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Subject: Rec.arts.sf groups, an introduction

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Recent changes: Jan 12, 2006: Changed Ansible archive location to http://news.ansible.co.uk/ Dec 31, 2004: Added alt.books.jack-chalker, and a note to alt.fan.nathan.brazil about the new group. Sep 12, 2004: Changed subscription info for Bujold mailing list Also changed one-liner description of rec.music.filk to have the URL to a filk FAQ with information about the newsgroup. Send questions and updates or comments to: felan@felan.best.vwh.net. 1. What does the 'sf' in 'rec.arts.sf.*' mean? 2. What rec.arts.sf.* groups are available? 3. What other 'sf' groups are available? 4. What mailing lists are there for similar topics? 5. What other resources are available on the net (WWW, gopher, etc)? 6. What are the current charters for the groups under rec.arts.sf.*? 1. What does the 'sf' in 'rec.arts.sf.*' mean? The 'sf' means 'Speculative Fiction'. According to the call for votes that created the original hierarchy, this was defined as: Both science fiction and fantasy, as well as that vast blurred mass of material in between. 2. What rec.arts.sf.* groups are available? Here's a short, one-line-per-group listing of the groups: rec.arts.sf.misc Replaces rec.arts.sf-lovers as the catch-all rec.arts.sf.announce Announcements (moderated: zorch@uunet.uu.net) rec.arts.sf.composition Discussion about writing speculative fiction rec.arts.sf.fandom Fannish activities, cons, etc. rec.arts.sf.marketplace Personal for-sale notices rec.arts.sf.movies SF movies that don't have their own groups rec.arts.sf.reviews Reviews of sf/fantasy/horror works (Moderated) rec.arts.sf.science Science and theory related to sf rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting Topics relating to Star Wars collecting rec.arts.sf.starwars.games SW games: RPG, computer, card, etc. rec.arts.sf.starwars.info General information about SW (Moderated) rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc Miscellaneous topics about SW rec.arts.sf.superman Discussion of Superman rec.arts.sf.tv SF tv shows that don't have their own groups rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5 Discussion about the Babylon 5 TV show rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.info Info about Babylon 5 (Moderated) rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated Moderated rec.arts.sf.tv.quantum-leap Quantum Leap TV, comics, cons, etc. rec.arts.sf.written Novels, stories, etc. rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan Books by Robert Jordan 3. What other 'sf' groups are available? rec.arts.books.tolkien rec.arts.drwho Discussions about the movies, the show, and anything and everything related to Dr. Who. rec.arts.drwho.moderated rec.arts.startrek.info. A distillation of news and information about Star Trek, including synopses of new episodes, convention reports, station airing times around the US and the world, and other tidbits of factual information about Trek. Moderated: send submissions to trek-info@xfc.berkeley.edu; questions or comments should be sent to trek-info-request@xfc.berkeley.edu. rec.arts.startrek.current rec.arts.startrek.fandom rec.arts.startrek.misc rec.arts.startrek.tech Star Trek, all shows, movies, books, etc, related to the original show. There's a monthly informational posting in those groups and news.answers and rec.answers which describes the groups in detail. rec.music.filk See http://home.earthlink.net/~kayshapero/filkfaq.htm for information on filking and the newsgroup. alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-herc alt.books.arthur-clarke alt.books.david-weber alt.books.deryni alt.books.isaac-asimov alt.books.jack-chalker alt.books.larry-niven alt.books.m-lackey alt.books.moorcock alt.books.phil-k-dick alt.books.terry-goodkind The works of Terry Goodkind. alt.books.terry-brooks Discussion of Terry Brooks Works alt.cyberpunk alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo Virtual reality via prose interaction. alt.fan.created-worlds Discussion of published/televised worlds. alt.fan.douglas-adams alt.fan.eddings alt.fan.heinlein alt.fan.nathan-brazil Jack Chalker discussion, especially of the Well World series. (Nathan Brazil is the primary character in the Well World stories.) (This has mostly been superseded by alt.books.jack-chalker.) alt.fan.pern McCaffrey's Pern; also some discussions of her other books. alt.fan.piers-anthony alt.fan.pratchett alt.fan.tolkien alt.fandom.cons