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misc.business.records-mgmt FAQ 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Charter 1.2 Netiquette 2.0 Resources Introduction 3.0 Acknowledgments 4.0 Disclaimer 1.0 Introduction ---------------- Welcome to misc.business.records-mgmt! This group was formed in order to provide a nonpartisan arena for the discussion of records management issues, a pointer to other resources, and a world wide networking opportunity for hard working folks such as Office Managers, Records Managers, Archivists, Librarians, Vendors, and Sales Professionals. This forum is not moderated or censored in any way. What you post is what gets posted. This newsgroup, like UseNet itself, is not a democracy. It is also not a dictatorship. If you want to categorize it you might just as well say that we are operating within a large, somewhat organized state of chaos. If some of us can agree on common goals, topics, and/or directions of interest, then perhaps we can also gain some insight into our tasks, share some knowledge or experience with our colleagues, and use this forum for our own professional advancement. This newsgroup is NOT for the discussion of the music industry or anything related to the music industry or for the posting of business advertisements. There are much better places to post ads, than in a newsgroup that the members DO NOT WANT!!! When creating the group I(Doug) questioned that it would be located under the header misc.* and felt that the secondary header of business might make it harder to find, as well, but it never occurred to me that the term 'records' might cause a problem. Does anyone use records (LPs') anymore? No, we've all gone to CDs' now.....Hey, maybe there IS some kind of relationship ;^).....NAW! In any case, if you're looking for a lead singer or trying to sell an autoharp, please check out the rec.* (recreational) groups. We're here for the discussion of RECORDS, as in DRIVING RECORDS and no, I don't mean The Grateful Dead on tour, I mean TAX RECORDS, STUDENT GRADE RECORDS, PRODUCTION FILES, PAYROLL REGISTERS, PERSONNEL FOLDERS, GENERAL OFFICE FILES, CENSUS RECORDS and even E-MAIL. You get the idea. If you need further clarification contact Douglas Johnson, at johnson_d@ohm.com or Bryan Carbonnell at mbrmfaq@geocities.com. ALSO: We've put together a kind of impromptu help team for this newsgroup. The team consists of Douglas Johnson of OHM Corporation, Lynn Calvin of the American Environmental Protection Agency, and Bryan Carbonnell of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. We'll be checking in to answer questions whenever we can. 1.1 Purpose ----------- This newsgroup has been created as a forum for information management professionals although posting by anyone with an interest in the topics discussed is encouraged. While outright advertising is discouraged, many folks on the vendor side of this business are encouraged to make the rest of us aware of new products and resources when this information is germane Topics of discussion may include: - micrographics - optical imaging - electronic records - records retention issues - job announcements - seminar announcements and even such things as: - assession stories - hearty arguments over proper treatment of certain records - brief stories of sports mascots and may even include the occasional posting of someone's reflective ramblings. If you have some information you would like to add to this FAQ please forward it to one of us at the addresses listed below. 1.2 Charter ----------- This is the **OFFICIAL** charter that was posted to news.groups, etc for the RFD and the CFV. This is what misc.business.records-mgmt is ALL about!! This newsgroup is being established as a forum for sharing ideas and information about records management technology, procedures and policies, including electronic records, micrographics, optical imaging, and other storage media. The intended audience includes records managers, archivists, information managers, and other professionals dealing with the problems of the ever growing masses of information stored on various media. The proposed group will be a place where records management professionals can exchange ideas, post questions, job openings, announcements and discussions of the state and federal laws, regulations, and requirements that apply to records management. The following are examples of intended topics: - The creation of and modifications to the National Archives regulations for the preservation of electronic records. - The pro's and con's of different software available for records center operations, indexing of holdings, creation of schedules, etc. - Defining and scheduling electronic records. - Institutional policies for electronic records. - Discussion of destruction methods for different media. - Micrographics equipment, standards and procedures. 