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Subject: Comp.software-eng FAQ (Part 4): CASE tool vendors

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This is a list of contact information for CASE tool vendors, maintained at the Software Technology Laboratory, Department of Computing and Information Science, Queen's University. It was originally compiled by Scott Marcus and Theo Heavey, formerly of the CASE Research group, Dept. of Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University; under the Florida Industry High Technology Council, and funded in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation. After they lost their funding for this list in 1991, the only way we've been able to keep it up to date is if people volunteer to tell us what needs to change. Please e-mail corrections to dalamb@spamcop.net. This information is available through the World-Wide Web as http://www.cs.queensu.ca/Software-Engineering/vendor.html +1 Software Engineering (see http://www.plus-one.com) +1Base (programming environment; see http://www.plus- one.com/+1Base_fact_sheet.html), +1CM (configuration management; see http://www.plus-one.com/+1CM_fact_sheet.html), +1CR (problem tracking; see http://www.plus-one.com/+1CR_fact_sheet.html), +1DataTree (data modeling; see http://www.plus-one.com/+1DataTree_fact_sheet.html), +1Reports (documentation generator; see http://www.plus- one.com/+1Reports_fact_sheet.html), +1Reuse (reuse library toolset; see http://www.plus-one.com/+1Reuse_fact_sheet.html), +1Test (testing; see http://www.plus-one.com/+1Test_fact_sheet.html), +1ReverseC (reverse engineering/maintenance; see http://www.plus- one.com/+1ReverseC_fact_sheet.html), +1ReverseFORTRAN (reverse engineering/maintenance; see http://www.plus- one.com/+1ReverseFORTRAN.html), +1ReversePascal (reverse engineering/maintenance; see http://www.plus- one.com/+1ReversePascal_fact_sheet.html), Metrics4C (metrics; see http://www.plus-one.com/Metrics4C_fact_sheet.html), Metrics4FORTRAN (metrics; see http://www.plus-one.com/Metrics4FORTRAN_fact_sheet.html), Metrics4Pascal (metrics; see http://www.plus- one.com/Metrics4Pascal_fact_sheet.html), Metrics4Project (metrics; see http://www.plus-one.com/Metrics4Project_fact_sheet.html) 2510-G Las Posas Road, Suite 438; Camarillo; California; 93011; USA; 805-389-1778; Call Us; info@plus-one.com. 3SL (see http://www.threesl.com/) Cradle (requirements analysis, requirements engineering, requirements tracing, reverse engineering, Ada, C, C++, maintenance, analysis, design, automated documentation, business modeling, business process reengineering, code generation, change management, client/server, Coad/Yourdan, UML, configuration management, data and process modeling, database design, DDL, design documentation, diagramming, flowcharting, documentation generator, functional analysis, information modeling, issue tracking, multi-database development, object oriented software engineering, object oriented analysis, object oriented analysis & design, object oriented modeling, process management, process modeling, real time, repository, structured analysis, structured design, systems analysis, systems engineering, technical documentation generation, upper CASE, Yourdon, YSM) Craven House, Michaelson Road; Barrow-in-Furness; Cumbria; LA14 2RJ; UK; +44 (0) 1229 838867; +44 (0) 1229 870096; sales@threesl.com Accenture (see http://www.accenture.com/) FOUNDATION (cooperative processing) 33 West Monroe St.; Chicago, IL 60603 69 West Washington; Chicago, IL 60602; 312-580-0069; 312-580-0033; 312-507-5161 Formerly Andersen Consulting. ACTL Systems Ltd. (see http://www.actl.co.il/) AbyS (object oriented, simulation, executable specification) POP 8129; 91081 Jerusalem; Israel; voice +972-2-5376459; FAX +972-2-5370425; info@actl.co.il ADPAC Corp. (see http://www.adpac.com/) ADPAC CASE Tools 425 Market St., 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105; 415-777-5400 Advanced Concepts Center (see http://www.lmco.com/acc/) Lockheed Martin; 640 Freedom Business Center; King of Prussia, PA 19406; 1-800-438-7246; Fax: (610) 992-6499 Advanced Logical Software Anatool 9903 Santa Monica Blvd., suite 108; Beverly Hills, CA 90212; 213-653-5786 Advanced Software Automation Sold intellectual property rights to Hindsight tool in 1995 to IntegriSoft Inc.. 3130A Coronado Dr.; Santa Clara, CA 95054; Tel: 800-4-ASAINC; 800-427-2462; Fax: 408-492-1669 Advanced Software Technologies, Inc. (see http://www.advancedsw.com/) GDPro (analysis, design, C++, code generation, UML, documentation generator, object oriented analysis & design, object oriented modeling, object oriented development) 7851 South Elati St., Suite 102; Littleton; CO; 80120; USA; Tel. 800-811-2784; 303-730-7981; FAX: 303-730-7983; sales@advancedsw.com Advanced System Technologies Inc. Renamed to AST Engineering Services, Inc. in January 1997. Advanced Technology International, Inc. SuperCase (back-end, RE/M) Corporate HQ: 1501 Broadway, Suite 1314; New York, NY 10036; (212) 826-8855; fax to developers in Tel Aviv: +972-3-499990 West Coast Office: 8950 Villa La Jolla Drive, Suite 1200; La Jolla, CA 92037; Tel: (619) 453-3050 AGPW, Inc. (see http://www.agpw.com/) Infostructor (interactive education in data modeling) P.O. Box 11784; St. Louis, Missouri; 63105; USA; 314-361-5224; 314-361-5986; warren@agpw.com Allen Systems Group, Inc. (see http://www.asg.com/) Vista (code visualization, analysis, documentation generator, reverse engineering/maintenance); MethodManager (repository, analysis, data management, generation of copybooks and database DDL/SQL); DataManager/ControlManager (repository, analysis, data management, generation of copybooks and database DDL/SQL); ManagerView (analysis, component relationship design); Web Enabler (thin client GUI, app generation from mainframe repository) World headquarters: 1333 3rd Ave South; Naples, FL 34103; 800-932-5536; 941-435-2200 AGS Management Systems, Inc. Multi/CAM (front end) 880 First Ave.; King of Prussia, PA 19406; 215-265-1550 American Management Systems, Inc. Life Cycle Productivity System (front end, back-end) 1777 North Kent St.; Arlington, VA 22209; 703-841-6060 Aonix (see http://www.aonix.com) Software through Pictures (front end; now a family of products with names beginning StP/); StP/ACD (transformation, code generation, automation, design patterns,client/server development); StP/BPR (business process reengineering); StP/Booch (object oriented analysis & design); StP/ClassCapture (reverse engineering, C++, Smalltalk); StP/IM (information modeling); StP/OMT (object oriented analysis & design); StP/RevC (C, reverse engineering); StP/SE (structured analysis & design); StP/T (test case generator); StP/UML (object oriented software engineering, analysis, design, object oriented CASE tool, object oriented modeling, UML, Java modeling, full life-cycle,C++,Java); StP/Validator (testing); SELECT Enterprise (client/server development); SELECT SE Aonix Corporate: 5040 Shoreham Place; San Diego, CA 92122; Phone - (619) 457-2700; Fax - (619 824-0212; info@aonix.com. Aonix for Europe South: Batiment B; 66-68 Avenue Pierre Brossolette; 92247 MALAKOFF Cedex; France; Tel: +33 1 41 48 10 00; Fax: +33 1 41 48 10 12 Aonix GmbH: Stolberger Str. 200; D-50933 Köln; +49.(0).221.949.979.0 (switchboard); +49.(0).221.949.979.14 (direct); +49.(0).221.949.979.99 (fax); E-mail: For Software through pictures stp-info@aonix.de; For Select: select- info@aonix.de or infosbs@aonix.co.uk. Applied Business Technology Corp. Project Workbench 361 Broadway; New York, NY 10013; 212-219-8945 Applied Data Research, Inc. Purchased by Ameritech in 1986 and subsequently acquired by Computer Associates International, Inc. in 1988. Status of DEPICTOR front end unknown. Applied Dynamics International (ADI) (see http://www.adi.com/) BEACON (embedded software development) 3800 Stone School Road; Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2499 USA; Tel. (313) 973-1300; FAX: (313) 668-0012; adinfo@adi.com APPX Software, Inc. (see http://www.appx.com/) APPX (4th generation, rapid application development) 11363 San Jose Blvd., Suite 301, Jacksonville FL 32223; Tel. 800-879-2779; info@appx.com ARTIS Software Corporation (see http://www.artis-software.com/) Artifex (queuing networks engineering environments) 260 California Street, 9th floor; San Francisco, CA 94111; USA; Ph. +1 (415) 387 5846 Fax +1 (415) 387 5858; info@artis-software.com. ARTiSAN Software Tools (see http://www.artisansw.com/) ARTiSAN Real-time Studio (real time, object oriented, embedded, UML) Stamford House; Regent Street; Cheltenham; GL50 1HN; United Kingdom; +44 1242 229 300; +44 1242 229 300; info@artisansw.com. Two Lincoln Center; 10220 SW Greenburg Rd; Portland; OR 97223; USA; +1-503-245-6200; +1-503-244-1443; info.us@artisansw.com Artiso Corp (see http://www.visualcase.com/) Visual Case (systems analysis, business modeling, database design, systems engineering, SQL, UML) 37 Jackson Ave., Toronto ON; M8X 2J5 Phone: 416-231-6911; info@visualcase.com Ascent Logic Corporation RDD-100 (systems engineering, requirements analysis) 180 Rose Orchard Way, Suite 200; San Jose, CA 95134; phone: 408-943-0630; FAX: 408-943-0705 AST Engineering Services, Inc. (see http://www.astes.com/) QASE (information systems engineering environment) 12200 E. Briarwood Ave., Suite 260; Englewood, Colorado 80112; Fax: (303) 790-2816; Tel: (303) 790-4242; info@advsystech.com ASYST Technologies, Inc. The Developer One Naperville Plaza; Naperville, IL 60540 ATA, Inc. Purchased by Telelogic AB in 2000. Atria Software Merged with Pure to form PureAtria, which was bought by Rational Software Corporation. Attar Software Limited (see http://www.attar.com/) XpertGen (C, code generation, knowledge based systemss) Newlands Road, Leigh, Lancashire WN7 4HN, England; Tel:44 (0)1942 608844; Fax: 44 (0)1942 601991; info@attar.co.uk Automation Sciences Corporation (see http://www.autosci.com) Pro-Analyzer (Documentation automation; for Delphi and Pascal) PO Box 28812; Spokane, WA 99228-8812 USA; (509) 467-6805; FAX: (509) 468-2019 B-Core(UK) Ltd. (see http://www.b-core.com/) B-Toolkit (B-Method: complete tool support) Oxford Science Park, Oxford OX4 4GA, UK; Tel: +44 1865 784520; Fax: +44 1865 784518; B@b-core.com Bachman Information Systems Merged with Cadre Technlogies in July 1996 to form Cayenne Software; subsequently acquired by Sterling Software in 1998. BAeSEMA Limited Now part of the Software Tools Group of British Aerospace. BDQ Business Solutions (see http://www.bdq.com/) SoftTest (requirements based testing); VisionSoft Suite (multi-platform, coverage, runtime error checking, project statistics); VisionSoft DataVision (High Performance Portable Embedded database) 19 Woodend Drive, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 9BD, England; +44 1344 292230; Fax: +44 1344 873679; sales@bdq.com; rodmelby@csys.win-uk.net Bell-Northern Research ObjecTime now supplied through ObjecTime Ltd. Bellcore (see http://www.bellcore.com) MYNAH (business flow tester; see http://www.bellcore.com/ADAPTX/mynahbft.html); xSuds (metrics, program analysis, C, C++, code visualization; see http://xsuds.bellcore.com/what.html); xATAC (test coverage, C, C++; see http://xsuds.bellcore.com/flyer/xatacfly.html); xVue (program understanding, feature identification, C, C++; see http://xsuds.bellcore.com/flyer/xvuefly.html); xSlice (debugging, program slicing, C, C++; see http://xsuds.bellcore.com/flyer/xslicefly.html); xProf (program profiling, C, C++; see