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====================================================================== The Satanic Reds - Social Realists alt.satanism FAQ v 1.4 by Founders of SR Org. ====================================================================== The Satanic Reds - Social Realists alt.satanism FAQ v.1.4 by Founders of SR Org. First posted to usenet November 28, 2004 This revision made November 8, 2005 ================================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ================================================== I Satanic Reds - Social Realism and Satanism in General 1) Why do you call yourselves Satanic Reds? 2) Are you Satanists? 3) What is the Satan that SR espouses? 3.1) What does this SR Satanism, or Dark Tradition basically consist of? 4) Satan has always been seen as the Dark Lord, Dark Principle, or Dark Force. Does this tie it back to the Christian or horror-show view? 5) Isn't some of that Dark Tradition Satanic stuff syncretistic or a synthesis of many things? 5.1) Do you have any roots in Chaos Magic or Magick? 5.2) Do you have any roots in Thelema? 5.3) Do you have any roots in Theosophy? 5.4) Do you have any roots in the Witchcraft or Wicca movement? 5.5) Do you have any roots in LaVeyan Satanism? 5.6) Do you have any roots in the Temple of Set? 5.7) Do you have roots in Atheism? 5.8) What exactly are the Roots of Satanic Reds, when it comes to the Dark Tradition? II Political and Philosophical Issues - Social Realism 6) Is the SR capitalist, socialist, or communist? 7) Why do you insist on 10 political statements for membership qualification and not on a belief system? 7.1) What are the political statements? 7.2) Does a person have to belong to any specific political party? 8) Does SR regard people that feel this dark force and flame as better than those who do not? 9) What is the hammer and sickle in your sigil? 10) What do you use the pentacle for? II The Satanic Reds Organization 11) You are not like other satanic organizations out there at all. Why not? 12) Are you a hierarchical organization with a hierarchy of titles such as Priest(ess), Magus, etc? 13) Is there anything a person has to do if they join? 14) FD Roosevelt, who is mentioned a lot in your socio-politics, was an American President. Is SR for Americans only? 15) Why don't you charge money for membership? 16) Why have you made so much of this information public to people? 17) If members can make their own covens or grottos for magickal workings, how does that work in connection to the SR organization itself? 18) Can members make a magazine for the organization on their own? 19) What if some members don't get along with other members or have disagreements? Can they get kicked out for that? Do the founders step in? 20) Are you against other Satanic organizations or any other organizations? III Further Information 21) Where can I read more about Left Hand Path Traditions on the web? 22) Where can I read more about Social Realism on the web? 23) Are there hard copy documents that elaborate on this further? ================================================== 1) Why do you call yourselves Satanic Reds? ================================================== We call ourselves this because we are Satanic in the sense of Sat and Tan, the Dark Doctrines or Dark Tradition. We are Red in the sense of radical (though the association with that color seems to have changed in the USA recently to mean conservative). Red has always been associated with "Red Devil." ================================================== 2) Are you Satanists? ================================================== The answer to that is yes and no - because it would entirely depend on what you mean by the word "Satanist." First of all, using the word "Satan," Carducci, in his "Hymn To Satan," echoed the same concepts and ideas we echo for Social Realism; and Michael Bakunin regarded Satan in the same manner as us when we speak of Social Realism. When Jules Michelet wrote "Satanism and Witchcraft," a book that the majority of people interested in the Left Hand Path or Wicca had back before the late 1960s, it was about exploited peasants rallying around a mythic-heroic figure: Satan - in opposition to an oppressive Christian political feudalism of that time period. However, for the many people familiar with the entity/force/character/being/God Nyarlathotep in H.P. Lovecraft's tales, they'd know that Nyarlathotep is the Soul and Messenger of all the Old Ones, the Messenger of Absolute Chaos, the "Crawling Chaos," that has a million faces and/or avatars, and also the Black Man of the Witches, i.e., incarnated or posing as a human-like figure. Nyarlathotep was also the character Lovecraft dreamed about before he ever tried to write about it and, some say, before he wrote "Cthulhu Mythos" tales, tales distinctly different from the rest of the fiction he wrote. Fans or anyone familiar with this would recognize that Nyarlathotep is a definite stand-in for Satan. However, some other fans of this fiction recognize Nyarlathotep as their own Supreme Being! Professor Robert M. Price is a highly educated professor of Theology with two degrees in Theology. Professor Price also taught Eastern Esoteric Tradition in a university. He is also a scholar of H. P. Lovecraft's tales. As written down (i.e., not an oral tradition), this tradition is Tibetan; it is not Hindu. Professor Price, in "Crypt of Cthulhu, " vol. 1, number 2, page 8 wrote of the Tibetans that, paraphrasing: we know what their name for that primal Oneness was - the undifferentiated "Chaos" is Nyarlathotep. In other words, if people in these cultures were to use a name from the Mythos of Lovecraft and his circle to name what we in SR write of as "Asat Sat" or Mahakala or Sri Kala Chakra, that name would be Nyarlathotep. Long prior