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o Fan Clubs are gone. (None that I know of are active, nor am I really interested in being a clearing house for them.) o Jordan is not bloody dying. Goddammit. o No more spoilers. o Fixed a few typos in URLs ---- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) for rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan Welcome to the rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan Usenet newsgroup. Before you rush off to post, we strongly recommend and request that you peruse this small document, which attempts to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time series and the rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan newsgroup. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. HISTORY AND CHARTER OF REC.ARTS.SF.WRITTEN.ROBERT-JORDAN 2. MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ROBERT JORDAN. 1. Who is Robert Jordan? 2. What is the Wheel of Time? What are the book titles? 3. What's the title of the next book? 4. When will the next book be published? 4.1 What was the deal with the prologue of the last book? 5. How many books will the Wheel of Time series end up being? 6. Is Robert Jordan on the Net? 7. Are there any other books about the Wheel of Time? 8. What will Jordan write after he finishes The Wheel of Time? 9. What else do I read while I wait for Book 10? 10. Are there any Wheel of Time related games? 11. Can someone type in an mail me a copy of SaSG? 12. What about the artwork? 13. Is Robert Jordan dead, dying, sick, or injured? 3. GENERAL COURTESY AND NEWSGROUP SPECIFIC CONVENTIONS/POLICIES. 1. How to post so that you don't look like a fool or upset people 2. Spoiler Policy 3. The TAN Subject Header Convention. 4. Parasha 4. COMMON ABBREVIATIONS 5. NEWSGROUP RESOURCES & ARCHIVES 1. The Wheel of Time FAQ. 2. The Jordan Archives (FTP site and WWW home page). 3. Wheel of Time WWW Index 6. OTHER AREAS OF ROBERT JORDAN FANDOM 1. Mailing Lists 7. HOW TO FIND THE LATEST VERSION OF THIS FAQ. 8. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS * * * Section 1: HISTORY AND CHARTER OF REC.ARTS.SF.WRITTEN.ROBERT-JORDAN This newsgroup, rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan, was created in July 1994 for the discussion of books written by contemporary author Robert Jordan (a pseudonym, see next section). In particular, this newsgroup is concerned with his ongoing "Wheel of Time" series, but also covers past and future works by him. Fandom is specifically included within the purview of this charter. The group is unmoderated. The discussions in this group originated in rec.arts.sf.written (the general group for discussion of all science fiction and fantasy books), where they were carried on for upwards of two years before this group was created. A more detailed history by Bill Garrett is available from http://linuxmafia.com/~garrett/jordan/history.html * * * Section 2: MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ROBERT JORDAN. Q: Who is Robert Jordan? A: Robert Jordan is actually a pseudonym for James Oliver Rigney, Jr., under which he has written seven volumes of the "Wheel of Time" fantasy series as well as seven books of the "Conan" series. Other pseudonyms are Reagan O'Neal ("Fallon" series; historic fiction), Jackson O'Reilly ("Cheyenne Raiders"; western), and Chang Lung (contributions to various periodicals including Library Journal). [Source: Contemporary Authors vol. 140] Q: What is The Wheel of Time? What are the book titles? A: The Wheel of Time is an in-progress series of fantasy books with a very complex plot that has gathered a large following of very devoted fans. The books in "The Wheel of Time" series are (so far; in order): The Eye of the World ISBN 0-312-85009-3 The Great Hunt ISBN 0-312-85140-5 The Dragon Reborn ISBN 0-312-85248-7 The Shadow Rising ISBN 0-312-85431-5 The Fires of Heaven ISBN 0-312-85427-7 Lord of Chaos ISBN 0-312-85428-5 A Crown of Swords ISBN 0-312-85767-5 The Path of Daggers ISBN 0-312-85769-1 Winter's Heart ISBN 0-312-86425-6 All nine volumes are available in hardback in the United States; the first eight are currently available in paperback as well. (Despite popular misconception, there are hardcover editions of the first two books. The FAQ maintainer happens to own such copies, and has seen them on sale, in retail stores, recently.) All of the Wheel of Time books in the United States and