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Subject: Project Management Programs - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

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Archive-name: proj-plan-faq PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - A FAQ Scot Wilcoxon, scot@wilcoxon.org $Date: 1999/09/20 00:18:14 $ $Revision: 2.45 $
Frequently asked questions about project management software. ______________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 What version is this FAQ ? 1.2 What is this FAQ about ? 1.3 What's new in this version ? 1.4 What newsgroups discuss PM ? 1.5 What mailing lists discuss PM ? 1.6 What WWW sites have PM information ? 1.7 What BBSes discuss PM ? 1.8 Are there any Reviews of Project Management Software ? 1.9 How can I get the latest FAQ ? 1.10 How can I contribute to the FAQ or Review file ? 2. UNIX Software 2.1 What public domain PM software is available for UNIX ? 2.1.1 XPLAN 2.1.2 XOPPS 2.1.3 WISE 2.2 Is there any commercial PM software around for UNIX ? 2.2.1 Aspirian 4.0 2.2.2 COMPASS 2.2.3 IntraPlan 2.2.4 ACCENT GraphicVUE 2.2.5 ACCENT GraphicVUE (Personal Edition) 2.2.6 AMS REALTIME 2.2.7 SAS/OR. 2.2.8 MAXIMO 2.2.9 PACS Project Administration and Control System 3. MS-DOS/NT Software 3.1 What MSDOS PD/Shareware project management software is available ? 3.1.1 Easy Project 3.1.2 Ganttman 3.1.3 Mainline 3.1.4 PlanBee 3.1.5 Open Plan 3.1.6 Cobra 3.1.7 GRANEDA 3.2 What MS-DOS/NT commercial project management software is available ? 3.2.1 SLIM line 3.2.2 Texim Project 3.2.3 Milestones, Etc. for Windows (V5.0) 3.2.4 Milestones Simplicity for Windows 3.2.5 Project Commander 3.2.6 Microsoft Project for Windows 3.2.7 SuperProject / CA-SuperProject 3.0 3.2.8 Power Planner 4. Other Platforms 4.1 Is there any project management software for the Psion Organiser ? 5. Training & Miscellany 5.1 Which companies provide training in Project Management in the UK ? 5.2 Which companies provide training in Project Management in the USA ? 5.2.1 Miscellany 5.3 What do all these weird PM terms mean ? 5.4 What Books/References are available ? 5.5 What other information is available ? 5.5.1 Magazines 5.5.2 Software Engineering Files 5.5.3 Razor 5.5.4 Tom Sawyer Software 5.5.5 Software Technology Support Center 5.6 What groups/organisations exist for project managers ? 6. Gosh - can there be anything else ? 6.1 Project Management Software from IKAR. 7. Postscript ______________________________________________________________________ 1. Introduction 1.1. What version is this FAQ ? Version: $Revision: 2.45 $ Last-Modified: $Date: 1999/09/20 00:18:14 $ 1.2. What is this FAQ about ? This article contains the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) often seen in various newsgroups on the net regarding project management and project management software. I will use the term "PM" as shorthand for project management throughout this file. In addition it includes some extra information (such as a glossary) to help those new to the field to understand some of the issues discussed. My background is in UNIX, and although I have access to PC's, I have little or no interest in PM on PC's. Therefore I rely on others to give me the PC/MSDOS info. This sometimes means that the PC/MSDOS entries are sketchy. If you can fill in any of the gaps (for any parts of this FAQ), then please do so. The original document used UK English, now I use USA English. Some mixtures remain. Dates are Year/Month/Day. If you need to mail me with info/queries, please quote the version number of this FAQ, and the site you read it on if you read it on a WWW site. This will allow me to update WWW site maintainers with the latest versions of this FAQ. This FAQ is now written in SGML and uses the linuxdoc DTD. This enables me to convert to postscript, text and html from the one source. However, I have not finished converting the publications stuff yet, so that is missing for the moment. The original author was Pete Phillips, pete@smtl.co.uk, until August 1999. 1.3. What's new in this version ? PM SW FAQ home page <http://www.wilcoxon.org/projplan/> added. First updates to WWW and Unix info done. Just started on DOS/NT update. A few new items still in backlog. 1.4. What newsgroups discuss PM ? I am only aware of alt.projectmng as of August 28, 1999. 1.5. What mailing lists discuss PM ? One PM mailing list is called pmnet. To subscribe, send mail to Majordomo@uts.edu.au. containing the command subscribe pmnet To unsubscribe, send mail containing the command unsubscribe pmnet Other facilities are available - for information send it the command "help". To Post to the list, send your message to: pmnet@uts.edu.au You will be sent some general information when you subscribe. The aim of the list is to discuss project management techniques generally, not just project management software and programes. The ``WWW PM Forum'' has a PM Forum Mailing List <http://www.pmforum.org/forumail.htm>. Used for announcements and discussion about international project management. Notices and Events are diverted to the ``WWW PM Forum''. 