alt.fandom.misc alt.fantasy.conan Robert E. Howard's characters, principally Conan. alt.fantasy.er-burroughs Edgar Rice Burroughs' works. alt.galactic-guide An attempt to write a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, inspired by Douglas Adams. Ongoing for several years. alt.sf4m A Science Fiction Forum. alt.tv.hercules Discussion of HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS. alt.tv.red-dwarf alt.tv.xena Discussion of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. alt.tv.xena-subtext Discusion of the subtext in X:WP. 4. What mailing lists are there for similar topics? Good question; I don't know, for the most part. But I'll be adding them as people tell me about them, and I believe there's a posting that lists them, that I'll try to get permission to use. SF-LOVERS@sflovers.rutgers.edu (SF-Lovers Digest) Moderated, medium-to-high traffic. This is gatewayed to/from some of the newsgroups: .written, .tv, .babylon5(.info), .movies, .reviews, .announce, .fandom, and .misc all feed into the Digest, while .written, .tv, .babylon5, .movies, and .misc are gatewayed. (There are actually a collection of lists.) For subscriptions or questions, send mail to: sf-lovers-request@sflovers.rutgers.edu. smofs@sflovers.rutgers.edu SMOFS deals with convention-running. A low-traffic list. To get on smofs, send mail to smofs-request@sflovers.rutgers.edu. However, you should not join this list unless you have some experience with con-running. It's not a general purpose mailing list. ======== filk_uk@filklore.com - Filk music in the UK To subscribe, send an Email to listserv@filklore.com with SUBSCRIBE FILK_UK in the text body, or go to http://www.filklore.com/filk_uk.html The mail-lists are hosted by a BBS, which serves as a Fidonet/Internet gateway for UK SF fans, and are themselves gated to related Fidonet echoes. ======== Lois Bujold Discussion List ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Lois McMaster Bujold Mailing List exists to allow discussion of the works of Lois Bujold. If you wish to join the list send an email to lois-bujold@lists.herald.co.uk with subject blank and message body of SUBSCRIBE LOIS-BUJOLD Miles Vorkosigan (assuming your name is Miles Vorkosigan if it isn't, substitute your own name instead, not your email address). To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit http://lists.herald.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/lois-bujold or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to lois-bujold-request@lists.herald.co.uk You can reach the person managing the list at lois-bujold-admin@lists.herald.co.uk Mercedes Lackey Discussion List ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Mercedes Lackey Mailing List exists to allow discussion of the works of Mercedes Lackey. If you wish to join the list send an email to listproc@herald.co.uk with subject blank and message body of SUBSCRIBE MERCEDES-LACKEY Vanyel Ashkevron (assuming your name is Vanyel Ashkevron if it isn't, substitute your own name instead, not your email address). ======== tolkien-events and tolkien-sales, to subscribe to either, send an email message of the usual form to listserv@caerlas.demon.co.uk or for help with subscribing write to Pat Reynolds - tolksoc@caerlas.demon.co.uk ======== There is an SF-list run at : listproc@listserv.ttu.edu subscribe sf-list yourname The list owner (Morgan Bottrell) must add you manually to the list. There is a 'fantasy' list run by the same person, with the same directions (use 'fantasy' instead of 'sf-list') - or so I presume; I wasn't given more exact instructions. ======== The Liaden Unverse interest list can be written to at deaGauss@korval.com to subscribe; this is concerned with the works of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. ======== There's a mailing list for writers, SFnF-Writers. To subscribe, send subscribe sfnf-writers to majordomo@seidel.ncsa.uiuc.edu ======== sf-news@technopagan.org (SF News) Moderated, low traffic. Compiles news on all manner of speculative fiction, in all media, from various USENET, mail, and WWW sources and reader contributions. Archives available at http://www.technopagan.org/sf-news/ To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@technopagan.org with "subscribe sf-news" in the message body. ======== SciFi_Discussion The description of this mailing list is: This List is intended for the discussion of Science Fiction (speculative fiction). Whether you just like to read it or write it, feel free to join in. The only