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Subject: Sacramento, California USENET FAQ Part 4 of 6

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The Sacramento, California USENET FAQ Part 4 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Sacramento, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. Internet Esquire(sm) P.O. Box 74632 Davis, CA 95617-5632 <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq/ > <mailto:NetEsq@dcn.davis.ca.us > The Sacramento, California USENET FAQ (Sacramento USENET FAQ) may be comprised of more than one part. If it is, please see the TABLE OF CONTENTS in Part One for a complete list of the questions that I have attempted to answer and for other important legal information. Caveat emptor: I assume no obligation for anyone through the publication of the Sacramento USENET FAQ. Furthermore, all versions of the Sacramento USENET FAQ are my personal property and are protected by applicable copyright laws. All rights are reserved except as follows: I hereby give my permission to anyone who has access to this version of the Sacramento USENET FAQ to reproduce the information contained herein for non-profit purposes, provided that proper credit is given to me as the author of this FAQ and that I am notified of any use other than personal use. Permission to reproduce any version of this FAQ may be revoked by me at any time. - - - - - The Sacramento, California USENET FAQ Part 4 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Sacramento, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. 5) RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT IN SACRAMENTO. Readers with a web browser may wish to visit the following URLs: What to See in Sacramento <http://banzai.neosoft.com/citylink/sacramento/sacsee.html > What to Do in Sacramento <http://banzai.neosoft.com/citylink/sacramento/sacdo.html > 5.1) What kinds of recreation and entertainment are there in Sacramento? [Rev] In addition to the downtown attractions described in Section 2.5, Sacramento has all types of recreation and entertainment that a major metropolitan city has to offer: Every kind of restaurant that you could imagine and everything from nightclubs to ballet, outdoor recreation to museums. The museums in Sacramento are very rich in local history, and local art galleries host the Second Saturday ArtWalk (<http://www.quiknet.com/~mcox/2ndsat.html >), and nearby Folsom Lake provides boating and campgrounds. 5.2) What kinds of restaurants are there in Sacramento? [Rev] This is a question which deserves its own FAQ, but I have listed a few of the restaurants that I frequent and enjoy as well as those that seem to have a strong following on the Sacramento USENET. Readers with a web browser may also visit the following URLs: Where to Eat in Sacramento <http://banzai.neosoft.com/citylink/sacramento/saceat.html > The Ultimate Restaurant Guide <http://www.bizline.com/restaurants/area/ > 5.2.1) Personal Favorites. [Rev] Sacramento has a number of fine restaurants. The restaurants that I have listed in this section cover an eclectic spectrum of my personal favorites: * La Boulangerie (916)443-7977: Commonly known as La Bou. I discovered this bakery and cafe when I appeared in federal court about two blocks away and needed to get my parking validated for the Downtown Mall. I purchased a two-for-one iced mocha during Espresso Happy Hour and reviewed one of the to-go menus later. Healthy repasts on the menu include soups, salads, sandwiches, croissants, etc. In other words, your basic coffee house. Apparently, La Bou has almost two dozen locations in the Sacramento area; four downtown. -Downtown Mall and other locations. * California Fats (916)441-7966: Easily confused with Fat City, which is next door, California Fats is my personal favorite. However, the booths (for parties of four or less) can make you somewhat claustrophobic. Reservations are absolutely, positively required. -1015 Front St, Old Sacramento, 95814 * Danielle's (916)972-1911: My favorite restaurant for breakfast/brunch in Sacramento. Excellent crepes and sensational service. -Fulton Ave and Marconi, Sacramento, 95821 * Fanny Annies (916)441-0505: Short order menu and full bar. Atmosphere, atmosphere, and more atmosphere. There are several stories of wood stairs and booths, and each story is long and narrow. Carving your name into the furniture is encouraged and is not considered vandalism. -1023 Second St, Old Sacramento, 95814 * Max's Opera Cafe (916)927-MAXS: Max's prides itself on outstanding service. In fact, your table will receive a free round of drinks if your food server asks the highly irrelevant question, "Is everything all right?" -1735 