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Subject: APAS Anonymous Remailer Use [FAQ 8/8]: Troubleshooting

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Subject: APAS Anonymous Remailer Use [FAQ 8/8]: Troubleshooting This is the eight and final part of a list of frequently-asked questions and their answers regarding anonymous remailer use. This part discusses troubleshooting. This FAQ is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in these message digests, the maintainer assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. This FAQ is provided for information only; reference to a Web page does not constitute endorsement of that page's content. The following topics are in this FAQ: 1: [FAQ 8.1] It's hours later! Why hasn't my test post arrived? 2: [FAQ 8.2] Why didn't my email/post make it through? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: [FAQ 8.1] It's hours later! Why hasn't my test post arrived? While it is true that remailer traffic is sometimes unreliable one must realize that a remailer isn't just a mail server. Mail must not only be delivered but it must be delivered securely and anonymously. Latency (delay before delivery) is part of the anonymizing process like it or not. For starters, every remailer has some existing latency (depending on numerous factors including load, processor power, type of Internet connection, etc...) Users can specify a latency directive (Latent-Time: +0:00) to override the normal built in latency of the remailers. Users may also add MORE delay to their messages if they wish by adding, for example, Latent-Time: +2:30. This would cause an additional 2 hr and 30 min delay before delivery. Also, many remailers use features like reordering ('reord' in the cap string) and RATE/POOLSIZE which may delay messages even further , all in the name of defeating traffic analysis and increasing anonymity. Still, there are other reasons why your email or post might be unnaturally delayed: + Your message may in fact have been posted to Usenet but either hasn't arrived at your news server yet, or might not arrive for any number of possible Usenet related problems. Usenet propagation is not instantaneous. Poorly connected servers can take days to receive messages, if they get them at all. You might check on the Deja archives [http://www.deja.com/usenet] and see if they got the post, or try another server if you have access to one. + You may have chosen a remailer that is not online full time (dial-up account). These remailers may collect mail once an hour, once a day or perhaps only in the evening hours. ------------------------------ Subject: [FAQ 8.2] Why didn't my email/post make it through? + Your message may have just been lost in the network for any number of reasons. It does happen. The system isn't 100% reliable. + You are using broken chains or stale remailer keys. + Your source address or domain is being blocked by the first remailer in your chain. + Your destination address, domain, or newsgroup is being blocked by the last remailer in your chain. + The Usenet group you are posting to is not available on the news server or gateway being used by the last remailer in your chain. + You are trying to crosspost to too many newsgroups and the final remailer in your chain discarded the message. Send a blank email to the remailer with 'remailer-conf' as the subject to determine how many newsgroups the remailer allows you to cross-post to. Spammers abuse the cross posting option so operators are cutting back to 3 or 4 cross posts to deter the spammers. + You have too many addresses in the To, Cc, or Bcc headers and the final remailer in your chain discarded the message. + You attempted to send an anonymous message to a nym that is configured to either reject Bcc messages (directive +nobcc) or not accept any mail at all. + Your e-mail recipient is filtering out messages from anonymous remailers. + You are simply having a bad day. 'Better luck tomorrow! RProcess, the author of JBN2 and the Reliable Remailer, has systematically examined why so many anon messages seem to disappear. His conclusions [http://www.bigfoot.com/~potatoware/PSKB-035.html] are quite provocative. ------------------------------ End of faq.8 Digest *******************