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Subject: alt.comp.shareware FAQ (2/2: Links)

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alt.comp.shareware FAQ Robert Lindsay Wells ------------------------------ Subject: Part 2 - Links to Shareware on the Web This is Part 2 of the >>> alt.comp.shareware FAQ <<<, and is a list of Shareware sites on the World Wide Web where you can find Shareware to download and "try before you buy." [100 Shareware Links - By ACoder's Cave] http://www.mamsofco.com/100sl/ [Albert's Ambry - Shareware Search + Register On-Line] http://www.alberts.com/ [Altus Software Marketing - Shareware Registration] http://www.axxis.com/altus/ [Arizona Mac Users Group - 12000 MAC Programs] http://cdrom.amug.org/ [Association of Shareware Professionals - ASP] http://www.asp-shareware.org [Children's Shareware Pages - MAC & PC] http://www.gamesdomain.com/tigger/sw-kids.html [CNET's DOWNLOAD.COM - Select Mac & PC Shareware] http://www.download.com/ [CNET's SHAREWARE.COM - Search & Browse 200,000+ Files] http://www.shareware.com/ [Coast to Coast Software Repository] http://www.coast.net/ [Dave Central - Internet Software for Windows] http://www.davecentral.com/ [DITR Marketing - Online Software Marketing & Distribution] http://www.ditr.com/ [DP Computing - A New and Growing Shareware Site] http://www.dpcomputing.com.au/ [Educational Software Cooperative - ESC] http://www.edu-soft.org/ [Elite Shareware Author's group - ESAG] http://www.edepot.com/esagindex.html [Father of Shareware - Lots of Links] http://www.halcyon.com/knopf/jim [FilePile - 1,000,000 files from Exec-PC BBS & CD-ROM] http://filepile.com/ [Foothill.net - Links to Internet & Web Shareware] http://www.foothill.net/mthome/sharware.html [FTP Search - Search ftp Sites by Program Name] http://ftpsearch.ntnu.no/ftpsearch [Galt Technology Shareware Zone - Lots of Stuff] http://www.galttech.com/ [GangGang - Shareware by Australian Authors] http://www.ganggang.com.au/ [Garbo - Browse the Well Known FTP Site] http://garbo.uwasa.fi/ [Jim's Shareware Links - Lots of Links and More] http://www.pnx.com/Jwelborn/Index.htm [Jumbo - A Large Shareware URL Collection] http://www.jumbo.com/ [Junk Yard of the Net - A Page of Links] http://www.winbet.sci.fi/junkyard/share.htm [Kagi - Register Shareware On-Line] http://www.kagi.com/ [Nonags -- An Excellent Resource for Finding Shareware] http://nonags.com/ [NorthStar Solutions - Register Shareware On-Line] http://nstarsolutions.com/ [Pass the Shareware Please - Reviews and More] http://www.passtheshareware.com/ [Pik A Program - Download & Register Shareware On-Line] http://www.pik.com/ [Public (software) Library - Credit Card Orders] http://www.pslweb.com/ [RegisterLine - Register Shareware On-Line] http://registerline.com/ [RegNet - Register Shareware On-Line] http://www.swregnet.com/ [RegSoft.com - This way to Shareware] http://www.regsoft.com/ [Sander's KeyScreen Previewer - Shareware Screen Shots] http://www.screenshot.com/index.htm [Santiago's Top 40 Games Download Page] http://www.primenet.com/~top40 [SAX - Shareware Authors Index - Many Resources] http://mini.net/sax/ [ShareIt! - Register Shareware On-Line] http://www.shareit.com/ [SharePaper - Reviews and More] http://www.sharepaper.com/ [Shareware Junkies - Reviews and More] http://www.sharewarejunkies.com/ [Shareware Place - PC and Mac Shareware] http://www.sharewareplace.com/ [Shareware Shop - Many Resources Including Want-Ads] http://www.bsoftware.com/share.htm [Shareware Trade Association & Resources - STAR] http://www.shareware.org/ [Simtel - A New Location for the Simtel Collection] http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/ [SlaughterHouse - Links to Lots of Windows Shareware] http://www.slaughterhouse.com/ [Softsearch - Search a Large Shareware Database] http://www.softsearch.com/ [Softseek - Reviews, Screen Shots and Download Links] http://www.softseek.com/ [SoftwareSite - Amiga, Mac & Windows Shareware] http://softwaresite.com/ [Walnut Creek CD-ROM - OS/2 Shareware & Lots of Links] http://www.cdrom.com/ [Windows95.com - 32 Bit Shareware for Win95 and NT] http://www.windows95.com/ [Winsite - Was cica.indiana.edu - Windows] http://www.winsite.com/ [Ziff-Davis Interactive - Great Shareware Site] http://www.hotfiles.com/ This list does not constitute an endorsement of any site. Follow the links to discover other sites for yourself :-). ------------------------------ Subject: End (shareware-faq/part2) ------------------------------------------------------------ This FAQ is posted and maintained in the public interest by: Jean-Claude Wippler - jcw@meta4.com (auto-posting) Robert Lindsay Wells - wellscom@aol.com (content) Special thanks to: Professor Timo Salmi - ts@uwasa.fi ------------------------------------------------------------ -- Yves Bellefeuille Ottawa, Canada yan@storm.ca Francais / English / Esperanto