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Subject: alt.satanism file of Frequently Asked Questions

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==================================================== Satanism FAQ CONTENTS ADVERSARIES 1.1 Are you affiliated with the CoS, FCoS, ToS etc. ? 1.2 But I read something different on the SKO website... 1.3 But the CoS and the FCoS are at war.....right? 1.4 Rumors say that you and the True Satanist Horde are at war as well... SOCIETY 2.1 Where are those orgies they are all talking about? 2.2 How about privacy? 2.3 How do I get a title? IGNORANCE 3.1 I have to write an essay on Satanism. Can you guys get me some information? 3.2 You'll all burn in HELL! 3.3 My book or videoreport is not on the site! 3.4 You guys all play AD&D right? ORGS 4.1 How many Satanic organizations are there? 4.2 Which organization is the best one? 4.3 Why are there so many different organizations? RESOURCES 5.1 Where can I get the Satanic Bible? 5.2 Where can I get Satanic jewelry? ====================================================== the below is from http://www.satanisme.nl/Eng/FAQ.php FAQ A simple list of questions that people asked us about the Satanic Brethren follows. This also means it's never finished, because there are milliards of different people and therefor milliards of different questions. Of all these questions we choose the most frequently asked questions and add them on this list. 1.1: Are you affiliated with the CoS, FCoS, ToS etc. ? No we are not affiliated with any group or organization. The Satanic Brethren Is not part of any other organization. The SB does not discriminate people on the fact that they are a member of any other Satanic group or org. 1.2: But I read something different on the SKO website... We are, since January 2002, not a part of the Satanic Kindred Organization any longer. 1.3: But the CoS and the FCoS are at war.....right? They compete yes. The SB tries to stay out of their business. We have members from many orgs. What we do demand is respect for each other no matter what group your in. 1.4: Rumors say that you and the True Satanist Horde are at war as well... No, we had our differences in the past. But after a good talk between the SB and The TSH council we agreed that this was getting us nowhere. This behavior was also the opposite of our goals. Namely to strengthen the ties between the Dutch Satanic Organizations. Most of the troubles were based on miscommunications and rumors, this is something we should never follow. Satanist strive for conclusions based on the truth, the truth how they see it, after a throughout investigation instead of being led by rumors. 2.1: Where are those orgies they are all talking about? -sigh- Lets repeat this again: Satanists don't do orgies! At least not in this group. The meetings are just for members only. If you do want to find any sexual site I suggest you go to a search engine and try the word "sex". 2.2: How about privacy? We respect the privacy of our members, and most of them go under a nickname. Not every member is on our profile site because of privacy reasons. Information like phone numbers, addresses, applications, etc will not be given to a third party and we suggest to always keep that information to yourself and not hand out any numbers or addresses on the Messageboard or guestbook. 2.3: How do I get a title? You don't. The titles that June and Xarian have, are because they are the founders. The SB does not hand out any titles. We do have positions like "webmaster" and "photographer", there are only three persons with this "job". The SB doesn't have any elite position, we are all the same. Satanists are all leaders, and leading a group of leaders will only result in difficulties, one of the reasons why there are so many small Satanic groups out there. 3.1: I have to write an essay on Satanism. Can you guys get me some information? Yes that's a possibility, but you have to take the time to browse and read this website first. There's a lot of information on it. So if we get any questions regarding Satanism and the answers are right on this website, we are not gonna answer it for you. If you do have any questions after reading all of this you can always send an email to: magistra-june@satanisme.nl 3.2: You'll all burn in HELL! These kinds of emails, messages, guestbook entries, etc will be simply deleted. But if you do want to convert us, go ahead. We always appreciate a good laugh. 3.3: My book or videoreview is not on the site! That's possible. We only publish those who have anything to do with Satanism, the occult or any other religious theme. If not, it won't be placed on this site. Of course we could do a report on every movie there is, but if we wanted to do that we would make a site about movies. 3.4: You guys all play AD&D right? Nice joke. Some Christians are trying to make every nice (kids)game look Satanic. Well no. Role-playing, Magic the Gathering, AD&D, Pokemon en everything else that has anything to do with this is entertainment and a game. Nothing more then that! Some people don't even know these games, but anything that has to do with demons or weird creatures is probably demonic and there for Satanic... -------------------------------------------------------- this first part of this FAQ was created by Magistra June & Rev Xarian. ========================================================= 4.1: How many Satanic Organizations are there? A lot. Some years ago, approximately around 1980, a lot of satanic organizations were founded. But through time a lot of them didn't make it, and some new ones were formed. It's very difficult to keep updated on them. Here you'll find more information on some Satanic organizations. 4.2: Which organization is the best? It depends on your expectations. Some people are just happy being a member; others want meetings and group rituals. Every organization has it's own policy, and attracts different kinds of people. If you want to join an organization find out which one is best for you. 4.3: Why are there so many different organizations? Difference on opinions. Every human being is different, so the interpretation on Satanism is also different. They always have the same base though, like Crowley's laws, or the statements, etc. And because they all interpret it differently you get split ups, and peoples that form their own group because they feel another group doesn't have enough to offer for instance. Their are also a lot of small groups that are part of a larger organization like Grotto's of The CoS, the Covens of the FCoS and SKO's Sanctions. 5.1: Where can I get the Satanic Bible? Many people think the book is illegal and very hard to get. That's not true, you can order the book very easily at amazon.com 5.2: How do I find Satanic jewelry? A lot of people are asking this question. There are some online shops that specialize in jewelry, but a nice pentagram or Baphomet is hard to find. You give it a good search and I'm sure you'll find something. ------------------------------------------------------- last two sections of this FAQ were compiled by Rev Xarian. ======================================================= From the Satanic Brethren's website, top page at: http://www.satanisme.nl/ including 1) Satanic Brethren FAQ (English) http://www.satanisme.nl/Eng/FAQ.php a FAQ created by Magistra June & Rev Xarian. and 2) Satanic Brethren Satanism FAQ (English) http://www.satanisme.nl/Eng/Satanisme/FAQ.php a FAQ compiled, and soon to be updated by Rev Xarian this website supports a great deal of text and networking. all text copyright the respective authors, 2003; bobo ed. EOF