1.6. What WWW sites have PM information ? The following sites have PM related info. The WWW Project Management Forum <http://www.pmforum.org/>. <TABLE > <TD > The WWW PM FORUM is a not-for-profit resource for information on international project management affairs. The Forum supports the development, international cooperation, promotion and support of a professional and world wide PM discipline. (David H. Curling curlingd@loday.com) </TD > <TD > <A href="http://www.pmforum.org/" > <img src="worldsm.gif" > </A > </TD > </TABLE > Welcom Software <http://www.wst.com/>. Welcom Software, maker of Open Plan, has a PM Library page. White papers, articles, links. (Chris Vandersluis chrisv@cam.org, updated 99/09/05 scot@wilcoxon.org) HMS Software <http://www.hmssoftware.ca/links/pmlinks.html>, the Canadian-based publishers of TimeControl and the Canadian distributors of Open Plan and other Welcom Software products has a long list of PM links. Information included on this site includes product information on TimeControl, white papers on a variety of generic project management topics, client stories and course and current events schedules for happenings at HMS. (Chris Vandersluis chrisv@cam.org) Project and Program Manager's Palette <http://www.4pm.com>. Dick Billows rbillows@msn.com maintains this site dedicated to project and program management. It includes Free book chapters from some of his books, such as PROJECT & PROGRAM MANAGEMENT by Dick Billows AT-HOME WORKERS: Converting in-office departments to at-home jobs by Billows and Gooden In addition it covers Project Management Discussion Forums, training over the Internet, and a variety of Project Management courses. It also has "The SAGA of the Project from Hell" - the worst project management nightmare you've ever read about and an opportunity to add your war stories to it (disguise the names so we don't get sued)" Project Management Technologies, Inc. web site <http://www.eazy.net/pmt/> Info from Wayne MacGregor, Vice President WISE: Web Integrate Software Environment <http://research.ivv.nasa.gov/projects/WISE/> This site contains information about WISE. According to one of the authors, it is the first WWW based project management and metrics tool released on the WWW. Please have a look. It can be configured to meet any organizations software process, helps in issue tracking, dynamic metrics, maintains change data, and accessible anywhere across the WWW. (sudha@informix.com Sudhakar Ramakrishnan) ProFutura Business Management Page <http://users.club.co.za/johannh/> Johann J Hanekom <mailto:johannh@lia.co.za>, who was one of the early contributors of a vast list of PC shareware PM software, has opened his own WWW site, which makes available some of the applications he lists available for download. Project Management Institute (PMI) Internet Site <http://www.pmi.org/> (submitted by BDBG3Y0@baplaza.bell-atl.com on 96/04/16). Project-Manager <http://www.project-manager.com/> Industrial project management resources. Some software descriptions. (99/09/08) PMI Canada <http://www.pmicanada.org/> No information. Found on Web but no DNS on 99/09/06. 1.7. What BBSes discuss PM ? A Project Management BBS being run by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the USA. The number is 414-961-7807 (8,n,1). (from a net posting by bergmap@govonca.gov.on.ca Paul Bergman to news.newusers.questions on 21/October/1993) A BBS with a project planning section in Canada: The National Capital Freenet (Ottawa, Canada) now has a Project Management SIG. The host is name="telnet://telnet.ncf.carleton.ca"> Login as "guest", Type "go project" (ag384@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (William R. Watt), Mon, 24 Jan 1994 ) Thanks to Priit Parmakson pp@cc.ttu.ee for picking this up. 1.8. Are there any Reviews of Project Management Software ? There are a number of review files available. A link will be inserted here shortly. I need more decent reviews of software. Please contribute to the reviews file by sending email to myself at Scot@Wilcoxon.org. 1.9. How can I get the latest FAQ ? The latest version of the FAQ, the Review file, the book file and the glossary are all available at http://www.wilcoxon.org/projplan/. 1.10. How can I contribute to the FAQ or Review file ? I'm glad you asked me that! If you have any info or opinions on the FAQ or Reviews file, I'll be glad to add them to this file. Mail them to myself at Scot@Wilcoxon.org. I can't promise to respond to all the mail I get. I will try to acknowledge all contributions - if I forget to do this, please remind me ! 2. UNIX Software 2.1. What public domain PM software is available for UNIX ? 2.1.1. XPLAN Mark Lacey and a tea from Michigan State University wrote a project planning tool for their software engineering class. It is available at ftp://ftp.cps.msu.edu/pub/acs/software/xplan-1.0.tar.Z The tool supports entering and saving of task information (task name, description, relevant dates, etc.). Project files can be loaded later for consultation. The tool graphically generates both PERT and Gantt charts on screen, and has an option to generate LaTeX source for Gantt charts and task sheets. Xplan has been tested on Sun SPARCstation IPC's, IPX's, 1's, 1+'s, 2's, and 10's. It requires the XView libraries and header files to compile. A Sun binary is available for ftp at the above site. Mark and his team do not intend to support xplan in future, but it does seem as if there is sufficient here for someone to develop a package that is less platform specific. Any offers? **** Please Note - XPLAN needs Xview 3.0 **** **** and Guide to compile. If you are **** **** running Non-SUN h/w, you are probably **** **** out of luck. WxWindows may have a **** **** Guide-like tool of use for conversion.