at (415) 292-7528, tray1usg@sirius.com, or at Ultimate Skate Guides, 2250 Chestnut St., SF CA 94123, also see web page at "http://www.sirius.com/~tray1usg/usghp.html" Skating unrinked: an insider's guide to skating trails in the San Francisco Bay area Richard Katz Harper-Collins West; San Francisco - 1994 Trade Papberback, 173 pages w/maps, $10.00 ISBN 0062585444 < no review information > Let's skate Minnesota: where to roll indoors and outdoors Barbara J. Shotwell and the Squarest Wheels Wow Pub, Minneapolis - 1992 Paperback, 133 pages, $9.95 ISBN 0963231154 < no review information > Roller Skating Books: Dancing on Skates Richard Arnold St. Martins, NY NY - 1985 Hardcover, 128 pages ISBN 0-312-18209-0 1. History and Development 2. Modern Skate Dancing 3. Skates and Equipment 4. Basic Dance Skating Steps 5. Dance patterns, Lobes, Music and Holds 6. Simple Dances 7. Chasse Steps and Easy Dances 8. The Three Turn and Waltz Hold 9. The Foxtrot Hold 10. Mohawks and Choctaws 11. Dances using Mohawk Turns 12. Intermediate Dances 13. Advanced adn International Dances 14. Free Dancing 15. Clubs and Proficiency Tests 16. Fitness and Training 17. Appendixes: Tests, Champions, Dance Orginators While containing some other introductory and reference material, this book is basically a reference for the pattern/ballroom couples dances. It includes both Ice and Roller dances, from both the US and UK national and international dance programs, sorted by characteristic features and difficulty. Unfortunately the diagrams only show the shape of the pattern and not the location of the steps, so the beginner will find the USAC/RS and USFSA rulebooks more useful as day-to-day guides. Roller Skating - Fundamentals and Techniques Sharon Kay Stoll, PhD Leisure Press, NY NY - 1983 Trade Paperback, 192 pages, $9.95 ISBN 0-88011-101-1 [ out of print ] 1. Roller Skating - Fun for All 2. Before You Go on the Floor 3. Skating Forward 4. Skating Backwards 5. Skating from Front to Back and Duck Slides 6. Crossovers and the First Jump 7. Spirals, Snow Plows, Hockey and Lunge Stops 8. Advanced Skills I 9. Advanced Skills II 10. Conditioning Program on Roller Skates This book claims to be a guide for self-teaching of the basic skating skills, however it really doesn't provide detailed enough descriptions for the isolated beginner. However, what it does do is to provide an excellent course outline for a moderately experienced skater who might be called on to teach beginners "how to skate", or serve as an useful outline to help a beginning skater taking group lessons understand the required skill progression. Competitive Figure Skating - A Parents Guide Robert Ogilvie Harper & Row, 1985 Hardcover, 330 Pages ISBN 0-06-015357-1 See Ice Skating section for a complete description... While this book is specificially about competitive Ice Skating, the roles of the sanctioning organizations, patterns of instruction and competition, and the skating itsef are sufficiently parallel that this book can still provide the parent or skater with a very useful overview and perspective on the world of competitive skating. Outdoor Skating Frank Simcoe Chartwell Books, Secaucus NJ - 1980 Hardcover, 90 page ISBN 0-89009-331-8 [ out of print, but common in libraries ] 1. Equipment 2. Starting Out 3. Basic Maneuvers 4. The Real World 5. Logic, Common Sense and Other oft Forgotten Things 6. Advanced maneubers 7. Notes on Style 8. Skateboard parks 9. Skate Touring 10. Other Thoughts This book is dedicated to (conventional) outdoor skating ca. 1980. It is a little dated (everyone in Bell Bottoms), but then the illustrations in "Wheel Excitement" are going to seem pretty funny 10 years from now... Comparable in content to some of the mid-range in-line skating books. Anybody's Rollerskating Book Tom Cuthbertson Ten Speed Press, Berkeley CA - 1980 ISBN 0-89815-040-X [ out of print ] 1. Getting Started on Rental Skates 2. The Basics: Stroking Forward and Backward 3. A History of Roller Skates 4. Getting your own Skates: A Buyers Guide 5. Adjustments and Repairs 6. What's New To Do on Skates A companion to the Anybody's Bicycle/Skate*board* books, this emphasizes the have fun, do it yourself aspects of