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Subject: Pasture FAQ

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The Pasture FAQ is available at http://www.18james.com/rural/pasture.html It was last modified with additional or updated information and links on Tue Oct 30 13:10:08 2001 EST. This is the only maintained version of the FAQ. Older versions in archives, newsgroups, or on other WWW sites are likely to be out-of-date and incomplete. The Pasture FAQ and the table of contents listed below are 1994-2001 Ronald Florence. Pasture FAQ ----------- Contents 1. Why Pasture 2. How Much Pasture 3. Multiple Species 4. Making Pastures 5. Upgrading Pastures 6. What To Seed 7. Maintaining Pastures 8. Soil & Tissue Tests 9. Pasture Fences 10. Water, Salt & Minerals 11. Rotation Grazing 12. Pasture Yield 13. Seasonal Rotation 14. Weeds 15. Disadvantages 16. Unimproved Pasture 17. Credits 18. Copyright & Permissions -- Ronald Florence http://www.18james.com