**** (Information provided by Leon Dent lcd@ais.org, Dec 92.) (FTP loca tion updated 99/09/07) 2.1.2. XOPPS XOPPS was developed by a group at NASA/JPL, including Susan Murphy <mailto:susan@natasha.jpl.nasa.gov>, who was responsible for getting it placed on an ftp site along with Mike Tankenson <mailto:mike@jpl- devvax.jpl.nasa.gov>. Xopps is available from ftp://devvax.jpl.nasa.gov/pub/xopps/ via anonymous FTP. I have used the pre-built binaries on a Sun with no problems, and although a patch <xopps-patch> allows it to run under Linux, it appears to be unstable (99/09/08 version). XOPPS is basically a tool which lets you draw gantt charts. The structure of the file is available, so you could get your own database system to print out good looking gantt charts. I had the file structure by mail, and so will try and get this info placed on the ftp site with the executable. However, you can always use the source! Here is the README file which describes XOPPS. README File for OEL Project/Planner Scheduler Program (xopps) From: Susan Murphy, NASA/JPL, OEL, MS 301-345, 818-354-1948 The OEL Project/Planner Scheduler (xopps) program is an easy-to-use graphics editing tool for generating milestone schedule charts. It represents an application-specific editor with its commands and functions tailored to plotting milestone events and activities on a timeline display. The XOPPS graphics editor is written in C and runs under X/Motif on a Sun Workstation. The XOPPS program is a window-based graphics tool that provides easy and fast on-screen WYSIWYG editing capabilities. The editing tool is menu-driven with no need to memorize commands or functions. It has a canvas area which displays a full image of the schedule being edited. The canvas contains a header area (for text) and a schedule area (for plotting graphic representations of milestone objects in a flexible timeline). The XOPPS tool is based on an object-oriented design, which provides objects with time attributes. The user can position objects to pixel resolution but objects with an associated date are positioned automatically in their correct timeline position in the schedule area. The schedule area has horizontal lines across the page with capabilities for multiple pages and for editing the number of lines per page and the line grid. The text on a line can be edited and a line can be moved with all objects on the line moving with it. The timeline display can be edited to plot any time period in a variety of formats (from FY to CY and from days to years). Text objects and image (rasterfiles and icons) objects can be created for placement anywhere on the page. Milestone event objects (with a single associated date and optional text and milestone symbol) and activity objects (with start and end dates and an optional completion date) have unique editing panels for inputting data. A representation for schedule slips is also provided. A milestone schedule is saved to an ASCII file (*.xopps) which can be input later into the XOPPS program for editing or printing. The program can also print a schedule to a laser printer or a PostScript file. Availability The planning tool, xopps, is available as a complete package through NASA COSMIC (with source code, etc). The COSMIC phone number is 706-542-3265, it is managed by The University of Georgia. This version is being made available as a test/demonstration copy of the executable for your use. PM SW FAQ NOTE: COSMIC HAS NOT BEEN AVAILABLE SINCE 1998. FOR FULL ERROR MESSAGE SEE http://www.cosmic.uga.edu/ For further information at JPL, contact: Susan Murphy 818-354-1948 <mailto:susan@natasha.jpl.nasa.gov>, Cassie Mulnix 818-354-1430 <mailto: clm@natasha.jpl.nasa.gov>. This is from an oldish README file, so some of this info may be out of date. 2.1.3. WISE WISE: Web Integrate Software Environment! <http://research.ivv.nasa.gov/projects/WISE/> See under ``the WISE entry'' in the WWW section for further information. 2.2. Is there any commercial PM software around for UNIX ? Yes. Lots. The following basic information (name of package, name and address of supplier, platforms etc) is sometimes supplemented by information from the manufacturer where this has been supplied. The information supplied by the manufacturer is preceded by the phrase "From XXYYZZ" (where XXYYZZ is the supplier) and the information supplied is in quotes. I have had comments from folks who would like some sort of comparative table on the features of each of these. I am not in a position to do this - does anyone think this is absolutely necessary ? My concern is that it will be extremely difficult to produce a comprehensive comparative table. My immediate thought is to allow each company to send me a file describing their product which I can make available from a server. Let me know your thoughts on this. Pete Anyone who wants to supplement this section, please send me your contributions so that I can keep this file up to date. Please submit information in the following format (I am using the Linuxdoc SGML system to format this FAQ at present). <sect2> Product Name <sect3>Company Company Name goes here. <sect3>Address Company address goes here. <sect3>Phone No. Phone number goes here. <sect3>Fax No. Fax number goes here. <sect3>Email Email contact address goes here. <sect3>Platforms Platforms that the software runs on. <sect3>Price Price - please make clear currency. <sect3>Miscellaneous Any other information <sect3>Date of entry. Date entry last updated <sect3>Contributed by: Contributors name and email address. If you do not want your contribution attributed to yourself, please state this clearly in your email. 2.2.1. Aspirian 4.0 Company Aspirian Address 10001 N. DeAnza Blvd., Suite 300 Cupertino, CA 95014 USA Phone No. (408)366-6920 Fax No. (408)446-2140 Email info@aspirian.com Price $125,000 for 100 people Platforms UNIX version Solaris Web servers Solaris and HP-UX application servers Java Client Uses Java on various platforms. MS-Windows version NT Web servers Web Site http://www.aspirian.com/ 2.2.2. COMPASS Company NASA's COSMIC PM SW FAQ NOTE: COSMIC HAS NOT BEEN AVAILABLE SINCE 1998. FOR FULL ERROR MESSAGE SEE http://www.cosmic.uga.edu/ Phone No. 404-542-3265 Email service@cossack.cosmic.uga.edu Platforms Sun 3/4 Price Miscellaneous Date of entry. 2.2.3. IntraPlan Company Intra2000 Web Site http://www.intraplan.com/ Email rawynde@intra2000.com Platforms Windows, Mac, Unix etc Miscellaneous Intra2000 is releasing a new project management application at the JavaOne conference on April 3rd in San Francisco. Our application is called IntraPlan and is written in Java. This PM application will run on any computer platform, Windows, Mac, Unix etc. as well as the WebTV and new Network Computers. Date of entry. 