Arden Way #200, (Arden Fair Mall) Sacramento, 95815 * Rio City Cafe (916)442-8226: A classy restaurant on the banks of the Sacramento River. I found this gem when I was turned away from California Fats for want of a reservation. -1110 Front St, Old Sacramento, 95814 * River City Brewing Company (916)447-BREW: Specialty beers are brewed on the premises and the menu is filled with some of the most creative, yet simple and appetizing dishes that I have ever eaten at such a reasonable price. A great place to eat if you need validation for parking at the Downtown Plaza Mall. -545 Downtown Plaza, Sacramento, CA 95814 * The Tower Cafe (916)441-0222: A local landmark visible from miles away. The original location of the first Tower Records at the Tower Theatre, now with a separate cafe, liquor store, video store, movie theatre, and record store clumped at the intersection of 16th & Broadway. I suspect that the Tower is a name derived from the Tower Drawbridge that spans the Sacramento River. -1518 Broadway (at Land Park), Sacramento, CA 95818 * Zelda's (916)447-1400: The hands down winner of the Sacramento USENET for pizza. However, even those who endorse Zelda's warn that its specialty is a deep dish pizza that not everyone will enjoy. You have been warned! -1415 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95814 5.2.2) Recommendations from the Sacramento USENET. On October 18, 1994, Scott Lay posted a recommendation on ucd.life (<news:ucd.life >) for "a great Thai restaurant called Amarin in downtown Sacramento (about 20 minutes away [from Davis]). It is located on the corner of I Street and 12th Street." Message-ID: <37vgvh$mc2@mark.ucdavis.edu>. And on April 9, 1995, Mr. Lay posted a followup recommendation in response to William H. Taylor: William H. Taylor (whtaylor@netcom.com) wrote: : : : > Can anyone give me their opinion on the best Thai : : : > food in Sacramento? I know only one place, on Howe : : : > near Arden. It is good, but I am looking for more, : : : > and perhaps better. If anyone knows of restaurants : : : > with Hmong style dishes, I would like to know about : : : >that too. Hmmmm....there is also one on Fulton west of Arden....about three miles down, I believe. Thai Cottage 'tis the name... Great atmosphere, okay food. Amarin on 12th/I downtown isn't bad. Descent walk for downtown lunchers. Lemon Grass is another descent downtown place...9th betw J and I. In the library building... Not the best food in the world, but Thai, and close to the Capitol... Message-ID: <3m9el6$nge@mark.ucdavis.edu>. On August 17, 1995, Larry Hiner posted a recommendation for Chinese food (Message-ID: <40vvpr$qmh@news-e1a.megaweb.com>): A 15 minute drive south down 99 will take you to Hunan Gardens in Elk Grove (East on Elk Grove Blvd, north into Lucky's shopping center -- Hunan is on West end of center near Jaspers). Family owned and run -- highly recommended! (by me, that is.) On the same date, Michael J. Reeves posted his recommendation on the same newsgroup (Message-ID: <4105kn$erp@falcon.ns.net>): If you go out the FRONT gate [of Sac State] past the Presbyterian church about 2-4 blocks on the left is a small commercial center. You'll find the Silver Chopstick Restaurant in there. I have personally enjoyed the food there several times. Turnando Fuad also offered his recommendation on the same day and newsgroup (Message-ID: <4108ta$grr@falcon.ns.net>): Try New Canton on Broadway across from the DMV for authentic Chinese cuisine. The New Station about a mile down also has great food. They have a special for $18.50 and that includes 5 dishes plus dessert. Ryan Seo's recommendation on August 18, 1995 on the same newsgroup (Message-ID: <411cr1$kvk@falcon.ns.net>): "Try Frank Fat @ downtown sacto. Expensive but excellent." [Editor's note: Frank Fat's is located at 806 L St, 95814, (916)442-7092.] And finally, Susan Hattie Steinsapir, gave her recommendation on August 18, 1995 (Message-ID: <hattieDDIBuK.LpC@netcom.com>): Give up on Chinese and try Vietnamese. Try these: 1. Viet Ha - tremendous menu, low prices, great eats. Two places: one on Florin at Stockton Blvd., just east of the intersection. New place at, hell, it's hard to describe. It's on Folsom, tucked behind Paradise Ice Cream just east of Coloma (I think). Their salad rolls are divine. 2. Andy Ngyugen's - low prices, great food. I go to the one on Broadway and 19th Streets, near the check cashing place. They also have a place out in Rancho Cordova. 