proviso is that all discussions be kept mature and polite. Posting of story ideas is welcome. Criticism should be well thought out & constructive! Tips on gaining publication are a plus! Feel free to discuss new authors or old. If you know of SciFi authors with websites, feel free to post them. Without readership, authors have no outlet for their ideas. You can join this list by going to the following web page: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/SciFi_Discussion ======== Dedicated to Laurell K. Hamilton's works (dark fantasy) (name not given). The details are at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Lair/9071/welcome.html ======== The list, fsf-list@thenet.co.uk Fantasy & Science Fiction discussion list, has changed subscribtion and mailing addresses. New details: fsf-list@onelist.com Fantasy & Science Fiction discussion list To subscribe send a blank email to fsf-list-subscribe@onelist.com FSF is a friendly spam and flame free mailing list for the discussion of anything fantasy or SF related. New opinions are always welcome. The emphasis is on friendly (dis)agreement. We have participents in many different countries around the world. The list has an archive of previous posts at http://www.one.list.com/archives.cgi/fsf-list To read the list FAQ go to http://www.solarflare.freeseve.co.uk/fsf/index.html ======== The Research Triangle SF Society has an email list for discussion of all things sf-related (although the topics do wander pretty far afield sometimes!). It's primarily for folks in central North Carolina, but others are always welcome. To subscribe, send email with a blank subject line to: listproc@listserv.oit.unc.edu In the body of the message, type: subscribe rtsfs yourname ----- 5. What other resources are available on the net (WWW, gopher, etc)? Please feel free to send me any URLs you might have, and a description of what's available at that URL. SF-Lovers web pages: http://sflovers.rutgers.edu/ (Related to the SF-Lovers Digest list described above in 4; archives are available through this. Also available are links to a lot of other SF-related sites, including author home pages.) ----- The SF archive at Lysator: WWW: http://sf.www.lysator.liu.se/sf_archive/sf_main.html gopher: gopher.lysator.liu.se ftp: ftp.lysator.liu.se, /pub/sf-texts ----- WWW sites related to Mercedes Lackey: http://www.herald.co.uk/local_info/lackey_list.html http://www.herald.co.uk/local_info/lackey_faq.html http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/ism/lackey/lackey.html WWW sites related to Lois McMasters Bujold: The Bujold Nexus at http://www.dendarii.com/ The Bujold Nexus contains information about and pointers to other sites with info on Lois. It is the authorised Bujold Web site, and Lois often contributes snippets. It is mirrored at www.dendarii.demon.co.uk/Bujold/ ----- Hugo award winner Ansible is archived at http://news.ansible.co.uk/ Harper Collins has an excellent site at http://www.harpercollins.co.uk/voyager/ ----- A Science Fiction Resource Guide. Covers almost everything there is in the net on Science Fiction and Fantasy. Includes links to most author and genre FAQs, movies, TV, creative writings...you name it, it's probably there! http://sflovers.rutgers.edu/Web/SFRG/ ----- sflovers.rutgers.edu is a ftp site with contains SF related stuff. Includes archives of their SF-Digest, various genre FAQs and a bibiography of authors' books. ftp: anonymous ftp to sflovers.rutgers.edu ----- WWW FAQ on Isaac Asimov. This is an extensive FAQ on Isaac Asimov. It covers both his writing and his personal life. Contains pointers on other stuff on Asimov on the net; bibliographies, some reviews and miscellanous items. A ASCII-based FAQ is also posted monthly on the newsgroup alt.books.isaac-asimov. BTW, a pointer to this FAQ is included in the SF Resource Guide so you need not include this in your intro. The reason I'm putting this here is because I worked on the FAQ...