25th March 1997 2.2.4. ACCENT GraphicVUE Company National Information Systems Inc Address 4040 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 200, San Jose, California 95117-1852, USA Phone No. 408-985-7100 (Voice) 800-441-5758 - Toll-Free (USA) Fax No. 408-246-3127 Email info@nis.com 2.2.5. ACCENT GraphicVUE (Personal Edition) Company National Information Systems Inc Address 4040 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 200, San Jose, California 95117-1852, USA Phone No. 408-985-7100 (Voice) 800-441-5758 - Toll-Free (USA) Fax No. 408-246-3127 Email info@nis.com Platforms ACCENT GraphicVUE is available on Sun Microsystems workstations running SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 1.0, Hewlett-Packard 9000 series 700 workstations running HP-UX version 8.05 or greater, the DEC Alpha AXP running OSF/1, and Silicon Graphics workstations running IRIX 4.0.1 or greater. 2.2.6. AMS REALTIME Company Advanced Management Solutions, Inc. Address 2200 West Loop South, Suite 875, Houston, TX 77027 Phone No. 800-397-6829, 909-793-0111 WWW <http://www.amsusa.com/> Platforms MS-Windows, Mac, UNIX. 2.2.7. SAS/OR. Company SAS Institute Inc. Address SAS Campus Drive Cary, NC 27513-2414 WWW <http://www.sas.com/software/components/or.html> Phone No. 919-677-8000 Fax No. 919-677-4444 Platforms Available on many platforms. Miscellaneous A commercial product which apparently offers a number of project management capabilities, including: PROC CPM (for scheduling activities in a project, as you'd expetc) PROC GANTT (for displaying the computed schedule graphically) PROC NETDRAW (for displaying the activity network graphically) PROC PM (for creating and editing project activity data) as well as standard mathematical programming tools (linear pro gramming). 2.2.8. MAXIMO Company PSDI Address 100 Crosby Drive Bedford, MA 01730 WWW <http://www.psdi.com/> Phone No. 781-280-2000 Platforms Servers on Unix and MS-Windows. Miscellaneous Many scheduling and management abilities within modules. 2.2.9. PACS Project Administration and Control System Company Herkemij & Partners Address P.O. Box 570 2900 AN Capelle ad IJssel Netherlands WWW <http://www.herkemij.nl/> Phone No. +31 (0)10 458 08 99 Fax No. +31 (0)10 450 82 33 Email info@herkemij.nl Platforms Servers: Open VMS, HP, AIX (IBM) Clients: MS-Windows User Interfaces: Motif, X-Windows, Character based, MS-Windows 3.x Miscellaneous PACS supports the entire project management cycle including budgeting and provides full integration with the accounting system of Ross Systems Inc. PACS is distributed world wide by Ross Systems Inc. <www.rossinc.com> Date of entry. 96/05/15 Date of update. 99/09/11 3. MS-DOS/NT Software 3.1. What MSDOS PD/Shareware project management software is available ? These might be useful to you if you require a DOS package or if you run an OS that runs a DOS emulator (eg: SoftPC from Insignia for Sun SPARC). NOTE - IF YOU CAN'T FIND THESE FILES AT THE LOCATIONS BELOW, PLEASE USE ARCHIE TO FIND THEM ON THE NET - _DON'T_ MAIL ME ASKING WHERE THEY ARE - IF I AM TOLD OF A NEW LOCATION I WILL UPDATE THIS FILE. 3.1.1. Easy Project Company Parcell Software, Address PO Box 165, Geneva, Il 60134, USA. Email Compuserve: 72250, 1356 Platforms DOS Miscellaneous Shareware project planner. Available for ftp from rigel.acs.oakland.edu:pub/msdos/flowchart/ezprj402.zip ftp.nic.surfnet.nl:/mirror-archive/software/simtel- msdos/projmgr/ezprj402.zip ftp.sunet.se:/pub/pc/mirror/SimTel/msdos/projmgr/ezprj402.zip Date 94/09 Submitted by pete@smtl.co.uk (Pete Phillips) 3.1.2. Ganttman Company Max-Million Software Labs, Address 1314 Cardigan, Garland, Tx. 75040. Email Compuserve 74017, 3424 Miscellaneous Available for ftp from ftp.nic.surfnet.nl:/mirror- archive/software/simtel-msdos/flowchrt/ganttman.zip ftp.sunet.se:/pub/pc/mirror/SimTel/msdos/flowchrt/ganttman.zip freebsd.cdrom.com:/.2/SimTel/msdos/flowchrt/ganttman.zip 3.1.3. Mainline Company Minuteman Systems Address P.O. Box 152 Belmont MA 02178 Email bck@world.std.com Miscellaneous Shareware PM system. Available for ftp from oak.oakland.edu:pub/msdos/projmgr/mnlin2p2.zip Date 94/09 Submitted by pete@smtl.co.uk (Pete Phillips) 3.1.4. PlanBee Company Guy Software Address 1752 Duchess Avenue West Vancouver British Columbia V7V 1P9 Canada Miscellaneous Shareware: 30 day free trial, $39.98 single user. Platforms MS-Win 95, 98, NT Home Page http://www.guysoftware.com/planbee.htm Date 99/09 Submitted by ed@guysoftware.com 3.1.5. Open Plan Company Welcom Software Technology Address In the UK: South Bank TechnoPark, 90 London Rd, London SE1 6LN In the USA: 15995 N BARKERS LANDING RD, STE 275, HOUSTON TX 77079-2494 Phone No. UK: +44 20 7401 2626 USA: (281) 558 0514 Fax No. UK: +44 20 7922 8865 USA: (281) 584 7828 Email support@wst.com sales@wst.com (for sales) info@wst.com (for info) Platforms Only available for MS-Windows 95/98/NT. Miscellaneous Also have branches and distributors in France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa; See the web site for more information. The following is courtesy of Welcom: OPEN PLAN is a project management package, which can be used "as- is", providing the following features: Project Executive (an interactive barcharting tool for planners) Time Analysis Progress Tracking Comprehensive Resource Scheduling Multi-Project Scheduling On-Line Help Support of ADM & PDM projects A large number of standard reports, featuring barcharts, S- curves, network logic diagrams, tables, WBS & OBS structure diagrams, and many more. Or it can be easily customised to meet extended project management needs through the use of built-in screen editors and report writers, or through use of an Xbase 4GL and database. With its use of Xbase and WRL, Welcom's Reporting Language, Open Plan is very flexible as to the methods of input and output, and supports most output devices under DOS & Mac. On Unix and Vax, the output devices supported are: text printers HPGL compatible devices Postscript devices (including Sun Pageview preview to the screen) Regis graphics terminals All platforms are capable of multi-user access with record- locking, and all platforms require an Xbase interpreter (such as dBase, Foxpro or similar) Date of entry. 