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Subject: Royal Rangers news & mailing list FAQ

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Royal Rangers FAQ This alt.org.royal-rangers FAQ covers the following: What is the alt.org.royal-rangers News Group for? What are Royal Rangers? Where are Royal Rangers? Who can Join Royal Rangers? What is the Royal Ranger Code? What is the Royal Ranger Pledge? What is the Royal Ranger Motto? What does the Royal Rangers Emblem mean? What Churches Sponsor Royal Rangers Groups? What do we Believe? What is the Royal Rangers Mailing List for? How do I Subscribe to the Royal Rangers Mailing List? How do I Unsubscribe from the Royal Rangers Mailing List? Why did I Stop Getting RangerNet Mail? How do I Send Messages to the Royal Rangers Mailing List? Where is the RangerNet mailing list archive? What are Some Good Web Sites for Royal Rangers? What Netiquette Applies to RangerNet? What other related mailing lists are there? How do we Handle Off-Topic and Obnoxious Posts? Who Maintains this FAQ? What is the alt.org.royal-rangers News Group for? The alt.org.royal-rangers usenet news group is for Royal Rangers, Royal Rangers Commanders, and others interested in the ministry of Royal Rangers to share ideas, encouragement, questions, and fellowship with each other world-wide. What are Royal Rangers? Royal Rangers is a Christian scouting program designed to minister to the needs of boys and girls. It was started as a boys ministry by the Men's Ministries of the Assemblies of God. This program has since spread beyond just that one denomination to many churches in many countries. The objective of Royal Rangers is to REACH, TEACH, and KEEP boys and girls for JESUS CHRIST. The companion program designed for girls is called "Missionettes," but some places use the Royal Rangers program for both boys and girls, or allow girls into Air/Sea/Trail Rangers. Where are Royal Rangers? Royal Rangers are in more than 64 countries, and this number is growing. Who can Join Royal Rangers? Royal Rangers programs are open to children from 5 years old and upward. In countries where the Missionettes program is established, Royal Rangers is usually (but not always) reserved for boys, but in countries where the Missionettes program is not established, both boys and girls can join Royal Rangers. Commanders (leaders) must be Christians who are above reproach and who are willing to minister to, teach, and protect the children in the program. What is the Royal Ranger Code? A Royal Ranger is: ALERT -- Mentally, physically, and spiritually alert. CLEAN -- Clean in body, mind and speech. HONEST -- Does not lie, cheat, or steal. COURAGEOUS -- Brave in spite of danger, criticism, or threats. LOYAL -- Faithful to his church, family, outpost, and friends. COURTEOUS -- Polite, kind, and thoughtful. OBEDIENT -- Obeys his parents, leaders, and those in authority. SPIRITUAL -- Prays, reads the Bible, and witnesses. What is the Royal Ranger Pledge? With God's help, I will do my best to serve God, my church, and my fellowman; to live by the Ranger Code; to make the Golden Rule my daily rule. What is the Royal Ranger Motto? "READY" Meaning of Motto: Ready for anything! Ready to work, play, serve, obey, worship, live, etc. Or, in Australia, you might hear: Meaning of Motto: Ready for anything! Ready to work, play, serve, obey, worship, live, ready for the return of the Lord! What does the Royal Rangers Emblem mean? Four Gold Points: Four phases of a child's development: Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Social. Four Red Points: Four main teachings of the Church: Salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Healing, and Rapture. (IPHC adds Sanctification as a "main teaching" in the emblem by using the white background for "salvation" and the four points for the remaining main teachings.) Eight Blue Points: Eight points of the Ranger code: Alert, Clean, Honest, Courageous, Loyal, Courteous, Obedient, Spiritual. Note: the Royal Rangers Emblem is a trademark of the Assemblies of God. Which Churches Sponsor Royal Rangers Groups? Assemblies of God, Pentecostal Holiness, Congregational Holiness, and various other church congregations with similar beliefs and a desire to reach, teach and keep children for Jesus Christ sponsor Royal Rangers outposts. What do we Believe? We believe the Holy Bible and we worship the Living God. The rest follows from that. There are detailed statements of faith at the Assemblies of God and International Pentecostal Holiness Church web sites. There is also a good statement of faith at http://www.berean.edu/16truths/ What is the Royal Rangers Mailing List for? The Royal Rangers mailing list is for the same things as the alt.org.royal-rangers news group, except that it is available to more people, since some people don't have access to alt.