};-) www: http://www.lightside.com/SpecialInterest/asimov/asimov-faq.html ----- Del Rey books have a gopher site. The DRIN (Del Rey Internet Newsletter) is archived there, as well as FAQs related to Del Rey. Excerpts of upcoming books can be found here. gopher: panix.com (under subdirectory Del Rey Books) www : gopher://gopher.panix.com/11/DRB There is also a Del Rey website: http://www.randomhouse.com/delrey/ ----- Information about Tor Books can be found at www.tor.com -- this is a huge installation featuring information about forthcoming books, sample chapters from some of them, announcements of interest, and links to bookstores, other sf publishers, sf online, and author home pages. ----- Internet Book Information Centre (IBIC). A information center for general books, but includes points to genre specific stuff. www: http://sunsite.unc.edu/ibic/IBIC-homepage.html ----- The Stilyagi Air Corps Calendar. It's a listing of SF/F Conventions, and "Stilyagi Parties" (Gatherings of Michigan fandom at people's homes that are open to the public.) The list is maintained by Chad Childers, and is kept current. (*MUCH* more so than the convention listing at Lysator!) http://www.stilyagi.org/con.list.html ----- Authors of the Liaden Universe homepage: http://www.korval.com/liad.htm ----- A site dedicated to Marion Zimmer Bradley and to the Darkover series: In English: http://www.ceremade.dauphine.fr/~rossi/darkover/index.uk.html In French: http://www.ceremade.dauphine.fr/~rossi/darkover/index.html ----- Science Fiction Weekly is the leading electronic publication covering the world of science fiction. They cover news, reviews, original artwork and celebrity interviews, and they are freely available on the World Wide Web at: http://www.scifiweekly.com They are currently published in conjunction with the Sci-Fi Channel, although the editorial content is produced independent of the Sci-Fi Channel and its staff. ----- There's an on-line writer's workshop/critique group: http://www.critique.org/users/critters ----- A world wide web page on Internet Info about the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: http://www.angelfire.com/md/yorkminor/ ----- URL http://www.smof.com What's there: European SF Convention listing and various articles on convention running which are being continually updated and new additions are welcome. The Intersection post-con analysis "Another Fine Nessie" should be there, as well. contact: chris@smof.com ----- Off of http://www.xenite.org/index.htm, there are: alt.tv.hercules FAQ: http://www.xenite.org/faqs/hercfaq.htm Soon-to-be if not already there: FAQ for alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-herc XENA ONLINE RESOURCES: http://www.xenite.org/xenaonln.htm with over 300 URLs for fans of HECRULES and XENA (and even fans of Bruce Campbell/"Army of Darkness"). Witch World Page: http://www.xenite.org/witchwor.htm Witch World Message Board: http://www.xenite.org/boards/witchwor.html ----- New England Science Fiction Association http://www.nesfa.org Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society http://www.lasfs.org These are both fannish organizations (volunteer, not-for-profit) each runs an annual regional convention. LASFS runs the occasional World Con ----- The SF-Lovers Convention List, containing listings of conventions all over the world. The URL is: http://sflovers.rutgers.edu/Web/cons.html ----- The Fannish Email Directory: http://www.osfci.org/fannish.net.txt 6. What are the current charters for the groups under rec.arts.sf.*? Here's a list, in the same order as the groups appear in the list in question 2. I use the word 'current' because, while most of these haven't changed since the dawn of creation, the rec.arts.sf.reviews one has changed to include a new submission address. rec.arts.sf.misc Charter: Group rec.arts.sf.misc will be the general-purpose and spillover group for science fiction and fantasy discussions that do not find a more specific subgroup under rec.arts.sf.*, or that would otherwise require wide crossposting among the other subgroups. rec.arts.sf.announce (moderated, <sf-announce-request@zorch.sf-bay.org>) Charter: (moderated) Announcements of happenings in the SF world, such as cons, including calls for con participation, readings, deaths, honors, new SF mailing lists, periodic postings of rec.arts.sf subgroup charters and other administrivia, signings, TV specials, meetings, shop openings and closings, etc. Not for personal or commercial ads. Send submissions to: sf-announce@zorch.sf-bay.org; questions to the moderator address above. rec.arts.sf.composition Charter: Before discussing the newsgroup, one must define 'sf', for which I refer to the original CFV for the group that created the rec.arts.sf.