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Subject: rec.running FAQ, part 8 of 8

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(Sites are being rechecked and new ones added by Arthur Bamps <fa311475@skynet.be> . He continues to update the info. Ozzie) Part 8 of the FAQ had been subdivided into 3 areas Part 1 deals with the WWW pages Part 2 deals with mail-based discussion lists Part 3 deals with Usenet discussion groups Part I General http://www.waddleon.com/ The Internet Guide to Becoming an Athlete http://run-down.com/ Run Down Running Portal - Dan Kaplan (+10000 links) http://www.ontherun.com Serves runners/walkers/multi-sport athletes-Denny Brooks http://www.womensmultisport.com/ Women's Multisport Online http://www.runnersweb.com/running.html Runnersweb http://www.runnerswebuk.com/index.html Runners Web UK http://www.coolrunning.com/home.htm Cool Running http://www.letsrun.com/ Lets Run http://www.jeffgalloway.com/ Jeff Galloway http://teamoregon.com/ Team Oregon http://dir.yahoo.com/Recreation/Sports/Running/ Yahoo-Recreation:Sports:Running http://www.nederland.org/atletiek/ Remko's T&F Page http://www.athletics-online.co.uk/index.htm Sportscreen - Athletics online http://www.tflinks.com/index.shtml The World of Running and Track & Field http://www.track-and-field.net/ Athletics (Track & Field) Links http://www.runningonline.com/ Running Online http://running.about.com/ Running (About.com) http://www.onrunning.com/index.asp Onrunning.com (UK) http://dmoz.org/Sports/Running/Trail_Running/ Trail Running links on DMOZ http://www.mountainrunning.com/kgbroad/index.html MountainRunning.com http://www3.nbnet.nb.ca/ATREE/weblinksCCRR.htm CCRR Running Weblinks http://www.runstopshop.com/ RunStopShop.com was Joe's Running Links http://www.rnib.org.uk/youhelp/teamrnib/tm_tips.htm Tips for Blind and Partially Sighted Runners http://www.sarasanctuary.org/runningdog.html Running with your Dog http://www.backward-running-backward.com/ Backward running http://www.runningbarefoot.com/ http://www.unshod.org/ Barefoot running http://www.cybernude.com/nuderuns/ Nude Running Events Organizations & Associations International http://www.iaaf.org/index.asp IAAF International Amateur Athletic Federation http://www.olympic.org/ International Olympic Committee http://www.aims-association.org/ Association of International Marathons and Road Races http://www.wava.org/ World Association of Veteran Athletes USA http://www.americanrunning.org/ American Running Association http://www.usatf.org/ USA Track & Field http://usatfnj.org/ USA TF New Jersey http://www.rrca.org/ Road Runners Club of America http://www.americanultra.org/index.html American UltraRunning Association Canada http://www.canoe.ca/Athcan/ Athletics Canada Australia http://www.athletics.org.au/ Athletics Australia http://www.ausport.gov.au/ Australian Sports Commission New Zealand http://www.athletics.org.nz/index.html Athletics New Zealand Europe http://www.eaa-athletics.ch/ European Athletic Association UK http://www.ukathletics.org/ UK Athletics http://www.saf.org.uk/ Scottish Athletics Federation http://www.welshathletics.org/ Athletics Association of Wales http://www.niathletics.org/ Northern Ireland Athletic Federation Asia http://www.asianathletics.org/ Asian Amateur Athletic Association Hong Kong http://www.hkaaa.com/index.html Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Running Clubs World http://www.tflinks.com/lclubs/index.shtml http://www.gthhh.com/ Canada http://www.canadianmarathoning.bc.ca/links.htm http://www.bcathletics.org/links.htm http://www.ontarioroadrunners.com/clublist.html USA http://www.gbtc.org/whatelse.html http://www.nyrrc.org/race/linksclb.htm http://rrca.org/ 50 States Marathon Club http://hometown.aol.com/fiftydc/index.html Australia http://www.coolrunning.com.au/clubs.shtml Europe Netherlands http://www.ra.nl/atl/ Belgium http://www.val.be/val/verenigingen/1_2.htm http://www.jogging.org/ http://gallery.uunet.be/BAV/links.html UK http://www.british-athletics.co.uk/ http://www.roadrunnersclub.org.uk/ http://www.runtrackdir.com/ukclubs/ http://www.serpentine.org.uk/links/links.htm http://www.windmilers.org.uk/links.htm http://www.lescroupiersrunningclub.org.uk/links.html Ireland