3. New Paris Cafe - great pho (beef with rice noodle soup). They're on Stockton Blvd. We used to eat there all of the time. Then, we started expanding. On a related note, Sacramento offers a selection of dim sum, a particular type of Chinese food. J. Peerson's recommendations on August 22, 1995 (Message-ID: <41cv01$i66@mark.ucdavis.edu>): * King's in West Sacramento on West Capitol around Jefferson * Dragon Haven on Broadway about a block away from Tower Theatre * Rice Bowl on Florin at 24th Street. And on the same date, the aforementioned Susan Hattie Steinsapir (Message-ID: <hattieDDptq9.690@netcom.com>): There's Wong's Islander out at the Lanai Shopping Center on Freeport near 34th Avenue (near the old airport). I don't know if they serve dim sum during the week; they have it on weekends (have eaten there then).. 5.3) What kinds of landmarks and museums are there in Sacramento? Sacramento is rich with historical landmarks and museums. The lists in the sections below are far from exhaustive. 5.3.1) Old Sacramento. For more information on Old Sacramento landmarks and museums, readers with a web browser may visit the Old Sacramento Home Page on the World Wide Web <http://www.pageweavers.com/old_sacramento.html >). * B.F. Hastings Building (916)445-4209. [Corner of 2nd St and J St in Old Sac] * California Military Museum (916)442-2883 1119 2nd St, Old Sacramento, 95814 * California State Railroad Museum (916)552-5252 x7245; 445-7387 125 "I" St, Old Sacramento, 95814 * Discovery Museum (916)264-7057; FAX (916)7264-5100 101 "I" St, Old Sacramento, 95814 * Central Pacific Passenger and Depot Station (916)448-4466 111 "I" St, Old Sacramento, 95814 * Wells Fargo Museum (916)440-4263 1000 2nd St, Old Sacramento, 95814 5.3.2) Other Museums and Landmarks. * California Vietnam Veterans Memorial [At the State Capital Grounds] * Crocker Art Museum (916)264-5423 216 "O" St, Sacramento, 95814 * Governor's Mansion (916)323-3047 1526 H St * Leland Stanford Mansion 8th and N St * McClellan Aviation Museum (916)643-3192 3204 Palm Ave, North Highlands, 95660 * Port of Sacramento. * Sacramento Delta. * Sacramento History Museum. * State Library. * California State Indian Museum (916)324-0971 2618 K St, Sacramento, 95816 * Sutter's Fort (916)445-4422 2701 L St, Sacramento, 95816 * Towe Ford Museum (916)442-6802 2200 Front St, Sacramento, 95818 * Wells Fargo Museum (916)440-4161 400 Capital Mall, 95814 5.4) What kind of cultural activities are there in Sacramento? [Rev] Notwithstanding the outstanding museums and art collections in Sacramento and cultural activities such as the Second Saturday ArtWalk (<http://www.quiknet.com/~mcox/2ndsat.html>), the performing arts in Sacramento are somewhat provincial in comparison to those that can be found in the nearby San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco's population simply makes a greater commitment to supporting the arts than do the residents of Sacramento. Even so, Sacramento does have a symphony orchestra (entering its 83rd season) as well as ballet, opera, and live theatre companies for local afficionados; Broadway shows eventually make their way to Sacramento for the local dilettantes. 5.5) What kind of sporting events are there in the Sacramento Area? [Rev] Sacramento has two professional sports teams: The Sacramento Kings NBA franchise and the Sacramento Knights soccer team (notwithstanding the Sacramento Gold Miners of the Canadian Football League); local sports fans also patronize professional sports teams in the Bay Area. * For more information about the Sacramento Kings Basketball team, see the newsgroup alt.sports.basketball.nba.sac-kings (<news:alt.sports.basketball.nba.sac-kings >). Readers with a web browser may visit the Sacramento Kings Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.nando.net/sports/bkb/1994/nba/home/sac.html >). * For more information on the Sacramento Knights, readers with a web browser may visit the Sacramento Knights Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.ns.net/users/srser1/knights.html >). * For more information regarding Bay Area sports teams, see ba.sports (<news:ba.sports >). Recently, the City of Sacramento has announced its intention to build a major league baseball park near downtown Sacramento. Public reaction to these plans has been mixed. 