* hierarchy: "Both science fiction and fantasy, as well as that vast blurred mass of material in between." This charter mirrors the position of the HWA: Horror is an emotion, not a genre. If the Horror takes place in a speculative fiction book, it can be discussed in an sf newsgroup. The rec.arts.sf.composition newsgroup would include, but not be limited to the following types of discussion: General writing questions, to be answered from the sf perspective. This includes market research, submission format and discussions on the process of writing itself, as it connects with the writing of sf. Discussion of the process of writing speculative fiction between professionals, aspiring writers or the merely interested. Discussion of the methods and processes of worldbuilding, the creation of new, alternate or historically-based worlds in which speculative fiction is often set. This newsgroup is not meant to replace or significantly overlap other groups. As such, topics that are on-topic and useful in other groups should be kept to those groups. That would include, but not be limited to the following exclusions: Discussion connected to writing, but not specifically to sf, nor with an important sf slant should be posted in misc.writing. Discussion about the science used in speculative fiction should be posted to rec.arts.sf.science. Discussion of existing written work should be left to rec.arts.sf.written. As well, the charter specifically excludes the posting of work unless that posting is specifically related to a topic that is being discussed, and is used in that context, and quoted briefly. Posting of work to be read and/or critiqued is excluded from the charter of this newsgroup, for a number of reasons. For those who wish to avail themselves of the group's resources, a specially marked header, "CRIT: " will be used to post short requests for critiquing or reading, with all followups directed to email, the poster's web page, rec.arts.prose, or any other valid forum, rather than the newsgroup. As for advertising, overt advertising is excluded from the group, particularly off-topic overt advertising (the kind that doesn't care what this charter says anyway). Tactful, brief, infrequently posted references to information that can be found elsewhere will be tolerated, but advertisers must tread that fine line carefully if they wish to avoid flamage from ad-hating regulars. rec.arts.sf.fandom Charter: Discussions of fannish activities; meant to provide a new home for the SF-related part of the traffic currently posted to alt.fandom.* and similar postings current in rec.arts.sf-lovers. rec.arts.sf.marketplace Charter: A place for personal wanted-to-buy and for-sale ads for SF related materials. Personal ads only; commercial ads belong in comp.newprod or commercial advertising channels, not elsewhere on USENet. Do NOT crosspost ads; those looking to buy or sell SF stuff will be reading this group and just annoyed by ads mixed in elsewhere. rec.arts.sf.movies Charter: Discussions of all aspects of SF related movies not otherwise covered in more specific groups (such as the Star Trek group). Specifically includes screenplays looking for producers, and discussions of novelizations as compared to the movie base; discussion of novelizations independent of the related movie belong in .written. rec.arts.sf.reviews (moderated) Charter: Reviews and critical discussion of SF/fantasy/horror works. Works include novels, short fiction, movies, music, periodicals, art, etc., that are of interest to the SF community. Reviews are expected to conform to the guidelines in the FAQ "Welcome to rec.arts.sf.reviews" posted to the group periodically and available by anonymous FTP on the host net.bio.net [] (file: sf-reviews/welcome). Archives of the group are also available on net.bio.net in the directory misc/sf-reviews. Submissions should be sent to sf-reviews@postmodern.com; comments to the moderators should be sent to rasfr-comments@postmodern.com. rec.arts.sf.science Charter: A home for the spinoff discussion of real and speculative science and sometimes about how the laws of science could be used in creating new SF universes. rec.arts.sf.tv Charter: A group for discussing general television SF, both live acted and cartoons. Note that some tv shows, (such as Dr. Who and Star Trek) have their own specialized newsgroups as well. rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5 Charter: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5 is to be an unmoderated newgroup dedicated to the following topics: * The plots and characters of "Babylon 5" episodes. * The possible ties between episodes in the 5-year story arc * The special-effects techniques and technology * Musings and speculations about where the show is going. * AND NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT story ideas and/or fan-fiction. J. Michael Straczynski, Babylon 5's