skating. Almost a fourth of this book is a do it yourself guide to skate adjustment and repair - everything from adjusting bearings to mounting plates. This is probably the *only* place you'll find this material, short of apprenticing yourself in a skate shop. Roller-Skating from Start to Finish Jack Trap Penguin Books, NY - 1980 Trade Paperback; 127 pages; $6.95 ISBN 0-14-005223-2 1. Roller Skating 2. Rolling Backwards 3. The Roller Skating Beat 4. Roller Skating and You 5. Getting Rolling 6. Space Travel 7. Wheeling and Dealing 8. Spectator Sports 9. Creative Skating Sports You Can Play 10. Roll! Another general coverage book, with more emphasis on skating and artistic coverage than some. A couple of pages of pictures of the late 70's T-Birds Roller Derby team showing the portable, banked track. Jammin' - Bill Butler's Complete Guide to Roller Disco Bill Butler and Elin Schoen Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster, NY - 1979 Trade Paperback, 120 pages, $3.95 ISBN 0-671-82945-9 [out of print] This is a somewhat different view of the "Roller Disco" scene as told by one of the major proponents in the New York area. It has some of the most lucid writing about skating that I've seen, good photography and avoids wasting a lot of paper on beginner or general interest baggage. However, for me, the description of some of the steps seemed opaque - a video would really help - but then Butler can still be found skating at the Roxy and perhaps other NYC rinks. Roller Disco Dancing Kelley Kollmar & Melody Mason Sterling Publishers, NY - 1979 Trade Paperback, 84 pages, $3.95 ISBN 0-8069-8858-4 [ out of print ] This book provides an introduction to Roller Disco Dancing, describing the environment, dress, equipment and basic moves. While Roller Disco as a lifestyle is long dead, the book expands on the brief mentions encountered in broader interest books and provides a basis for understanding some of the moves executed by surviving disco-style skaters and in the disco/aerobics style of stationary skating current at some rinks. The Complete Book of Roller Skating Ann-Victoria Phillips Workmann Publishing, NY NY - 1979 Trade Paperback [ out of print, but common in libraries ] 1. Indoor Skating 2. Outdoor Skating 3. Skating Fitness 4. Basic Skating Lessons: Part 1 5. Roller Disco 6. Show Skating 7. Artistic Skating 8. Basic Skating Lessons: Part 2 9. Speed Skating 10. Roller Hockey 11. Roller Derby 12. Radical Skating 13. Lifestyles 14. Skating Equipment This is is any encyclopedia style book with sections on various aspects of skating - history, indoor, outdoor, disco, and roller hockey. The core information is pretty interesting and contains material not found elsewhere, but only a small portion of the book is directed to "learning to skate". The Complete Book of Roller Skating The Editors of Consumer Guide Pocket Books, NY - 1979 Trade Paperback, 125 pages, $4.95 ISBN 0-671-79092-7 1. Skating's Up and Downs 2. How to Roller Skate 3. Where to Skate 4. Roller Disco 5. Games and Competitions 6. Skating into Shape 7. Skater's Buyers Guide Same title, same year as the above, but a different book. This is a factual overview of roller skating and equipiment by the editors of the Consumer Guide (not to be confused with Consumer Reports). It's fairly thorough, but mostly rehashes the same material as other Roller Disco era books. The section on Games might be useful if you're involved in a skating party for kids... Roller Skating Guide Hal Straus & Marilou Sturges Anderson World, Mountain View CA - 1979 Trade Paperback, 198 pages, $6.95 ISBN 0-89037-203-9 (Anderson World) 0-02-499410-3 (McMillan) [ out of print ] I. Let's Get Things Rolling 1. Roller Boom 2. Rolling Back Through the Corridors of Time II. Roller Basics 3. Those First Baby Rolls 4. Steering Your Wheels 5. Applying the Brakes 6. In Reverse: Rolling Backwards 7. Shifting Gears: Turn, Turn, Turn III. Different Storkes for Different Folks 8. Floating Together: Dance Skating, Free Dance, Roller Disco 9. Figure it Out 10. Forging a Freestyle: Jumps, Spins and Fancy Footwork 11. The Racer's Edge: Speedskating 12. The World of Competition and Showmanship IV. Strictly Outdoors 13. Wings