to Robert Price writing this essay, the forerunners of SR org were using such "mythos" words instead of standard occult or religious words: the word we used for the Void or Boundless Darkness was Nyarlathotep. (This is covered thoroughly in section 5.8: What exactly are the Roots of Satanic Reds, when it comes to the Dark Tradition?). Furthermore, Professor Price wrote, in the book, "The Nyarlathotep Cycle" Introduction pages vii - xii, that in order for Nyarlathotep to fill three disparate roles such as soul, messenger and crawling chaos of the Other Gods/Great Old Ones, the paradigm that would accommodate all this naturally would be "Saiva Advaita Vedanta, or the monistic mystical philosophy of Siva-worship championed by Gaudapada and Sankara. (Our article on "Asat, Sat and Tan" quotes from Sankara*) For Nyarlathotep to be the "soul" of the Other Gods would mean that he is their common essence, that root divinity of which the Other Gods are themselves half-real personifications on a lower level of (human) perception which Sankara called "lower knowledge" or avidya, ignorance - that is, a knowledge that correctly apprehends a penultimate level of reality." We absolutely agree - this was the Nyarlathotep in Kishite terms (See section 5.8: What exactly are the Roots of Satanic Reds, when it comes to the Dark Tradition?). Professor Price goes on to explain in his preface about Nyarlathotep, "All things are temporary, and thus illusory, manifestations of it. Nyarlathotep, as the "soul" of the Other Gods is the undifferentiated Godhead, Brahman (a neutral, because impersonal or superpersonal, term). Likewise, for Nyarlathotep to be "chaos" refers to the state of Pure Being before the first moment of its illusory refraction into seeming differentiation. It is the state of Tathata (suchness) or Sunyata (emptiness, void) [we often call it "Thatness"] that the mystic seeks to penetrate - some by simple meditation upon the Oneness; others by fantastic and, in the case of [Hindu] Saivite-Buddhist Tantra, grotesque techniques, such as sex mysticism or the gustatory transgressions of [some cults - Price reverts to fictive terms here - but he is referring to real so-called Left Hand Path cults of India.] Lovecraft, in "The Haunter of the Dark," calls the steeple-confined entity "an avatar of Nyarlathotep," a term borrowed directly from Hindu theology. An avatar (descent) is the coming of a god in a physical body to perform some mission in the world of Samsara (the realm of maya [illusion] and mortality)." Again, we agree and this Idea can be found throughout the Dark Tradition monographs and in some of the articles on our site. *"Asat, Sat and Tan" http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/d-force.html No matter what Left Hand Path you follow, or even if it's some alternate religion magickal Right Hand Path, no matter what you or your culture call it, the political forces of reaction present in some countries call it ALL Satanism or Satanic. They consider Wicca, most of Hinduism, all of Tantra, Taoism, most of New Age, Voodoo and even, in some places, the Jewish religion and Atheism to be Satanic, too; depending on which fanatics you speak to. Some fanatics call the Pope in the Vatican "the Beast" and consider the Catholic religion "a Satanic Cult." Some fanatics consider Mohammed, the Prophet of the Moslems, to be a "Satanic Terrorist." And so forth. So there is the RADICAL reason for us to call ourselves Satanic: it's radical and in your face. So, even followers of mainstream monotheistic religions are not immune from the brand "Satanic." Some of the members and founders of the SR prefer to see what we represent as wholly outside such Western notions of Satan or Satanism. Then again, there are many others that categorically state that the Dark Tradition is Real Satanism. We have no problem agreeing to disagree - one man's God is another man's Satan. ================================================== 3) What is the Satan that SR espouses? ================================================== The Satan in the Dark Tradition we espouse is Sat and Tan, Being and Becoming, and we don't accept the Judeo-Christian concepts for "Satan" at all. We are making a pun out of Sat and Tan and we are the first organization to ever do that. Then again, if what we know as the Boundless Chaotic Darkness is Nyarlathotep in our own older non-standard lingo, and Nyarlathotep is Satan, it stands to reason that we are talking about a Satan that is not what any Judaic, Christian or Islamic people think it is. The SR org sticks to standard words, even if they are foreign words. This system is from an ancient tradition that is 1. genuinely Left Hand Path of the kind having nothing whatsoever to do with "breaking silly taboos," 2. has a Boundless Darkness as the Prime Force, 3. has a "flaming light" within the Darkness that flashes out and becomes all things due to the Urge of the Boundless Darkness, 4. has that Dark Flame as being within people, IF they let it flow. Only people with that Flame within can self actualize, if they choose to do that. Here are examples: Sat: The one ever-present Reality in the infinite world; the divine essence which IS, but cannot be said to "exist" because it is Absoluteness, or Being-ness Itself. Satta: the One and Sole Existence. Sattva: Understanding; quiescence in divine knowledge; a Bodhisattva is a person that possesses this. Satya: Supreme Truth. Satya Yuga: the Golden Age of the age of truth, actually the first Yuga, but often equated with the Trita Yuga (last age). Tan means to "stretch forth" to "become." Words such as Tantra, Tanmatri have the root word "tan" in them. As for Sat and Tan, legitimate words: It is highly possible that the Hebrews committed a cultural inversion on the word Sat, since they did have contact with Persians who