http://www.iol.ie/~imra/links.html Switzerland http://www.running.ch/club/ Running events World http://www.trackcoach.com/Links_competition_calendars_index.htm Links to different Competition Calendars http://users.chello.be/cr32000/frame1e.htm Marathon Calendar (over 650 worldwide) USA http://www.rrca.org/ http://kicksports.com/calendar/index.shtml http://www.runningclubnorth.org/lnk_rgeo.htm http://www.active.com/running/ http://www.theschedule.com/calendar/index.htm http://www.run-2-3.com/ Canada http://www.runningclubnorth.org/lnk_rgeo.htm http://www.wi.bc.ca/ UK http://www.british-athletics.co.uk/ http://www.roadraces.co.uk/ http://www.realrunner.com/ukandeurope/racesdiarypage.htm http://www.gbrathletics.com/ South Africa http://www.runner.co.za/ http://www.runnersguide.co.za/ France http://www.courirenfrance.com/ Extreme http://www.guetali.fr/grandraid/ Reunion-Grand Raid http://home.mweb.co.za/sa/sabike/ South African Augrabies http://www.aoicimbaly.com/ http://www.sandmarathon.com/ Sand Marathon-Marathon des Sables http://spartathlon.webvista.net/index.html Spartathlon Athletics Statistics http://www.hkkk.fi/~niininen/athl.html Global and Local Athletic Records Medical corner http://www.med.uiuc.edu/m1/anatomy/LE/lecture_text.html Anatomy - Lower Extremity http://www.recnet.ca/anatomy101/ Muscles and Joints http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/ Virtual Sports Injury Clinic http://www.sover.net/~sstryker/itbs.html Iliotibial Band Causes and Solutions http://www.clark.net/pub/pribut/spsport.html http://www.csuchico.edu/phed/atc/Projects/ITband/ITBFS.html Dr. Pribut Sports Page http://www.rice.edu/~jenky/mednav.html The SportsMed Web http://www.footandankle.com/ Foot & Ankle Web Index http://home.hia.no/~stephens/ Masters Physiology & Performance http://spot.Colorado.EDU/~collinsj/ Sport and Exercise Psychology http://www.zunis.org/index.html Zunis Foundation Coaching & Training http://www.brianmac.demon.co.uk/index.htm Brian Mackenzie on all aspects of it http://www.marathontraining.com Marathon Training http://www.halhigdon.com/ Hal Higdon http://www.doitsports.com/virtualtraining/ Do It Sports Virtual Training http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/dept/coachsci/index.htm Coaching Science Abstracts http://www.chirunning.com/Chi/Running/index.html ChiRunning http://dstc.edu.au/TU/staff/timbomb/ab/ Abdominal Training http://www.stretching.com/ Stretching Ultra running http://www.he.net/~mmahoney/ultra/ Matt Mahoney http://www.run100s.com/ Stan Jensen http://www.ultraned.org/ UltraNed /Fox.nstn.ca:/~dblaikie/">http://Fox.nstn.ca:/~dblaikie/ David Blaikie http://www.fred.net/ultrunr/ Kevin Sayers Resource The press http://www.runningnetwork.com/ The Running Network http://www.stevenscreek.com/books Athlete's Bookstore http://www.raceplace.com Southern California Running/Tri/Bike Calendar http://www.runnersworld.com/ Runner's World http://www.marathonandbeyond.com/learn.htm for marathoners/ultradistance runners http://www.runningstats.com/ 42 times per year newsletter http://www.siteworks.co.uk/pperf/index.html Peak Performance http://www.rrnews.com Running Research Newsletter http://home.sprynet.com/~holtrun/homepage.htm David Holt - Running Dialogue http://www.trifind.com/books/run.html Running Books at TriFind.com Equipment http://users.chello.be/cr32000/commerce.htm Running gear - all brands http://www.roadrunnersports.com/roadrunner/ Shoes and sports gear Software http://www.lin-mark.com/ Lin-Mark timing systems http://www.pccoach.com/ PC Coach Training Software http://pegasussoftware.com/ Stevens Creek Software http://www.stevenscreek.com/ Athlete's Diary http://www.fitwise.com/default.asp FitWise.Com http://www.science-sportsware.dk/ Science Sportsware Measurement http://website.lineone.net/~athletics/coursemeasurement/ Road Running Race Course Measurement http://www.moloney.freeserve.co.uk/measurement.htm Obtaining a Course Measurement Certificate http://www.rrtc.net/jones-history.html http://www.geol.binghamton.edu/faculty/jones/jones.html http://www.horsforth.harriers.btinternet.co.uk/jones.htm The Jones Counter PART II E-mail lists are the easiest way to obtain information on running. However, the mail volume can become increasingly