On Your Heels 14. Roller Games for Children 5-50 V. For the Health of It 15. Rollercizing for Weight Control and Fitness 16. Skating Biomechanics, Excercises and Injury Prevention VI. Skatology 17. Be a Good Skate Buyer 18. Tuning Up Your Skates - Maintenance 19. How to Rent Your Rollers If there was one book on roller skating that should be in print and for sale at your local rink shop, this is probably the one. It contains good introductory material on all aspects of skating, enough clear explanation to be helpful and effective photographic illustration. It's only painfully dated in the area of the outdoor and the roller disco scenes. Roller Skating: the Sport of a Lifetime Carol Ann Waugh and Judith LaBelle Larsen Macmillan, New York - 1979 Hardcover, 110 pages, $9.95 ISBN 0-02-624460-8 1. A Rediscovered Sport 2. Rolling Through the Years 3. Getting Started 4. The First Strokes 5. Buying Your First Pair of Skates This book is kind of a leaner version of the Phillips book, covering nearly the same subject material and style. Roller Fever Linda Konner Scholastic Book Services, NY - 1979 Paperback; 120 pages ISBN 0-590-30029-6 Skating Facts & Trivia Rollin' On & On - The history of roller skating Getting Rolling - Choosing the right skates for you Learning your Lessons - Five basic roller skating moves Maintenance And It's Good for You Too! Fall guys - The right way to fall What Wears Well on Wheels Roller-Disco - Boogying on wheels Rockin' & Rollin' - Roller-Disco how-to's Talking to Kenny Means - Roller ace Natalie Dunn - Queen of the roller rinks Big Wheels on Wheels - Celebrity skaters Skate Songs Skate Games Roller-Arena Suzi Skates Oscar's Pizzeria Parlez-Vous "Roller Skate"? Wlaking Roller Skates - A wiggle in your walk This is SBS's contribution to the Roller Skating literature - reasonable coverage, but apparently aimed a middle school age kids. Keep on rollin': the Complete Guide to Rollerskating in America Sharon Boorstin Warner Books, New York - 1978 Trade Paperback, 175 pages This is another general coverage book, less ambitious and less successful than the one by Victoria Ann Phillips listed above. Winning Roller Skating - Figure and Freestyle Randy Dayney with Joel Cohen Henry Regnery Company, Chicago - 1976 Trade Paperback, 184 Pages, $4.95 (also in Hardcover) ISBN 0-8092-8153-8 [ out of print ] 1. Competitive Roller Skating - an Introduction 2. Equipment 3. Learning to Skate 4. Figures Skating - an Introduction 5. Takeoffs 6. Specific Figures 7. Turns 8. Freestyle 9. Practice 10. Psychology This book, written by a championship skater turned coach, deals with competitive figure and freestyle skating skills, and related issues. While somewhat dated in illustrations and empheral details, the basic content is still appropriate. The descriptions of the various turns and moves are probably the clearest of any of the roller skating books, if not quite up to the standard of the Petkevich or Fassi ice skating books. Unfortunatly while the coverage of figures is relatively detailed and "how-to" oriented, the freestyle coverage is more on the "about" side, and while it gives tips and advice, it devolves into more of a list of do's and dont's without any clear "how-to" thread. Overall the book is clearly written and comprehensive, and can serve as a guide for either a parent or teen-aged competitive skater. The "parents guide" Ice skating book by Ogilvie makes a good companion piece for the parent of the younger skater, the combination provides an effective perspective beyond the usual advice to "do what the coach/instructor says". Better Roller Skating Richard Arnold Sterling Publishing - New York, 1976 Trade Paperback, 94 Pages (also Hardcover) ISBN 0-8069-4106-5 [ out of print ] 1. Let's Go Roller Skating! 