3.1.6. Cobra Company Welcom Software. Address See "Open plan" above. Email Alun Jones alun@wst.com Platforms DOS & VAX Miscellaneous Requires Xbase RDBMS and 4GL. Cobra is a cost and performance measurement application which provides project or cost account managers with budget, actual cost and project performance information. Features include the ability to break work down into discrete time-phased work packages against which actual costs may be collected and performance assessed. Date of entry. 3.1.7. GRANEDA Company NETRONIC Software GmbH Address WWW <http://www.netronic.de/> Platforms MS-Windows 3.2. What MS-DOS/NT commercial project management software is available ? 3.2.1. SLIM line Company QSM Address 2000 Corporate Ridge Suite 900 McLean, Virginia 22102 Platforms For MS-Windows Miscellaneous Software project management package. (Entered 99/09/08) 3.2.2. Texim Project Company Welcom Software Address See above in the UNIX section for contact info. Platforms For MS-Windows 3.1 and Windows NT Miscellaneous From Welcom Software: Texim Project provides a new way of organizing and devel oping project plans. It offers state-of-the-art project management capabilities that combine task, resource, and cost information in an interactive graphical environment. It offers many options for data entry, review and report ing. It provides multi-project management through graph ical WBS and OBS charts. The Time-scaled network diagram and full risk management features help to separate Texim Project from other PC products. Texim Project has a seamless data exchange with Welcom Software's other pro ject planning system, Open Plan. Texim is a stand-alone product for Windows 3.1 NOTE - Texim is being phased out, and is being replaced with Open Plan Desktop which is a subset of Open Plan Professional, their high-end application. (Thanks to "Mathias Hueske" (hueske@vb.vwl.th-darmstadt.de) for this on 21st March, 1996.) 3.2.3. Milestones, Etc. for Windows (V5.0) Company Kidasa Software Address Sean F. Barbera, Sales Manager, KIDASA Software, Inc. 1114 Lost Creek Blvd. Suite 300 Austin, Texas 78746 USA Phone No. (512)328-0167 Fax No. (512)328-0247 Email Kidasa1@aol.com Platforms Windows 95, Windows NT Price Single User - $199.00 US Miscellaneous Easy and flexible project management and scheduling tool. Track and manage your projects using a simple click-and- drag method. Create presentation quality output, from simple Gantt charts to detailed master schedules, all in a matter of minutes. Schedule Setup Wizard walks the user step-by-step through the creation of their schedule, making setup easy. Built-in outliner facilitates organi zation of the project. Task roll-up, summary bars and automatic WBS numbering work in conjunction with outlined schedules. Calculate progress easily using status sym bols and/or a percentage complete column. Display a task's duration in minutes, hours, days or weeks. Dis play the schedules timescale in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, years or fiscal years. You can even design your own! With the included Datagraph fea ture, plot time-phased numeric data on the schedule to support earned value matrices or other numerical documen tation that needs to be tracked. Compatible with MS Pro jects MPX file format. Supports OLE 2.0 and OLE automa tion, letting the schedule work in combination with your existing applications. HyperLink lets the user attach any Windows document, even Internet/Intranet addresses, then activate the links with a single mouse click. Pro duce JPEG, BMP and HTML files to publish schedules for Internet/Intranet use. Network version available. Application: project management, scheduling, planning Compatible with: 32 bit: Windows 95 & Windows NT 3.5x & 4.0 Media: CD, or 3.5" HD floppy diskette Minimum RAM required: 4MB Disk Storage minimum required: 6MB Additional hardware/software required: Windows NT, or Windows 95 Network compatibility: Networks that support Windows95 or Windows NT Customer support: Free phone, fax and e-mail support Also they have a home page, http://www.kidasa.com Date June 1997 Submitted by Sean Barbera (sean_barbera@compuserve.com) 3.2.4. Milestones Simplicity for Windows Company Kidasa Software Address For contact information, see entry for Milestones, Etc. Platforms Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT Price Single User - $99.00 US Miscellaneous Windows based, including Windows 95, project management tool for planning and managing simple to mid-size pro jects. Users can produce schedules, including: Gantt, milestone, Line of Balance, and machine cycle schedules. Features include: OLE 2.0, customizable template sched ules, drag and drop scheduling, presentation quality out put, free-form text option, vertical dependencies, dura tion calculation, start and end date SmartColumns, legend option, graphics objects, and customizable toolbar. Will operate on any Windows compatible LANs, including Novell and Banyan. Date Aug 1995 Submitted by Sean Barbera <102425.2033@compuserve.com> 3.2.5. Project Commander Company Project Management Software Centre Address Project House, 25 Chapel CLose, Barnsley, South Yorks, S72 9QJ, United