large and your mail-box becomes clogged when you are subscribed to a number of these toys. The tone is sometimes informal to more scientifically oriented in other lists. E-mail lists normally have two addresses, one to subscribe and one to send contributions to You can find a LISTSERV user's guide on http://listserv.dartmouth.edu/scripts/wa.exe Running related E-mail lists ============================ UK Running e-mail list Join over 200 participants in a discussion of all aspects of running in the UK. Send a blank email to : ukrunning-subscribe@yahoogroups.com And there are more at http://groups.yahoo.com/ Dead Runners Society The Dead Runners Society is a discussion group for people who like to talk about running. The group is informal and social and all members try to encourage each other in their running programs. Traffic is heavy. Write to listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu and, in the text of your message (not the subject line), write: subscribe drs firstname lastname list-owner: Christopher Mark Conn <cmconn@io.com> To obtain the FAQ via e-mail, send the message : send drs faq to : listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu Archives : http://listserv.dartmouth.edu/archives/drs.html Webpage : http://storm.cadcam.iupui.edu/drs/ Dead Runners Mind Offshoot of DRS discusses the philosophical/psychological aspects of running. Send : subscribe drm firstname lastname in the text of your message(not the subject line) To: listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu DRS Sublists There also exist many regional mailing lists (in Cleveland, for example, they have the DRNEO - Dead Runners of NorthEast Ohio list, and DRS-Nl for Dutch-deads) which cover local running scenes. These regional groups, or mini-lists, are generally used to contact dead runners in a specific area of the world. Check the DRS FAQ on these groups. Clydesdale Virtual Racing Team CVRT is a mailing list for 'heavy' runners. It is for men over 195 pounds and women over 140 pounds. To subscribe to cvrt, compose a message addressed to clydesdale@listserv.rmi.net with the text subscribe clydesdale as the only message in the body. List'owner': Tim Bergstresser <befit@iac.net> Orienteering This mailing list discusses the sport of orienteering. send a message to: orienteering-request@graphics.cornell.edu Hash-l This list covers the hashing scene. To: listserv@vm.usc.edu Send: subscribe hash-l FirstName LastName Don't Stop Moving http://www.teleport.com/~pmotion Don't Stop Moving is a newsletter written for runners by a runner with 24 years of competitive and recreational running experience. The newsletter comes out monthly or thereabouts, with back issues periodically sent to the list. To receive Don't Stop Moving, send a message: To: majordomo@teleport.com Message:subscribe ds-moving (your address here) Listowner: Mike Van Meter <pmotion@teleport.com> Ultra This mailing list discusses the sport of ultramarathoning. Send: subscribe ultra FirstName LastName To : listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu List-owner : Joe Jurzcyk (an241@cleveland.freenet.edu) Training-Nutrition mailing list. The focus is on bodybuilding and sports nutrition, athletic physiology and biochemistry, overall diet planning, and recipes. Low fat, high protein recipes preferred. Supplement discussion is discouraged. If the list sounds interesting to you, you can request the FAQs by sending mail to: trnutreq@dgs.dgsys.com Biomechanics This list discusses aspects of biomechanics. Address to (un)subscribe : listserv@listserv.net Message to subscribe: sub biomch-l firstname lastname Address for list messages : biomch-l@nic.surfnet.nl Part III Usenet was THE net. You only need a newsreader and server and you can subscribe to thousands of lists and read a zillion contributions each day. Most of the discussions are informal, especially the sports oriented ones. The newsgroups you can access depends also on the Usenet server which supports your ISP, e.g. not all nl.* groups can be read in Japan (I doubt if any). The idea is that if you find an interesting newsgroup, via DejaNews for instance, you ask your ISP to put it on the server. 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