definitely DID invert ALL the ancient Sanskrit (Shivaite) concepts. The Hebrews did not invert the word Tan because the Tanaim, in Hebrew, are those who "know what the angels know." The Tanaim are the True Magi. This type of Sat/Tan Dark Doctrines Satanism can be seen in various organizations that run in various ways, localized or loosely connected. This type of Satanism includes the Pythagorean system on the pentacle (the pentalphas), which correspond to the Five Dharmas, and the pentamychos system, which corresponds to the fearsome or towo aspects that defend the Dharmas or Five Principles. The Five principles, as seen in nature, are parts of what the Dark Force IN Nature does, as it permeates and motivates all of nature. More on exactly what we define for our organization can be seen in "The Nine Postulates of Satan" at this location http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/9-sat-tan.html ================================================== 3.1) What does this SR Satanism, or Dark Tradition basically consist of? ================================================== The Dark Tradition is an emanation doctrine about the Boundless Darkness, (No Name, Aditi, Ain Soph, Apeiron, Brahman, Thatness, Nyarlathotep, etc.) and the Flame, (Viraj, Vajra, Logos, Chi, Ki, etc.). The Flame is in that All Pervading Darkness and from that, there is the doctrine of Being and Becoming. 1. Unknown - Boundless Darkness (or Thatness). - That which is Formless (Arupa). 2. Non-Being and Being (Asat and Sat). The intermediate being-state is BECOMING or stretching forth (Tan). This happens out of Necessity. 3. Emanation of a Light or a Flame as a 7-fold Formed (Rupa) and Ordered substance that Became all material (space/time, matter/energy) things. 4. Infusion and permeation of the Darkness as a 5-fold formless chaotic "force" of some kind, into the 7 which, in turn, drives all things on to ever greater change, complexity and diversity, relentlessly driving it on to change, to Become. It is from the 5-fold that we get the Pentacle - based on the Orphic/Pythagorean original doctrine of "Tartaros." (Tartaros did not mean "hell" originally). This Doctrine is totally unlike a creation doctrine; it is very much unlike paganism with many gods and goddess and half-godling "children of" the gods/goddesses. It is not dualistic at all. It is not for everyone! One is either Of It, or they are not. In addition, there are elaborations: how that darkness is always categorized in 5 distinct ways as it acts on "the nature" around us and how the Flame is within us as Kundalini. How the Flame comes into living beings from the All Pervading Darkness, goes through living things as a Flame or kind of "Light" and then returns to that One Darkness. How the All Pervading Darkness itself never increases or decreases all the time this goes on. There are also doctrines about what lacks this Flame within. There is no judgment on such people. It is just that the Tradition is not told to them - hence it is esoteric. (Times have changed). I could say it this way: Aditi, Vach, Viraj (Vajra), or Asat, Sat and Tan are the same things, recognizable to anyone that knows this, as Kether, Binah, Hochmah. Same things. This is one solid tradition amongst MANY whole cultures, parts of cultures and peoples. It is universally said to have been The Adamantine Doctrine by which all society was governed in a "Golden Age" during the Satya Yuga, which is a prior world age (some systems have other names for the last world age). It is distinct from the trinity traditions, distinct from the dualistic traditions, which oppose light and dark. It is distinct from paganism. It is distinct from the solar cults. It is NOT a salvation doctrine nor is there any kind of notion of a "personal anthropomorphic-type Being" in the One Darkness. It has nothing to do with rebelliousness or the mundane world of the herd and/or hypocrisy. It has nothing to do with that pro or con - all that is irrelevant. We have unified what belongs together as a core doctrine: The Dark Tradition. ================================================== 4) Satan has always been seen as the Dark Lord, Dark Principle, or Dark Force. Does this tie it back to the Christian or horror-show view? ================================================== No. The Sat is Being/Truth. Mahakala is "Dark Lord of Transcendent Awareness." Sri Kala Chakra is "Lord Time Devourer." Karabog is "Black God" perceived more as a non-centralized force or spirit in everything. Our use of "Dark Lord" or "dark force" ties back to these things. Seeing, and above all feeling this force/principle/etc. as permeating and motivating all of nature, Satanists and others have revered this as either an Atheistic force, Deistic Principle, or Theistic Deity. Keep in mind that the Flame that burns in us and flows as Kundalini comes from this Boundless Darkness and returns to it. We do revere our own Flame! ================================================== 5) Isn't some of that Dark Tradition Satanic stuff syncretistic or a synthesis of many things? ================================================== Yes. What we present, especially in the sold Monographs, is the Dark Tradition stripped of cultural baggage that was added much later by various cultures. This tradition is not in all cultures, but it is in some cultures in part or in whole, and we do write about these and explain it in detail without degenerating into the abstract or the hypermystical. Incorporated into the Dark Traditions are all things that touch on it or focus on it: Hermeticism, certain aspects of the Kaballa, Taoism, certain whole schools of Tantra, Shivaism and Vedanta wherefrom we get the words Sat and Tan; Orphism and Pythagoreanism wherefrom we get the pentacle to represent the 5 Truths/Wisdoms (which are identical to the 5 Dharmas