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** PLEASE read the note in Section 2.1.2 about the Web & Gopher Sites. ** misc.business.records-mgmt FAQ 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Resources Introduction 2.1 Internet Resources 2.1.1 Listservs 2.1.2 Web & Gopher Sites ** UPDATED ** 22-JAN-97 2.1.3 UseNet Newsgroups 2.2 Other Resources 2.2.1 Professional Organizations 2.2.2 National and Provincial/State Associations 2.2.3 Miscelaneous Resources 3.0 Acknowledgments 4.0 Disclaimer 1.0 Introduction ---------------- This section is contained within it's own post, posted weekly. 2.0 Resources Introduction -------------------------- This "FAQ" is a list of all the resources that are available to the Records Management Professional. It includes, but not limited to, professional organizations, Internet resources and any other resource that I can think of, or someone is kind enough to send my way. 2.1 Internet Resources ---------------------- This section is a list of resources on the Internet. It includes mailing lists, UseNet Groups, WWW sites, gopher sites and any other 'net resources I can think of and find. I will try to continually update it. If you have something that should be included please E-Mail me: Bryan Carbonnell - mbrmfaq@geocities.com 2.1.1 Listservs --------------- There are a number of Listservs or mailing lists available to anyone with the ability to receive e-mail. When following the subscription instructions below, type in your full name in the place of the words 'your name.' The way you type your name in at this stage is the way you will be referred to by the automatic functions of the list for the duration of your subscription. It's usually best to type in Firstname Lastname. Following is a listing of some you might be interested in joining, with subscription information and a brief description of each. If there are any additions or correction, please send them to me: mbrmfaq@geocities.com NB: All the comments about the mailing lists are Doug Johnson's, the original creator of this FAQ. Although I agree with comments about the mailing lists that I have subscribed to. Records Management Listserv --------------------------- This is an excellent listserv that I've subscribed to for about a year now. I have gained much useful knowledge, and have made a few good e-friends. It is geared towards Records Managers but will help a variety of people with it's diverse membership and many subjects of discussion. I highly recommend this list. The gracious and hospitable list host is Maralyn Harmston. If traffic on your e-mail system is a consideration, you may receive as many as 20 messages a day during a busy period, and the weekend can really fill your box to the top. I still find wading through it all is well worth it to me. To subscribe send mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU Leave the subject line blank and type in: subscribe RECMGMT your name as the message. Archives Listserv ----------------- This is another really good one that is geared toward the professional Archivist, although the information can be valuable to many. The traffic here is a bit heavier than the records management list, and once again, well worth the trouble. The list host is John Harlan. John has helped me personally with various list problems during the time of my subscription. I've found him to be most gracious as well. To subscribe send mail to: LISTSERV@MUOHIO.EDU Leave the subject line blank and type in: subscribe ARCHIVES your name as the message. Canadian Archives Listserv -------------------------- I've only just subscribed to this list and have found it to have little traffic. The traffic is so light I almost forget I'm subscribed until I receive the occasional informative post. To subscribe send e-mail to: MAJORDOMO@MAJORDOMO.SRV.UALBERTA.CA Leave the subject line blank and type in: subscribe ARCAN-L@MAJORDOMO.SRV.UALBERTA.CA as the message. Profs Case Listserv ------------------- This is the list run by Eddie Becker for the express purpose of keeping us informed of the case currently in court over President Bush's e-mail and other electronic records from his presidential term, as well as the management of electronic records consistent with the Federal Records law and legislative intent. If you have an interest in the future of electronic records you may want to subscribe to this list. Send e-mail to: EBECKER@CNI.ORG with the word JOIN in the subject line. In the body of the message put your name and your e-mail address Electronic Records Listserv --------------------------- This list is for the discussion of electronic records. To subscribe send mail to: LISTSERV@UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU Leave the subject line blank and type in: subscribe ERECS-L your name as the message. The Australian Society of Archivists Listserv --------------------------------------------- The Australian Society of Archivists has established a Listserv for the discussion of archival issues confronting Australian Archivists. However subscription is open to anyone interested in the discussion of archival theory and practice. To subscribe send a message to: MAJORDOMO@ASAP.UNIMELB.EDU.AU Leave the subject line blank and type in: subscribe AUS-ARCHIVISTS as the message. Human Resources Listservs ------------------------- For those involved with Human Resources issues there are two lists you can subscribe to for a wide range of HR related items. The College