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Subject: [rec.scouting.*] Scouting on the Internet (FAQ 5)

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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) files for all Scouting groups are archived at the following sites: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/scouting/ http://www.faqs.org/#FAQHTML FAQ #5 - Scouting on the Internet To include IRC, JOTA/JOTI, and the Scouting mailing lists See FAQ #6 for information on the World Wide Web. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Official (WOSM & WAGGGS) lists READY-NET is the mailing list associated with the Ready Project of the WOSM. http://www.scout.org/ready/services.html ADULT-SCOUTS A list about adults in Scouting. From the European office of WOSM. http://www.scout.org/europe/diven/mailinglist.html Eurofax - newsletter of the European Region of WOSM and WAGGGS http://users.scoutnet.nl/~inter/eurofax.html ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: International lists Information on international lists and lists for many countries can be found at: http://users.scoutnet.nl/~inter/mailinglists.html ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Global Scoutnet Mailing Lists Different mailing lists, echos and chat rooms pertaining to Scouting http://www.scoutnet.org/mlist/ Includes such things as: CONTACT-ENG International contact/friendship/Penpals EVENT-ENG Scout international events (including Jamborees) SONGS-ENG Scouting/campfire songs/lyrics CHAT-ENG Scouts chat area (about non-scout topics) SCOUTS-ENG Discussions on scouting ANNOUNCE-ENG Global Scoutnet news ans announcements - Low Traffic! Won't clutter your mailbox! EUROFAX-EN Eurofax distribution mailing list EUROFAX-PDF-EN Eurofax (in Adobe Acrobat format) distribution mailing list Available in: English French German Italian Esperanto ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: BSA Specific Mailing Lists There are a number of collections of BSA specific mailing lists available on the web. See: http://users.scoutnet.nl/~inter/mailinglists.html The NetCommish (look under Net Resources) http://usscouts.org/netcommish/ Bowline lists http://www.bowline.org/html/lists.html Many great discussions regarding Scouting and Guiding are going on on the mailing list SCOUTS-L. http://www.engr.tcu.edu/~eidson/scouts-l/ Archives can be found at: http://listserv.tcu.edu/archives/scouts-l.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: The Scouting-Europe listprocessor Mailing list focussed on European Scouting http://users.scoutnet.nl/~inter/scouting-europe.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Girl scout / girl guide mailing lists A list aimed especially at Girl Scouting / Girl Guiding is WAGGGS-L. http://www.cais.net/cwelch/gsrc/wagggs-l.htm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Rovers-L International Rovers Mailing List. To subscribe, send email to majordomo@nwis.bc.ca with the message "subscribe rovers-l". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Seascout-Net List for sea-scouts (world wide, but mainly USA) http://www.seascout.org/seascout-net/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Woodbadge list There is a Wood Badge mailing list (mostly U.S.A.) called WDBADGE-L@AMERICAN.EDU intended for people who have participated of staffed a Wood Badge course. Subscribe through listserv@american.edu with a message containing: SUBSCRIBE WDBADGE-L Your Full Name There is also a Woodbadge staff mailinglist. Seems to be specifically for BSA Woodbadge, not international. http://www.zobrist.com/woodbadge/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Patch-L A list especially aimed at patch trading http://users.scoutnet.nl/~inter/patch-l.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: JOTA-L A list for scouters or radioamateurs, that want to share ideas, plans or just want to hear whats JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) is all about. This is where you can meet other people that have the interest in radio-scouting. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: JOTI-L A list where scouts can share ideas, plans or maybe just want to hear whats JOTI (Jamboree On The Internet) is all about. End of FAQ #5 *********************