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Subject: WASTE FAQ 02/11: Lists Index

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############################################### # WASTE, # ENVIRONMENTAL AND # SUSTAINABLE # MAILING LISTS # & # NEWSGROUPS # # Index ############################################### HIERARCHY: ========== Lists Index: +++++++++ ABOUT REQUEST FOR CHANGING, DELETING OR ADDING QUICK SUMMARY OF CHANGES TABLE OF CONTENTS A. WASTE RELATED MAILING LISTS Waste Lists part 1 & 2: +++++++++++++++++ 1. Waste related Mailing Lists Enviro Lists part 1 & 2: +++++++++++++++++ 2. Environmental, Env. Engeneering & Env. Law Mailing Lists touching wastes Nature Science Lists part 1 & 2: ++++++++++++++++++++++++ 3. Nature Science & Medicine Mailing Lists touching wastes & related issues Waste Newsgroups: +++++++++++++++++ B. WASTE RELATED AND WASTE TOUCHING NEWSGROUPS & GATEWAYS I. NEWSGROUPS 1. Waste related Newsgrops 2. Environmental, Env. Engeneering & Env. Law Newsgroups touching wastes 3. Nature Science & Medicine Newsgrops touching wastes and related issues II. GATEWAYS 1. Waste related Gateways 2. Environmental, Env. Engeneering and Env. Law Gateways touching wastes 3. Nature Science & Medicine Gateways touching wastes and related issues ##### INTRO ##### ABOUT: ====== This is a list of waste mailing lists or environmental and nature science mailing lists which discuss waste topics or related materia and are available primarily through the Internet. A mailing list is different from a newsgroup because you do not receive anything unless you specifically request it. My role in this publication is solely in its maintenance, ranking and upkeep. I cannot help you subscribe to a mailing list, find lists not listed in this FAQ, nor can I help you find addresses for ones that are outdated. If you wish to bring an invalid contact address to my attention, please email me the full bounce header of your failed attempt. Note to ranking: NR Not Recommended * useful ** good *** valuable **** of high value - (not yet ranked) The ranking is the value of participating the mailing list in respect of waste topics or waste management issues. Note to subscription: In the case of most listserver you have to add your Name: SUBSCRIBE list-name Firstname Lastname Replace list-name by the given list name and Firstname by your first name and Lastname by your last name. In the case of MAJORDOMO listserver you have to add your email address instead of your name: SUBSCRIBE list-name your@email.address Replace list-name by the given list name and your@email.address by your email address. This document is posted to the following Usenet newsgroups: sci.environment.waste alt.wastewater sci.answers,alt.answers,news.answers news.lists.misc bionet.announce It's posted around the beginning of each month. The new version supersedes any previous versions. If the copy you have is more than one month old, then it is obsolete. REQUEST FOR CHANGING, DELETING OR ADDING: ======================================= If you have a list that you want added to the list of Waste Mailing Lists and Neswgroups, send a request to Wolfgang.Bujatti@bmu.gv.at Include this information (in plain text - *not* in html): The name of the list and the name you want the list to be listed under if different from the actual listname. A contact address. **This must be an email address - not a WWW URL** This should be something that gives back a positive response, such as an auto-responder or an address aliased to a human (i.e. an address in the form of listname-request or owner-listname). It should not be an address that's aliased directly to the server, unless the server gives back a help file in response to a text message and not an error message. A brief description of the list. Please make this brief, saving the detailed descriptions for your list subscribers. An ftp and/or http URL, esp. about an archive, if applicable. Instructions on how to subscribe. The list owner's actual email address and full name. Suggested keywords. QUICK SUMMARY OF CHANGES: ========================== Added since last list: many Deleted since last list because invalid: none Changed since last list: some TABLE OF CONTENTS: ================= A. WASTE RELATED MAILING LISTS & NEWSGROUPS: 1. Waste related Mailing Lists WASTE Impact and effects of Waste and Waste Mangement Methods WASTENET Waste Management List WASTE-L - WASTEWATER-MODELLING Wastewater modelling problems WASTEWATER-MANAGEMENT Sustainable wastewater management SEWER-LIST Sanitary sewers, storm sewers and treatment LCSEWERAGE Low cost sewerage WSPONDS Waste stabilisation ponds as wastewater treatment PRINTECH Printers and waste reduction P2TECH Pollution prevention AP-CPNet Asia Pacific Cleaner Production Network TWRS-TEAM Tank, chemical and radiological waste IBS-GEN Integrated Biosystems - General Forum IBS-COFF Integrated Biosystems for coffee wastes and plantations IBS-BEER Integrated Biosystems for brewery wastes AWMA Air and Waste Management Association CATALYSIS Catalysis techniques RECYCLE Recycling SROC Recycling WASTENOT Organic Waste Discussion Forum COMPOSTING All aspects of compost engineering and management COMPOST Home Composting Discussion List SOIL-WATER-L Soil & Water Mailing List AIRPOLLUTION-BIOLOGY Impacts of air pollution CHEMLAB-L Chemical Engineering and Materials Research NUC_CENTER Nuclear and toxix waste management NUKENET Factsheets and action alerts regarding nuclear issues ANURT-L Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technolog ECOCT-P Solid Waste Management in Low-income Communities ET-ZEUS ICEE'96/S4: Treatment and Utilization of Wastewater ET-FREJ ICEE'96/S5: Solid Waste Management and Utilization TECHDIRECT EPA Announcements hazardous wastes EPA-WASTE All Hazardous and Solid Waste documents EPA ... Other EPA docs. (Water, Toxics, ...) 