and University Personnel Association (CUPA) list ------------------------------------------------------------ To subscribe send a message to: LISTPROC@CARBON.CUDENVER.EDU Leave the subject line blank and type in: subscribe CUPA-COMSIG your name as the message. The Human Resources Division Network ------------------------------------ To subscribe send a message to: LISTPROC@CORNELL.EDU Leave the subject line blank and type in: subscribe HRNET your name as the message. ISO-9000 Listserv ----------------- The ISO 9000 Standards Discussion list is for those sharing and exchanging ISO 9000 information and experiences. Discussion includes: who is doing what, what the successes and concerns have been, what systems, methods, software and structures have been beneficial, identified and required solutions, long and short term strategies, who have you partnered with, educational methods and programs that have worked, policy and structural issues, assessments and corrective actions, customer and registrar comments and concerns, etc... The list engages in discussing and describing what is happening now, and focuses on what the ISO 9000 should look like in the future and why. Participants are invited to post notes, questions, comments, concerns, ideas, and especially information and suggestions which enable us all to better understand and use the benefits that the ISO 9000 family of quality standard provides. To subscribe send a message to: LISTSERV@VM1.nodak.edu Leave the subject line blank and type in: subscribe ISO9000 your name as the message. 2.1.2 Web & Gopher Sites ------------------------ There are a number of 'net sites that have use to the RM professional. This list is continually growing and being updated. As I find new sites or are given them I add them. If you have anything to add to this list PLEASE, PLEASE send them to me; mbrmfaq@geocities.com *** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** I have made a decision to leave this particular section out of the posting to the newsgroup. It is getting too unwieldy to be maintained effectively. Not to mention the fact that it is difficult to manage two version of the FAQ, this posting and the HTML version available on the WWW. Since this section is devoted to WWW sites, I figure that if you are interested in WWW sites then you have WWW access. If I am in error of this, let me know and I will put this section back in. Just send an e-mail to me at mbrmfaq@geocities.com. *** IMPORTANT NOTICE OVER :-) *** 2.1.3 UseNet Newsgroups ----------------------- This Section if for UseNet Newsgroups that might be of interest to the Records Manager. comp.doc.management - = - Document Management technologies. This group is for the discussion of Document Management and its related technologies of Workflow and Hierarchical Storage Management. This is a fast growing, and rapidly evolving, market area and the existence of this newsgroup will create a forum for discussing standards and developments affecting Document Management. Many suppliers are involved in defining related standards for integration which affect operating system designs of the future, and directions taken by developers of standard office tools. This group aims to raise awareness of these issues, and to provide a forum for driving future developments. It is intended that discussion will focus on Document Management products such as Documentum, SAROS Mezzanine, Interleaf Intellect, PC DOCS Docs Open, as well as products for related technologies such as Verity TOPIC, Excalibur EFS, etc. If there is sufficient demand, the group will separate into discussion groups for Full Text Retrieval engines, Workflow tools and other related technologies. 2.2 Other Resources ------------------- This is a list of professional organizations, whether they be international, national or provincial/state. I will try to continually update this document in order to list as many resources as possible. If you have information you think would be helpful to others you may send it to me, and I will add it to this document. Remember that we're talking to everyone in the world' and while information on an upcoming event in your town may be perfect material for a post entitled Great Event happening in MyTown, USA', it doesn't go into the FAQ since what's in here should be broad enough to affect most readers. The notable exception is the listing of local records management associations. My goal here, which is a continuation of Doug Johnson's, is to provide some sort of directory listing for every state in America, every province in Canada *and* every country in the world. Please send me; mbrmfaq@geocities.com, the information to fill out this list. 2.2.1 Professional Organizations -------------------------------- ARMA - Association of Records Managers and Administrators, International ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Association of Records Managers and Administrators, International Is a professional organization for persons in the expanding field of records and information management. There are more than 10,000 members throughout the United States and Canada, New Zealand, Japan and some 35 other countries. Membership benefits include an annual conference, subscription to Records Management Quarterly, a newsletter, job hotline and member discount on a wide variety of publications offered by ARMA. You need not be a member to order publications or to receive a catalog. For more information write: ARMA