1.3 Netiquette -------------- Netiquette or Net etiquette, is the mythical set of rules governing the behavior of people using Internet. I say mythical because these rules are so hard to pin down. Let's just hope that we can all get along to some degree, but if we can't: a) We'll get over it, or b) We won't get over it. If neither one of these things happen, a situation I find hard to visualize, then the individuals involved can take their disagreements to personal e-mail, or perhaps they can arrange to meet at sunrise in order to have a duel of some kind, either solution is encouraged. As long as we're talking about net etiquette, let me list a few do's and don'ts for posting on misc.business.records-mgmt: 1) Do sign your posts 2) Do change the subject line when you have strayed from the original subject 3) Do not quote entire articles simply to add a small comment like "Right on, dude, way to go!" since most of us get cranky if we have to keep reading the same stuff over and over again 4) Do not post an inflammatory note (that's flame' to you) to a person for doing something you consider to be improper, i.e., Bob posts a long article on his new management system for his Chieftain LP collection (records, ha, ha), and you respond by quoting his entire article and then adding the comment, "Bob, you are a such a knucklehead!". Not only have you broken Do Not' number 3, but you have just re-posted an article that you yourself feel is inappropriate. SEND PERSONAL E-MAIL INSTEAD! 5) Ignore 1 through 4 if you like since this is an unmoderated group, we are all adults (my assumption, silly me) and finally have to take responsibility for our own actions. 2.0 Resources Introduction -------------------------- This section is contained within its own post, posted bi-weekly. 3.0 Acknowledgments ------------------- I would like to thank Doug Johnson for roping me into helping him with the NG and the FAQ :-). Thanks a lot Doug :->. Actually without Doug's effort this newsgroup and FAQ wouldn't be here. Not only have I learned a little more about Records Management and the professional associations that are out there, but I have also learned a little bit about HTML programming. For this I say "Thank You Doug!" Thanks go out to Albin Wagner, who's post on the RECMGMT Listserv resembles the section on ICRM, mainly because I copied it almost verbatim, with permission of course.;-) I almost forgot. Thanks go to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. If it wasn't for my employer, I would never have gotten into the field of Records Management, for that I am eternally grateful!??! NB:These acknowledgments are from Doug. Thanks to many of you who have inspired me to set out on the three month long project that has resulted in the creation of this newsgroup. Thanks to my employers; DeKalb College and the great State of Georgia for supporting this project, and others like it, with the honorable goal of serving the public. Thanks to many people at Uunet for helping me accomplish this, and to all of you who voted yes from the two listservs I sent the Call For Votes out to. Thanks to Michael Tarabulski for his excellent ramblings on the Archives listserv (and I'm hoping he'll ramble a bit on this group). Thanks to Maralyn Harmston for her very good suggestions on what should be included in the first posting of this document, as well as her long and well done task of serving as host of the quite excellent records management listserv. Thanks to my wife Cristy, and our daughter Lauren, for putting up with my crankiness during this project (and throughout our life together, I'm afraid ;^) , and as Maralyn is fond of saying over on the RECMGMT list: HAPPY POSTING! 4.0 Disclaimer -------------- The opinions expressed in this document are those of the authors and not those of any organization, business, university, or UseNet site that we may be associated with. We, Doug & Bryan, disclaim everything. No information is guaranteed. We take no responsibility for any circumstances resulting from the use or sharing of information contained herein. Copyright (c) 1995 by Douglas A. Johnson Copyright (c) 1995-97 by Bryan D. Carbonnell all rights reserved. This FAQ may be posted to any UseNet newsgroup, on-line service, or BBS as long as it is posted in its entirety and includes this copyright statement. This FAQ may not be distributed for financial gain. This FAQ may not be included in commercial collections or compilations without express written permission of the authors. Bryan Carbonnell Records Management Assistant Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Toronto, Ontario, Canada recsmgmt@toronto.cbc.ca or mbrmfaq@geocities.com Douglas Johnson OHM Corporation johnson_d@ohm.com Atlanta, Georgia, USA