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Subject: Lambing FAQ

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The Lambing FAQ is available at http://www.18james.com/rural/lambing.html It was last modified with additional or updated information and links on Tue Oct 30 09:01:43 2001 EST. This is the only maintained version of the FAQ. Older versions in archives, newsgroups, or on other WWW sites are likely to be out-of-date and incomplete. The Lambing FAQ and the table of contents listed below are 1994-2001 Ronald Florence. Lambing FAQ ----------- Contents 1. Before Lambing 2. When to lamb 3. Gestation Problems 4. Equipment & Supplies 5. Signs of Readiness 6. Normal Procedures 7. Twins & Triplets 8. Rejected Lambs 9. Chilled Lambs 10. Nursing Problems 11. Problem Births 12. Timing Births 13. Culling Ewes 14. Drying Off Ewes 15. Prolapses 16. Medications 17. Lambing Pens 18. Orphans 19. Lactating Ewes 20. Human Health Concerns 21. Pasture Lambing 22. Are Sheep Wild Animals 23. Credits 24. Copyright & Permissions -- Ronald Florence http://www.18james.com