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Subject: List of the rec.radio newsgroups

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In an effort help ensure a poster's article reaches the appropriate audience, below is a list of the rec.radio newsgroups. In most cases, a group's name will explain its purpose. Cross-posting should rarely be necessary. rec.radio.broadcasting (devoted to the broadcast industry; moderated) rec.radio.cb rec.radio.info (periodic informational bulletins; moderated) rec.radio.scanner rec.radio.shortwave rec.radio.swap (for buying, selling, and trading; not a discussion group) rec.radio.amateur.antenna rec.radio.amateur.boatanchors (tube-type communications equipment) rec.radio.amateur.digital.misc (packet, pactor and other digital modes) rec.radio.amateur.dx (long-distance amateur communications) rec.radio.amateur.equipment (questions, comments regarding commercially- built amateur gear; not for buying/selling) rec.radio.amateur.homebrew (devoted to home-building ham gear) rec.radio.amateur.policy (issues include code, restructuring, local restrictions in conflict with FCC R&R) rec.radio.amateur.space (satellites, meteor scatter, EME) rec.radio.amateur.misc (any topic not covered in the above groups) (At least two other English language radio hierarchies exist, prefixed with "uk" (United Kingdom), and "aus" (Australia), in place of "rec.") Again, cross-posting should rarely be necessary. Many times, a long- running thread results from a single cross-posted article, and its content drifts further and further away from being "on-topic" in the various NGs which receive each and every followup. For more detailed information, see "Guide to the Rec.radio Newsgroups" posted on the 15th of each month. Jeffrey Herman, KH6O