Canada are published by Tor Books ( http://www.tor.com/ ). UK/International versions are published by Orbit. See the Wheel of Time FAQ for ISBN numbers and prices (see Section 5.1 for directions on where to get the Wheel of Time FAQ). Q: What is the title of the next book? A: The title of the tenth volume is almost certainly unknown, even to Jordan, as of the update of this document. Q: So when will I be able to buy it? A: Obviously, not for a long time. Sheer speculation based on past performance indicates that the tenth book might possibly be released some time in 2002. This is a personal speculation, not associated with Tor books or Robert Jordan. As always, Tor promises to keep this newsgroup informed. Q: What is the deal with the prologue of the last book? A: As most are probably aware, Simon and Schuster have acquired electronic rights to "Snow" which is the prologue to _Winter's Heart_. They released the prologue in electronic form on September 13th, 2000, at a price of $5.00. They did NOT purchased the rights to the entire book, only to the prologue. They will not publish the entire book electronically, now or ever, unless they purchase the rights to do so. There are no plans we know of which indicate this. http://www.simonsays.com/book/default_book.cfm?areaid=170&isbn=0743215478 Note: THE TOR PRINTED EDITION CONTAINS THE ENTIRE PROLOGUE! Therefore, buying the electronic version is not necessary. Tor books, the publisher of the paper and ink version, had nohing to do with this development. They have the rights to the entire book, and obviously published the book complete. Q: How many books will the Wheel of Time series end up being? A: Recent question and answer sessions, or electronic chats, indicate that Jordan still needs on the order of three more books to complete the series. He explicitly makes no promises on this. Q: Is Robert Jordan on the Net? A: No. He understands its addictiveness and can't afford the time. If you want to write to him, send a letter in care of Tor Books: Robert Jordan c/o Tor Books 175 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10010 Q: Are there any other books about The Wheel of Time? A: In fact, yes, 1) _The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time_ by Robert Jordan with Teresa Patterson has been published. (ISBN 0-312-86219-9) This volume contains a significant amount of information previously unknown about the Age of Legends, the Trolloc Wars, Hawkwing's era, and the Seanchan. It also contains a large number of color illustrations, which buyers may wish to peruse before parting with their cash. The newsgroup members are split as to whether the information in the Guide is considered 'canon' or not. 2) _Legends_, a volume of short stories editted by Robert Silverberg, contains a novella named "New Spring" detailing Moiraine's and Lan's first meeting. It is written by Robert Jordan and considered canon. (ISBN 0-312-86787-5) 3) There is a recently written short story called "The Strike at Shayol Ghul" by Robert Jordan. The story was published as part of the Balticon XXX program guide, and details a bit of the events leading up to and including the strike at Shayol Ghul. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, you can obtain one by sending seven stamps, a request for the program guide, and a donation the Reading is Fundamental charity in any amount you can afford to the folks at Balticon at: B30 BSFAN P. O. Box 686 Baltimore, MD 21203-0686 Make any donation checks or money orders payable to the RIF charity. This short story is now available on-line at the Tor books web page, specifically at http://www.tor.com/shayol.html Q: What will Jordan write after he finishes the Wheel of Time? A: Robert Jordan has said that he has plans for a series tentatively titled "Shipwrecked", based on a Seanchan-like world and events revolving around a character who washes ashore. But he doesn't plan to start writing it until he finishes the Wheel of Time series. Q: What else can I read while I wait for Book 10? A: Tor is capitalizing on Jordan's popularity by rereleasing some of Robert Jordan's older works. A hardcover compendium of three of Jordan's seven "Conan" novels is currently in stores as "The Conan Chronicles", and includes "Conan the Invincible", "Conan the Defender" and "Conan the Unconquered". A hardcover of "The Fallon Blood" under Tor's 'Forge' imprint is also currently available in stores. It is