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Subject: MissionNETtes mailing list FAQ

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Missionettes Mailing List Frequently Asked Questions ________________________ What are Missionettes? ________________________ Missionettes is a Christian scouting program for Girls, started by the Assemblies of God, but which can be found in other churches as well. ____________________________________________ What is the MissioNETtes mailing list for? ____________________________________________ The Missionettes mailing list was created with the intention of bringing Missionette leaders in from all over the world to unite them for the purpose of sharing ideas, feelings, experiences and many other things relating to Missionettes and their lives as they involve themselves in ministry. The quality and value of the fellowship and ideas on this list relate directly to the quality of the postings you make. ______________________________________________________ How do I Subscribe to the MissioNETtes mailing list? ______________________________________________________ Go to http://RangerNet.org/subscribe.htm and fill out the form, OR send a message to majordomo@rangernet.org with the line subscribe missionettes in the BODY of the message. (The subject line is ignored). __________________________________________________________ How do I Unsubscribe from the MissioNETtes mailing list? __________________________________________________________ Go to http://RangerNet.org/subscribe.htm and fill out the form, using the exact same email address you subscribed with, OR send a message to majordomo@rangernet.org with the line unsubscribe missionettes in the BODY of the message. (The subject line is ignored.) To change mailing addresses, unsubscribe from your old one and subscribe to the new one. Please do not send unsubscribe requests to the whole list. __________________________________________________________ How do I Send Messages to the MissioNETtes Mailing List? __________________________________________________________ Simply address your email to missionettes@rangernet.org (or to MissioNETtes@eBible.org) and it will be copied to everyone on the mailing list world wide. __________________________________________ What Netiquette applies to MissioNETtes? __________________________________________ Follow the Golden Rule. It is wise to "lurk" for a few days (reading messages without posting anything) to get a feel for the kinds of things that are discussed and some of the personalities on the list -- then jump in and introduce yourself. We would like to know your name, connection with Missionettes, location, etc. Remember that you are communicating with people, not computers. ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING. Please keep the discussion on topic (Missionettes, Christian living, devotions, crafts, and related material). Some friendly banter is OK, and even adds a human element to the discussion, but please don't post chain letters, "get rich quick" schemes, commercial messages (except for Missionettes material of general interest), or anything you wouldn't want your pastor, your mother, and small children to read. Please be kind to people with slow modem connections and small mailboxes. Don't post large binary files, graphics, etc. It is appropriate to post pointers to ftp or web sites to get such things, where appropriate. Before posting anything, ask yourself if it edifies, encourages, cheers up, or helps the people who read it. Don't use the mailing list as a substitute for personal email -- send replies directly instead of to the whole list, unless the reply is of interest to everyone. Please don't quote or forward messages on this mailing list outside of this forum without permission from the author. When composing messages, consider not only the intended audience, but also keep in mind that some lurkers who may not even be Missionettes or even Christians are likely to read your mail -- now or in the future. This is not to discourage you from being open, but to be wise about what you post and to encourage you to a good witness for Jesus Christ in everything you write. Please make sure that the "subject" line of your post clearly describes what is in the message. This helps others to find and use materials such as devotions, resource ideas, etc., that have been posted. No special code or syntax is required, but something like "Subject: Devotion: the 1st commandment with a promise" works well. Be sure that what you send is sent in love with the intention of building up others on the list. Be aware that postings may be saved by some people for a long time. _____________________________________________________________ Where can I find more information on Missionettes on line? _____________________________________________________________ The official Missionettes web page is at http://ag.org/missionettes/index.cfm ___________________________ What about Royal Rangers? ___________________________ Please see http://ag.org/Royal-Rangers/ or http://rangernet.org for more information on Royal Rangers. _________________________ Who maintains this FAQ? _________________________ This FAQ is maintained by Rev. Michael Paul Johnson (AKA Soaring Golden Eagle), http://eBible.org/mpj/. The master copy of this FAQ is kept at ftp://ebible.org/pub/missfaq.txt and may be obtained by email by sending email to majordomo@rangernet.org with the single line info missionettes in the body of the message. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGPfreeware 7.0.3 for non-commercial use <http://www.pgp.com> Comment: http://eBible.org/mpj/ iQA/AwUBPAGqjESP4McX10e7EQK22QCfY2J4iLsutDnsxv6i/RZDE67McUMAoPx5 r89w/UQk128yC0HKiHqae8sR =p8Mo -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----