http://xsuds.bellcore.com/flyer/xproffly.html) 8 Corporate Place, Room 3A184 (IDS); Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA; phone: 800-521-2673; 908-699-5800; fax: 908-336-2559; web- order@ctt.bellcore.com Bender and Associates (see http://www.softtest.com/) SoftTest (requirements based testing) PO Box 849, Larkspur, CA 94977, USA; (415) 924 9196; Fax: (415) 924 3020; DSD@SoftTest.com Berard Software Engineering Berard Object and Class Specifier (BOCS) 902 Wind River Lane, Suite 203; Gaitherburg, Maryland 20878; 301-417-9884; Fax: (301) 417 0021; info@bse.com Bergson Software Tools B.V. (see http://www.bergson.nl/) Reseller for ProMod-Plus (real time CASE for structured analysis & design); AxiomSys (real time CASE for structured analysis & design) Paradigm Plus (real time object oriented analysis & design) Bomansplaats 4; Eindhoven;; 5611 NT; Netherlands; +31(0)40-2130500; +31-(0)40-2130454; tools@bergson.nl. Bezant Limited (see http://www.bezant-ot.com) SOMATiK (object oriented design) 6 St. Mary's Street; Wallingford; Oxfordshire OX10 0EL; UK; Tel: +44 (0)1491 826 005; Fax: +44 (0)1491 825 687; info@bezant-ot.com Bluestone (see http://www.bluestone.com/) UIM/X (GUI development); db-UIM/X (GUI development, database applications) 1000 Briggs Road; Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054; Phone: (609)727-4600; Fax: (609)778-8125; info@bluestone.com Borland, Inc. (see http://www.borland.com/) Together ControlCenter (UML, refactoring, reverse engineering, metrics; see http://www.togethersoft.com/products/controlcenter/index.jsp) 100 Enterprise Way; Scotts Valley, CA 95066-3249; USA; Ph: (831) 431-1000; Bridgewater Consultants, Inc (see http://www.bridgewater.com) BW*Wizard (Java, code generation) 14168 Poway Road #201; Poway; CA; 92064; USA; 858-486-5755; 858-486-5757; info@bridgewater.com. British Aerospace Ltd. Software Tools Group (see http://www.lifespan.co.uk/stg/home.htm) Includes software previously available from BAeSEMA Limited. Principia (front end, repository; see http://www.principia.co.uk/); Principia/SSADM (front end, SSADM, analysis, design); Principia/RAD (front end prototyping with Visual Basic); Principia/PRINCE (project management); Advanced Development Dictionary (ADD) (CA-Ingres database administration, repository; see http://www.lifespan.co.uk/stg/ADD.htm); Lifespan (configuration management; see http://www.lifespan.co.uk/) Software Tools Group; BAE SYSTEMS; Apex Tower; 7 High Street; New Malden; Surrey KT3 4LH; United Kingdom; Phone: +44 (0)208 942 9661; FAX: +44 (0)208 949 6536; STG@bae.co.uk Bullseye Testing Technology (see http://www.bullseye.com/) C-Cover (test coverage, measurement) PO BOX 3428; Redmond WA 98073-3428 info@bullseye.com Cadre Technologies, Inc Merged with Bachman Information Systems in July 1996 to form Cayenne Software; subsequently acquired by Sterling Software in 1998. The CADWARE Group, Ltd SYLVA Series (front end) CASE Associates Nederland b.v. (see http://www.case-associates.nl/) MetaSuite (data warehousing, data conversion); Reseller for COOL:Jex (object oriented development) P.O.box 68; Delft; Zuid-Holland; 2600 AB; The Netherlands; +31 15 215 0070; +31 15 212 0267; info@case-associates.nl. CANAM Software Labs, Inc. (see http://www.canamsoftware.com/) Report Generator (Advantage Gen add-on, report generation); Data Generator (Advantage Gen add-on, testing); XML Handler Generator (Advantage Gen add-on, XML generation) 90 Matheson Blvd. West, Suite 101, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; = L5R 3R3; (905) 712-3840; officemanager@canamsoftware.com CASE Methods Development Corp. Renamed to CMD Corporation. CaseWare, Inc. Renamed to Continuus Software Corporation. CASEwise Inc. (see http://www.casewise.com/) Corporate Modeler consisting of: Central Repository, Repository Explorer, Hierarchy Modeler, Process Dynamics Modeler, Generic Modeler, Data Flow Modeler, Entity Modeler, Matrix Manager, Coporate Publisher; E2 Modeler (business modeling); ERP Modeler (SAP R/3) CASEwise Inc.: Reservoir Place, 1601 Trapelo Road, Waltham, MA 02451, USA, Tel: +1 781 895 9900, Fax: +1 781 895 9914 CASEwise Ltd.: Station House, 9-13 Swiss Terrace, London, NW6 4RR, UK, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7722 4000, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7722 4004 sales@casewise.co.uk CASEWorks, Inc. CASE:PM 1 Dunwoody Park, Suite 130; Atlanta, GA 30338; FAX: 404-399-6236 The Catalyst Group PATHVU Series (RE/M) Peat Marwick Main & Co.; 303 East Wacker Dr.; Chicago, IL 60601 312-938-5352 CAST Software Inc. (see http://www.castsoftware.com/) Cast Application Mining Suite (application analysis; see http://www.castsoftware.com/Products/ApplicationMining/AMS/Index.html); CAST SQL Builder (SQL development; see http://www.castsoftware.com/Products/DevelopmentTools/mssybase/SQbuild.html); CAST Release Builder (script release management; see http://www.castsoftware.com/Products/DevelopmentTools/mssybase/SQbuild.html) 735 Montgomery Street; San Francisco; CA 94131; USA; (415) 296-1300; (415) 296-1313#; sales@castsoftware.com CARDtools Systems Corp. (see http://www.cardtools.com/) CARDtools (real time) 101 Metro Drive, Suite 250; San Jose, California 95110-1314; Phone 408-894-9500; FAX 408-894-9600; info@cardtools.com Catalyst Software Ltd (see http://www.cse.dcu.ie/catalyst) Juggler (project management; see http://www.cse.dcu.ie/catalyst/juggler) 165 Howth Road, Dublin 3, Ireland. Tel: +353-1-833-0881; Fax: +353-1-833-0882; sales@catalyst.ie Cayenne Software Acquired by Sterling Software in 1998. CGI Systems, Inc. (see http://www.cgisystems.com/) Pacbase (repository, code generation, full life-cycle, I-CASE, metamodeling; see http://www.software.ibm.com/ad/vapacbase); PacDesign (analysis, design, business modeling, Yourdon, SSADM, OMT, YSM, Merise); VisualAge Pacbase (client/server development); 301 Lindenwood Drive Suite 215, Malvern, PA 19355. Tel (610) 993-8082 Fax: (610) 993-0576 CHARONWARE s.r.o. (see http://www.casestudio.com) CASE Studio 2 (data modeling, reverse engineering, database design, DB2, design, ER, flow diagram editor, Oracle, version management, visual data modeling, code generation, SQL) 14 Perunova; Ostrava; 72000; Czech Republic; info@casestudio.com. Chen & Associates (see http://www.peterchen.com/) ER-Designer (ERD) 4884 Constitution Ave, Ste 1E; Baton Rouge, LA 70808; 504-928-5765 Cincom Systems, Inc. (see http://www.cincom.com/) SUPRA (relational database management system); MANTIS (fourth-generation application development language); TOTAL FrameWork (object oriented development environment for distributed business applications) 55 Merchant St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45246. 1-800-2CINCOM. info@cincom.com Cinderella (see http://www.cinderella.dk/) Cinderella SDL (object oriented analysis & design, SDL; for Windows 9x/NT)) 000 Dalgas Have 30 4; Frederiksberg; -; 2000 F; Denmark; -; +45 38 11 12 80; info@cinderella.dk CIP System AG (see http://www.ciptool.ch) CIP Tool (real time modelling) 000 Technoparkstr. 1; Zurich; CH-8005; Switzerland; +41 445 35 90; +41 445 35 91; info@ciptool.ch. CMD Corporation (see http://www.cmdcorp.com/) CASE/FRAMEWORK--METHODOLOGY, CASE/FRAMEWORK--SYNERGY (information engineering) 4835 Lyndon B Johnson; Suite #650; Dallas, TX 75244-6064; (972)503-0500 CodeME s.a.r.l. (see http://www.codeme.com/) CMZ (configuration management; see http://www.codeme.com/cmz/) 14 Rue de l'Eglise, F-01630 St. Genis-Pouilly, France; +33 50420914; FAX +33 50420914; info@codeme.com Coding Factory CoFac (COBOL, code generation) 100 Netro Park South; Laurence Harbor, NJ 08878; 908-290-0090 Cognos PowerCASE 67 S. Bedford St.; Burlington, Mass. 01803; 617-229-6600 Computer Associates International, Inc. (see http://www.cai.com/) Advantage Gen for Enterprise Servers (formerly COOL:Gen, formerly IEF/Composer; see http://www3.ca.com/Solutions/Product.asp?ID=256); AllFusion Component Modeler (object oriented analysis & design, reverse engineering, metaCASE; formerly Paradigm Plus; see http://www3.cai.com/Solutions/Product.asp?ID=1003); AllFusion Harvest Change Manager (configuration management, problemtracking, process management; formerly CCC/Harvest; see http://www3.ca.com/Solutions/Product.asp?ID=1630); AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler (data modeling, client/server applications; formerly ERwin; see http://www3.ca.com/Solutions/Product.asp?ID=260); AllFusion Process Modeler (business process reengineering; formerly BPwin; see http://www3.ca.com/Solutions/Product.asp?ID=254) World Headquarters: One Computer Associates Plaza; Islandia, NY 11788-7000; 1-631-DIAL CAI (1-631-342-5224); Fax 1-631-DIAL FAX (1-631-342-5329); cainfo@cai.com See full product list (at http://www3.ca.com/Solutions/ProductsAZ.asp). Acquired Platinum Technology in March, 2000. Acquired Sterling Software in April, 2000. Acquired Pansophic Systems Inc. in 1991. Acquired Cullinet Software Inc. in or before 1990. Computer Data Systems, Inc. (see http://www.cdsihq.com/) Scan/COBOL; SuperStructure 1 Curie Court; Rockville, MD 20850; 301-921-7000 Computer Sciences Corp Design Generator (front end) 3610 Fairview Park Dr; Falls Church, VA 22042; 703-876-1000 Computer Systems for Business International Eastern Europe Ltd. (CSBI EE) Reseller for CASE/4/0 (business process reengineering, system analysis, design, implementation, structured analysis; from microTOOL GmbH), objectIF (Coad/Yourdan, analysis,design,implementation, object oriented methods; from microTOOL GmbH); PROGRESS products (from Progress Software Corp.) Pobedy sqr., 2. St.-Petersburg, 196143, Russia; Fax: +7 (812) 293-3513; Tel: +7 (812) 293-2762, 291-8122, 293-0521, 293-0544. Compuware Corporation (see http://www.compuware.com) CATI tools (Abend-AID, CICS Abend-AID, CICS RADAR, File-AID family, TransRELATE, PLAYBACK, File PLAYBACK, SIMULCAST, dBUG-AID, XPEDITER, NAVIGATOR) 31440 Northwestern Highway; Farmington Hills, Michigan 48018-5550 Configuration Management, Inc. (see http://www.softwareconfiguration.com/) Professional services supporting Clearcase from Rational, DDTS from Rational, Razor from Tower, SABLIME from Lucent, IPD from Sherpa. 140 Broad Stereet, Red Bank, NJ 07701; (732)450-1100 info@softwareconfiguration.com Confluent, Inc. Bought by eTrade in September 1999; their former website is no longer operational. Their Visual Thought tool is now freeware, and available through private websites, e.g.: Visual Thought (diagramming and flowcharting; see http://tersesystems.com/vt14) Continuus Software Corporation Acquired by Telelogic AB in 2000. Cortex Corp. CorVision, Application Factory (front end, back-end, RE/M) 138 Technology Dr.; Waltham, MA 02154 100 Fifth Avenue; Waltham, MA 02154-9863; 617-894-7000 Cost Xpert Group Inc. (see http://www.costxpert.com) Cost Xpert (cost estimation) 2990 Jamacha Rd Suite 250; Rancho San Diego, CA 92019; PH:619.670.6168; FAX:619.670.3230; info@costxpert.com Cullinet Software, Inc. Acquired by Computer Associates in or before 1990. D. Appleton Company IDEF/Leverage 1334 Park View Ave., Suite 220; Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 DataFocus Incorporated (see http://www.datafocus.com/) NuTCRACKER (porting Unix programs to Windows NT) 12450 Fair Lakes Circle, Suite 400; Fairfax, VA 22033-3831, USA; (703) 631-6770; (703) 818 1532 Fax; Datanamic (see http://www.datanamic.com/) DeZign for databases (visual data modeling; see http://www.datanamic.com/dezign/index.html); ImportER Scripts (reverse engineering, databases; see http://www.datanamic.com/importerscripts/index.html) Guido Gezellestraat 18; 2394 TV Hazerswoude; The Netherlands; phone: +32 71 3410483; fax: +32 71 3410484; info@datanamic.com. db Logic, Inc. (see http://www.dblogic.com/) RoboCASE (database design, flowcharting, reverse engineering) 35 Wellington Crescent; Spruce Grove, Alberta; T7X 1K4; Canada; 780-962-4800; sales@dblogic.com Deft Inc. Deft Acquired in 1991 by Sybase. Deft is no longer sold, but is supported for customers that already have the product. Contact consult_deft@sybase.com. Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group (see http://www.dttus.com) 4Front (structured analysis; see http://www.dttus.com/dttus/aboutf/mc/itc/4front/4front01.htm) 1430 Carillon; 227 W. Trade St.; Charlotte, NC; 28202-1675; USA; (704) 372-3560; (704) 331-1631; chaynes@dttus.com Digital Equipment Corp. (see http://www.digital.com/) DEC FUSE; DECset (see index at http://www.digital.com/info/key-case-tools- index.html) Digital Interactive; 1-800-DIGITAL (1-800-344-4825); See contacts list at http://www.digital.com/info/misc/contacts.txt.html Digital Insight (see http://www.csn.net/digins/) Robochart (flow diagram editor; see http://www.csn.net/digins/prodinfo.html) P.O. Box 533; Simi Valley, CA 93062-0533; USA; phone: (805) 583-3627; fax: (805) 583-3809; rc-sales@digins.com Digital Tools Inc. AutoPlan tool acquired by Tufan, Inc.. Domain Objects (see http://www.domainobjects.com/) Domain Objects (intelligent object orientedA/RD modeling, reverse engineering: for C/C++) 615 Leopard St. Suite 736, Corpus Christi, TX 78476; Phone: 361-882-9232; Toll Free: 1-800-793-1066; Fax: 361- 883-2499; info@domainobjects.com Dragonfly Automation Software (see http://www.dragonflydas.com/) Automation ActiveX Component Package (ActiveX) Unit 131, 1560 Bloor Street E; Mississauga; Ontario; L4X 1R8; Canada; Cell: 416-522-7412; Phone:905-624-3399; Fax: 905-624-3117 E2S (see http://www.e2s.be/) HAT (HOORA Analysis Tool) (UML; see http://www.hoora.org/hoora_analysis_tool.htm) E2S nv; Technologiepark 5; B-9052 Zwijnaarde; Belgium; Tel: +32 9 2210383; Fax: +32 9 2203191; info@hoora.org Eastern Systems Inc. (see http://www.easternsystems.com/) TestPlan (test management; see http://www.easternsystems.com/products/testplan.html); TestBed (static/dynamic analysis test toolset; see http://www.easternsystems.com/products/testbed.html); TestDesigner (testing; see http://www.easternsystems.com/products/testdesigner.html); TestWeb (benchmarking, client/server, testing); SQA Suite (client/server, testing; see http://www.easternsystems.com/products/sqasuite.html) P.O. Box 1087; Westboro; MA; 01581; 508-366-3223; Fax 508-366-1520; rpatel@easternsystems.com ECS Associates SQL-Link-Plus 3812 Sepulveda Blvd.; Torrance, CA 90505; 213-378-9260 Elixir Technology Pte Ltd (see http://www.elixir.com.sg/) LOREx2 for Java (object oriented analysis & design; see http://www.elixir.com.sg/); Elixir IDE (Java development; see http://www.elixir.com.sg/) 000 20/21B Circular Road; 049376; Singapore; +65 532 4300; +65 532 4255; info@elixir.com.sg EPM Technology (see http://www.epmtech.jotne.com/) EXPRESS Data Manager (data exchange, data sharing) Grenseveien 107, N-0663 Oslo Norway, +47-22649065; fax+47-22649305; info@epm-consult.no Eslog Genie logiciel (see http://www.eslog.com/) Andromede (configuration management) 000 2 bis burospace; Bièvres; 91; 91571; Bièvres Cedex; France; Tel: (33-1) 69-85-51-51; Fax: (33-1) 69-85-50-18; eslog@club-internet.com. Esterel Studio (see http://www.esterel-technologies.com) SCADE (safety-critical systems) Headquarters: parc Euclide, 8 rue Blaise Pascal, 78990 Elancourt, France Phone: +33 1 30 68 61 60; Fax: +33 1 30 68 61 61 North America: 800 El Camino Real, Suite 180, Mountain View, CA, 94040 United States Phone: 1 650 903 2207; Fax: 1 650 903 2212 Central Europe Office: Otto Hahn Str. 13B, D-85521 Ottobrunn-Remerling, Munich, Germany Phone: +49 89 608 755 37 Fax: +49 89 608 755 99 Northern Europe Office: Venture House, Arlington Square, Downshire Way, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1WA, UK, Phone: +44 1344 742 818; Fax: +44 1344 742 918 EVB Software Engineering, Inc. Paradigm Plus / EVB Edition (OOAD (Unix and DOS)); HeragrapH (Ada, 2D/3D Graphics, GUI development; Unix/X windows and DOS); GRACE (reusable Ada software components); RLT (reuse library toolset (Unix and DOS)); Ada, object oriented Development and Software Engineering Training; 5303 Spectrum Drive,; Frederick, MD 21701; VOICE 301-695-6960 FAX 301-695-7734; info@evb.com EventHelix.com Inc. (see http://www.EventHelix.com/) EventStudio 1.0 (embedded real time systems; see http://www.EventHelix.com/EventStudio/) A CASE tool for use case, sequence diagram and message sequence chart modeling in embedded real-time systems. 18315 Lost Knife Circle, #103; Montgomery Village, MD 20886; USA; Voice phone: 301-990-3877; deepa@eventhelix.com. Evergreen Software Tools (see http://www.esti.com/) Merged with Visible Systems Corporation in May, 1997. Excel Software (see http://www.excelsoftware.com/) MacA&D (multi-methodology, Macintosh); WinA&D (multi-methodology, Windows 95/NT); QuickCRC (object oriented design CRC Cards, Macintosh, Windows 95/NT) P.O. Box 1414, Marshalltown, IA 50158 USA; Ph. 505-771-3719; Fax 505-771-3718; info@excelsoftware.com Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI) (see http://www.fzi.de) STONE Haid-und-Neu-Str. 10-14; D-76131 Karlsruhe, Germany; +49-721-9654-731 Generic Logic, Inc. (see http://www.genlogic.com) Glg Toolkit (animation and simulation of mission-critical systems, C++, Java, prototyping, rapid application development, Motif widgets, 2D/3D charting and graphing); Glg ActiveX Control (charting and graphing, ActiveX); Glg Toolkit for Java (Java development, charting and graphing beans) P.O. Box 35606; Brighton; MA; 02135-0006; USA; (617)254-4153; (617)254-2746; glg@genlogic.com. Genitor Corporation (see http://www.genitor.com) Acquired by Starbase Corporation June 12, 2000. Gillani, Inc. (see http://www.gillani.com/) FourGen CASE Tools (rapid application development, Informix 4GL); FourGen Menu's (Informix 4GL) FourGen Screen Generator (rapid application development, Informix 4GL) FourGen Report Generator (rapid application development, Informix 4GL) FourGen iDesktop (rapid application development, GUI development, Informix 4GL) 833 East Arapaho Road, Suite 102; Richardson; Texas; 75081; USA; (972) 918-0400; (972) 918-0659; sales@gillani.com. Goda Software, Inc. (see http://www.analysttool.com) Analyst Pro (requirements analysis, requirements based testing, requirements engineering, requirements tracing) info@analysttool.com GOOFEE Systems Pty Ltd (see http://www.goofee.com/) GOOFEE Diagrammer (embedded real time systems) admin@goofee.com GrammaTech, Inc. (see http://www.grammatech.com) CodeSurfer (Code understanding; see http://www.grammatech.com/products/codesurfer/); Ada-Assured (Ada, LSE, automatic style compliance; see http://www.grammatech.com/products/aa/); Ada-Utilities (batch code analysis, audit, transformation, prettyprinting; see http://www.grammatech.com/products/au/); Synthesizer Generator (language-sensitive editor development system; see http://www.grammatech.com/products/sg/); 317 North Aurora Street; Ithaca; 14850; USA; (607) 273-7340; sales@grammatech.com. Headway Software Inc. (see http://www.headway-software.com/) RoZeLink (formal modeling) Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland; Voice: +353 51 383090; Fax: +353 51 383958; chrisc@computer.org Heraut Automatisering (see http://www.heraut.demon.nl/) Dezign for databases (database design) 000 van Faukenbergestraat 8; Voorburg; Z-H; 2274RZ; The Netherlands; 070-3853488; 070-3853810; info@heraut.demon.nl Hewlett-Packard (see http://www.hp.com/) Distributed Smalltalk (see http://www.ses.hp.com/products/dst/main.html); SoftBench (SoftBench C/C++, SoftBench COBOL) (software development environment; see http://www.dmo.hp.com/sesd/products/main.html); SoftBench Configuration Managment (configuration management; see http://www.dmo.hp.com/sesd/products/softcm/main.html); UIM/X (GUI development; see http://www.dmo.hp.com/sesd/products/uimx/main.html) 3404 E. Harmony Rd, MS 81; Ft. Collins, CO 80525; Distributed Smalltalk contact: tel: (408) 447-4722; dst@sde.hp.com SoftBench contact: tel: (800) 742-6795. Address: 9550 Skillman, LB 125; Dallas, TX 75243 USA; Phone: 214.343.8525 Fax: 214.343.2457; info@hyperception.com I-Logix Inc. (see http://www.ilogix.com/) Rhapsody (OOAD) Rhapsody in MicroC StateMate MAGNUM Three Riverside Drive, Andover, MA 01810; Tel: 508 682-2100; Toll Free: 888 8 ILOGIX; Fax: 508 682-5995; info@ilogix.com IAR Systems A/S (see http://www.visualstate.com) IAR visualSTATE (embedded software development; UML-design, test and automatic C-code generation) Elkjaervej 30-32, DK-8230 Aabyhoj, Denmark; Phone: +45 8625 1111; Fax: +45 8625 1191; info@iar.dk IBM CMVC (configuration management, version control; see http://www.cs.queensu.ca/Software-Engineering/blurb/cmvc) ICONIX Software Engineering Inc. (see http://www.biap.com/iconix/) PowerTools Series (object oriented analysis & design); Object Methodology Overview (interactive CD-Rom course) 2800 28th St, Suite 320; Santa Monica, CA 90405; 310-458-0092; FAX 310-396-3454; ICONIX@world.com Ideogramic (see http://www.ideogramic.com/) Ideogramic UML (object oriented analysis & design; see http://www.ideogramic.com/products/) Paludan Mullers Vej 82; Aarhus N; DK-8200; Denmark; +45 8739 4190; +45 8739 4001; info@ideogramic.com Igatech Systems Pty Ltd (see http://www.igatech.com) RDT (database applications, requirements management; see http://www.igatech.com/rdt/); FileCM (database applications, document management, records management, office data management; see http://www.igatech.com/filecm/); Level 3, 86 Pirie St Adelaide S.A 5000 Australia; Telephone +61 8 8232 9622; Fax +61 8 8232 9611; Imagix Corporation (see http://www.imagix.com/) Imagix 4D (reverse engineering and documentation for C/C++; see http://www.imagix.com/products/imagix4d.html); Imagix 2000 (Year 2000 analysis and assessment for C/C++; see http://www.imagix.com/products/imagix2000.html) 6025 White Oak Lane; San Luis Obispo; CA; 93401; USA; 1.805.781.6002; 1.805.781.6003; info@imagix.com Index Technology Corp. Merged with Sage Software Inc. to form Intersolv. Infologistik GmbH GRADE Modeler 4.0 (business process reengineering; see http://www.latnet.lv/LU/MII/Grade/) 000 Wagnerbreite 3; Holzkirchen; 83607; Germany; voice +49 (0) 8024 3045-0; FAX +49 (0) 8024 3045-25; 100073.2765@compuserve.com. InfoModelers, Inc. As of mid-2000, references to http://www.infomodelers.com/ were redirected to Microsoft's Visio page at http://www.microsoft.com/office/visio, suggesting that perhaps InfoModeler 3.0 has been replaced. Information Engineering Technology Ltd. (see http://www.iet.co.uk/) GuardIEn (configuration management, IEF/Composer); IRIS (IEF/Composer, report development aid); CSE-Assist (IEF/Composer; add-on for c/s encyclopaedia) The Old School House, Hurstwood Road, Otterden, Kent ME13 0BX, UK; info@iet.co.uk; FAX: +44 (0) 1622 858 649 Information Processing Ltd. (IPL) (see http://www.iplbath.com/) Cantata++ (C++, dynamic testing, test coverage, metrics; see http://www.iplbath.com/p131.htm), Cantata (C, dynamic testing, test coverage, metrics; see http://www.iplbath.com/p13.htm), AdaTEST (Ada, dynamic testing, test coverage, metrics; see http://www.iplbath.com/p14.htm) Software Products Group, IPL, Eveleigh House, Grove Street, Bath BA1 5LR, UK; Phone:+44-(0)1225-475000; Fax: +44-(0)1225-444400; tools@iplbath.com Innovative Software (see http://www.isg.de) OEW 3.0 for C++ and Java (UML, automatic layout, round-trip engineering of Java and C++) Feuerbachstr. 