of Tantra). . It is interesting that the root word Sat in modern Sanskrit means Truth of the inner kind. In the West this, as Satan, got inverted to mean the Lie, or Satan as the Father of Lies. This could be one of the earliest known examples of cultural inversion, as just explained. ================================================== 5.1) Do you have any roots in Chaos Magic or Magick? ================================================== No, none. They sort of have their roots in us from way back! Some of them do notice similarities. We used to have the entire Dark Tradition "translated" into a kind of HPL/Derleth/et.al. mythos lingo that various non-public groups used. Many Chaos Magicians caught the trend. Some of the old timers in that movement do see a strong similarity with some of the Dark Tradition information. See Hermeto-Tantrik Mythos for an interesting read, if you are familiar with that, located here: http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/hermet-mythos.html ================================================== 5.2) Do you have any roots in Thelema? ================================================== No, though there are definite similarities that Thelemites in the Satanic Reds Organization recognize and have written about. Crowley did study some Eastern Traditions, therefore there will be similarities, just as there will be similarities seen by some that have studied Gurdjieff. ================================================== 5.3) Do you have any roots in Theosophy? ================================================== No, though there are a few Theosophists in our organization that think we present the Real Deal in a very pure form with nothing hidden away. Blavatsky certainly saw some of the same basic core Doctrines that the Satanic Reds know of, such as the Hindu Creation Myth, but she altered them to suit her own Right Hand Path purposes and either put some Hinayana into them or Christianized them. Some of the text in "The Darkness is One," which was made into a song by Tani Jantsang in the early 1960s, is remarkably similar to the Hindu Creation Myth and to what Blavatsky took, however she took it pretty far from the original non-human, cosmogenic intention. ================================================== 5.4) Do you have any roots in the Witchcraft or Wicca movement? ================================================== No, though there are Wiccans in our organization that resonate to the "feel" of it. ================================================== 5.5) Do you have any roots in LaVeyan Satanism? ================================================== No, absolutely none, though LaVey did hand out two high titles to two of the founders of Satanic Reds, but these people never used these titles on anything they ever wrote or sold. The "spirit" of the Dark Tradition might be said to be anathema to the "spirit" of anything LaVeyan, despite the fact that LaVey handed out those titles for the Dark Tradition information. High titles were handed out to another of the founders by quite a few public Satanic groups; none of these were ever used on any published material. ================================================== 5.6) Do you have any roots in the Temple of Set? ================================================== No, none, though there are some Setians that see a strong similarity between their Set concept and The Sat. We both have the Doctrine of Becoming in our organizations. ================================================== 5.7) Do you have roots in Atheism? ================================================== No. though some atheists read our stuff and translate it easily into big bang science and biology. ================================================== 5.8) What exactly are the Roots of Satanic Reds, when it comes to the Dark Tradition? ================================================== Since that is a rather long document, you may find that information at this url: http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/sr-roots.html ================================================== 6) Is the SR capitalist, socialist, or communist? ================================================== We are sort of both. Dirigist capitalism is a form of Socialism! We speak of the Bill of Rights and the New Deal. Forces of reaction have made absurd slanders against programs that benefited all hard-working people. They have many times called President F.D. Roosevelt a RED! Well, if F. D. Roosevelt is a Red, then so are we! The point is this: any kind of social planning necessary to have in a whole nation, especially a modern one, that serves to benefit the hard-working people, present workers or retired workers, gets labeled Red. Even liberals are called Red! Anyone who is TOLERANT is labeled a Red! Anyone who is in favor of women's rights, feminism, gay rights, and against racism is called a Red! In fact, anyone in favor of tolerance toward alternative religions is called a Red or a "pinko commie." This is not new! And so, we call ourselves REDS! ================================================== 7) Why do you insist on 10 political statements for membership qualification and not on a belief system? ================================================== Because those 10 statements are political in the practical sense, but on a much higher or inner sense, they are spiritual. People who tend to agree with self serving things that also serve others, have a good, balanced character. ================================================== 7.1) What are the political statements? ================================================== 1. Do you agree that WORKERS should be paid a livable wage, a wage that Labor Unions would probably demand, and that workers have a right to organize? A neighborhood and/or community filled with overworked and underpaid workers eventually becomes a slum since the people living next to you can't afford the necessities of life with a few frills. A stress filled community is a dangerous community. 