International 4200 Somerset Drive Suite 215 Prairie Village, Kansas 66208 76015.3151@Compuserve.com or call 1-800-422-2762 HomePage: http://www.arma.org/hq/ AIIM - The Association for Information and Image Management ----------------------------------------------------------- The Association for Information and Image Management has a mail order bookstore that offers publications, standards, and tools that apply to every facet of Records Management from hard copy filing to electronic imaging. You can order a catalogue at: AIIM Bookstore 1100 Wayne Ave Suite 1100 Silver Spring, MD 20910-5699 or call 301-587-8202 HomePage: http://www.aiim.org/ ICRM - Institute of Certified Records Managers ---------------------------------------------- The Institute of Records Managers is an international certifying organization of and for the professional records and information manager. The ICRM was established in 1975 to meet the need to have a standard by which persons involved in records and information management could be measured, accredited and recognized according to criteria and capabilities established by their peers. This standard is known as Certified Records Manager (CRM). Attaining the CRM certification requires fulfilling the requirements based on educational background, professional work experience and successful completion of a six-part examination conducted by the ICRM. There is also a five-year recertification cycle. If you wish further information on the ICRM or the CRM designation, please write: ICRM Secretary P.O. Box 8188 Prarie Village, KS 66208 or call 1-800-825-4276 NIRMA - Nuclear Information and Records Management Association -------------------------------------------------------------- NIRMA is, as the name implies, an Association for the Nuclear Industry. For more information please write: NIRMA Administrative Office 10 Almas Road Windham, NH, 03087 2.2.2 National and Provincial/State Associations ------------------------------------------------ Many of these can provide the same kind of services offered by the large international organizations with some definite advantages. If you have a local association that is not listed here, or a national organization, please contact me ; mbrmfaq@geocities.com, and I will gladly add this information to the listing. FLORIDA ------- The Florida Records Management Association is an organization of individuals and agencies involved with or concerned about the management of public records and information in Florida. The association cooperates with the Florida Bureau of Archives and Records Management, but is independent from that agency. The not-for-profit association sponsors an annual seminar, hosts several free or low-cost workshops throughout the year, and publishes a newsletter. The association was formed in 1991 and has over 200 members. Annual membership dues are as follows. Individual membership is $20.00; institutional membership is $30.00 with two designated participants; and corporate membership is $75.00 with two designated participants. For more information, contact Membership Committee Chair Pat Schultz at 904-329-4233 or Secretary Robin Tew at tewr@mail.firn.edu To join FRMA, send dues, plus your name, title, organization, phone, address, fax, and e-mail address to: Florida Records Management Association c/o Bureau of Archives and Records Management Mail Station 9A Tallhassee FL 32399-0250 GEORGIA ------- The Georgia Records Association is geared towards Georgia state, local, and regional organizations involved with implementing records retention schedules, micrographics, files management, and information systems management as well as private sector operations with interests in governmental records management. We are a not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors that is structured to insure representation from cities, counties, school systems, state agencies, the support staff of the State Archives, and the private sector. We sponsor several free and low cost seminars throughout each year, publish a quarterly newsletter for members, and co-sponsor the annual State Records Management Conference. The annual membership fee is just ten dollars. To become a member send your name, title, organization, address, phone, fax and e-mail address to: The Georgia Records Association P.O. Box 38128 Capitol Hill Station Atlanta, Georgia 30334 Enclose your check for $10.00 (ten dollars). United Kingdom -------------- "The Records Management Society, launched in 1983, recognised the ever-increasing number of people working in the fields of records and information management. All those concerned with records and information, regardless of their professional or organisational status or qualifications, can join the Society. Organisations wishing to develop records or information systems and those which provide services in these fields are also welcome." - Extract from "About RMS", _Records Management Bulletin_, December 1995. The annual membership fee for an individual is 50 Sterling, and all overseas mailings are sent by airmail at no extra cost - so you can see we look after our overseas members!! As a matter of interest we are in the process of organising an international conference in 1997. The Society publishes a bi-monthly "Records management bulletin", ISSN 0258-4500, edited by Ann Lawes (central@tfpl.demon.co.uk) or (100067.1560@compuserve.com). For More information contact: Administrative Secretary: Mrs Jude Awdry Records Management