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Subject: Electronics Search FAQ - Pointer

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Electronics Search FAQ - POINTER http://www.eetoolbox.com/search/index.htm http://www.cera2.com/search/index.htm http://www.eg3.com/search/index.htm Finding Electronic Design Information On The Internet 1998.09.15 ------------------------------------------------------------ This FAQ focuses on sources of information useful for electronics and electronics design. It lists meta resources such as EE search engines, FAQ's, Web resources, FTP sites, publications, trade shows, and conferences. It identifies all major EE publications, and it explains how to use the Internet as a tool for practical electronic design. Please email suggestions to comments@eg3.com. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------ CONTENTS: ALL include active WWW links to the relevant resource * GENERAL SEARCH OVERVIEWS * THE BIG THREE -- FAQ's and Technical Reports: Finding Them -- USENET: Searching for Groups and Searching USENET -- World Wide Web: Major Search Engines * OTHER REALLY IMPORTANT EE RESOURCES -- Conferences: Locating Conferences on EE Subjects -- FTP Sites: Finding Source Code and Software -- Mailing Lists -- Publications: Major EE Publications & Web Resources -- Smart Semiconductor Search: NEW Search Engine, Searching ALL major (embedded) chip vendors * MERITORIOUS EE SEARCH RESOURCES -- Books, Libraries, Bookstores, etc. -- DSP Resources -- EE Hunter: One Interface/Multiple EE Search Engines -- Embedded Systems Index -- Industrial Embedded Computing -- Microcontroller/processor Internet Index -- Miscellaneous but Meritorious Search Tools -- News and Sources for EE Related News -- Realtime and Software Development -- VTS Buyers' Guides by Topic Area * INTERNET RESOURCE PAGES -- Artificial Intelligence -- Ada -- Assembly -- Books -- C Language -- C++ -- (Tele)Communications -- Compilers -- DOS/Windows -- Employment -- Emulators -- Engineering -- FAQ's/Tech Rpts. -- Forth -- FTP Sites -- Mailing Lists -- Networking -- News -- Object-Oriented -- Publications -- Robotics -- Shareware -- Software Eng. -- USENET -- WWW Search Engines -- 411 Marketplace -- Windows/DOS