2. Do you agree that HEALTH CARE is not a privilege but a Human Right that all citizens should have in a civilized technological country? Included in this would be Medicare for our formerly hard-working elderly folks who are now losing all the money they worked honestly and hard for due to the high cost of prescription drugs. Included in this is the strengthening of the Social Security System which once guaranteed a continued good life after retiring from a life of work. Sick people who can't afford health care could spread the plague. Plagues do not discriminate between rich or poor. 3. Do you agree that PUBLIC EDUCATION should be available to all citizens, not just in primary and secondary schools, but including day-care if necessary and up through college for all who qualify in a race/gender blind merit system where the best, no matter who they are, are encouraged to excel? This would mean an EQUAL RIGHT, blind equal rights, to excel or fail in a public education system. An educated nation is a civilized nation. Educated people are informed people. 4. Do you agree that CORPORATE WELFARE must stop - and that money needs to get back to the workers who make everything, and not drain out to the big corporations? Corporations have the same rights as citizens, but right now they do not have to abide by the same laws governing citizens. They should be made to. When they harm the workers, they harm the country that the workers live in. 5. Do you believe in stringently maintaining a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE so that people not only have freedom OF religion, but also freedom FROM religion if they so choose? Right now, Congress can make no laws regarding religion. But City Ordinances can be passed and States can make laws. 6. Do you believe in striving for a clean and healthy ENVIRONMENT and an end to needless environmental destruction? This includes ANIMAL RIGHTS for animals other than human animals when it comes to non-health care uses of animals. Animals need not be slaughtered for vanity purposes. This entails working for clean energy (or cleaner) and making this affordable to all citizens. Note that this does not mean we are anti-technology or Luddites; we are in favor of new technology being developed and used (we already have much of it) to create a less wasteful and clean environment. 7. Do you believe that the Multi-national corporations and Trans-national corporations need to HIRE OUR OWN CITIZENS and not wander outside for cheap labor (who are like SCABS in Union talk)? A scab is a person that works for super low wages and takes your job away from you. You can't possibly live on a wage as low as the scab is working for - for instance, $1.00 an hour. 8. Do you believe in cutting the military budget and putting more of our own tax dollars to the service of the people? This incorporates the idea that we need not fear foreign invasion if people own guns! This includes the idea that we don't need to waste tax payer's money on being the "police of the world" or trying to solve the problems of other sovereign nations. The military budget need not be used to make MORE nuclear weapons, it could be used to enhance the nation and definitely, for the quality of life of the men and women that are in the military. The old G. I. Bill was much better than the new one in terms of quality of life for our armed forces. 9. Do you believe that in any civilized society that PEOPLE should be put BEFORE PROFITS? Keep in mind, the key word here is CIVILIZED. 10. Do you agree with us on these very important issues pertaining to Occultism of any kind: we are DEAD AGAINST bloody rituals and/or human or animal sacrifices; we are DEAD AGAINST policies that promote sexual relations with children - and by that we mean CHILDREN, not males and females who are nubile and already having sex or who live in countries that promote marriage of younger people who are nubile (physically and biologically at the child-bearing age). We mean children. Support for anything like this is one of the biggest dangers threatening Occultism and/or Alternate Religion. Groups that have links to such things, or organizations that advocate them, have their own websites. Linking to them has nothing to do with "freedom of speech." Actively linking to them is active promotion of what they advocate, or what they promote, it's giving them free advertising. If you have such links, do not link to us or try to join us. If you wish to join us, remove those links. Freedom of speech means nothing without responsibility to the self. There is also Freedom of CHOICE. ================================================== 7.2) Does a person have to belong to any specific political party? ================================================== No. People in many of the major and minor political parties often find that they are in agreement only with some of their party's platform and have their own ideas about other issues. SR presently has members from every political party, major or minor, out there. Obviously, they agree with these 10 points. ================================================== 8) Does SR regard people that feel this dark force and flame as better than those who do not? ================================================== No. Some people have good ears for music. Some people are tone deaf. It's a matter of tone deaf people not trying to be musicians. It's not hard to tell who is tone deaf and who is not and no one has to know a thing about music to be able to hear it correctly and/or harmonize with melodies. They are not, as whole human beings, lesser or inferior to those born with good ears for pitch and harmony - but