Kingdom. Phone No. (+44)-1226-780930 Fax No. (+44)-1226-780837 Platforms DOS/Windows Miscellaneous Developed in the UK, it sells for 99 UK Pounds. Does Gantts, Pert, CPA, etc. Date July 1994 Submitted by pete@smtl.co.uk (Pete Phillips) 3.2.6. Microsoft Project for Windows Company Microsoft Platforms DOS/Windows Price About $300. In the UK, around 285.00 pounds. Miscellaneous I suspect your S/W dealer can get this for you. Robert Ward robert@olsen.ch suggests that it gives a good idea of what such tools should do. If you have further info on this, please send. Also, http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/~dank/project.html has tips for the unwary user of this program. Finally http://www.projectmanagment.com/tools.htm covers companion products for Microsoft Project. Submitted by Ulrich R. Herken urh@specs.de Robert Ward robert@olsen.ch Kelvin Kirby technology@dial.pipex.com 3.2.7. SuperProject / CA-SuperProject 3.0 Company Computer Associates Platforms Windows and OS/2. Price Approx $900 Miscellaneous This is a major change from prior versions. Included with the project is CA-Realizer as the macro language (Com puter Associates version of Visual Basic). The SuperPro ject engine is now a dynamic link library (a DLL), fully accessible by CA-Realizer, and is fully accessible by C- language programs. The C-language API is provided with the package. Version 3.0 came out in late 1993. The price I have heard quoted somewhere was about US$900. I got my copy thru an upgrade at considerably less than that." (I guess you can get this through any PC software dealer ? Pete.) On Tue, 19 Dec 1995 21:11:01, tkuch@gnn.com (Terence Kuch) sent me the following thoughts on this package: CASuperproject: Industrial-strength PM system, good import/export to Timesheet package (from Time Slips Inc.), lots of canned reports, can sometimes cut a very good deal with CA (US$149 in quantity is possible). How ever: the package is highly complex, confusing, not suited for the occasional user, doesn't have a modern or very thoughtful user interface. Unless you need a PM sys tem suitable for building a battleship from the hull up, stick with Timeline, MS Project Manager, or comparable products. Submitted by Randall Raemon delta1@netcom.com 0005650778@mcimail.com tkuch@gnn.com (Terence Kuch) 3.2.8. Power Planner Company Sphygmic Software Address Sphygmic Software Ltd, Skewen, West Glamorgan, UK Phone No. +44-1792-323-002 Fax No. +44-1792-812-843 Email 100343.1144@compuserve.com Platforms Windows Price 25 pounds (UK) Miscellaneous Critical Path, Resource scheduling, cost calculation, etc. Exchanges data with MS Project (via MPX), Artemis 7000 and other systems. Data can be summarised by work-breakdown structures, a user code or any valid SQL expression. Date 27th March, 1996 4. Other Platforms 4.1. Is there any project management software for the Psion Organiser ? Yep ! Andy Clarkson 100661.2440@compuserve.com has written a shareware project planning application called Plan which is available for the Psion 3a palmtop. It is available on Compuserve in the palmtop forum and also via ftp from: the imperial ftp site. <ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/packages/psion/icdoc/misc/plan303.zip> Andy also has a home page, http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/andyc Plan has the following key features: Gantt and PERT charts. Resource allocation histogram view. Task scheduling and tracking. Define dependencies between tasks. Enter resource data, (holidays, costs,...). Calculation of critical path. Transfer projects between Plan and MS Project. Cost calculations. STOP PRESS - Version 4.0 has just been released in comp.binaries.psion, and should be available in all the usual psion sw archive sites and on Andys home page (see above). (22nd April, 1996, PJP) 5. Training & Miscellany 5.1. Which companies provide training in Project Management in the UK ? Most companies mentioned below provide training in Software Project Management OR Project Management using S/W tools. The Project Management Software Centre, 16 Connaught Street, Marble Arch, London W2 2AF Tel: 071-402-6406 5.2. Which companies provide training in Project Management in the USA ? Educational Services Institute (ESI) http://www.esi-intl.com Providing training in Managing Projects in Organizations, Risk Management, Leadership and Communications, Scheduling & Cost Control, Quality for Project Managers, Contracting for Project Managers, and Project Management Applications. Classes are presented in association with The George Washington University and are recommended for graduate-level credit by the American Council on Education's Program on Non-Sponsored Instruction. +1-703-558-3000 Corporate contacts: Bill Yarnoff (byarnoff@esi- intl.com) Individual contacts: Please contact the registrar (registrar@esi-intl.com) Franklin Covey's, Planning for Results. 1 day, public and corporate seminars. Address: 2150 W. Parkway Blvd., Salt lake City, UT 84119, USA. Tel: (800) 767 1776, (801)977-1776, Fax (800)242 1492, (801)977 1737. Europe (44) 1327-301311, Australia (800) 819954, Japan 0120-01-1776. WWW page: http:// www.franklinquest.com Non-technical practical approach to the development of leadership skills, including team-work, communication and creativity tools. Through the 4 big steps of PM process (Visualize, Plan, Implement and Close) you learn how to better deal with every day project tasks. The seminar contents and participant kit is based on the Franklin Day Planner (c). Participants are encouraged to take Franklin's time management seminar first. (from Pablo Luengas, compuserve: 105301.1326) Software Engineering Management Associates, Inc. (Richard Fairley) Software Project Management: 2 or 3 days, @$2.500/day plus expenses. Consulting rate- $1,500/day. (from