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Subject: Linkoping SF & Fantasy Archive [FAQ]

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Archive-name: sf/linkoping-faq Posting-Frequency: 11th and 25th each month URL: http://sf.www.lysator.liu.se/sf_archive/faq/
_ FAQ: The Linkoping SF & Fantasy Archive --------------------------------------- _ What is the Linkoping Science Fiction & Fantasy archive? It is a collection of texts I have saved from USENET during the last 7-8 years. It is mostly reviews and list of different kinds, but also some other stuff that I've found interesting for this or that reason. How do I access it? It is available through FTP, gopher and WWW, at the following adresses: ftp.lysator.liu.se, /pub/sf-texts gopher.lysator.liu.se http://sf.www.lysator.liu.se/sf_archive/ How long has this been around? A bit over three years. How large is it? A bit over 60 Mbyte. _ What is the underline doing above the 'o' in Linkoping? There should really have been two dots over the o, but News does not allow 8-bit characters, and MIME isn't wide-spread enough yet. This is a visually acceptable compromise. _ What *is* Linkoping? A Swedish city. Some information is missing or incorrect in the archive. How can this be fixed? Drop me a mail at: matoh@lysator.liu.se and I will append your mail to the text in question. The texts in the archive is written by other people, and as an archivist I don't want to alter their texts, giving the impression that they have written something that they in fact have not. I cannot find the texts I saw recently in rec.arts.sf.written. Have you missed them? I don't read news and save texts on the same system as the one the archive resides on, so I collect large batches before I transfer the texts to the correct system and sort them into place in the archive. This often means some delay, especially when I am busy with other things. Don't worry, they will appear in the end. Is the archive searchable? Yes, it is. I have some problems with making waisindex do what I want without having to run a wais server too, so it is still considered somewhat "experimental". It *should* work most of the time, though... What about images and artwork? I have a small "gallery" with images from local fan artists. I would love to expand it, so if you have any images you want to add, contact me. I want to have direct contact with the artist in question, as I want to be sure that providing the images is OK with them. What can I do with these images? The images are copyrighted by their artist. You may download and view them, but not distribute them further. Please respect this, so that this service may continue. Why don't you add a link to this-or-that page? How can I get this really neat file I have into the archive? Why isn't *my* question here? Drop me a line at the address above, and I'll see what I can do. / Mats -- _ Mats Ohrman E-mail: matoh@lysator.liu.se