they aren't musical at all. Likewise, the tone deaf can learn to become experts on the subject of music. They still will never be able to "Know" music the way a person with good ears knows it immediately on hearing it. The sensory experience is going to be different. That is the only analogy we can give because it fits. ================================================== 9) What is the hammer and sickle in your sigil? ================================================== The hammer is a symbol of labor and the sickle is a symbol of farming. These joined together represent industry and agriculture united. The two symbols appear in the Pentagon in the center of our Pentacle. That Pentagon is a House; it is not inverted; it is the correct way and, in the Dark Doctrine, represents YOU. But in a worldly sense, it would represent the world and the world runs due to agriculture and industry. Our House is a house of farmers and workers - all working and making society run. What is a big corporation without the little workers? It's an empty building. What is a big corporation that hires little workers outside the nation? It's a group of people that have increased unemployment within the country. What do they make to sell us? Who is going to buy things when no one can afford things? The House must be put in order and have a strong Foundation, or it will fall. Nations need a strong, self-sufficient agrarian and industrial base if they are to survive as healthy nations. ================================================== 10) What do you use the pentacle for? ================================================== The Five Points of the Pentacle, or rather the "Blazing Angles" that radiate from the House represent things in the Dark Doctrine and these ideas come directly from Orphism and Pythagoreanism. Starting from the top right point, going clockwise, and making this very simple: 1. Our Roots in the sense of physical generations. 2. Justice implying natural stratification. 3. The Anima or Vajra Root of our individual Being and our animal nature. 4. Our Inner Well-being or Psyche. 5. Nature in us and around us and in which we live. The X that is formed by the crossed lines where the top point of the inner Pentagon (House) is, represents Heart, Feelings, Eros. These are elaborated upon in great detail in Monographs we sell on the Left Hand Path Traditions, especially in the Monograph, "Tantra, Vajrayana and Pythagoreanism." ================================================== 11) You are not like other satanic organizations out there at all. Why not? ================================================== Satanic Reds exists as an alternative to the "Satanism" that is so tied up with Christianity or silly horror-show antics. It is, in fact, a Left Hand Path organization as far as occult doctrines go. The doctrines are wholly outside of the more familiar Judeo-Christian world view that people that get into "Satanism" have. The concepts of becoming (xeper) and Inner Will (thelema) are in these Doctrines, and always were from ancient times. The wailing angst of people rebelling against their own Christian backgrounds is wholly left out - it's not in SR, it doesn't exist, we do not cater to that type of person. ================================================== 12) Are you a hierarchical organization with a hierarchy of titles such as Priest(ess), Magus, etc? ================================================== No, titles mean nothing in the SR. Every Comrade is given a title of People's Commissar, including the founders of this organization. We are not a hierarchical organization at all. ================================================== 13) Is there anything a person has to do if they join? ================================================== Aside from writing nice articles, being creative, emailing each other, or practicing your Craft in a group or solitary manner, which is what most occultists do, there are some suggestions made to SRs. Members do not have do these; they are suggestions. As Social Realists, you can support the Bill of Rights, which is threatened now. You can work to get a Bill of Rights in your country if you don't already have one. If you don't know what the Bill of Rights is, look it up! You should know what this is, whether you join this organization or not. You can support the New Deal that was implemented by the great President F. D. Roosevelt. The Great Roosevelt was elected by the People of the United States for four terms. Those were the days when a dollar went somewhere. Life was good back then. President FD Roosevelt saved the United States during the Great Depression. His programs have been eroded by the military industrial corporate powers and further given a bad name by social parasites who were allowed to wallow in generational welfare, which put a burden on the "middle class," gave social programs a bad name, and otherwise helped to propel the reactionary forces of both the Christian Coalition types and the political thought police to power. In other words, the ultra left eroded the New Deal by abusing it, and now the ultra right wants to finish the job of destroying it. We suggest that you find large groups that are already established that agree with any of the 10 points and join up with them, work with them. Don't bring religion up; that's not a good idea and it's off the mark and tends to cause friction. Work to attain Social Realism in a spirit of cooperation with groups that are already huge in number, who have the clout and experience. You can get out there and make a difference no matter how "small" a difference that may be. That is a Satanic Red! That is a Social Realist! As members of a Left Hand Path organization called Satanic Reds, by whatever label you choose to define yourself by, you can do pretty much what any other of the many and varied