Cheng-Lung Chang changc@vlab.nsd.fmc.com) Fastrak Training Inc. (Eileen Quann, et al) Software Project Management course; 4 days, 20 students, $10.5k (from Cheng-Lung Chang changc@vlab.nsd.fmc.com) Address: 9175 Guilford Road, Suite 300, Columbia, MD USA 21046-1844, Tel: 301-924-0050, Fax: 301-924-3049, email: contact@fastrak.com, WWW page: http://www.fastrak.com The Process Group (Neil Potter) Software Project Planning and Management course; 3 days, 20 students, $6.5k plus expenses. (from Cheng-Lung Chang changc@vlab.nsd.fmc.com) The Learning Tree (Lisa Hugus) Software Project Management Tools and Techniques; 5 days, 15 students, $ 14,500. including expenses, class materials. (from Cheng-Lung Chang changc@vlab.nsd.fmc.com) American Management Association 135 West 50th Street New York, NY 10020-1201 (800) 262-9699 Courses include: Basic Project Management: Planning, Scheduling, and Control Senior Project Management The PM Forum: Real Solutions for Project Sucess Technical PM Information Systems PM PM for the Pharmaceutical Industry Managerial and Team-Building Skills for Project Managers Budgeting Techniques for On-Time, On-Budget Project Performance Courses are held at different times and in various cities across the U.S. and Canada. These came highly recommended by a friend that attended one of their seminars. You can call the 800 number to request a free catalog. (from Scott W. Robertson USVCN64N@IBMMAIL.COM RobeSc00@dons.ac.usfca.edu). Learning Tree International, Mole Business Park, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7AD, UK. 0372-364610 Run "Software Project Planning and Management" (4 days, 1250 UK pounds) and "Project Management Skills for Success" (4days, 1250 UK pounds). Micro Planning International Micro Planning International is a leading international full service project management firm. For over fifteen years, MPI has been providing software products and services that empower organizations to get projects done on time and on budget. By providing a range of software services including training seminars, specific project assistance, and design and implementation of company wide Organizational Project Management systems, MPI has built a wealth of project man agement experience. Our software represents the marriage of that experience with the latest in personal computing tech nology. http://www.microplanning.com/plan email address: sales@microplanning.com (Brad Pirrung 102513.3531@compuserve.com 14 Aug 95 ] 5.2.1. Miscellany Virtual Experience Corporation (VEC), announces the release of VX-1 Basic Software Project Management simulator, an interactive simulation-based training environment for software developers (February 1997). Priced at $350., VX-1 provides users with an environment to safely, effectively, and comprehensively learn software project management concepts and skills. For more information Dr. Bernard W. Jordan, Jr., Virtual Experience Corporation, 3344 Prospect Street N.W., Washington, D.C. at (202) 338-4913, Fax (202) 338-4915, via e-mail at buckjordan@aol.com, or through the World Wide Web at http://www.vx1.com. Softstar Systems develops and markets Costar, a software cost estimation tool. Phone: (603) 672-0987 Web: http://www.SoftstarSystems.com Address: 28 Ponemah Road, Amherst, NH 03031 USA Email: info@SoftstarSystems.com Platforms: Costar runs on DOS, and (soon) Win 3.1 and Win 95. price $950 for a single copy, $5,000 for a Site License, $23,000 for a Corporate License Costar is a COCOMO-based software cost estimation tool. Costar supports traditional COCOMO, Ada COCOMO, Incremental COCOMO, and (soon) COCOMO II. journyx Webtime provides web-based time and attendance tracking on Linux, AIX, FreeBSD, and soon on Solaris. Prices are $1000 for each server installation plus $25 per user. Data is at http://journyx.com/products.html 5.3. What do all these weird PM terms mean ? Dave Wagner dave@nis.com, at National Information Systems, Inc. has kindly provided a rather complete project management glossary. As it is about 25 Kb, it is not kept as part of the FAQ, but rather is available from the mail server (see above for the mail servers address and instructions on usage). **** put link to file here **** .\" It is soon to be moved to the .\" mailbase site for ftp, and the mail-server will then go away. I believe the glossary refers to some NIS products (eg: under "Late Finish" it says "this is done by selecting ANALYZE & PROCESS REPORTS from the Reports pull-down menu") but this does not, in my opinion, detract from the usefulness of the list. 5.4. What Books/References are available ? The following list of books/references is presently small - I am sure that there are a lot more available - I just don't know about them. If you can contribute to this section, please do. *** put link to my booklist here *** In addition, I have been sent a _huge_ book list from Kurt Aerenlund Pedersen kup@hdc.hha.dk, which is available froom the mail server and via ftp *** put link to site here *** 5.5. What other information is available ? 5.5.1. Magazines International Journal of PM, publ. by Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd (UK). PM Journal, publ. by PM Institute (USA). PMNETwork, publ. by PM Institute (USA). 