creator, (hereafter: JMS) has stated flatly that for legal reasons that if any story ideas appear on a "B5" newsgroup he will be forced to leave the electronic forum. This would be, to our reckoning, a net.tragedy, and is to be avoided at all costs. Solutions such as forfeiture of copyrights to JMS with all postings, etc, have been considered, but ultimately rejected. This forum can only survive through the good will of its users, PLEASE do not destroy it for the rest of us. In the event of legal action in the future resulting from someone's disregard of this rule, I offer myself, Brian Badger, to be subpoenaed to testify as to the nature of this charter, and its prohibition. It's an ugly job... rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.info Charter: The purpose of this group is to provide an uncluttered resource of information and news pertaining to the television program _Babylon 5_. rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.info is a moderated newsgroup, which means that all articles must be submitted to the moderator for approval before they will be posted. Articles appearing in this newsgroup should generally fall into one of the following categories: 1) Official press releases and notices pointing to coverage of _Babylon 5_ in the media (but copies of copyrighted material *only* with expressed permission), and announcements of B5-related events such as conventions and star appearances. 2) Episode schedules, guides and summaries, and announcements of airing time changes. 3) Announcements, commentary and background material on _Babylon 5_ from J. Michael Straczynski, the show's executive producer. This will include compilations of his writings from online services such as GEnie and CompuServe and very selective repostings of substantial commentary from rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5. The latter category will specifically *not* include his short answers about details of past episodes. 4) Other material believed by the moderators to be of interest to a broad base of B5 fans. Volume should not exceed a few messages a day. Submit proposed articles to: b5-info@callisto.pas.rochester.edu rec.arts.sf.tv.quantum-leap Charter: rec.arts.sf.tv.quantum-leap will be designed to create a specific forum for discussing the many aspects of the Quantum Leap television series, which is now in syndication on two cable networks. The aspects that can be talked about are (but are not limited to) the television program, the comic book, QL conventions, the video releases, and whatever else can be found to talk about between the "Leapers." Now, the group will be unmoderated to allow more freedom on what can be talked about. There has, as of late, been a considerable amount of QL traffic on rec.arts.sf.tv. Perhaps the new newsgroup would allow more space for other discussion on rec.arts.sf.tv, and rec.arts.sf.tv.quantum-leap would be an exclusive place for Leapers to talk. Also, many Usenet sites do not have Alt.ql creative as a group choice and, therefore, do not know of the existance of QL discussion. rec.arts.sf.written Charter: A group for discussing the general SF which is seen by its audience in written form, whether printed or online. Note that many more specific groups in rec.arts.sf.* exist to pull some traffic from this group, but in general, this is where new releases are discussed, informal reviews given, continuity topics discussed, authors compared, and is the starting point for many threads which should eventually be moved to more appropriate groups. (Please cooperate when the call is put forward to move a discussion to a more specific group.) rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan Charter: This newsgroup, rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan, was created in July 1994 for the discussion of books written by contemporary author Robert Jordan. In particular, this newsgroup is concerned with his ongoing "Wheel of Time" series, but also covers past and future works by him. Fandom is specifically included within the purview of this charter. The group is unmoderated. Leanne Phillips "Do not meddle with the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger." (I don't want to hear other versions. I've heard them all before.) Words to live by: "Violence is the refuge of the incompetent." (Yes, I know it isn't right; it's deliberate.) -- Leanne We have tasted fear./We have breathed in grief. We have swum in hate./We have witnessed strength. - Last verse of my poem in memoriam of the September 11 tragedy.