Satanic or Wiccan and/or other organizations out there are doing, if you choose to do this: there are risks with some of the things they do. Teach people about it, set the record straight. Or don't. Form a coven or grotto; Or don't do that at all, especially if you live in an intolerant town or country; use the internet instead as a method. In other words, do what you want with the Magick. Remember, a strong act of True Will is Magick. If you engage in Magick, try a working that might help gets these political things done. You have everything to gain by doing that, even if you agree with the 10 SR statements and choose not to join the SR. ================================================== 14) FD Roosevelt, who is mentioned a lot in your socio-politics, was an American President. Is SR for Americans only? ================================================== No. We mention President FD Roosevelt and this means very little to foreign members, some of whom already have a great system where hard working people get a good wage and guaranteed health care. They have to realize that their countries weren't always like that and that progressive thinkers and planners can be replaced by corporate despots that don't give a damn about working people or farmers. Feudalism can easily return. Well paid workers can be replaced by low paid scabs from other places. Countries can be turned into Global Plantations very easily. Transnational and Multinational Corporations are going about doing that right now. ================================================== 15) Why don't you charge money for membership? ================================================== Who would charge it and who would get paid? There are technical issues also: are we religious or are we political? Marsh does charge money for the Dark Tradition Monographs. If any member chooses to make a hard copy magazine, we would expect that comrade to charge money because it costs money to do something like that. ================================================== 16) Why have you made so much of this information public to people? ================================================== Some people come to feel something about their own Flame or Logos, if they feel anything at all. For those that feel it and perceive it as Ultimately Bright, there are plenty of organizations for them to join, plenty of books for them to read. For instance, it would be reasonable for a person raised Christian to think, "Oh, that Light must be Christ." We have no information that they would be interested in (or so we thought). Then again, there are quite a few people that perceive their own Flame from its origin - and that origin is like Abyssal Darkness to their perception. This is no problem for people who are from cultures that know what that is. But in the West, for instance, a Christian, Jew or Moslem or even a Wiccan or Pagan might come to the conclusion that, "This must be Satan." What happens next? They try to find out information about this Satan and run into the very familiar monotheistic version of that - which doesn't fit what they feel at all. They might get on the internet and do a search for "Satanism" or "Satan" and, prior to SR's information being available, they'd run into LaVeyan Satanism, which is public, or possibly run into the Temple of Set, which does not make its information so public at all. They might run into Atheistic organizations, but they don't feel like Atheists. They'd probably find only organizations that are like those organizations and nothing else. They may have joined some of these organizations and found a hierarchy in them; they may have not been raised to any higher level of awareness when it comes to inner-being at all, but dragged down instead. Now they can find us. That was the intent. The information is there, whether one joins the SR or not. It's there. Available. However, in the time that this information has been available, we have found that it is not only people into Satanism that have been helped by this information at all. What happens if the sincere Christian, who wishes to remain a Christian, perceives the Logos as more Dark than Light? What is that Christian to do? Feel bad about it? Before SR was around with information on this Darkness and this Light, that is probably exactly what the Christian did - feel very bad. The information we have is informative not only to people who wish to get into "the Darkness," but it is informative to a great many people that it never intended to be informative to - people who want to really know about that Light. As one Christian said, "What said, 'Let there BE light' must not have himself BEEN light!" This was a Christian, still a Christian, that felt the acute presence of God while reading "The Darkness is One," when it spoke of the "Ray of Light flashing out" - i.e., the Logos - and what that Ray of Light became. That document, "Darkness is One," can be found at this url: http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/dark-one.html ================================================== 17) If members can make their own covens or grottos for magickal workings, how does that work in connection to the SR organization itself? ================================================== Some Comrades already did this and these are listed in "SR Linked Orgs" now. These are organizations with their own members in them, some of whom are not members of the SR. It's up to these organizations to keep track of their own membership and run their own organizations, covens, or grottos. If you make a coven or group, you are solely responsible for it. One would expect the group to engage in whatever magickal tradition they agree on. Hopefully, they'd also work toward the Social Realism in the ten political statements. SR Linked Orgs can be seen here: http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/sr-orgs.html ================================================== 18) Can members make a magazine for the organization on their own? ================================================== If you want to make a magazine and sell it, this is your own responsibility. The Founders can and would notify all members that you are looking for articles; but it's up to them to write them and hand them in. No one would be told to do it. It's up to them. Basically and truly: Do As Thou Wilt! There are standard monographs available for sale in the AD section at this Url: http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/dd-ad.html ================================================== 19) What if some members don't get along with other members or have disagreements? Can they get kicked out for that? Do the founders step in? ================================================== If you don't get along with another comrade, do not come to the founders with complaints. We aren't your bosses or your parents. You are expected to be mature, responsible adults. Deal with it yourself. The only suggestion is: "agree to disagree and avoid each other." If you have some personal disagreement with a founder, the same applies. Agree to disagree. Don't think that because a founder thinks "XYZ" that "XYZ" applies to the organization itself when the subject of disagreement is outside of the confines of the organization. We are all People's Commissars! We are COMRADES! That means that we all agree on the 10 political points and work to attain them within our own countries, since all countries are very different. It does not mean that we will all like or love each other or get along, it does not mean that we agree about religious or non-religious doctrines and beliefs. There obviously will be ten points of agreement, since the people involved joined the SR in the first place. In an organization where there are no bosses and everyone is his or her own boss, expect a variety of strong opinions. Expect debates, too. Do not flame each other if you join the egroup. Discuss, state your point. Opinions on the 10 things required for membership in the SR org would be in agreement. However, situations in various countries would not be the same and might result in interpretations of the 10 points other than your own. If you engage in chatting on the egroup, where anything and everything gets talked about and people get to know each other, don't complain if you don't like another's posts. If you don't like them, don't read them or just killfile them. Do not run to a founder about it. Pestering a founder about such trivia might result in a comrade being asked to deal with it on his/her own or leave. If a member comes into the SR org with the agenda of trying to get the SR Comrades on a crusade against another organization, they will be driven out of SR. ================================================== 20) Are you against other Satanic organizations or any other organizations? ================================================== We are not against any of the various Satanic organizations out there; if they are Deistic in the sense that they see Satan as a dark force in Nature, or Theistic where they see Satan as an actual being such as Lucifer or Set or Mephistopheles, or strictly atheist with Left Hand Path tradition more akin to martial arts, as long as they leave us be, do not harass or libel us and don't advocate SRA-type nonsense or prove to be nothing but inversionist anti-Christians. We are, however, against any satanic or other organization out there that is against us or that engages in harassment or slander of us. Our feelings on all Alternate Religion organizational squabbles are clearly explained in the article Mastering Satanism. We know they have to stop and we won't be part of it unless pushed into a corner where we have to make a statement. Some of them have pushed! Notably, it was not Christians, Moslems or Jews that did the pushing. "Mastering Satanism" can be found at this url: http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/mast-sat.html ================================================== 21) Where can I read more about Left Hand Path Traditions on the web? ================================================== You can read about these traditions on these pages. http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/art-dt.html http://www.apodion.com/vad/ Left Hand Path from a more Wiccan perspective: Michelet Satanism and Witchcraft: http://home.wi.rr.com/lylythdotorg/ Some of the organizations listed on this page http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/sr-orgs.html In addition, there is some material on the Left Hand Path on these pages along with other very good information: http://www.geocities.com/go_darkness/index.html http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/666.html http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/rituals.html ================================================== 22) Where can I read more about Social Realism on the web? ================================================== You can read about Social Realism on this page: http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/art-sp.html ================================================== 23) Are there hard copy documents that elaborate on this further? ================================================== Yes, we sell Dark Tradition Monographs as listed on these pages: http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/dd-ad.html http://www.geocities.com/go_darkness/god-ad-ddocs.html http://www.apodion.com/vad/article.php?id=22&aid=212 http://www.satanshop.com/index.php?cat=Media&aisle=193 ================================================================= format and text by SRs. 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