5.5.2. Software Engineering Files The software engineering news groups (eg: comp.software-eng) have an interest in the PM field, and some files which may be of interest are archived in ftp://ftp.qucis.queensu.ca/pub/software-eng pdcase 7 Jul 1992 Public-domain CASE tools petri 7 Jul 1992 Petri net tools pmtools 7 Jul 1992 Project management and design tools productivity 18 Sep 1991 Feature point productivity for several countries Also, some software engineering terms on http://dxsting.cern.ch/sting/sting.html (Thanks to Mike Sendall sendall@dxpt01.cern.ch) 5.5.3. Razor Razor is problem tracking system (with integrated file version control) from Tower Concepts, Inc 103 Sylvan Way New Hartford, NY 13413 (315) 724-3540 sales@tower.com Further info, copies of their manual, and even their software releases are available via anon ftp from ftp://ftp.tower.com/pub/tower as well as more information from their web site http://www.tower.com 5.5.4. Tom Sawyer Software Tom Sawyer Software is a producer of portable graph layout libraries that can be licensed by various project management companies to produce drawings of nested outline PERT project schedules and time scale PERT project schedules. With standard components such as ours, the user interface of various project management programs could be greatly improved. For ordering and price information, please contact : Tom Sawyer Software phone: 510.848.0853 1824B Fourth Street fax: 510.848.0854 Berkeley, CA 94710 e-mail: info@TomSawyer.COM (Brendan P. Madden" bmadden@tomsawyer.com) 5.5.5. Software Technology Support Center Jeffrey A Lewis lewis.jeffrey@smumc.mcclellan.af.mil writes as follows: Two valuable resources in the project management domain are the Software Technology Support Center (STSC) at Hill Air Force Base in Odgen, Utah, and the Software Program Man ager's Network, managed by the US Navy. The STSC maintains Gopher, ftp, and Telnet sites at Hill AFB. I only know of the Gopher site. You can reach it at gopher://stscbbs.hill.af.mil Some of the handy info there includes: information on how to contact the Software Program Manager's Network, as well as a very well written software project management tools report (in the folder Software Technology Reports from the STSC). Additionally, the STSC sponsors the annual Software Technology Conference each April in Salt Lake City, Utah. Each conference in the past has included tracks on software project management. 5.6. What groups/organisations exist for project managers ? In Europe, "Internet", the International Association of Project Management. UK address: The Association of Project Managers, 85 Oxford Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP11 2DX. (Submitted by William R. Watt ag384@freenet.carleton.ca). In the USA "The Project Management Institute". Both have membership world wide. The PMI holds certification examinations. For change of address/subscription/membership inquiries Project Management Institute 130 South State Road Upper Darby, PA 19083 (610) 734-3330 Fax (610) 734-3266 or 3270 Information submitted by kup@hdc.hha.dk, JimS@cybernetics.net, and DenysM@aol.com. For editorial/advertising queries and reprint/bulk copy/permission requests: PMI Communications Office Postal P.O. Box 189 Webster, NC 28788 Shipping (UPS, etc.) 200 Ed Norton Road Cullhowhee, NC 28723 (704) 293-9711 Fax (704) 293-9801 Information submitted by Ken Glade 71546.66@compuserve.com and JimS@cybernetics.net. Randall Raemon <0005650778@mcimail.com> writes: I called them about a week ago, asking for a membership information kit. The kit came in the mail today, which gives the address and phone. They publish "The Project Management Journal" 4 times a year, and have a magazine "PM NETwork" published 12 times a year. A one year membership is (all US$) $90.00, with a $10.00 application fee for new members. Local chapters have fees also, with $20.00 being the typical amount. Apparently you can join without being a member of a local chapter. Overseas air mail is $45.00 for mailings outside the US and Canada. There is a certification exam for people wanting the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. Examinations are held quarterly at various locations. Contact PMI for details. No mention is made of any BBS access (though I have heard rumors that a BBS exists), nor is any mention made of an email address. I would expect any details to be given in their magazine." Robert Monaghan rmonagha@sun.cis.smu.edu on Mon, 15 May 1995 writes: They have a regular rate (circa $150) and a student rate membership ($20).... There now appears to be Web page as well (thanks to John B. Ennis JBE@dean.med.ufl.edu. http://www.pmi.org/ Also, in Holland: PMI Buitenplaats 135 8212 Ae Lelystad Holland tel . 31-3200-22464 fax. 31-3200-80434 Thanks to Erwin Traas etraas@te.xs4all.nl for information on a www site for project management information: <htmlurl url="http://www.oslonett.no/org/int/" name="http://www.oslonett.no/org/int/"> The organisation is called IPMA (INTERNATIONAL Project Managment Asso ciation). Email adress of the newsletter editor is: Cris_Seabury@qmail.newbridge.com. 6. Gosh - can there be anything else ? 6.1. Project Management Software from IKAR. I had some mail about project management software which has been written for UNIX and DOS, from Svetlana Gerdyukova (gerdyukov@mx.decnet.ihep.su). It is not clear whether the software she talks about is PD or commercial, and my mail has elicited no reply. However, the group working on the software used to be contactable at pal@ikar.sept.msk.su If anyone gets any info on this product, please let me know. 7. Postscript I hope you have found this document useful. If you have, please try and help others to benefit by sending me updates, corrections or new information. Please keep the information coming - I will still make sure that contributions I recieve are incorporated into the FAQ and that contributions are acknowledged. If you have any contributions to make to this FAQ, mail them to: Scot Wilcoxon 1310 Preston Lane Hopkins, MN 55343 USA email: Scot@Wilcoxon.org www: http://www.wilcoxon.org/~sewilco/ Pete, the original author, asks that if you want to make his kids happy and you are outside the UK, send a postcard (or ask your kids to send a postcard) to : Rhys, Carys and Sian Phillips, 22 The Dell, Laleston, Bridgend, South Wales, UK. (Age 10, 8 and 4!)