5.6) Are there any other special events that take place in Sacramento? [Rev] Among the many events that take place at California Exposition Fairgrounds (Cal Expo) is the California State Fair that takes place every summer -- Just ask Chuckie! (See Section 10.2.4 for more information on Chuckie.) For more information on the State Fair, visit the California State Fair Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://bigfun.org/ >). During the month of May, the Annual Jazz Jubilee takes over most of Sacramento (<http://sacjazz.com/ >) 5.7) What other local attractions are there in Sacramento? There's a lot to do in Sacramento. The sections below describing various local attractions is far from exhaustive. * Delta and Bay Cruises. * The Paddlewheeler. * William Land Park (Sacramento Zoo). * Waterworld U.S.A. 5.7.1) Guinness Stout and Other Things Irish. One of the more curious foci of interest for Sacramento residents is Guinness Stout Beer and other things Irish. Many recommendations for places to drink Guinness have been offered on the Sacramento USENET; readers with a web browser may visit Richard Hackwith's World Wide Web Page of Irish links (<http://www.calweb.com/~rph/irish.html >). * From Dave Edmiston (<mailto:original@web1.calweb.com >): After going to the home of this wonderful beer last month, I have morphed into a Guiness-loving sybarite. I would love to know the places in the Greater Sacramento where someone could partake of this wonderful brew. . . I would guess that the Fox and Goose probably has it. (Message-ID: <45sk89$o4r@calweb.calweb.com>) * From Ann Silberman (<mailto:anns@netcom.com >): Gilhooley's Irish Pub on 7th and O in the Capitol Towers apartment complex has it as well. (Message-ID: <annsDGJvxy.M56@netcom.com>) * From Andrew A. Alexis (<mailto:ndlxs@netcom.com >): . . .[O]n J Street is Bon Lair. Gallaghers Bar and Grill, on the corner of 51st and Folsom, also has it. They have Irish music on Saturday nights. (Message-ID: <ndlxsDGJwxD.73p@netcom.com>) * From Scott D. Thompson (<mailto:sdt@netcom.com >): Across from Gallaghers is Socal's, serving 'the mother of all stouts' all day every day. (Message-ID: <sdt-1610951502160001@>) * From John Kinsella (<mailto:jlkinsel@ucdavis.edu >): The juice of the Gods can . . . be found on tap at TGI Fridays and Yager's(sp?) in Folsom. (Message-ID: <45vm4p$afq@mark.ucdavis.edu>) * From Chris Morgan (<mailto:dude@calweb.com >): Rascals Pub In Rancho Cordova used to have it on tap.... Give it a try. They are off of Folsom Blvd near Bradshaw on Horn Rd. (Message-ID: <460q4m$f3e@calweb.calweb.com>) 5.7.2) [Miscellaneous sections currently under construction.] 5.8) The Geography of Sacramento. [Rev] Having sojourned in many California communities for months at a time, I would have to say that the most distinctive feature of Sacramento geography is its still evolving business architecture. While many business establishments are housed in newer buildings that are obviously commercial in nature (especially in the more recently developed downtown area), the vast majority of small businesses in the Greater Sacramento Area use older buildings and blend into the neighborhood communities that they serve. Strip malls are quite uncommon; a small marquee over a store's door is often the only indication that a commercial building even contains a retail establishment. Many older private homes have been converted into storefront operations. The relative antiquity of the buildings that house business establishments (along with their typically residential location) comes with a price tag. There is very little free parking during business hours anywhere in Sacramento, and most parking is limited to two hours or less. For this reason, I tend to use public transportation to get around Sacramento during the day. The physical geography of Sacramento is flat grassland, subject to seasonal flooding. Unlike the nearby San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento is seismically quiet. This is one of the main reasons that Sacramento is becoming more and more attractive to high tech industries from the South Bay, earning the nickname Silicon Valley East. 5.9) Sacramento Weather. [New] I have received quite a few inquiries from potential Sacramento residents about the weather in Sacramento, asking me whether it is more like the arid Central Valley or the foggy Bay Area. The weather in Sacramento is somewhat sunny, mild, and humid, even though it often reaches well over 100 degrees in the summer and is subject to heavy seasonal rains. For information on current Sacramento weather conditions, visit Steve Green's Sacramento Weather Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.ns.net/~sgreen/whtrfrm.html >), with all the radar, satellite pictures, and forecasts, and without someone standing in the way making dumb jokes ;-> - - - - - End Document: The Sacramento, California USENET FAQ Part 4 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Sacramento, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. Internet Esquire(sm) P.O. Box 74632 Davis, CA 95617-5632 <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq/ > <mailto:NetEsq@dcn.davis.ca.us > Link to next document: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq/USENET-FAQs/sac/part5.html > - - - - -