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Subject: Amateur Radio: Elmers List Info and Administrivia

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- 1991-2000 K3FU's maintenance of the Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory ending on June 1st, 2000. The following letter was sent to all current Elmers indicating my resignation from maintenance of this 9-year resource. Thanks to all the volunteer Elmers, as well as courteous list users, for making this service a success. Discussions are currently underway with several parties interested in taking it over, so watch this space later this summer for redirection to the new site. _________________________________________________________________ From pschleck Mon May 8 22:48:48 2000 Received: (from pschleck@localhost) by oasis.novia.net (8.10.1/Novia) id e493mmG21920; Mon, 8 May 2000 22:48:48 -0500 (CDT) Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 22:48:48 -0500 (CDT) Message-Id: <200005090348.e493mmG21920@oasis.novia.net> From: pschleck@novia.net (Paul W Schleck K3FU) Subject: Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory Going Off-Line Reply-To: elmers-request@novia.net (Elmers List Administrivia Mailbox) Status: OR The following is an important notice to all "Elmers" in the Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory: http://www.novia.net/~pschleck/elmers/ Note that you are only receiving this message because your E-mail address appears, with your consent, in the above Directory. As this is an appropriate, and rare, update to the Elmers from the Directory Maintainer, this is not unsolicited or indiscriminantly-sent junk mail. I regret to announce that the Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory, a list of experts, mentors, and gurus for amateur radio on the Internet, will be going QRT as of June 1, 2000 after just over 9 years of service. This decision is not being forced upon me by anyone for any particular legal or technical reason. Rather, I've decided to retire from maintenance to focus on other personal and professional interests and obligations. Though substantially automated, the Directory still requires a non-trivial amount of time and effort to maintain it, such that updates had gone from monthly to approximately quarterly. If I try to continue the Directory, it's clear that updates would likely slip to less than a few times a year. The average turnover rate for individual Elmers (half drop out every two years) means that many registering Elmers would probably quit or otherwise lose interest before they are even added to the Directory. I feel that this is an unacceptable level of customer service for me to provide. I also feel that I've taken this project to the limit of my expertise and spare time in terms of format, visibility, automation of maintenance, effective recruiting, and even good Web design. It's clear that the Internet has changed greatly over the 9 years that the Directory has been in existence. The Directory has evolved from a flat text file edited on a VAX running VMS to a well-featured Web site. However, in that time, much better amateur radio-related web sites have emerged (including QRZ, Ham Radio Online, and ARRL) that make my site rather simplistic by comparison. Also, it's clear that many more enhancements would be required to make the Directory more maintainable and secure. One obvious need that the current Directory does not address is reasonably shielding the Elmers from having their E-mail addresses harvested for junk-mail distribution lists. I'm sure that this is a significant reason why recruiting has dropped off significantly in the past two years. I want to emphasize that I do believe that using the Internet, the Usenet Newsgroups, and the World-Wide Web to bring Elmers and amateurs requiring assistance together continues to be worthwhile. Because of this, I would consider a highly-qualified and motivated volunteer to take it over immediately. The Directory consists of a moderate number of large text files, scripts, and other configuration files. It's neatly arranged, and can probably be easily transplanted to another Unix/Linux environment. However, very little documentation exists. The ideal candidate will be a motivated self-starter and self-teacher possessing several years of experience in: - Unix/Linux - C - HTML - Perl - Procmail - Source Code Control System (SCCS) or Revision Control System (RCS) - Ispell - Gnu Emacs (this also implies that you have the above tools installed in your environment) and have approximately 6-8 hours of spare time per month for maintenance. Because of the likely significant effort to transition this project to another maintainer, a sincere interest in maintaining the directory for at least another 3 years would also be required. Familiarity with news.answers formatting conventions and the auto-faq FAQ Management and Posting Package would be a plus. Concrete proposals for enhancing the Directory to be a top-10 amateur-radio-related Web site would also be desirable. I would also consider the Directory being incorporated into an existing commercial amateur-radio-related Web site as long as the essential non-commercial character of the Directory was maintained. If you feel that you possess the interest, motivation, and immediate, hit-the-ground-running, skill set to do this, please send your resume, statement of interest, and any proposals you wish to make regarding your plans for future enhancements if selected, in confidence to elmers-request@novia.net. Serious inquiries only, please. I would like to thank all of the volunteer Elmers, as well as courteous users of the Directory, for making this service a success, as well as an enjoyable experience for me over the last 9 years. -- 73, Paul W. Schleck, K3FU elmers-request@novia.net Maintainer, Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory http://www.novia.net/~pschleck/elmers/ -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQCVAwUBOTXwMCROYYq72ea1AQHU0gP8C19Xj/JQHTaWxRFqU5cWx8OR59TbvFGI 2I5DsYqdatoJUj685i7VFMVSH1GAmWtj4+2D7zECRMSkyghuZfifA3XZSvqDT5ho Sk+13mdgnQks3KVEHHmw4Q7xNE4oXRhEapP05ournM3nZYXMcaCvumbtTss+rB+p p14fM2viIGM= =9wHr -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----