a historical novel set in the Revolutionary War period, and is the first of a three-part series. (The sequels are expected to be reprinted in the future as well, but are currently out of print.) A bibliography of Jordan's works is maintained at: http://cegt201.bradley.edu/~jsn/bib1.html Q: Are there any Wheel of Time related games? There are two. Legend Entertainment Company, has produced a Wheel of Time themed computer game. More niformation can be found at their website: http://www.wheeloftime.com/ Also, there is a collectible card game produced by Precedence Entertainment, which also produces the Babylon 5 collectible card game. More information can be found at: http://www.eyeoftheworld.org/ and at: http://www.dragonmount.com/CCG.asp Legend Entertainment Company, which produced the game "Death Gate", has reputedly picked up the license to create a Wheel of Time PC Game. According to the designer, it will be first person, set in a DOOM like engine, but be geared toward multi-person play. There is no firm information on a release, but it isn't past the concept stage at this point, so the game is a long way off. Q: Can anyone type up and send me SaSG (or anything else)? A: No. No. A thousand times, no. No. Not legally. Nothing which Robert Jordan has written is in the public domain. Everything which Robert Jordan has ever published is covered under copyright laws. That means everything. Please note that under the Berne Convention, an international agreement to which almost all nations (including the United States) are signatory, _all_ written works are under copyright automatically, even when no explicit copyright is mentioned. Seriously. This applies to EVERYTHING, most especially published materials. For emphasis, no prologues to any volume is public domain, even though available through Tor's or Simon and Schuster's Web site. You may of course add a link to that page in any page you create, but the text itself is not public domain. For emphasis, the story "The Strike at Shayol Ghul" is not public domain. If you receive an electronic copy of this story, be advised that it is stolen property in a very real fashion, and the person from whom you received it is a thief. Asking for electronic copies of Robert Jordan's material to be posted or mailed is asking for commission of theft. It is in extremely poor taste. Please do not do it here. Q: What about the artwork? A: That's slightly different. Artwork falls into two categories, cover art and chapter icons. Cover art may be used, as long as you do not delete any of the text from the coer (for instance, Robert Jordan's name, the title, quotes on the back, etc.) Chapter icons were originally off limits. According to PNH, this has changed. It is now permissible to use scanned in chapter icons on Jordan-related web pages or printed materials, so long as you note that the icons are copyrighted by Tor books and used with permission. You MAY NOT place chapter icons on any consumer good, nor may you sell them or make money from them. Interior maps, unfortunately, are still off-limits. You may not scan in and use interior maps. Q: Is Robert Jordan dead, dying, sick, or injured? A: No, no, a thousand times no. This is a persistent rumor spread by idiots and malcontents, both. Asking this question on the newsgroup will irritate people. Spreading it around will incense people, and very likely cause you to be flamed and mocked. If something should eventually happen along these lines for real, it is highly likely that the nice people at Tor would let us know very quickly, and that would be reflected in this document within twenty four hours. * * * Section 3: GENERAL COURTESY AND NEWSGROUP SPECIFIC CONVENTIONS/POLICIES. Section 3.1: General Courtesy: Before you post, please read the newsgroup for a while. This is the best way to see how things are done, and you'll probably find that whatever question/point you wish to pose has already been discussed before. You will want to take this into account if and when you bring it up. We urge all readers to follow these few points of "netiquette" to avoid irritating people and to increase the likelihood that people respond to your ideas. The idea behind these recommendations is two-fold. First, to make the newsgroup run as smoothly and pleasantly for all concerned, both old-timer and new user. Second, to help the new user communicate efficiently, because communication is the prime goal