2. Environmental, Environmental Engeneering, Environmental Law Mailing Lists touching wastes ENV-TERM Environmental Terminology Discussion Forum ENVENG-L Environmental engineering (waste, water, x-ray) SPDEX-L United Nations Sustainable Product Development AP-CPNet Asia Pacific Cleaner Production Network ENVST-L Environmental Studies Discussion List GreenYes Grassroots environmental education & lobbying ENVIRONMENT-L Environmental Issues FAO Food and Agriculture Organization Open Discussion FAO-INFO The Food and Agriculture Organization INFO List SEASHEPHERD Sea Shepherd Conservation Society RENEWABLE-ENERGY Renewable Energy Technologies/Policy WIND ENERGY WEEKLY Wind energy development & energy policy CMEP-LIST (CMEP) Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project ENVIRO-NEWSBRIEF U.S. EPA Headquarters Newsbrief ENVINF-L List for environmental scientists eNetDigest Reviews of environmental web sites MTN-FORUM Mountain Forum QUIET-LIST Noise/Soundscape Pollution BIOREMEDIATION Bioremediation topics ELECTRONIC GREEN JOURNAL Sources on international environmental topics EIA Environmental Impact Assessment INFOTERRA UNEP - Environmental information on a global basis INT-LAW Foreign and International Law Library ENVLAWPROFS Eniroronmental Law Professors discussion OILGASLAW-L Oil & gas law topics ISO14000 Discussion on ISO 14000 ISO9000-3 ISO 9000-3 Part 3: software QS-9000 Auto industry QUALITY Total Quality Management TQM-D Alternative Total Quality Management QUEST Quality, Environment, Safety in Management ENVIRONEWS Environment News Service E-WIRE Press release distribution service ECB Environmental activities occurring in East Europe LIVESTOCK CONFERENCE Environmental degradation Conf. 1997 3. Nature Science & Medicine Mailing Lists touching wastes and related issues DIOXIN Citizen's Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste s6news Mailing list dedicated to soils SOILS-L Mailing list dedicated to soils SOIL-CHEM Mailing list dedicated to soils SOIL-REMED Soil and water remediation technology HG-LIST Discussion of Environmental Mercury Issues WATER-AND-SAN-APPLIED-RESEARCH Water and sanitation for low-income communities GROUNDWATER Groundwater science and its related disciplines IAQ Indoor air quality listserve ToxList Drug, pesticide, hazardous waste ... ECOTOXICOLOGY-L Ecotoxicology and risk assessment ANTIBIOTIC Pharmacists interested in infectious diseases MCS-IMMUNE-NEURO Auto-immune or nervous system problemsECOTOXICOLOGY-L Ecotoxicology and risk assessment HealthE Potential environmental threats to well-being SAFETY Occupational safety and health CLIMLIST Climatology Distribution List FOREST Forest research and studies ANMGT-L Animal Management Discussion Forum UNLBIO-L UNL Center for Biotechnology List Organic Gardening List Sustainible serious gardening SANDBOD-L Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Resource COHO-L Consumer Horticulture Discussion List CIH-L Human Issues in Horticulture Discussion List BIOSPH-L Ecology and the biosphere - interdisciplinary ECOSYS-L Ecosystem theory and modelling COFARM Advancing Agricultural Research HYDROLOGY The science of water in the environment WATERSCI Water science and environmental protection GR-ANNOUNCE Global Rivers Environmental Education Network MARBIO Marine Biology list-server FISH-ECOLOGY All aspects of fish ecology RESTORATION ECOLOGY Ecological Restoration WETLAND RESTORATION ECOLOGY Wetlands Restoration Ecology ELI-WETLANDS Wetlands, floodplains, and coastal water resources SPECIESLIST World Species LIst (WSL) MICROSCOPY Various fields of Microscopy B. WASTE RELATED AND WASTE TOUCHING NEWSGROUPS & GATEWAYS I. NEWSGROUPS 1. Waste related Newsgrops news:sci.environment.waste Waste news:alt.wastewater Wastewater discussion news:gov-us.topic.environment.announce news:gov-us.topic.environment.waste news:gov-us.topic.environment.toxics news:gov-us.topic.environment.water news:gov-us.topic.environment.air news:gov-us.topic.environment.misc 2. Environmental, Environmental Engeneering, Environmental Law Newsgroups touching wastes news:sci.environment International news:talk.environment news:uk.environment U.K. news:ca.environment Canada news:aus.environment.misc Australia news:aus.environment.conservation Australia news:alt.politics.greens news:misc.legal news:sci.engr.chem Engeneering news:sci.engr.biomed 3. Nature Science & Medicine Newsgrops touching wastes and related issues news:bit.listserv.biotech news:bionet.toxicology news:bionet.biophysics news:sci.med.immunologie news:sci.bio.conservation news:sci.bio.phytopathlogy news:sci.bio.microbiology II. GATEWAYS 1. Waste related Gateways (none) 2. Environmental, Env. Engeneering and Env. Law Gateways touching wastes (none) 3. Nature Science & Medicine Gateways touching wastes and related issues news:sci.bio.ecology ECOLOG-L news:sci.bio.ecology TOXICOLOGY news:bionet.biology.deepsea DEEPSEA news:sci.bio.molbio? MOLBIO-L --------------- This is a periodical mail of WASTE subscription list and the newsgroups SCI.ENVIRONMENT.WASTE, ALT.WASTEWATER & *.ANSWERS Feel free to redistribute! Wolfgang Bujatti <mailto:Wolfgang.Bujatti@bmu.gv.at>