2. The Great Adventure - First Steps 3. Elements of Figure Skating 4. Elements of Dance Skating 5. Figure and Dance Skating 6. The Basic Eights 7. Dance Skating (Simple Dances) 8. Dancing on Roller Skates (More Advanced Dances) 9. Free Skating 10. Now You Can Roller Skate... This book provides a good introduction to artistic roller skating. It starts with first steps, edges and elements, then covers basic figures before moving on to the roller dances with a brief overview of free-style. This outline seem to closely parallel the pattern of beginner/group lessons available in many rinks that don't have a hardcore competitive "figure" program. History of Roller Skating James Turner RSROA, Lincoln NE - 1975 Paperback, 100 pages, $4.00 [ currently out of print ] 1. Early Origins 2. The World's Greatest Skater 3. The Boom Period 1880-1910 4. The Modern Era 1937-Present 5. Evolution of American Style Dance 6. The Development of American Figure Skating 7. Pairs Skating and Fours Skating 8. Speed Skating 9. Roller Hockey A. Who's Who B. Bibliographies (extensive) C. Historical Excerpts This brief little booklet contains a history of roller skating from the first attempts up to present with particular emphasis on the American skating scene. The chapter on the Boom Period gives a fair impression of the early days of skating and the moves that were popular back then, while the chapter on the Modern Era briefly details the history of the RSROA and the RSROA-USAC/RS split. The bibliography is quite extenisve, including Roller Skating books, magazines and newspaper articles, and also a listing of Ice Skating books. Supposedly, there will be a new edition of this book available in 1996 and the museum also has another book "Evolution of the Roller Skate: 1820 - Present". I'm not sure if this two versions of the same story or if there are two new books. Roller skating: Elementary Techniques for Figure, Dance, Freestyle, and Speed Skating Edward R. O'Neill Ronald Press, New York - 1960 Hardcover, 106 pages 1. Growth of the Sport 2. Equipment and Basic Technique 3. Figure Skating 4. Dance Skating 5. Free-Style Skating 6. Speed Skating Glossary of Skating Terms This book provides a reasonable overview of the sport at the elementary level, but just that - it generally doesn't get into the level of detail that would make it a learning text, nor does it describe much in the way of more advanced moves. The section on figures does describe about eleven of the school figures on a step-by-step basis, with some "common error" commentary, while the dance sections adds some advice and cautionary notes to the minimal descriptions found in the rule book. The section on freestyle is quite limited. Of minor interest are the photographs - the man being Charles Wahlig, current USAC/RS officer and head of the Delaware Skating Centers, Inc. Roller Skating Through the Years: the Story of Roller Skates, Rinks, and Skaters Morris Traub, editor William-Frederick Press, New York - 1944 Hardcover, 101 pages I'd really like to see this one, it supposedly includes a 6-page roller skating bibliography. The Art of Plain Skating The Art of Skate Dancing Skate Dance Diagrams Skate Dance Shortcuts Perry S. Rawson Skating Review Magazine/Rawson Associates - 1941-46 Paperback, assorted lengths If there is one person responsible for the development of modern Roller Dance, it has to be Perry Rawson. After determining that Dance in the US had degenerated, due to confused mixing of elements from Figures and from Ice Dance, he set out to enlighten the skating world in what eventually became American Style Roller Dance. He visited Europe, sponsored tours by European skaters, published a newsletter and the above mentioned four works which compile much of the newsletter material. The books themselves are quite interesting from a historical perspective, but are somewhat tiresome reading, since a lot of the verbiage is reaction to the assumed errors of the times and Rawson's presentation tends to be a bit shrill and over-emphatic. Roller Derby: Five Strides on the Banked Track; the Life and Times of the Roller Derby Frank Deford Sports Illustrated / Little Brown, Boston - 1971 Hardcover, 211 pages [ jdfulton@aol.com ] The guy who was editor of the National Sports Daily wrote a book on the Roller Derby. Frank Defoe or something is his name; he's now doing magazine work and commenting weekly on National Public Radio. [ dennis@fs2.assist.uci.edu (Dennis) ] The columnist who wrote the book is Frank Deford. The name of the book was/is "Five Strides On The Banked Track". 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