of Usenet. The idea is NOT to stifle discussion or add unnecessary restrictions. It should also be noted that all of these maxims can and should be applied to every Usenet newsgroup, not only this one. Section 3.1.1: Read the Wheel of Time FAQ. Before posting your brilliant new idea (e.g. "Hey! I think Shaiel = Tigraine," or "Hey! Maybe Slayer = Luc + Isam!"), make sure it has not been discussed to death months before. The collected wisdom of the jordan discussions is available in the form of the Wheel of Time FAQ. It is a huge document, and even if you don't feel like reading it all at once, you should read it at some point, and at least search it for keywords before bringing up something that has already been discussed. Details on how to get the Wheel of Time FAQ are found in in section 5.1 below. Note that just because a topic is covered in the Wheel of Time FAQ does not mean you cannot post to the newsgroup about it. However, it would be a good idea, and the polite thing to do, if you check the WoT FAQ first so that you can consider previous discussion of your idea and hopefully discover something we all missed. Section 3.1.2: Keep quoting to a minimum. Only keep as much of the previous post post as is necessary for people to know what you are talking about. Summarize wherever possible (i.e. instead of 20 lines of included text, summarize it in a sentence). Make sure you attribute the right things to the right people, and ALWAYS DELETE .sigs WHEN QUOTING. On the same token, don't post a reply to a specific post without quoting or summarizing at least some of it. The idea is to include *just enough* context for people who have not seen the article to which you are replying (which can happen quite frequently) to be able to understand your comments. Section 3.1.3: Use descriptive subject headers. If you want to discuss the intermarriages of the royal houses in Andor, use a subject line like "Royal Lineage in Andor". Threads (lines of discussion) often drift from their original topic. When this happens, subject lines might have little to do with the content of the articles. Try to avoid this situation by using a new title when you start a new thread, and try not to drift from the topic too much within a thread. Drift is inevitable, though, and when it happens, it's usually appropriate to rename the thread. To continue the example above, if the topic shifts from royal lineage to Rand's parents to intermarriages in the Two Rivers, you might rename the thread "Two Rivers Genealogy (was Re: Royal Lineage in Andor)" or simply "Two Rivers Genealogy". If it shifts to non-book related material, include TAN in the Subject line (see Section 3.3). Section 3.1.4: Avoid incendiary language and unconstructive criticism. Words like "rip-off," "crap," and "semi-literate, brainwashed fools" will irritate people, even if that was not your intent. If you disagree with someone, tell the group why you disagree; don't just call that person names. Section 3.1.5: Legibility, readability and other miscellenia. Usenet is a media designed to facilitate communication, and the rasfwrj newsgroup is a fairly busy newsgroup, with many articles streaming in every day. A good way to encourage people to read your articles is to present them in a format which makes them pleasing to as many eyes as possible. The following are a few helpful hints on how to keep your articles legible. Make a paragraph form by introducing a blank line between each paragraph, and a blank line between quoted text and your own text. Put "quote marks" in front of each line of quoted text. Many newsreaders do this automatically, by putting a '>' symbol at the beginning of each line. Keep your line lengths to below 80 characters, preferably somewhere in the range of 70 to 75 characters, so that people reading news on standard 80 column terminals (that is, most of us) can both read and quote your text easily. Finally, make some attempt to follow the dictates of English grammar. It is a given that people will make mistakes, mispellings and the occasional gaffe. No one claims to be perfect (for very long). Likewise, we all have our own style. But in general, posts which are written in good English, with proper capitalization and punctuation are the easiest to read. And we all want people to read our posts with the minimum possible effort. Section 3.1.6: Don't Post Fucking Binary Files. Don't post binaries here. In an ideal