26-32; Frankfurt; ; 60325; Germany; ++49 69/505030-0; ++49 69/505030-50; oewinfo@isg.de Insoft Oy (see http://www.prosa.fi/) Prosa/UML; Prosa/OMT; Prosa/SA Kirkkokatu 9; FIN-90100 Oulu; FINLAND; Phone +358 8 3216400; Fax +358 8 3216419; sales@prosa.fi. Institute for Information Industry KangaTool Series (front end) 8th Floor, 106 Ho-Ping E. Rd.; Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Institute of Applied Computer Science (IFAD) (see http://www.ifad.dk/) VDM-SL Toolbox (see http://www.ifad.dk/Products/vdmtools.htm); VDM-to-C++ Code Generator (see http://www.ifad.dk/Products/VDMTools/features.htm#cod-gen); Dynamic-link facility (add-on to VDM-SL Toolbox; see http://www.ifad.dk/Products/VDMTools/dlmodule.htm); VDM++ Toolbox (see http://www.ifad.dk/Products/vdmtools.htm); VDM++toC++ code generation (see http://www.ifad.dk/Products/VDMTools/features.htm#cod-gen); VDM++toJava code generation (see http://www.ifad.dk/Products/VDMTools/features.htm#jcg); Rose - VDM++ Link tool (see http://www.ifad.dk/Products/VDMTools/rose-vdmpp.htm) Forskerparken 10, DK-5230 Odense M, Denmark; Phone: +45-63157131; Fax: +45-65-932999; toolbox@ifad.dk Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) (see http://www.ics.com/) BX (GUI development, C, C++, Java); DX (GUI development, database applications); ViewKit (C++, framework for Motif); EPak (Motif widgets) ICS, 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA; info@ics.com, voice: 617-621-0060; Fax: 516-621-9555; general inquiries: info@ics.com; updates: mhatch@ics.com (Mark Hatch) Interactive Software Engineering (see http://www.eiffel.com/) EiffelCase 270 Storke Road #7; Goleta, CA USA 93117; 805/685-1006; eiffel@eiffel.com Intasoft (see http://www.intasoft.co.uk/intasoft/) AllChange (configuration management) Tresco House; Westpoint Court; Exeter; EX5 1DJ; U.K.; Tel: +44 (0)1392 447780; Fax: +44 (0)1392 447781; sales@intasoft.co.uk Integrated Systems, Inc. AutoCode; MATRIXx/Systembuild 3260 Jay Street; Santa Clara, CA 95054-3309; (408) 980-1500 IntegriSoft Inc. (see http://www.integrisoft.com/) Hindsight (ASA20/20, SQA, TCA) 3150 Almaden Expressway; Suite 150; San Jose, CA 95118; Tel: 408-266-8801; Fax-408-266-8802; info@integrisoft.com IntelliBase nv/sa RIDL* (I-CASE: for Nijssen's Information Analysis Method) Plantin en Moretuslei 220; B-2018 Antwerp; BELGIUM; tel. (+32) 3 235 9596 fax. (+32) 3 235-7955 IntelliCorp (see http://www.intellicorp.com/) LiveModel (object oriented analysis & design: Martin/Odell methodology); PowerModel (client/server, object oriented development environment); Kappa-PC (object oriented development environment: for desktop applications) US: 1975 El Camino Real West; Mountain View, CA 94040; TEL: 415-965-5500; FAX: 415-965-5647; International: IntelliCorp Ltd; Unit 6, Bracknell Beeches; Old Bracknell Lane West; Bracknell, Berks RG127BW; Tel: 44-1-344-305305; Fax: 44-1-344-305100 Interactive Development Environments (see http://www.ide.com/) Merged with Thomson Software in November 1996 to form Aonix. International Software Automation, Inc. (see http://www.softwareautomation.com) Panorama C/C++ (back-end; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/index.htm); Panorama-2 (testing; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/year2000.htm); Panorama OO-Test (test coverage; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/www/test_use.htm); Panorama OO-SQA (metrics; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/www/sqa_use.htm); Panorama OO-Analyzer (automated documentation; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/statican.htm); Panorama OO-Browser (program understanding, C, C++; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/www/reengin.htm); Panorama OO- Diagrammer (diagramming and flowcharting; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/www/reengin.htm); Panorama OO-Playback (C, C++, dynamic testing; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/year2000.htm); Panorama OO-DefectTracer (problem tracing; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/year2000.htm); Panorama OO-MemoryChecker (testing; see http://www.softwareautomation.com/year2000.htm) 7677 Oakport St. #105; Oakland; California; 94621; USA; 510-632-6688; 510-632-3388; info@softwareautomation.com INTERSOLV Merged with Micro Focus, Inc.to form Merant in 1998-9. Merger of Index Technology Corp. and Sage Software Inc.. IPSYS Software Plc Acquired by Lincoln Software. ISDE Metasoft Ltd. SSADM4+sf (SSADM V4+, SQL code generation; v4.2 launched 2/5/95); Texel-sf (object oriented analysis & design, C++, code generation); Designer+sf (metamodeling; code generation for MWB); Methods Workbench (MWB) (metaCASE); ODF-Designer (metamodeling; UREP/ODL generation); Business Integration facility (BIf) (business process reengineering) 329-331 London Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3HQ, UK Sales: (44) (0)1276 679499; Fax: (44) (0)1276 679498; sales@metasoft.demon.co.uk Support: (01425) 461580; Fax: (44) (0)1425 474233 support@metasoft.demon.co.uk See also VSF NA Inc. jagsoftware (see http://my.bizsite.com.au/jgsoftware/) Model Solutions (Business Modeling) 10 Oak Street; Beaumaris, Victoria; Australia 3193; Telephone: Australia (03) 95890973; jagsoftware@optusnet.com.au Kennedy Carter Ltd. (see http://www.kc.com/) iUML (UML, code generation; see http://www.kc.com/html/products/iuml/iuml.html); Intelligent OOA [I-OOA] ('intelligent' OOA/RD modeling; see http://www.kc.com/html/products/iooa/iooa.html); Intelligent Simulator (analysis model simulator; see http://www.kc.com/html/products/isim/isim.html) 14 The Pines, Broad Street, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3BH, United Kingdom; Tel: +44 1483 483 200; Fax: +44 1483 483 201; Sales: sales@kc.com General Information: info@kc.com Kim, Prof. Tae Gyun Object-Oriented Designer (object oriented analysis & design, freeware, OMT; see http://www.comp.pufs.ac.kr/~ktg/ood.html) ktg@taejo.pufs.ac.kr KL Group Inc. (see http://www.klg.com/) JClass (JClass Chart, JClass LiveTable, JClass BWT) (Java development); Olectra (Olectra Chart) (ActiveX); XRT (XRT/graph, XRT/field, XRT/table, XRT/3d, XRT/gear) (Motif widgets) 260 King Street E., Toronto, Ontario Canada M5A 1K3; info@klg.com, voice: 416-594-1026 or 800-663-4723; Fax: 416-594-1919; general inquiries: info@klg.com; updates: pkc@klg.com (Paula Capstick) Knowledge Base (see http://www.knowledgebase.com.au) ASCENT Case Tool (structured analysis & design, object oriented development) PO Box 12, Glengarry PO, Duncraig, 6023, WA, Australia; Phone / Fax + 61 8 9447 7042; sales@knowledgebase.com.au Knowledge Based Systems, Inc (see http://www.kbsi.com/) AI0 WIN (function modeling, activity based costing support; see http://www.kbsi.com/Software/Ai0win.htm); SmartER (information modeling, database design; see http://www.kbsi.com/Software/SmartER.htm); ProCap/ProSim (process modeling, simulation; see http://www.kbsi.com/Software/Prosim.htm); SmartCost (knowledge based cost estimation; see http://www.kbsi.com/Software/Smartcost.htm); Corporate Headquarters: 1408 University Drive East; College Station, Texas 77840; Phone: 979.260.KBSI (5274); Fax: 979.260.1965; products@kbsi.com KnowledgeWare, Inc. Acquired by Sterling Software on November 20, 1994. Language Technology Defunct; products acquired by KnowledgeWare, Inc., itself acquired by Cadre. LDRA Group of Companies LDRA Testbed (static/dynamic analysis test toolset; see http://www.cs.queensu.ca/Software-Engineering/blurb/LDRA) (ALL E-mail ijh@ldra.com) LDRA Technology Inc.: 3000-3 Hartley Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257, USA; 904 268 3267; Fax: 904 268 0733. Program Analysers Ltd,: 56a Northbrook Street, Newbury, Berks, RG13 1AN, UK; 0635 528828; Fax: 0635 528657. LDRA Technologie S.A.: Off Shore Voie No1, BP17 Batiment Stratege, 31312 Labege, Cedex, France; 33 61 39 77 77; Fax: 33 61 39 23 22. Learmonth & Burchett Management Systems, Inc. (LBMS) Out of business by late 1999. Systems Engineer sold to SELECT Software Tools, eventually acquired by Princeton Softech. Process Engineer sold to Platinum, eventually aquired by Computer Associates International, Inc.. Level One Consulting srl Level/1-User Sensitive CASE (object oriented lower CASE; with powerful query engine) 000 Via Monte Viglio, 57; Pescara; PE; 65124; ITALY; +39-(0)85-4153380; +39-(0)-4153380; leveloc@mbox.vol.it LG Soft Lab (see http://www.lgsoftlab.com/) DES OSD tool (SDL, UML, MSC, real-time systems, embedded systems; see http://www.lgsoftlab.com/r-d/des/) Distributed and Embedded Systems Group; Street Shpalernaya, 36 St.-Petersburg, 191123 Russia; phone: +7-812-329-9219; fax: +7-812-329-9218; distributed.embedded@lgsoftlab.ru Lincoln Software (see http://www.lincolnsoftware.com/) Bought by PeerLogic. Littlefair, Tim (see http://www.fste.ac.cowan.edu.au/~tlittlef/) CCCC (metrics, open source) tim_littlefair@hotmail.com Logic Works Acquired by PLATINUM Technology in 1998. The OOwin tool has been discontinued. LTG, Inc. (see http://www.leadtogold.com/) GOOEY (GUI development, Informix 4GL) 16000 Christensen Road, Suite 110 Seattle, WA 98188, USA; Phone: 800 527-2811; Fax: 206 243-1810; info@leadtogold.com M Squared Technologies (see http://m2tech.net/) Resource Standard Metrics (quality analysis, metrics, C, C++, Java; see http://m2tech.net/rsm/) 2128 Hidden Pine Lane; Apopka, FL 32712; sales@m2tech.net; 407-880-2627 MacroProject CASE.Analyst (structured analysis) Archangelskyj pereulok, 1; Moscow, Russia 101934 Madrone Systems Corp. (see http://MadroneSystems.com/company.html) MetaScope (repository, tool set; see http://MadroneSystems.com/index.html) Hcr 74 Box 92; Fort Davis; Texas; 79734; U.S.A.; (915) 426 2918; Sales@MadroneSystems.com MAGEC Software MAGEC (full life-cycle, COBOL, database applications) 1603 LBJ Freeway, Ste 880, Dallas, TX 75234; 800-336-2432 214-746-4000 Magna Software Corp. MAGNA X (3-tier CS/TP application Generator) 20th Floor, 275 Seventh Avenue; New York, NY 10001; 212/691-0300 info@magna.com magna solutions GmbH (see http://www.magna-solutions.de) SILVERRUN (Business and Relational Modeling, Client/Server development; see http://www.silverrun.com/) Hamburg magna solutions - Germany: Glockengiesserwall 26; 20095 Hamburg; Germany; Tel: 49-40-3010-4101; Fax: 49-40-3010-4257; hamburg@magna- solutions.de 1220, Boul. Lebourgneuf, suite 250, Québec, Canada, G2K 2G4; Tel: 1-800-361-0528 (toll free from US and Canada); 1-418-622-8003; Fax: 1-418-622-7001; quebec@magna-solutions.de Manager Software Products, Inc. Purchased by Allen Systems Group, Inc. in August, 1998. Mathworks MATLAB/Simulink 24 Prime Park Way; Natick, MA 01760-1520; (508) 653-1415 Mark V Systems, Ltd. ObjectMaker 2.1 (aka Adagen) (full life-cycle) 16400 Ventura Blvd., Suite 303; Encino, CA 91436; 818-995-7671 (voice) 818-995-4267 (fax); mo@markv.com Marotz, Inc. (see http://www.marotz.com/) Cost Xpert (cost estimation, software planning and scheduling) 13518 Jamul Drive; Jamul, CA 91935; USAl (619) 660-2010; (619) 660-2767; info@marotz.com Matterhorn, Inc. HIBOL (back-end) McCabe & Associates (see http://www.mccabe.com/) McCabe Coverage Server (test coverage; see http://www.mccabe.com/coverage_server.php); McCabe QA (metrics, variable tracking; see http://www.mccabe.com/mccabe_qa.php); McCabe Reengineer (metrics, code visualization; see http://www.mccabe.com/mccabe_re.php); McCabe Test (test coverage, class coverage; see http://www.mccabe.com/mccabe_test.php); McCabe TestCompress (testing; eliminate redundant test cases; see http://www.mccabe.com/testcompress.php); McCabe TRUEchange (configuration management; see http://www.mccabe.com/truechange.php); McCabe TRUEtrack (defect tracking; see http://www.mccabe.com/truetrack.php) 9861 Broken Land parkway, 4th floor; Columbia, Maryland 21046; 800-638-6316; FAX: 1-410-381-7912; info@mccabe.com McDonnell Information Systems (MDIS) ProKit*WORKBENCH, PRO-IV Workbench (windows ver of DOS ProKit) (upper CASE); PRO-IV application Development (lower CASE) 14311 Windcreek Dr., Chesterfield, Mo. 63017; (314) 214-4025 phone; (314) 214-4030 fax MEGA International (see http://www.mega.com/) MEGA Suite (repository, suite of CASE tools, full life-cycle); MEGA Process (tool suite, enterprise and workgroup applications, business process reengineering); MEGA Architecture (structured analysis, architecture modeling); MEGA Development (object oriented analysis & design, UML); MEGA Database (data modeling, database design); MEGA Procedure Design (flow diagram editor, documentation generator); 10 boulevard du Montparnasse; Paris; ; F-75015; France; 33 1 42 75 40 00; 33 1 42 75 40 96; info@mega.com Mentor Graphics Corp. Analyst/RT, Designer, Auditor (front end) 8500 Southwest Creekside Place; Beaverton, OR 97005; 503-626-7000 Merant (see http://www.merant.com/) PVCS (configuration management); Corporate HQ: 3200 Tower Oaks Blvd.; Rockville, Maryland 20852; 301-230-3200; 1-800-777-8858 International HQ: Abbey View; Everard Close; St. Albans; Herts AL1 2PS United Kingdom; Tel: 0727812812 Mercury Interactive (see http://www-svca.mercuryinteractive.com/) ActiveWatch (web, performance monitoring; see http://www- svca.mercuryinteractive.com/products/activewatch/); Topaz (performance management; see http://www-svca.mercuryinteractive.com/products/topaz/) 1325 Borregas Avenue; Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA; Tel: (408) 822-5200; Fax: (408) 822-5300 Meridian Software Systems, Inc. OpenSELECT CASE (front end) 10 Pasteur Street; Irvine, CA 92718; 714-727-0700 (ext. 224) fax: 714-727-3583 Meta Software Corporation (see http://www.metasoftware.com) WorkFlow Analyzer (business process reengineering); Business Model Repository (business process reengineering) 125 CambridgePark Drive, Cambridge MA 02140 USA; tel: (617) 576-6920l fax: (617) 661-2008l david@metasoft.com Meta Systems QuickSpec, Structured Architect (SA), Structured Architect-Integrator (SA- I), PSL/PSA, Report Specification Interface (RSI), View Integration System (VIS) (front end, RE/M) 315 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 200; Ann Arbor, MI 48108; 313-663-6027 MetaCase Consulting (see http://www.metacase.com/) MetaEdit+ Method Workbench (metaCASE; for building your own tools); MetaEdit+ (metaCASE; support multiple modeling methods and code generation) 000 Ylistonmaentie 31; FIN-40500 Jyvaskyla; Finland; tel. +358-14-4451 400#, fax +358-14-4451 405#, info@metacase.com. Micro Focus, Inc. By late 1999, merged with Intersolv to form Merant. MicroGold Software Inc. (see http://www.microgold.com/) WITH CLASS (object oriented software engineering) 76 Linda Lane, Edison, NJ 08820, USA; voice - 908.668.4779; fax - 908.668.4386; 71543.1172@compuserve.com microTOOL GmbH (see http://www.microtool.de/) case/4/0 (ER, SA/RT, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, PL/1, DB2, SQL, ORACLE, DDL, analysis, design, implementation, code generation, reverse engineering, structured analysis & design, system analysis, data modeling, database design, functional analysis, real time modeling, repository; see http://www.microtool.de/case.e/); objectiF (UML, C++, Java, Visual Basic, SQL code generation, COM IDL, CORBA, DDL, XMI, analysis, design, object oriented analysis & design, design patterns, implementation, code generation, prototyping, reverse engineering, roundtrip engineering, repository; see http://www.microtool.de/objectiF/en/); in-Step (process management, version management, configuration management, project management, workflow support for software engineering, KBSt V-Model; see http://www.microtool.de/inst.e/) Voltastr. 5; D-13355 Berlin; Tel: ++49 30 467 086 0; Fax: ++49 30 464 471 4; info@microtool.de MID GmbH (see http://www.mid.de/) INNOVATOR CASE Workbench for Data Modeling (ER, SER, DDL, ER-OO-mapping; see http://www.mid.de/e/innovato/icw_er/index.htm); INNOVATOR CASE Workbench for Object Orientation (UML, re-engineering, ER-OO-mapping, C++, Java, Visual Basic, CORBA IDL, Smalltalk; see http://www.mid.de/e/innovato/icw_oo/index.htm); INNOVATOR Business Workbench for Business Process Engineering (business process reengineering, UML, KBSt V-Model, simulation, evaluation; see http://www.mid.de/e/innovato/ibw/index.htm); INNOVATOR CASE Workbench for Function Modeling (structured analysis & design, MD, RT-extensions; see http://www.mid.de/e/innovato/icw_sasd/index.htm); INNOVATOR Programmers Workbench (Nassi-Shneiderman) 000 Eibacher Hpt. Str.; Nuernberg; Germany; 90451; Germany; +49 (911) 9683620; +49 (911) 9683610; info@mid.de. Midius Art&Science Object Plant (object oriented analysis & design, OMT, UML, Macintosh; see http://www.softsys.se/ObjectPlant/) 6B Fredmansgatan; Stockholm; SE-11847; Sweden; micke@kagi.com MIM-Technology (see http://www.mimtech.com/english/) MIM-TOOLS (database applications); MIM-TOOLS (object oriented CASE tool) Post Box 953; Moscow; Russia; 101000; Russia; (095)-261-31-98; (095)-926-41-95; omarin@mimtech.com Modelistic Software Ltd. (see http://www.modelistic.com/) Modelistic (Java modeling) London Business Innovation Centre; Innova Park; Mollison Avenue; Enfield; Middlesex; EN3 7XU; United Kingdom; voice: +44 1279 320495; sales@modelistic.com Mortice Kern Systems (see http://www.mks.com/) MKS Code Integrity Enterprise (change management, quality assurance) MKS Source Integrity (change management for client/server to Web; see http://www.mks.com/solution/si/); MKS Integrity Engine (change management for Web; see http://www.mks.com/solution/ie/); MKS Toolkit (migration tool from UNIX to PC; see http://www.mks.com/solution/tk/); MKS Professional Services (custom integration, training, support; see http://www.mks.com/support/) Mortice Kern Systems Inc.; 185 Columbia Street West; Waterloo, Ontario N2L 5Z5; Contact name: Margaret E. Dobbin; (519) 884-2251; FAX (519) 884-8861; (800)265-2797; inquiry@mks.com Netron, Inc. (see http://www.netron.com/) NETRON/CAP (suite of CASE tools, TEXT development); NETRON/Client (suite of CASE tools, GUI development); NETRON/Connect (client/server: add on for NETRON/CAP or Client); NETRON/Fusion (see http://www.netron.com/products/fusion.htm); NETRON/Renovator (re- engineering; see http://www.netron.com/products/renovatr.htm); NETRON/Catalyst (multi-layer, client/server; see http://www.netron.com/products/catalyst.htm) CAPLink to Bachman (GUI development, Bachman/Analyst) Platforms: DOS, OS/2, Windows, AIX, IBMCICS, TSO, ISPF, VAXVMS, WANGVS, IBMIMS, and AS400. Languages: COBOL, COBOL II, Java, Power Builder, Visual Basic. 99 St. Regis Crescent N; Downsview, Ontario; Canada M3J 1Y9; 416-636-8333; netron@netron.com No Magic, Inc. (see http://www.nomagic.com/) MagicDraw UML (UML, Java Development, Object-oriented analysis and design) 000 Suite 199, 800 East Campbell Road; Richardson; Texas; 75081; US; 972-527-9377; 972-527-9470; contact@nomagic.com Novosoft Inc. (see http://www.novosoft-us.com) Zebra (rapid application development; see http://www.novosoft- us.com/solutions/tools_zebra.shtml); FL for J2EE (OR-mapping tool; see http://www.novosoft-us.com/solutions/tools_fl_downloads.shtml) 4, pr.ak.Koptyuga, Novosibirsk; 630090, Russia; Phone: +7 (3832) 30-34-69; Fax: +7 (3832) 34-20-35; marketing@novosoft-us.com Object Domain Systems (see http://www.objectdomain.com) Object Domain (object-oriented analysis and design) 1130 Situs Court, Suite 250, Raleigh, NC 27606, USA info@objectdomain.com Object Insight, Inc. (see http://www.object-insight.com/) JVISION (Java, forward engineering, reverse engineering, object modeling, documentation, visualization) 506 N. State st.; Ann Arbor; MI; 48104; Phone: 734-669-0400; fax:734-769-6351; ron@object-insight.com ObjecTime Ltd. (see http://www.objectime.com/) ObjecTime Developer (real time object oriented) ObjecTime Limited,; 340 March Road, Suite 200, Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2K 2E4; telephone: 1-800-567-TIME; (613) 592-3128; fax: (613) 591-3784; sales@objectime.on.ca Objective Spectrum, Inc. BridgePoint tools now provided by Project Technology, Inc. Objectivity, Inc. (see http://www.objectivity.com/) Objectivity (object-oriented database) 301B East Evelyn Avenue; Mountain View, CA 94041; phone: +1 415.254.7100; fax: +1 415.254.7171; info@objectivity.com Objectory Corporation Objectory Support Environment North American office: Objectory Corp; 300 Atlantic Street, Suite 1111; Stamford, CT 06901; Voice: (203) 363 7555; Fax: (203) 363 7556; oryhelp@ix.netcom.com Main office: Objectory AB; PO Box 1128; S-116 24 Kista; Sweden; Voice: +46 8 703 45 30; Fax: +46 8 751 30 96; support@os.se German/European office: Objectory GmbH; WeltenburgerStrasse 70; D-816 77 Muunchen; Germany; Voice: +49 89 92 404 222; Fax: +49 89 92 404 200 OBP Research Oy (see http://www.reagenix.com/) ReaGeniX Programmer (C, code generation, embedded real time systems, component modeling; see http://www.reagenix.com/rgxsheet.htm) Teknologiantie 10 D; FIN-90570 OULU; Finland; +358 8 551 5540; FAX +358 8 551 5541; obp@obp.inet.fi. On-Line Software International AD/VANCE DataModeler 2 Executive Dr.; Ft. Lee Executive Park; Ft. Lee, NJ 07024; 201-592-0009 Optima, Inc. DesignVision 1.7, DesignMachine 2.0 (front end, back-end) Oracle Systems Corp. (see http://www.oracle.com/) Oracle Designer/2000 (see http://www.oracle.com/products/tools/des2k/); Oracle Developer/2000 (see http://www.oracle.com/products/tools/dev2k/); Oracle Reports; SQL*QMX; Oracle; SQL*Louder Oracle World Headquarters; 500 Oracle Pkwy; Redwood Shores, CA 94065 415-506-7000 ORACLE Corporation; 20 Davis Drive; Belmont, CA 94002; 800-345-DBMS OTW Software, Inc. (see http://www.otwsoftware.com/) Object Technology Workbench (OTW) (object oriented analysis and design, UML) 11250 El Camino Real, Suite 102; San Diego, CA 92130; phone: (858) 755 9100; fax: (858) 755 0033; info@otwsoftware.com OWiS Software GmbH (see http://www.otw.de) Object Technology Workbench (object oriented modeling, UML) Lindenstrasse 28, Ilmenau; Thuringia; 98693; Germany; tel. +49 3677 8479-0; +49 3677 8479-38; info@otw.de. Pallas Athena Ltd (see http://www.pallas-athena.com) Protos (business process modelling); FLOWer (process management, case management) Cheshire Innovation Park; PO Box1, Chester, CH1 3SH, United Kingdom; Tel.: +44(0)151 472 3880 Pansophic Systems Inc. Acquired by Computer Associates in 1991. Parallel Performance Group, Inc. (see http://www.ppgsoft.com/ppgsoft/) objectiF (object oriented CASE tool); case/4/0 (IEF-based); Wizdom Pro (object oriented application generator); Oberon/F (object oriented language/development environment); Eiffel 3 (object oriented language/development environment); LOOX (GUI development); RIPPEN (graphical DSP programmming, real time multiprocessing) 450 Jordan Road, Suite E, Sedona, AZ 86336, USA; tel: (520) 282-6300; fax: (520) 774-0896; ppg@ppgsoft.com ParcPlace Systmems (see http://www.cs.queensu.ca/Software- Engineering/blurb/parcplace) Objectworks\C++, Objectworks\Smalltalk (back-end) Corporate HQ: 999 E. Arques; Sunnyvale, CA 94086-4593; Tel: (408) 481.9090 Fax: (408) 481.9095; info@parcplace.com Pathfinder Solutions (see http://pathfindersol.com/) UML Essentials (see http://pathfindersol.com/umless.html); Springboard (template translation system); UML Spotlight (model execution); UML Foundation (code templates); Also provides UML training, consulting, and mentoring. 