Society Woodside Coleheath Bottom Speen PRINCES RISBOROUGH Buckinghamshire HP27 0SZ United Kingdom Tel: +44 1494 488599 Fax: +44 1494 488590 Email: rms@rooftops.demon.co.uk Records & Information Management Industry On-line Service RIMOS: <http://britac3.britac.ac.uk/rms/index.html> Records Management Association of Australia ------------------------------------------- The Records Management Association of Australia was founded in 1969 and incorporated in 1975 and has Branches throughout Australia. Its membership is wide ranging, covering professionals in the areas of Records Management, Librarianship, Archives, Corporate and Public Administration, Data Processing and other related aspects of the Information Delivery Industry. The Activities of the RMAA are wide ranging and include courses, conferences, seminars, national conventions, specialised studies, projects and workshops, field trips and publications, designed to assist members become a more enlightened force in the world of information management. The Association has an on-going commitment to education of its members and the institution of professional standards. 2.2.3 Miscelaneous Resources ---------------------------- This section is devoted to resources that do not fit into any of the other sections. Commonwealth Videos ------------------- Commonwealth Films in Massachuesetts (Boston, maybe?) both sells and RENTS records-related videos, among others. They will let you PREVIEW two videos for a couple of days for around $50, so you can decide if a particular video is appropriate before showing it to your group. I've seen their videos on retention and disaster prevention/recovery. While they were a litte hokey, the basic principles conveyed were right on target for a general business, non-specialized, non-records audience. I personnally got a kick out of 'em! I'm considering renting them for a records awareness program I'm putting together for the spring. The videos sell for around $500. Happy viewing! = = = = = = = = We have purchased two of the videos from Commonwealth Films. They are excellent tools for training and marketing RIM programs. Granted they are expensive, particularly for a smaller organization, but they really drive home some very important points. NB:From a post on the Recmgmt Mailing list by a couple of differnt folks. I just can't remeber who they are. I'm Sorry :-( Commonwealth Films 223 Commonwealth Avenue Boston MA 02116-1700 Phone (617)262-5634 Fax (617)262-6948 E-mail commfilms@ids.net 3.0 Acknowledgments ------------------- I would like to thank Doug Johnson for roping me into helping him with the NG and the FAQ :-). Thanks a lot Doug :->. Actually without Doug's effort this newsgroup and FAQ wouldn't be here. Not only have I learned a little more about Records Management and the professional associations that are out there, but I have also learned a little bit about HTML programming. For this I say "Thank You Doug!" Thanks go out to Albin Wagner, who's post on the RECMGMT Listserv resembles the section on ICRM, mainly because I copied it almost verbatim, with permission of course.;-) I almost forgot. Thanks go to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. If it wasn't for my employer, I would never have gotten into the field of Records Management, for that I am eternally grateful!??! NB:These acknowledgments are from Doug. Thanks to many of you who have inspired me to set out on the three month long project that has resulted in the creation of this newsgroup. Thanks to my employers; DeKalb College and the great State of Georgia for supporting this project, and others like it, with the honorable goal of serving the public. Thanks to many people at Uunet for helping me accomplish this, and to all of you who voted yes from the two listservs I sent the Call For Votes out to. Thanks to Michael Tarabulski for his excellent ramblings on the Archives listserv (and I'm hoping he'll ramble a bit on this group). Thanks to Maralyn Harmston for her very good suggestions on what should be included in the first posting of this document, as well as her long and well done task of serving as host of the quite excellent records management listserv. Thanks to my wife Cristy, and our daughter Lauren, for putting up with my crankiness during this project (and throughout our life together, I'm afraid ;^) , and as Maralyn is fond of saying over on the RECMGMT list: HAPPY POSTING! 4.0 Disclaimer -------------- The opinions expressed in this document are those of the authors and not those of any organization, business, university, or UseNet site that we may be associated with. We, Doug & Bryan, disclaim everything. No information is guaranteed. We take no responsibility for any circumstances resulting from the use or sharing of information contained herein. Copyright (c) 1995 by Douglas A. Johnson Copyright (c) 1995-7 by Bryan D. Carbonnell, all rights reserved. This FAQ may be posted to any UseNet newsgroup, on-line service, or BBS as long as it is posted in its entirety and includes this copyright statement. This FAQ may not be distributed for financial gain. This FAQ may not be included in commercial collections or compilations without express written permission of the authors. Bryan Carbonnell Records Management Assistant Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Toronto, Ontario, Canada recsmgmt@toronto.cbc.ca or mbrmfaq@geocities.com Douglas Johnson OHM Corporation johnson_d@ohm.com Atlanta, Georgia, USA