world, this section would not be needed, as people would already know not to post binaries anywhere not dedicated to them. Don't post them here because you will make some people mad, and the rest of the people will never see them, as they will be removed by cancelbots at most sites. Section 3.1.7: Don't Crosspost. Crossposting is, in the vast majority of cases, unecessary. More than that, in many cases, it will actively annoy the members of the newsgroups to which you are crossposting. Please don't do it here. Section 3.2: Spoiler Policy: NOTE: This section is left in so that people can see what the policy was last year, and what it will likely resemble for Book Ten. However, it is NOT CURRENTLY IN FORCE. When a new book comes out, some people obtain and read it before other people do. People who have read parts of the book want to talk about them, but people who haven't gotten that far don't want you to spoil the surprises for them. After long discussion prior to the release of _Winter's Heart_, there was consensus for the following policy: 1) Try to enforce spoiler protection for _Winter's Heart_ for two or three weeks after the release of the book. Trying to enforce anything for any longer than that simply turns out to be unfeasible, and very annoying. 2) Therefore, in the subject header, make people aware of the content by adding either the prefix tag WH: to the subject, or the word "Spoilers!" to the subject. Preferably both. Additionally, do not use a title that is, itself, a spoiler. For instance, if it turns out that Tam al'Thor killed Asmodean, then a subject of: WH: Tam killed Asmodean!! (Spoilers) Doesn't really help up. 3) Finally, once you've done that, then in the body of the message, insert either a page break or a screen of whitespace before your actual spoilers. While not all newsreaders accept page breaks, neither are all terminal sizes limited to 24 lines. It is the opinion of this FAQ writer that newsreaders that do not accept page breaks are broken by implementation. It is also the opinion of this FAQ writer that anyone who braves a post marked "Spoilers!" in the header gets exactly what he or she deserves, whether through a broken newsreader failing to implement a page break, or through a post with insufficient whitespace for his screen settings. Section 3.3: The "TAN:" Subject Header It is inevitable that there will be threads that do not directly pertain to the books, and it is inevitable that this sort of thing will annoy some people. In order to keep things civilized, it is suggested that such discussions be labeled "TAN:" for "tangential." For example: Subject: TAN: Warder Applications Subject: TAN: Plot Contest Subject: TAN: What did Lanfear give Roy for his birthday? Please note that this is as official a sanction as is feasible regarding tangential, or off-topic discussions. This document makes such a sanction because, on observing the newsgroup since day one of its inception and having canvassed the newsgroup members publically, the FAQ maintainer firmly believes the regular participants of the newsgroup prefer it this way. Therefore, please do not complain about the amount of off-topic conversation; especially during the long periods between books, it is a fact of life. However, as always, the first rule of newsgroup etiquette (as pointed out in Section 3.1 above) is "please read the newsgroup for a while." Analogizing the newsgroup to a sports bar, you can be sure that striking up an on-topic conversation (about a current basketball game, in the sports bar; about Robert Jordan, here) is going to be safe and well-received. Trying to branch out into off-topic conversations will probably not be well-regarded (in fact, will probably be ignored) if begun before you have gotten a feel for the personalities around you, and vice-versa. It's human nature. This is not a call for drive-by postings, as it were, and it is MOST CERTAINLY NOT a sanction on SPAM. Thinking back to the sports bar concept, no one likes people who walk in off the street, shout something and leave, or try to address the whole bar about, say, Tolstoy, when that person has never set foot in the bar before. And annoying salesmen are ejected swiftly and painfully. Section 3.4: Parasha Parasha is a coordinated reread of the series for the purpose of discussion, to pass the time between book releases. The word 'Parasha' is the Hebrew term for 'section' or 'portion' used to