90 Oak Point, Wrentham MA 02093; voice: 888-OOA-PATH; fax: 508-384-7906; info@pathfindersol.com Paul Herber Systems Ltd Now Sandrila Ltd. Performance Awareness Corp. preVue; preVue-X; XStudio 8521 Six Forks Rd., Suite 200; Raleigh, NC 27615, USA; Phone: (919) 870-8800; prodinfo@PACorp.com Phoenix Technologies, Ltd. P-Source; P-Tools 846 University Ave.; Norwood, MA 02062; 617-551-4000 Pictorius Inc. (see http://www.pictorius.com/) Prograph (visual o-o programming environment) 2000 Barrington Street, Suite 400; Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3K1; Canada; 902/492-2880; FAX: 902/492-3409 PLATINUM Technology, Inc. Acquired by Computer Associates in March, 2000, PolySpace Technologies (see www.polyspace.com) PolySpace Verifier (runtime error checking) 100 C, Cummings Center - Suite 207P; Beverly; MA 01915; USA; +1 978 921 4627; +1 978 524 4162; contact@polyspace.com. Popkin Software & Systems (see http://www.popkin.com/) System Architect 11 Park Place, NY, NY 10007; tel. 212-571-3434; fax. 212-571-3436 Powersoft (see http://www.powersoft.com/) Powerbuilder (client/server applications; see http://www.powersoft.com/products/devtools/pb50/); S-Designor (database applications; see http://www.powersoft.com/services/support/designor/) Corporate headquarters: 561 Virginia Road ; Concord, MA 01742-2732; tel. 508-287-1500; sales: 800-395-3525 Design products division: One Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 805, Westchester, IL 60154, USA; Phone: (708) 947 4250; Fax: (708) 947 4251; 75357.1635@compuserve.com PowerPlus Systems Corporation (see http://www.powerplussystems.com/) Business Analyst/2020 (requirements specification generator) USA: 106-1135 Terminal Way; Reno; Nevada; 89502-2145 Canada: 100-4th Ave S.W., Suite 900, Valgary, Alberta T2P 3N2 Both companies: tel. 1-800-268-3740; power@PowerplusSystems.com PragmaDev SARL (see http://www.pragmadev.com) Real Time Developer Studio (SDL-RT, real time, embedded) 18, rue des Tournelles, 75004 Paris; France; tel: +33 1 42 74 15 38; fax: +33 1 42 74 15 58; info@pragmadev.com Pragmatix Software P/L (see http://pragmasoft.one.net.au) Pragmatica (object oriented modeling, metaCASE, reverse engineering) 26A Walnut Road, North Balwyn, Victoria 3104, Australia. Tel: +61-412-060870, Fax: +61-3-9857 4412, pragma@one.net.au Prescient Software, Inc. Merge Ahead 3494 Yuba Avenue; San Jose, CA 95117-2967; mcgregor@netcom.com; tel: 408-985-1824; fax: 408-985-1936 Princeton Softech (see http://princetonsoftech.com/) Select Enterprise (UML, business modeling, code generation; see http://www.princetonsoftech.com/products/enterprise.asp); Apex (database streamlining process; see http://www.princetonsoftech.com/products/apexprogram.htm) Westmoreland House 80-86 Bath Road, Cheltenham; Gloucestershire GL53 7JT England; +44.(0).1242.229700; +44.(0).1242.229787 (direct); +44.(0).1242.229702 (fax); +44.(0).7967.552220 (mobile); PROCASE Corporation SMARTsystem; C/Spot/Run A former employee reports that as of late 1995 this company changed its name and shortly thereafer went out of business. Please DO NOT call their former 1-800-777-4776 number, as it has be reassigned to a completely different business. Proforma (see http://www.proformacorp.com/) ProVision Workbench (business process reengineering, object modeling) ProVision AnalyzerPlus (simulation, process improvement) 17515 W. 9 Mile Rd.; Southfield, MI 48075; Phone: 888.PVW.6903; Fax: (248) 443-0506; Proforma@Proformacorp.com Programming Research Inc. (see http://www.programmingresearch.com) QAC (quality assurance, C; see http://www.programmingresearch.com/solutions/qac3.htm); QAC++ (quality assurance, C++; see http://www.programmingresearch.com/solutions/qacpp3.htm) Independence Wharf,470 Atlantic Avenue,Fourth Floor,Boston, MA 02210,USA,(617) 273-8448,(617) 531-2003; info@ProgrammingResearch.com Progress Software Corporation (see http://www.progress.com/) 14 Oak Park, Bedford, MA 01730, U.S.A.; Tel: 1 617 280-4000 Fax: 1 617 280-4901 Project Technology, Inc. (see http://www.projtech.com/) BridgePoint Application Development Tool Suite (Shlaer-Mellor OOA/RD); BridgePoint Model Builder (object oriented analysis); BridgePoint Model Verifier (analysis simulation & verification); BridgePoint Generator (code generation) 7400 N. Oracle Road, Suite 365, Tucson, AZ 85704, tel: 520/544-2881, fax: 520/544-2912; info@projtech.com ProMod, Inc. ProMod Series (front end, back-end, RE/M) 23685 Birtcher Dr.; El Toro, CA 92630; 714-855-3046; 800-255-2689 ProtoDesign, Inc. (see http://www.protodesign-inc.com/) SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment (GUI Development, Object Oriented Development Environment; see http://www.protodesign- inc.com/sansgui.htm) 2 Sandalwood Court, Bolingbrook, IL 60440-1573 USA; Phone: (630)759-9930, Fax: (630)759-4759; info@protodesign-inc.com ProtoSoft, Inc. Renamed to Platinum Technology, Inc. ProxySource.com (see http://www.proxysource.com/) ProxyDesigner (freeware, object oriented analysis & design, UML, analysis, design, object oriented modeling, object oriented development; see http://www.proxysource.com/home.asp?href=http://www.proxysource.com/Products/ProxyDesigner.html) 8116 Arlington Blvd. #347; Falls Church; VA; 22042; USA; (703) 208-3333; (703) 783-8281; info@proxysource.com Qualitec Now a company of Sodifrance. Quality Systems and Software, Ltd. (QSS) Acquired by Telelogic AB in August 2000. QualTrak Corporation DDTS tool now ClearDDTS from Rational Software Corporation. Quintessoft Engineering, Inc. (see http://www.quintessoft.com/) Code Navigator for C++ (C++, object oriented CASE tool, design patterns) 3135 S. State Street, Suite 108; Ann Arbor, MI;48104; USA; 313-669-0192;313-669-0193 (FAX); info@quintessoft.com Rapid Prototyping Laboratory (see http://osiris.sunderland.ac.uk/research/canopus/mitchell/rpl.html) LOCANA (object oriented rapid prototyping; see http://osiris.sunderland.ac.uk/research/canopus/mitchell/locana.html) Ian.Mitchell@sunderland.ac.uk Rational Software Corporation (see http://www.rational.com) Rational Apex (integrated interactive software engineering environment); Rational Rose (object oriented analysis & design, Booch methodology); Rational CRC (object oriented analysis & design, class-responsibility- collaboration methodology); SoDA (documentation generator); TestMate (testing); VADS (development environment for embedded systems); ClearCase (configuration management; see http://www.rational.com/products/clearcase/); ClearDDTS (defect tracking; see http://www.rational.com/products/clear_ddts/index.jtmpl) 2800 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051-0951; tel. (408) 496-3600, 1-800-RAT-1212; fax (408) 496-3636; product_info@rational.com Ready Systems Corp. Bought by Mentor Graphics in the early 1990's. CARTtools product now the property of CARDtools Systems Corp.. Reasoning Systems Inc. category: reverse engineering, re-engineering 3260 Hillview Ave.; Palo Alto, CA 94304; 415-494-6201 (voice) 415-494-8053 (FAX); reasoning@reasoning.com ReGenisys Corporation (see http://www.regenisys.com/) Level I - Analyst (Year 2000; see http://www.regenisys.com/analyst.html); Level II - Developer (maintenance & reengineering; see http://www.regenisys.com/develop.html); Level III - Validator (testing) 4725 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 210; Scottsdale, AZ 85251-7622; Tel. 602-970-1131, Fax 602-970-1132; info@regenisys.com As of late 1997, former tools analyze:R intranet, datefind:R, fieldfind:R, and maintain:R were integrated into new products (listed above). Resolution Ltd. (see http://www.xcase.com) xCase Professional (database design, database modeling, database generation, database reverse engineering); xCase For Fox (database design, database modeling, database generation, database reverse engineering); xCase For Interbase (database design, database modeling, database generation, database reverse engineering); xCase For Jet (database design, database modeling, database generation, database reverse engineering); xCase Viewer (database design, database modeling, database generation, database reverse engineering); xCase Light (database design, database modeling, database generation, database reverse engineering) 1 B Reuven Street. Jerusalem 93510 Po Box 10123 Jerusalem 91101 ; Phone 02-6728893-2 Fax 02-6728894; Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc. (see http://www.rexblackconsulting.com) Test Management System (testing, bug tracking) 7310 Beartrap Lane; San Antonio, TX; 78249; United States; +1 (210) 696-6835; +1 (210) 696-8788; rex_black@rexblackconsulting.com. Ristanovic CASE (see http://www.RistanCASE.ch/) Development Assistant (browser, analyzer, C, PL/M) Zielackerstr. 19; CH-8304 Wallisellen-Zurich; Switzerland; Tel.: +41 1 833 07 57; Fax: +41 1 833 06 14; info@ristancase.ch Riverton Software (see http://www.riverton.com) HOW (component modeling, deployment framework, Visual Basic, Java, PowerBuilder; see http://www.riverton.com/product/welcome.htm) One Kendall Square, Building 200; Cambridge, MA 02139; Phone: 617.588.0500; Fax: 617.588.0412 Sage Software Inc. Merged with Index Technology Corp. to form Intersolv. Sandrila Ltd (see http://www.sandrila.co.uk) SDL-2000 and MSC-2000 (add-on for Visio) Summerstead House, Holly Close, Eversley, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 0PH, UK; Phone: +44 118 973 3202 Sapiens International Perfect; Object-Modeller; Sapiens; Quix; Vision Sapiens USA; P.O. Box 4349, Cary, NC, 27519-4349; 1-800-858-9473 Schemacode International Inc Schemacode (see http://www.rgl.polymtl.ca) 89 Gleenbrooke, suite 100; Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec H9A 2L7 514-683-8693; fax 514-683-6792; schema@rgl.polymtl.ca Scientific Toolworks, Inc. (see http://www.scitools.com/) Understand for C++ (reverse engineering/maintenance, C++; see http://www.scitools.com/ucpp.html); Understand for Ada (reverse engineering/maintenance, Ada; see http://www.scitools.com/uada.html); Understand for FORTRAN (reverse engineering/maintenance, FORTRAN; see http://www.scitools.com/uf.html); SourcePublisher C++ (reverse engineering/maintenance, C++; see http://www.scitools.com/sourcepublisher.html) 1579 Broad Brook Road; South Royalton, VT 05068; tel. (802) 763-2995; fax (802) 763-3066 SDP Technologies, Inc. As of April 1995, the Designor Division of Powersoft. Segue Software, Inc. (see http://www.segue.com/) SilkVision (enterprise application health monitoring); SilkExpress (scalability testing, load testing); SilkTest ( functional testing, regression testing); SilkPerformer (performance simulation); SilkPilot (functional testing, regression testing, CORBA, EJB); SilkRadar (defect tracking) World Headquarters: 201 Spring St, Lexington, MA 02421, USA; Tel. 800.287.1329, 781.402.1000; fax 781.402.1099; info@segue.com SELECT Software Tools Purchased by Aonix in 2001. Sema Group (see http://www.sema.be/) Clyder (formal object oriented requirements; see http://www.sema.be/p_clyd_g.htm) Sema Group Belgium: Rue de Stalle 96; 1180 Bruxelles; Phone : +32 2 333 55 11; Fax : +32 2 333 55 22; info-request@sema.be; clyder@sema.be Semantic Designs, Inc. (see http://www.semdesigns.com) Test Coverage (test coverage, COBOL, C, Java, arbitrary language; see http://www.semdesigns.com/Products/TestCoverage/index.html); Source Code Formatters (beautifier, formatter, prettyprinting, obfuscator, documentation generator, cross-referencing; see http://www.semdesigns.com/Products/Formatters/index.html); Legacy Migration (JOVIAL, arbitrary language; see http://www.semdesigns.com/Products/Services/LegacyMigration.html); Design Maintenance System [DMS] (reverse engineering, maintenance, transformation, code generation, C, C++, Java, Ada, COBOL, FORTRAN, arbitrary language; see http://www.semdesigns.com/Products/DMS/DMSToolkit.html); Clone Doctor [CloneDR] (re-engineering, arbitrary language; see http://www.semdesigns.com/Products/Clone/index.html); Parallel Language for Symbolic Expression [PARLANSE] (parallel programming; see http://www.semdesigns.com/Products/Parlanse/index.html) 12636 Research Blvd. #C214; Austin; TX; 78759; USA; 512-250-1018; 512-250-1191; info@semdesigns.com. Sentinel Business Systems, Inc. (see http://www.sbs-case.com/) SBS-CASE Tools (data collection) SBS-NET (communications) 240 Long Hill Cross Road; Shelton, CT 06484; tel (203) 929-5101; fax (203) 929-5989; sales@sbs-case.com SES, Inc. (see http://www.ses.com/) SES/workbench (animation and simulation of mission-critical systems) 4301 Westbank Dr., Bldg. A, Austin, TX 78746 USA; (512) 328-5544; FAX (512) 327-6646; mktg@ses.com SETT, Inc. GRAMMI (Ada, X windows, GUI development) 5303 Spectrum Drive,; Frederick, MD 21701; (301) 695-6960; info@evb.com Sichemsoft V.o.F. (see http://www.sichemsoft.nl/) StruktoGraaf (Nassi-Shneiderman; see http://www.sichemsoft.nl/sguk.html) Roghorst 160; Wageningen; Gld.; 6708 KS; Netherlands; +31-317-420048; no fax; info@sichemsoft.nl. Sirius Press International, Inc. (see http://www.siriuspress.com/) DocBase (class documentation browser; see http://www.siriuspress.com/docbaswp.htm) 564 Mission Street, Suite 343, San Francisco, CA 94105 USA; Phone 415/399-9810; Fax 415/399-9857 Sitsky, David Codestriker (open source, groupware, code review; see http://codestriker.sourceforge.net) Six Sigma Case Canonizer 13456 SE 27th Place; Bellevue, WA 98005; 206-643-6911 SmartDraw.com (see http://www.smartdraw.com) SmartDraw (UML; general-purpose drawing); 10085 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 220; San Diego, CA 92131; Phone: 858-549-0314; Toll Free Ordering (USA & Canada) 800-501-0314; Fax: 858-549-2830; mail@smartdraw.com Sodifrance (see http://www.sodifrance.fr/) Scriptor (Code generation, metaCASE; see http://www.sodifrance.fr/NTmigration/mvt_qualitec/produits/scriptor_us.htm) Headquarters: Parc d'Activités "La Bretèche"; CS 26804; 35768 Saint-Grégoire Cedex; Tel.: +33 (2) 99 23 46 00; Fax: +33 (2) 99 23 46 10; scriptor@sodifrance.fr. Softeam (see http://www.softeam.fr) Objecteering (UML, C++, Java, metaCASE; see http://www.objecteering.com) 8 rue Germain Soufflot; Saint Quentin en Yvelines; 78184; FRANCE; 33-1 30121660; 33130438606; info@softeam.fr Softera Ltd. (see http://www.softera.com/) SoftModeler/Business (Java modeling; see http://www.softera.com/products.htm); SoftModeler/RT (real time modeling) info@softera.com; Phone: +972-3-956-3154; Fax: +972-3-950-2816 Softlab, Inc. Maestro (front end, back-end, RE/M) 1000 Abernathy Road, Suite 1000, Atlanta GA 30328-5613 Tel: 404-6688-811, Fax: 404-668-8812 Softstar Systems (see http://www.SoftstarSystems.com/) Costar (COCOMO, cost estimation) P.O. Box 1360; Amherst, NH 03031 USA; Voice: (603) 672-0987; Fax: (603) 672-3460; ligett@SoftstarSystems.com Softool Corporation (see http://www.softool.com/) Purchased by Platinum Technology, Inc.. SoftQuest Systems (see http://www.softquest.co.il) Defect WorkFlow (bug tracking, change management); SoftTrak (project planning and control); Time DataLogger (time management) 10 Plaut Street; Rehovot; ; P.O. Box 1124; Israel 76267; 972-8-9484990; 972-8-948499; sales@softquest.co.il Software AG of North America, Inc. Adabas; Natural; Construct; Predict; Predict Case; Super Natural 11190 Sunrise Valley Drive; Reston, VA 22091; 703-860-5050 Software Architecture and Engineering Now Template Software, Inc.. Software Productivity Centre (see http://www.spc.ca/) ESTIMATE Professional (software project planning and estimation); EssentialSET (documentation templates, process framework); ISOplus (quality systems documentation) Suite 460; 1122 Mainland St.; Vancouver; BC; V6B 5L1; Canada; Voice: (604)662-8181; Fax: (604)689-0141; tools@spc.ca Software Productivity Research, Inc. Checkpoint, SPQR/20 (estimation, measurement, front end) 77 South Bedford St.; Burlington, MA 01803; 617-273-0140 Software Quality Engineering (see http://www.sqe.com/) STEPMaster Test & Evaluation Management System (upper CASE, test management, work tracking) 330 Corporate Way Suite 300; Orange Park, Florida (FL) 32073; Tel: 904-278-0707; Toll Free: 800-423-8378; Fax: 904-278-4380; sqeinfo@sqe.com Software Research, Inc. (see http://www.soft.com/) TestWorks (testing; see http://www.soft.com/Products/); TestWorks/Regression (CAPBAK, SMARTS, EXDIFF) (testing; see http://www.soft.com/Products/Regression/index.html); TestWorks/Coverage (TCAT C/C++, TCAT-PATH, T-SCOPE) (testing; see http://www.soft.com/Products/Coverage/index.html); TestWorks/Advisor (METRIC, STATIC, TDGEN) (testing; see http://www.soft.com/Products/Advisor/index.html); TestWorks/Web (CAPBAK/Web, SMARTS, TCAT for Java) (testing; see http://www.soft.com/Products/Web/index.html); 901 Minnesota Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA; Tel. (415) 550-3020; FAX: (415) 550-3030; info@soft.com Software Reuse Company Ltd (SRC) Recycle (COBOL reengineering) 86 Cobham Road, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7PQ, UK; Tel: (44) (0)1202 875577; Fax: (44) (0)1202 896444 Softway Systems, Inc. Acquired by Microsoft in September 1999. OpenNT products now part of MS Interix. Sparx Systems (see http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/) Enterprise Architect 3.10 (UML, design, C++, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic, DDL, code generation, object oriented modeling, database design) 7 Curtis St; Creswick; Victoria; 3363; Australia; 61 3 5345 1140; sparks@sparxsystems.com.au SQLBench International (see http://www.sqlbench.com/) SQLBench Workbench (client/server DBMS simulation, testing, benchmarking) SQLBench Test Data Generator (DBMS testing) 5313 Cedar Chase, Suite 88, Atlanta, GA 30338, US; tel 770-913-9360; fax 770-399-9533; sales@sqlbench.com SQL Software, Ltd. Product Configuration Mangement System (PCMS) (configuration management) Northbrook House, John Tate Road, Hertford SG13 7NN, United Kingdom; Tel: +44 (0)1992 501 414; Fax: +44 (0)1992 501 616; helpdesk@sql.com Starbase Corporation (see http://www.starbase.com/) Caliber RM (requirements management; see http://www.starbase.com/product_caliberrm/index.cfm); StarTeam (change management, configuration management; see http://www.starbase.com/product_starteam/index.cfm); United States: 4 Hutton Centre Drive; Suite 900; Santa Ana, CA 92707; Phone: 714.445.4400; 888.782.7700; Fax: 714.445.4404; sales@starbase.com. United Kingdom: StarbaseInnovation Centre; Warwick Technology Park; Gallows Hill, Warwick; CV34 6UW; Phone: +44 (0) 1926 62 3111; Fax: +44 (0) 1926 62 3112; uksales@starbase.com. StarSys, Inc. MacBubbles (front end) 11113 Norlec Dr.; Silver Spring, MD 20902; 301-946-0522 SteelTrace (see http://www.steeltrace.com) Catalyze (requirements management, project management, process; see http://www.steeltrace.com/products_catalyze_suite.htm) 30/32 Sir John Rogerson's; Quay Dublin 2, Ireland; TollFree: 1800 201136; Tel +(353) (0) 1 677 2648; Fax +(353) (0) 1 677 2807; info@steeltrace.com Step Ahead Software (see http://www.ozemail.com.au/~stepsoft/) Visual Classworks (C++, code generation, OMT class diagrams; see http://www.ozemail.com.au/~stepsoft/vcw.html) Sydney, Australia; stepsoft@ozemail.com.au Telephone: From USA: 1 800 210 9427; from elsewhere: +61 2 9477 3398; Fax: +61 2 9452 3363 Sterling Software Acquired by Computer Associates in April, 2000. Acquired Knowledgeware Inc. in November 1994. STG, Inc. (see http://www.stgcase.com/) Axiom-SA (structured analysis with real time extensions; see http://www.smartlink.net/~stgvjp/sa.html); AxiomSys (structured analysis with architecture modeling; see http://www.smartlink.net/~stgvjp/sys.html); AxiomDsn (software design with procedural language support; see http://www.smartlink.net/~stgvjp/dsn.html) 28157 Shelter Cove Dr.; Saugus, CA 91350; (800) 959-2451; (805) 296-3607; Fax: (805) 296-5302; info@stgcase.com Streetlamp Productions, Inc. (see http://www.streetlamp.com/index.shtml) Streetlamp Illuminator (profiling, analyzing, cross-referencing, editing) 1701 S. Mays, Suite J188; Round Rock; Texas 78664; USA; sales@streetlamp.com StructSoft, Inc. (see http://www.turbocase.com/) TurboCASE 3.0 (front end; for the Mac; see ;) TurboCASE/Sys (real time systems); TurboCASE (structured analysis & design, object oriented) 5416 156th Ave. SE; Bellevue, WA 98006; tel: 206-644-9834; fax: 206-644-7714; info@turbocase.com Structured Software Systems Limited (see http://www.threesl.com/) Cradle (full life-cycle) for UK & International Excluding USA (3SL UK): Structured Software Systems Limited; The Coach House; 5 Horseshoes House; Remenham Hill; Henley-On- Thames; Oxon; RG9 3EP; United Kingdom Enquiries: +44 (0) 1491 412340; Fax: +44 (0) 1276 412350; sales@threesl.co.uk For USA: Structured Software Systems Inc. (3SL Inc.); PO Box 310; Olney; Maryland; MD 26830-0310; USA; Enquiries: + (1) 301 570 6120; Fax: + (1) 301 570 6143; sales@threesl.com Structured Solutions STRADIS (system development methodology) 400 Interstate North Parkway, Suite 800, Atlanta, Georgia 30339; (404) 618-7900 SunSoft (see http://www.sun.com/) Software Developer Products (see http://www.sun.com/sunsoft/Products/Developer-products) Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation; 2550 Garcia Ave., Mt. View, CA 94043-1100 USA; tel. 1-800-SUNSOFT (US) or 1-512-434-1511 (outside US). sunsoft@selectnet.com Synergex, Inc. (see http://www.ModelEyeQ.com/) Model EyeQ (documentation) 2330 Gold Meadow Way; Gold River, CA 95670 USA; Voice: (916) 635-7300; Fax: (916) 635-7549; info@modeleyeq.com Syscorp International, Inc. MicroStep 1.3 9420 Research Blvd., Suite 200; Austin, TX 78759; 512-338-0591 Sysoft SA (see http://www.sysoft-sa.com/) Amarco Tools (business modeling, Web enabled repository, cartography, system decomposition, business process reengineering; see http://www.sysoft- sa.com/en/amarco/tools.htm) 74, rue de la Faisanderie; Paris; 75116; France; +33 (0)1 45 03 58 66; +33 (0)1 45 03 58 67; sysoft@sysoft-sa.com. SysOpen Group (see http://www.sysopen.fi/english/index.htm) DRF (report development; see http://www.sysopen.fi/english/esiecib6.htm); DBI (database applications; see http://www.sysopen.fi/english/esiecib1.htm) Pasilankatu 4 B; Helsinki; ; FIN-00240; Finland; +358 9 613 4711; +358 9 6134 7700; SysOpen@sysopen.fi. System Software Associates AS/Set 500 W. Madison; Chicago, Ill. 60606; 312-641-2900 Systematica Ltd. (became Virtual Software Factory Ltd.) TakeFive Software (see http://www.takefive.com/) SNiFF+ (programming environment; for C++, CORBA IDL, Java, FORTRAN) TakeFive Software GmbH; Jakob-Haringer-Strasse 8; 5020 Salzburg; AUSTRIA; Tel: +43 662 457915; Fax: +43 662 