* news groups. There is a fairly high volume of traffic on that list, with messages ranging from profound devotional and activity ideas to friendly banter and jokes. It is kind of like an electronic camp fire in cyberspace that we sit around. We share our common interests with greater immediacy and less noise than is common on usenet. You may not want to join this list if your mailbox is small or you don't have the ability to automatically sort mail to different folders so that your other mail isn't drowned in Royal Ranger list mail. There are a few people on the list who connect with slow modem connections, so please refrain from sending large binary files to the list. (Such files can be posted on a web site and announced on the list, if they are of general interest). How do I Subscribe to the Royal Rangers Mailing List? Use the subscription form at http://eBible.org/subscribe.htm OR send a message to majordomo@eBible.org with the line subscribe rangernet in the body of the message. The subject line is ignored. If your email is replyable, you will get two responses back. On will have the subject "Majordomo results" and should tell you that your subscription requires confirmation. (It may also tell you you that it was confused because you didn't spell "subscribe rangernet" right. It is very picky.) The other message is your confirmation message. It will ask you to send a certain command back to a certain address if you really want to subscribe. This unfortunate computer literacy test is asking you to send the line that starts with "auth" and ends with your email address back. Please send the exact line requested to the exact address requested. The confirmation step is designed to (1) avoid the hassles to the list owner that happen when someone subscribes an incorrect address because of misconfigured mail software, and (2) prevents someone from using RangerNet as a mailbomb. If your address is NOT replyable because you have entered the wrong things for your "From" and "Reply-To" headers, you need to fix that before you can subscribe to RangerNet. Please read the instructions for your email package and/or ask for help from someone who can look over your shoulder. Note: the RangerNet mailing list is a high volume mailing list. If you want less email, you may prefer to subscribe to the "Royal Ranger Gold" (rrgold) mailing list, instead. Subscribing works the same as for RangerNet, except that you send "subscribe rrgold" instead of "subscribe rangernet". How do I Unsubscribe from the Royal Rangers Mailing List? Use the subscription form at http://eBible.org/subscribe.htm OR send a message to majordomo@eBible.org (or to rangernet@ebible.org) with the line unsubscribe rangernet in the body of the message. (The subject line is ignored.) To change mailing addresses, unsubscribe from your old one and subscribe to the new one. If you are unsubscribing from a different address because you no longer have access to the old address, add your old address to the unsubscribe line, like unsubscribe rangernet user@host.com (Where you replace "user@host.com" with the email address you want to remove from the list.) Please do not send unsubscribe requests to the whole list. In the unlikely event that you have difficulty unsubscribing, please make sure that you unsubscribe using the exact same mailing address that you subscribed with. If unsubscribing fails with the web form, try the email method or vice versa. Attempts to unsubscribe using other methods may be ignored. Why did I Stop Getting RangerNet Mail? Some problem may have caused mail sent to your email box to bounce. Bounce messages usually result in your name being removed from the mailing list without warning. Possible causes of this problem include overstuffed mail boxes, mail misconfiguration, and transient errors on the route between you and the remailer. Try resubscribing to the Royal Rangers mailing list if this happens. It is especially important for you to check your email often if you get your mail through any service that limits your inbox size. How do I Send Messages to the Royal Rangers Mailing List? Simply address your email to rangernet@eBible.org and it will be copied to everyone on the mailing list world wide. It is a good idea to send a message introducing yourself and what your position and interest in Royal Rangers is shortly after you join the list. When replying to rangernet mail, please check the addresses you are sending to, especially if you are an AOL customer. Please do NOT send any mail to the "owner-rangernet" address that you want to go to the mailing list, because that is the address where all the bounce messages go, and chances are your message will be deleted before being read. Also, please note that it is best not to advertise your ignorance in front of hundreds of people by sending unsubscribe requests to the entire mailing list. Those should go to majordomo@eBible.org, instead. Please note that you must be subscribed to RangerNet at the address you are sending messages from for your message to go through to RangerNet. If you aren't, your message will be automatically deleted. Please don't start your subject line with "subscribe", "unsubscribe", or "help" to avoid having your message deleted by the Majordomo filter that is supposed to enforce the rule of not sending list administration mail to the mailing list. Where is the RangerNet mailing list archive? Old posts from RangerNet are stored at http://mail-archive.com/rangernet@rangernet.org, http://mail-archive.com/rangernet@ebible.org, and http://mail-archive.com/rangernet@lists.sni.net (check all of the above for a complete listing). A unified (but commercial) archive is at http://escribe.com/teens/rangernet/. Please note that all posts to RangerNet are archived. If this bothers you, then please don't post. What are Some Good Web Sites for Royal Rangers? Try feeding "Royal Rangers" into your favorite search engine or check the links from the HTML version of this page at http://RangerNet.org/faq.htm. What Netiquette Applies to RangerNet? Make the Golden Rule your daily rule. It is wise to "lurk" for a few days (reading messages without posting anything) to get a feel for the kinds of things that are discussed and some of the personalities on the list -- then jump in and introduce yourself. We would like to know your name, connection with Royal Rangers, location, etc. Remember that you are communicating with people, not computers. ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING. Please keep the discussion on topic (Royal Rangers, FCF, Christian living, devotions, and related material). Some friendly banter is OK, and even adds a human element to the discussion, but please don't post chain letters, "get rich quick" schemes, commercial messages (except for Royal Rangers and FCF material of general interest), or anything you wouldn't want your pastor, your mother, and small children to read. Please be kind to people with slow modem connections and small mailboxes. Don't post large binary files, graphics, etc. It is appropriate to post pointers to ftp or web sites to get such things, where appropriate. Before posting anything to RangerNet, ask yourself if it edifies, encourages, cheers up, or helps the people who read it. Don't use the mailing list or news group as a substitute for personal email. Please make sure that the "subject" line of your post clearly describes what is in the message. This helps others to find and use materials such as devotions, resource ideas, etc., that have been posted. No special code or syntax is required, but something like "Subject: Devotion: the 1st commandment with a promise" works well. Be sure that what you send is sent in love with the intention of building up others on the list. Be aware that postings to RangerNet are archived and may be retrieved much later. What other related mailing lists are there? Bible - daily Bible readings from the World English Bible (WEB) delivered right to your email box. FCF - For members and friends of the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship only. HNV - daily Bible readings from the Hebrew Names Version of the WEB (great for Messianic Jews). Missionettes - like RangerNet, but for Missionettes club sponsors, girls, and others interested in using Missionettes to reach, teach, and keep girls for Jesus Christ. Prayer - for prayers, prayer teaching, prayer encouragement, and prayer requests. RangerNet - meeting ideas, devotions, game ideas, inspiration, friendly banter, prayer requests, and fellowship. RR - for RangerNet Cyber Pow-Wow staff and volunteers. RRGold - some of the BEST (Golden) posts from RangerNet. Traders - for buying, selling, advertising, and trading stuff related to Royal Rangers, FCF, and Missionettes. All of the above subscriptions (except RR) can be started and stopped at http://eBible.org/subscribe.htm. You can also subscribe to any of the above by sending email to majordomo@eBible.org with subscribe LISTNAME in the body of the message, but substitute the actual list name for LISTNAME. Also of interest on a different server is: leaders - very restrictive as to what can be posted, limited to some announcements and such. Commanders only. Low volume. Go to http://www.royalrangers.net/subscribe.asp to subscribe. What is your spam policy? To minimize spam (unsolicited commercial or obnoxious email), the following policies are in place: 1. Posting to all mailing lists that I host are restricted either to list members (Missionettes, RangerNet, RR, and Traders) or to the moderator and list owner (Bible, Gold, HNV) unless specifically approved by the moderator or list owner. Postings MUST be from an address that is subscribed to the list. No exceptions are granted, even for people who have multiple email accounts. 2. The majordomo "who" command, which shows the email addresses of subscribers, has been disabled for all nonmembers. 3. Confirmation of subscription requests are required to prevent third parties from subscribing people who don't want to join a list. 4. Subscriber lists for the lists I host are NOT for sale. How do we Handle Off-Topic and Obnoxious Posts? Pray for the poster. Do not respond to their posts in kind. If the post or series of posts seems to be aimed at intentionally mocking and trying to get a response, please do not encourage the poster by responding or even reacting to the post at all. Some people thrive on "flame wars" and they usually get bored and go away when ignored. The less discussion of the attack on RangerNet itself, the better. In the case of posts that are extremely offensive, abusive, or dangerous, let the "gold bar staff" of RangerNet take care of addressing the appropriate system operators and authorities, and refrain from the temptation to mailbomb the offender. Remember that an offensive post might have been a forgery. "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous." -- Matthew 5:44-45 (NASB) "But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you." -- Luke 6:27-28 (NASB) Remember that the vast majority of the people who actively participate in RangerNet are Christian brothers and sisters who behave as such, but there are some who are not. Let those who are not see Christian love and service in action. Who Maintains this FAQ? This FAQ is maintained by Michael Paul Johnson (see http://eBible.org/mpj/). -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (Cygwin32) iD8DBQE+uvgjRI/gxxfXR7sRAiggAKDkZNHoxHx6MKIb/df9uS5G+T4WDgCg/Ib/ X/0OzT6UbGeHZfOXBDCArtM= =cSBh -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----