denote the weekly reading of the Torah in Synagogue. It has been adopted for this purpose as well. The Parasha reread had been ongoing for over one year. A link from the orginal coordinator: http://hem.passagen.se/kjnoren/jordan/parasha.html Current schedule (as of this writing) is at: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/jjvors/myhomepage/profile.html * * * Section 4: COMMON ABBREVIATIONS You may note that there are many strange and arcane acronyms and abbreviations used on this group. Here are interpretations of the most commonly used: TWoT = The Wheel of Time (also just WoT) TEotW = The Eye of the World (sometimes just EOW) TGH = The Great Hunt TDR = The Dragon Reborn TSR = The Shadow Rising TFoH = The Fires of Heaven (sometimes just FOH) LoC = Lord of Chaos CoS/ACoS = A Crown of Swords TPoD = The Path of Daggers WH = Winter's Heart rasfw = rec.arts.sf.written (also "r.a.sf.w", sometimes "rasw" ) rasfwrj = rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan (also "r.a.sf.w.r-j") AOL = Age of Legends (or America OnLine, depending on context) AS = Aes Sedai (or Amyrlin Seat) Asm = Asmodean BA = Black Ajah DF = Darkfriend DFS/DS = Darkfriend Social (Two usages: The event in the Prologue of TGH, or a real-life meeting of newsgroup members.) DO = Dark One DotNM = Daughter of the Nine Moons Eg/Egw = Egwene El = Elayne Ish/Ishy = Ishamael LTT = Lews Therin Telamon Mog/Moggy = Moghedien Mo/Moi/Moir = Moiraine MPS = Mad Passionate Sex, (c) Mike Macchione MT = Mazrim Taim NS = New Spring Ny/Nyn = Nynaeve OP = One Power PNH = Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Sr. Editor, Tor Books). Randland = The Wheel of Time world. Sometimes used to refer to the entire world, sometimes just the mainland areas shown on the maps. RJ = Robert Jordan (also referred to as 'The Creator') SG = Shayol Ghul SS = Siuan Sanche TAR/T'A'R = Tel'aran'rhiod TS = True Source TV = Tar Valon WC/WCs = Whitecloak(s) WO/WOs = Wise One(s) WT = White Tower YKYBRTMRJW = You Know You've Been Reading Too Much Robert Jordan When... (also IKIHBRTMRJ = I Know I Have Been...) And a few of the most common Usenet-wide acronyms: AFAIK = As Far As I Know (also AFAIR = As Far As I Remember) FAQ = Frequently Asked Question(s) FWIW = For What It's Worth HTH = Hope This Helps(Helped) IIRC = If I Remember Correctly IMHO = In My Humble Opinion (also IMNSHO, where NS = Not So; IMNAAHO, where NAA = Not At All; IMAO = In My Arrogant Opinion) ROFL/ROTFL = Rolling On the Floor, Laughing RTFF = Read The Flaming FAQ! YMMV = Your Milage May Vary ("Tastes Vary") WWW = World Wide Web grep = (verb) search, usually a file for key words. (from a Unix command to search files for words). Ob (prefix) = Obligatory reference to something. (For example, an ObJordan is an obligatory reference to RJ, usually in an article that would otherwise be off-topic. But usage varies; often, it indicates a reference to an inside-joke or past event.) YHBT. YHL. HAND. = You Have Been Trolled. You Have Lost. Have A Nice Day. Indicates you interpreted words at face value when they were intended to be a joke. Enjoy a good laugh, it happens to the best of us too. * * * Section 5: NEWSGROUP RESOURCES AND ARCHIVES This FAQ isn't even the tip of the metaphorical iceberg of Robert Jordan fandom accumulated on the Internet and other venues. We strongly suggest that you download a copy of the Wheel of Time FAQ, a much lengthier collection of questions, discussion, humor, and fandom. There is also tons more information, collections and humor available by anonymous ftp or on the WWW. (See the end of Section 5.2 for directions on how to use ftp.) Section 5.1: The Wheel of Time FAQ. The Wheel of Time FAQ is an extensive collection of culled from discussions of the Wheel of Time over the past several years. It includes summaries of many discussions/conclusions/ideas/theories from Usenet and other sources, plus a list of collected prophecies from the books for your handy reference. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you get a copy of the Wheel of Time FAQ and check if your idea has been already discussed before you post it. Pam Korda has archived a large number of past versions of the FAQ. These can all be found through the her web page at: http://student-www.uchicago.edu/~kor2/WOT/WOTindex/faqinfo.html For easy reference, the newest version of the FAQ, which incorporates information from the most recent book (The Path of Daggers) is available at: http://linuxmafia.com/jordan/ There is a UK mirror site available at: http://www.arkane.demon.co.uk/WOTFAQ/ Andy Carlson has set up an automatic server to email copies of the Lord of Chaos version of the Wheel of Time FAQ. Send an email message to jordan@andyc.carenet.org (subject and body don't matter.) Versions of the Wheel of Time FAQ are also available on America Online, Prodigy and Compuserve, though they may be out of date or modified. On America Online, the WoT FAQ is in the Fantasy Library section of the Fantasy and Science Fiction Area (Keyword: SF). On Compuserve, it is in the Science Fiction Literature Forum Library in the Fantasy Section (GO: SFLIT). On Prodigy, a variation of the WoT FAQ is posted on the Science Fiction/Fantasy Bulletin Board in the Robert Jordan Topic about once every two months in three parts, under the subjects FAQ, GTW, and JORDANFAQ. Info on Prodigy Exporting can be found by JUMPing: Bulletin Boards under the section entitled "BB How To's." Section 5.2: The Jordan Archives (FTP site and WWW home page). The Jordan Archives contain an extensive collection of information culled from the discussion on rasfwrj and from earlier discussions on rec.arts.sf.written. In addition to this FAQ and the Wheel of Time FAQ, it contains numberous other submissions ranging from humor (filksongs, The Dark One's Dictionary, etc.), results from surveys and plot submission contests, collections of information from the books (an Old Tongue dictionary, character lists, etc.) and much more. The Jordan archives are available at: http://linuxmafia.com/waygate/no-haunt/jordan.html The Wheel of Time Home Page contains links to the web pages of several of the regular posters to rasfwrj, some of whom also have Jordan related web pages. Section 5.3: The Compleat Wheel of Time WWW Index Pam Korda also maintains an index of all the Wheel of Time related resources on the WWW at http://student-www.uchicago.edu/users/~kor2/WOT/WOTindex.html * * * Section 6: OTHER AREAS OF ROBERT JORDAN FANDOM Section 6.1: Mailing Lists: Ron Festine runs and maintains the Robert Jordan List, for those overwhelmed by the bandwidth of the newsgroup: A great discussion group, especially helpful to readers new to Robert Jordan's books, takes place via email. To subscribe send a brief message to rfestine@spider.lloyd.com. Advanced readers are welcome also, but please, no jumping on newbies. A list is maintained at: http://www.icon-stl.net/~samsysd/rjl.html * * * Section 7: HOW TO FIND THE LATEST VERSION OF THIS FAQ. As always, the most up-to-date version of this FAQ can be obtained via anonymous ftp from rtfm.mit.edu (the official news.answers archive site, where all FAQs that are posted to news.answers are kept), in directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/sf as the file robert-jordan-faq. On the WWW (World Wide Web), use the URL (Uniform resource locator) http://www.landfield.com/faqs/by-newsgroup/rec/ rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan.html (Join the lines) or use ftp://joeshaw.bevc.blacksburg.va.us/pub/jordan/robert-jordan-faq or ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/sf/robert-jordan-faq for a plain text version of the FAQ. This FAQ is also available on the rasfwrj archive site (ftp.cc.gatech.edu) mentioned above, but it is not currently updated automatically every time the FAQ is posted. Andy Carlson has set up an automatic server to email copies of this FAQ. Send an email message to rasfwrj@andyc.carenet.org (subject and body don't matter.) Or, you can always send me email at jsn@cegt201.bradley.edu and just ask me for a copy. As a last resort, you can use the news.answers ftp-by-mail server. Send a message to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the following two lines in the body (not the subject) of the message: send usenet/news.answers/sf/robert-jordan-faq quit Be warned that the turnaround time for the rtfm mail server can be rather slow. * * * Section 8: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This FAQ was created by Bill Garrett, Pam Korda and Joe Shaw, and is maintained by John S. Novak, III. The authors and maintainer wish to thank the many people who have contributed information, with Special Thanks to Patrick Nielsen Hayden of Tor Books. This document was prepared under strict supervision by the Secret Usenet Cabal and has been brought to you by the letter U.