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Subject: Comp.realtime: Welcome to comp.realtime (version 4.1)

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Archive-name: realtime-computing/welcome Version: 4.1 (June 2001)
The charter of comp.realtime is to provide a forum for discussion of computer-based realtime systems. The group is unmoderated; participation is open to all. A companion posting, "Comp.realtime: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" <realtime_faq_1146975485@rtfm.mit.edu>, complements this one by summarizing frequently asked questions and answers on the group. Another companion posting, "Comp.realtime: A list of real-time operating systems" @message-id realtime_list@, provides a list of RTOS resources. These articles are repeated periodically for the benefit of new readers. I welcome reactions, additions, and corrections to these postings via mailto:b.van.beneden@dedicated-systems.com Dedicated Systems Experts NV Gerechtsstraat 21 1070 Brussels BELGIUM Tel: +32-2-520 5577 Fax: +32-2-520 8309 mailto:b.van.beneden@dedicated-systems.com http://www.dedicated-systems.com