4579156; info@takefive.co.at TakeFive Software, Inc.; 20823 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 440; Cupertino, CA 95014; Tel: 408 777 1440 (800 418 2535); Fax: 408 777 1444; info@takefive.com TakeFive Software AG; Eidmattstrasse 51; CH-8032 Zuerich, SWITZERLAND; Tel: +41 1 389 80 40; Fax: +41 1 389 80 41; info@takefive.ch TD Technologies (see http://www.tdtech.com) Purchased by Structured Dymanics Research Corporation (SDRC) (see http://www.sdrc.com) in September, 1999. SLATE (concurrent systems engineering) Headquarters: 2425 N. Central Expressway, Suite 200; Richardson, Texas 75080 U.S.A TeamShare, Inc. (see http://www.teamshare.com) TeamTrack (problem tracking) 1975 Research Parkway, Suite 200; Colorado Springs, CO 80920; 719-599-4444; 719-599-4498; sales@teamshare.com Technology Builders, Inc. (see http://www.tbi.com) Caliber-RM (collaborative Internet-based requirements management, database applications, requirements engineering); Caliber-RBT (test case design, requirements based testing) 400 Interstate North Parkway, Suite 1090; Atlanta, Georgia 30339; Telephone: 770-937-7900; Facsimile: 770-937-7898; info@tbi.com Teledyne Brown Engineering (see http://www.tbe.com) XTie-RT (requirements analysis, requirements tracing; see http://www.tbe.com/products/xtie/) 300 Sparkman Drive, NW; PO Box 070007; Huntsville, Alabama, USA 35807-7007; Phone and FAX: 1-800-933-2091 x2122 or x1407; (256) 726-2122 or (256) 726-1407; xtie@tbe.com Telelogic AB (see http://www.telelogic.se/) DocEXPRESS (automated documentation, document publishing, database publishing; see http://www.telelogic.com/products/additional/docexpress/index.cfm); DOORS (Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System) (database applications, requirements engineering; see http://www.telelogic.com/products/doorsers/index.cfm); ObjectGEODE (real time systems analysis & design, OMT, UML, SDL; see http://www.telelogic.com/products/additional/objectgeode/index.cfm); Synergy (change management; see http://www.telelogic.com/products/synergy/index.cfm) Tau Logiscope (reverse engineering/maintenance, metrics, C, C++, Ada, Fortran; see http://www.telelogic.com/products/tau/logiscope/index.cfm); Tau SDL Suite (software development for real time systems; see http://www.telelogic.com/products/tau/tg1.cfm); Tau TTCN Suite (real time test environment; see http://www.telelogic.com/products/tau/ttcn/index.cfm); Tau UML (collaborative object oriented development; formerly Cool:Jex and ObjectTeam; see http://www.telelogic.com/products/tau/tg1.cfm) Headquarters: Box 4128; S-203 12 Malmoe; Sweden. Vising address: Kungsgatan 6. Tel. +46-40 17 47 00 FAX: +46-40 17 47 47; info@TeleLOGIC.se North America: Telelogic; Suite 206, 212 Carnegie Center, Princeton NJ 08540, USA; Tel: (609) 520-1935, Fax: (609) 520-8512 info@telelogic.com German distributor: S&P Media; Gadderbaumerstr. 19; D-33602 Bielefeld, Germany: Tel. +49 521 1450301, Fax: +49 521 1450350; info_sdt@comic.sp- media.de, support_sdt@comic.sp-media.de Other contacts at http://www.telelogic.se/contacts/distribu.htm. Template Software, Inc. (see http://www.template.com/) SNAP - Strategic Networked Application Platform 13100 Worldgate Drive, Suite 340, Herndon, VA 22070-4382 Tendril Software, Inc. (see http://www.tendril.com/) StructureBuilder (Java development environment) 19 Littleton Rd. #105; Westford MA 01886; Tel. (978) 392-9600; Fax. (978) 392-9877 Testwell Oy (see http://www.testwell.fi) CTA++ (unit testing, C, C++; see http://www.testwell.fi/ctadesc.html); CTC++ (test coverage, C, C++; see http://www.testwell.fi/ctcdesc.html); CMT++ (metrics, quality analysis, C, C++; see http://www.testwell.fi/cmtdesc.html); CMTJava (metrics, quality analysis, Java; see http://www.testwell.fi/cmtjdesc.html) Hermiankatu 8; Tampere; 33720; Finland; tel. +358-3-316-5464; fax. +358-3-359-9660; info@testwell.fi Texas Instruments Inc. (see http://www.ti.com) Information Engineering Facility (IEF) product renamed to Composer, then acquired by Sterling Software as COOL:Gen. TGS Systems renamed to Pictorius Inc.. Thomson Software Products (see http://www.thomsoft.com/) TeleUSE (GUI development) 10251 Vista Sorrento Parkway, Suite 300; San Diego, CA 92121; Tel: 800-833-0085 x244; Fax: 619-452-2117; guiinfo@thomsoft.com Formerly Alsys. TimeSys Corporation (see http://www.timesys.com/) TimeWiz (rate monotonic analysis: RMA timing analysis and simulation; see http://www.timesys.com/1timewiz.htm) 4516 Henry Street; Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA; Tel: (888) 432 TIME or (412) 681 6899; Fax: (412) 681 5522; info@timesys.com TNI (see http://www.tni.fr/) STOOD (object oriented design, HOOD4 method; Ada, C, C++, code generation); OPENTOOL (object oriented modeling, metamodeling; UML, Shlaer-Mellor, HOORA,...); SILDEX (simulation, formal proof, Ada, C, code generation; critical software modeling tool with SIGNAL language); ORCHIS (functional analysis, SADT) Technopole Brest Iroise, CP1; 29608 BREST Cedex, Brittany; FRANCE; phone: +33 2 98 05 27 44; fax: +33 2 98 05 63 50; info@tni.fr Tom Sawyer Software (see http://www.tomsawyer.com/) Graph Layout Toolkit (see http://www.tomsawyer.com/glt.html); Graph Editor Toolkit 804 Hearst Ave.; Berkeley, CA 94710; Tel: 510-848-0853; Fax: 510-848-0854; info@tomsawyer.com Tom Software August 1996: now APPX Software, Inc.. Tower Concepts, Inc. (see http://www.razor.visible.com/) Purchased by Visible Systems Corporation in December 1998. Transtar Software, Inc. Emeraude PCTE (ISO-PCTE compliant, repository framework); Transtar Repository (repository-based tool integration environment) 300 Concord Road, Billerica, MA 01821, USA; Phone: 508 294-3298; Fax: 508 294-4405; info@transtar.com Tri-Pacific Software (see http://www.tripac.com/) Prototyping Environment for Real-Time Systems (PERTS) (real time, prototyping, rate monotonic analysis; see http://www.tripac.com/html/perts.html); PERTS*Sim (simulation, real time systems; see http://www.tripac.com/html/pertssim.html) RapidBuild (real time task performance prediction; see http://www.tripac.com/html/rapidbuild.html); RapidSched (real time CORBA scheduling service; see http://www.tripac.com/html/rapidsched.html) 1070 Marina Village Parkway Suite 202; Alameda, CA 94501 USA; Tel: (510) 814-1775; Fax: (510) 814-1788; peter@tripac.com Trident Systems Inc. (see http://www.tridsys.com/) SDDGen (design documentation) 10201 Lee Highway, Suite 300, Fairfax, VA 22030-2222; 703.691.7768 (voice) 703.273.3763 (fax). Tufan, Inc. (see http://www.tufan.com/) AutoPlan Enterprise (project scheduling; see http://www.tufan.com/autoplan/autoplan_enterprise.htm); Digite Enterprise (software life cycle management; see http://www.tufan.com/digite/digite_overview.htm) 82 Pioneer Way; Mountain View CA 94041; tel: 1-650-210-3900, 1-800-603-9106; Fax: 1-650-210-3901; info@tufan.com Unirel Unirel Openlook Toolkit Centro Commerciale Osmannoro; Via Volturno, 12; 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Italy; +39 55 301279 (voice); +39 55 318525 (fax) Unisys Corp. Linc Design Assistant; Linc; Mapper; DMS II P.O. Box 500; Bluebell, PA 19424; 215-986-4011 University of Namur Computer Sciences Department (see http://www.info.fundp.ac.be/~dbm/) DB-MAIN (reverse engineering/maintenance, COBOL) Rue grandgagnage 21; Namur; Namur; Belgium; +32 81 724985; +32 81 724967; dbm@info.fundp.ac.be University of West Florida RECON3 (freeware, program understanding, program comprehension; see http://www.cs.uwf.edu/~recon/recon3/) Norman Wilde, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL 32514, USA; Tel: +1-850-474-2548; Fax: +1-850-857-6056; nwilde@uwf.edu UPSPRING Software Purchased by Mortice Kern Systems in March 2001. Formerly Software Emancipation Technology, Inc. Vantive Corporation Vantive Quality (problem tracking; see http://www.cs.queensu.ca/Software- Engineering/blurb/Vantive.html) 1890 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043; Tel. (415) 691 1500; Fax: (415) 691 1515 VERILOG Bought by Telelogic AB in December 1999. ViaSoft, Inc. Via/Insight; Via/SmarTest 3033 North 44th St., Suite 280; Phoenix, AZ 85018; 602-952-0050 Virtual Software Factory Ltd. See VSF NA Inc.and ISDE Metasoft Ltd. Visible Systems Corporation (see http://www.visible.com/) Visible Analyst Workbench (object oriented analysis & design); Visible Advantage; Visible Advisor; EasyCASE Professional 4.2; Database Engineer; EasyER; RAZOR (issue tracking, configuration management; see http://www.razor.visible.com/ix_razor.htm); IssueWeaver (Web access to RAZOR; see http://www.razor.visible.com/ix_iw.htm) 300 Bear Hill Road; Waltham, MA 02154; Tel: (800) 6VISIBLE (sales only); Tel: (781) 890-2273; Fax: (781) 890-8909; info@visible.com Razor: 248 Main Street; Oneida, NY 13421; +1 315-363-8000; Fax: +1 315-363-7488 VisionSoft Corporation (see http://www.synervision.com) Pruneyard Towers; 1999 S Bascom Ave, Ste 700; Campbell, CA 95008 USA; Phone: 408-879-2672; Fax: 408-879-2635; sales@synervision.com Vista Technologies, Inc. (see http://www.vistatech.com/) PCTE Workbench, HyperWeb (Hypermedia-based software development environments) 1100 Woodfield Road, suite 108; Schaumburg, IL 60173-5121 USA 708 706-9300 (voice); 708 706-9317 (fax) Visual Paradigm (see http://www.visual-paradigm.com) Visual Paradigm for UML (UML, object-oriented design; see http://www.visual- paradigm.com/vpuml.php) Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 8200-1912. info@visual-paradigm.com Visual Software, Inc. vsDesigner, vsSQL, vsObject Maker (front end) 3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 540; Santa Clara, CA 95054; 408-988-7575 VSF NA Inc. SSADM4+sf (SSADM V4+, SQL code generation; v4.2 launched 2/5/95); Texel-sf (object oriented analysis & design, C++, code generation); Designer+sf (metamodeling; code generation for MWB); Methods Workbench (MWB) (metaCASE); ODF-Designer (metamodeling; UREP/ODL generation); Business Integration facility (BIf) (business process reengineering) The Belaire Building, 67 Harned Rd, Commack, NY11725, USA; Tel (24 hours): (1) 516 864 3801; Fax: (1) 516 864 3903 See also ISDE Metasoft Ltd. WA Systems (see http://www.whiskyalpha.com/intro.htm) Team-Trace (requirements analysis; see www.team-trace.com) Pynes Hill, Exeter, EX2 5BA. United Kingdom. Tel: +44 01392 667777; Fax: +44 01392 666061; info@whiskyalpha.com Westmount Technology B.V. Acquired by Cayenne Software, which was subsequently acquired by Sterling Software in 1998. Wilde Technologies (see http://www.wildetechnologies.com) Wilde (distributed systems, UML, object-oriented design, architecture modeling, object-oriented development environmment; architecture implementation platform) 4 Westland Square; Pearse St; Dublin; 2; IRELAND; Tel +353.1.6777.100; Fax: +353.1.6708008; info@wildetechnologies.com XA Systems Corporation PATHVU, RETROFIT (RE/M) 983 University Avenue; Los Gatos, CA 95030; 800-344-9223 (U.S.) 800-344-9224 (Canada) York Software Engineering Ltd. (see http://www.yse-ltd.co.uk) SAM 2000 (Fault Tree analysis, HAZOPS, FMEA); STAMP (worst-case execution time analysis); CADiZ (Computer Aided Desigin in Z) UK Distributor for Verilog products: Logiscope, ObjectGeode, SCADE. Glanford House, Bellwin Drive, Scunthorpe, England DN15 8SN; Tel 01724 877520; Fax: 01724 846256; sales@yse-ltd.co.uk Yourdon, Inc. Analyst/Designer Toolkit (front end) 1501 Broadway; New York, NY 10036; -- "Yo' ideas need to be thinked befo' they are say'd" - Ian Lamb, age 3.5 http://www.cs.queensu.ca/~dalamb/ qucis->cs to reply (it's a long story...)